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Oracle Data

Overland Park, KS, 66213
February 24, 2015

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Ragavender Guru

PH No: 908-***-****


Over 8 years of experience as a Hyperion, OBIEE Consultant and programmer

analyst, with an expertise in Online Analytical Applications (OLAP),

ODI,OBIEE,Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Analyzer, Hyperion Interactive

Reporting(Brio),Hyperion Planning Development, Hyperion Financial

Reporting, Business Analysis, Business, Intelligence, Web Analysis, Coding,

Testing and Implementation of applications with Client/Server technology

using Industry accepted Methodologies and Procedures,

Specific Expertise:

. Expertise in the areas of Requirements Gathering, Business

Analysis, Business and Functional Specifications Documentation,

Project plan execution, Test automation and Documentation.

. Experience in developing OBIEE Repository at three layers

(Physical, Business model and Presentation Layers), Interactive

Dashboards and drill down capabilities using global and Filters and

Security Setups.

. Good experience in migrating data from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and

files into ODS and Data Warehouse at real time and nightly batch


. Interacted with Procurement and Operation/Maintenance business

representatives for gathering the OBIEE Reports/ Dashboards

requirements and to define business and functional specifications.

. Expertise in writing custom Essbase calculations scripts,

automating the Essbase Cubes using MaxL, Esscmds, MDX and Batch


. Experience in creation and maintenance of numerous applications

with excellent balance of dimensions, developing various OLAP

Models & Meta-Outlines across Block Storage (BSO) and Aggregate

Storage (ASO)

. Expertise in creating Hyperion Analyzer forms for both input and

output specific, Creating database connections and providing the

authentication both for user and group access

. Expert level creation of Essbase Rules Script, Calculation Script &

Report Script knowledge and overall system Architecture compiled

with expertise in Essbase database Optimization and Calc Script


. Expertise in Interactive Reporting (Brio)

. Strong Knowledge of financial reporting systems and Decision

Support Systems (DSS) using Hyperion Essbase and developed

Financial Budgeting and Forecasting OLAP applications

. Strong communication and interpersonal skills and a good team


. Expertise in testing Telecom, Insurance, Financial, Banking,

HealthCare and Web apps


OLAP Tools: Hyperion Essbase 9.3/7.x/6.x, Excel Add-In,

Essbase Integration Services 7.1 / 6.x, ESSCMD, MaxL,

Essbase Administration Services, Hyperion Planning,

Hyperion Performance Suite, Hyperion Intelligence

Reporting Tools: OBIEE Hyperion Financial Reporting,

Interactive Reporting (brio),

Dashboards, Web Analysis,

SmartView & Excel Addins

Dimensional Modeling: Star-Schema Modeling, Snowflake Modeling,

Physical and

Data Modeling

Databases: Essbase, Oracle 11.x/9.x/8.x, MS SQL

Server 2000/7.0/6.5, DB2

Web Technologies: ASP, HTML, MS FrontPage, Dream Weaver,

Macromedia Flash, DHTML

Operating System: Windows NT /2000/XP, UNIX, Mainframe, Linux,

Sun Solaris

Educational Qualifications

. Masters In Information Technology, Dublin University Dublin,


. Bachelor In Information Technology



WireCo World Group

OBIEE Lead Developer/Admin Mar'14 --


WireCo WorldGroup is the world's leader in manufacturing, engineering, and

distributing wire rope, synthetic rope, specialized assemblies, wire

products and electromechanical cable. With true global reach, WireCo

WorldGroup can deliver the right products for your equipment and

application no matter where your worksite might be.


. Created repositories by using Hyperion Essbase cube and Hyperion

financial management as the data source.

. Worked extensively with Physical Layer, Business Layer and

Presentation Layer to customize the existing business models and also

developed new models for maintenance.

. Gathered Business requirements by interacting with the business users,

defined subject areas for analytical data requirements.

. Setup Usage tracking option to monitor frequently run reports in order

to provide caching for the reports and perform database optimization

by analyzing query performance.

. Created connection pools, physical tables, defined joins and

implemented authorizations in the physical layer of the repository.

. Developed custom reports/Ad-hoc queries using Oracle Answers and

assigned them to application specific dashboards.

. Created Presentation catalogs, and Folders in Presentation Layer, and

Performed Global Consistency Check in Siebel Analytics Administration


. Developed Business Model Mapping Layer to create Dimensional

hierarchies, measures and assigned Aggregation levels based on

dimension hierarchies (Times, Locations and Promotions).

. Built Reports and Dashboards for Business Users, and Set up Usage

Tracking database.

. Created Catalog Groups and set permissions for items in

the presentation catalog and privileges and rights to users and


. Generated Reports and Dashboards by using Report features like Pivot

tables, charts and view selector.

. Worked on Oracle BI Answers to build Interactive Dashboards with drill-

down capabilities.

. Mapped the configurations to accommodate for the territorial hierarchy

that were accommodated via chart drilldowns.

. Assisted in creation of pivot table request allowing manager to

analyze the business from different perspectives provided optimized

Analytics request using column selector.

. Implemented dynamic dashboard prompts to zoom into particular segments

of the business in a performance-optimized manner.

Environment: OBIEE11.1.1.7,EPM 11 (Hyperion, Essbase),SQL,Web Logic Server,

Oracle 11g Hyperion Financial Management, Spreadsheet Services.


Bias Corporation, Atlanta

OBIEE Lead Developer/Admin May'13

- Feb'14

BIAS Corporation is one of Oracle's elite Platinum partners specializing in

design, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive IT solutions for

some of the world's leading organizations. Oracle Applications, Technology,

and Sun hardware systems are our primary focus and the foundation of our

business. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in Oracle E-Business

Suite Applications, Database, Fusion Middleware, and Business Intelligence

products. We work hand-in-hand with Oracle's development, product

management, support, and sales teams to build and deploy high performance

enterprise business solutions in addition to providing clients with cost

saving managed services for turnkey systems management.


. Developed Informatica Mappings/Mapplets for Extraction, Transformation

and Loading of data from Multiple Sources to Data Warehouse and

creating Workflows with Work lets & Tasks and scheduling using both

Workflow Manager and Unix Shell scripts.

. Identified the granularity level of the data required to be available

for analysis.

. Coordinated with the offshore team and helped in designing the


. Migrated data from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and files into ODS and Data

Warehouse at real time and nightly batch processing

. Imported Tables from Teradata database.

. Migrated from Essbase version 9.3.1 to EPM 11 to utilize ASO

transparent partitions from Hyperion Planning data source. Mentored

and trained staff in Essbase optimization, design and concepts.

. Exclusively Involved in Unit Testing, Peer Testing & Regression


. Reports from multiple sources like Oracle/MSSQL Server/Essbase. Drill

through from Essbase reports to detailed reports from Oracle source.

Write back implementation.

. Developed tools using OBIEE's Web services API for ease of migration

of Presentation catalog objects (reports/dashboards/prompts/filters)

from Dev to Test to Production, using the web-services API exposed in

OBIEE. Extending this to manage metadata dictionary over all the

servers within the organization

. Involved in Database level performance tuning by coordinating with

Teradata Team in analyzing the MDX queries.

. Setup Multi User Development Environment (MUDE) in OBIEE.

. Wrote PL/SQL Stored Procedures, triggers and created Indexes for

maximum performance

. Implemented BI Publisher and created business reports using BI


. Developed procedures, Packages and interfaces in ODI

. Developed Metadata repository (.rpd), configured metadata the

Business Model Layer & Physical Data Model and Web Catalog Objects as

per the reporting requirements using OBIEE Admin and Web tool.

. Knowledge of ETL and data warehousing tools and techniques.

. Extensive experience in ETL tools, especially Informatica.

. Established and enforced Informatica, DAC and ETL jobs.

. Design and build ETL processes (Star Schemas) and ETL for relational


Environment: OBIEE11.1.1.7(Seibel Analytics), EPM 11 (Hyperion, Essbase),

ODI, ODI 10g/11i, PL/SQL, BI Apps, Web

Logic Server, Informatica 9.0.1 Oracle 11g Teradata,Db2, Unix, Hyperion

Essbase 9.3.1,Interactive reports, Spreadsheet Services, SQL.


Suny, Albany

OBIEE Developer/Admin

Jan'13 -- May'13

The SUNY System Administration Building, formerly the Delaware & Hudson

Railroad Building, is a public office building located at the intersection

of Broadway

and State Street in downtown Albany, New York. The D&H Railroad used the

building as their corporate headquarters; the southern part of the

building, which was build

later than the main building in 1916-18, housed the Albany Evening Journal



. Installed, configured, troubles hooted and maintained OBIEE, DAC

Server, Informatica and ODI on UNIX & Windows environments.

. Solid hands on experience with Unix Shell scripting.

. Devised Management Reporting system for 200 users with Essbase ASO

using EPM data with improved performance.

. Developed PL/SQL stored procedures for source pre load and target pre

load to verify the existence of tables

. Programmed shell scripts for space/processes/listener/oracle alerts


. Multiple Interfaces from data sources like Oracle, SQL server, Excel

Files, Essbase cubes etc using ODI and custom ADF code, and Oracle


. Installed ODI. Set up the ODI connection with Oracle, MS SQL Server

and flat files.

. Experience in setting up a Multi-User Development Environment (MUDE).

. Trouble shooted the ODI connection with oracle by fixing the

tnsnames.ora file, TNS listener and DNS entries.

. Involved in Design and Development of custom business intelligence

solution (Metadata and Dashboards/Reports) using OBIEE 11g and


. Setting up LDAP authentication to enable Single Sign on for Users in

Development environment leveraging Analytics Repository.

. Created Dashboards with lots of frames with different filtering


. Installed configured and tested OBIEE server software.

. Identified new process, finding out gaps in existing process,

arranging training modules for new process development and


. Established and enforced Informatica, DAC and ETL jobs

. Created workflows for full load and incremental loads to be used by


. Assembled subject areas and created execution plan and accommodated

the new Informatica mappings.

. Monitoring Incremental & Full load through DAC.

. Trained End Users and Pilot Users about OBIEE Tools.

. Responsible for installing, configuring, developing, support and

maintenance of the BI APPS.

. Developed programs, methodologies, and files for analyzing and

presenting data.

. Developed Dashboard pages like Budget Vs Actual, Finance Structure,

Cash Flow and Asset Usage in General Ledger Dashboard.

. Created reports in Answers and embedded them in Dashboards according

to the requirement.

Environment: OBIEE11.1.1.6, OBIEE11.1.1.7 (Seibel Analytics), EPM 11

(Hyperion, Essbase), Oracle Data Integrator 10g/11i, PLSQL,

BI Apps, Web Logic Server, Informatica 9.0.1 Oracle 11g,

Teradata,Db2, Unix, Hyperion Essbase, Interactive reports,Spreadsheet

Services, SQL.


United Airlines, Chicago

Nov'11 --- Dec' 12

OBIEE Developer

United Airlines is the world's largest airline with 86,852 employees. It is

a subsidiary of United Continental holdings. UAL Corporation with corporate

headquarters in Chicago. United's largest hub is Houston's George bush

intercontinental airport. As of November 30, 2011, United Airlines was

issued a single operating certificate with the former Continental Airlines

meaning both airlines are now technically one airline and thereby marking

the end of Continental Airlines. While United and Continental now have a

single operating certificate, some parts of both airlines, such as check-in

and frequent-flier programs, will not be fully merged until early in 2012


. Proficient in UNIX Operating system and shell scripting.

. Expert in Implementation, Installation and Administration (System9.x

and EPM11.x)

. Identified the granularity level of the data required to be available

for analysis. Developed Metadata repository (rpd), Configured metadata

the business model layer & physical data model and web catalog objects

as per the reporting requirements using OBIEE Admin and web tool.

. Worked on Oracle BI Answers to build Interactive Dashboards with drill-

down capabilities. Mapped the configuration to accommodate for the

territorial hierarchy that were accommodate by the chart drill downs.

. Expertise in ETL using Informatica to facilitate Extraction

Transformation and data Load from OLTP systems to OLAP systems.

. Experience in translating user requirements into functional, technical

and system specifications, managing clients/ vendors/ partners

relationships, ensuring service delivery and tracking requests for

system enhancements, improvements from end-users customers.

. Expertise in Oracle DAC installation and configuration, Tasks

creation, synchronization, and execution (data warehouse load).

. Created connection pools, imported physical tables and defined joins

in the physical layer of the repository

. Created user level security for intelligence dashboards based on

Business Requirement

. Created Dashboards with Dashboard prompts, Charts, Pivot tables

. Extensively used OBIEE Administration Tool for Customizing and

modifying the physical, business model, and presentation layer of the


. Created Star and Snowflake schemas, set up foreign and primary key

relationships. Set up dimension hierarchies and level-based measures

for drilldown detail within Analytics Reports.

Environment: OBIEE11.1.1.5, EPM 11 Oracle 10g/11i, BI Apps,

PLSQL,Web Logic Server, Informatica 9.0.1Teradata,Db2, Unix, Hyperion

Essbase, Interactive reports, Spreadsheet Services, SQL.



BI Admin/Developer

Jan'11 --- Oct' 11

The United States Department of Agriculture (informally the Agriculture

Department or USDA) is the United States federal executive department

responsible for developing and executing U.S. federal government policy on

farming, agriculture, and food. It aims to meet the needs of farmers and

ranchers, promote agricultural trade and production, work to assure food

safety, protect natural resources, foster rural communities and end hunger

in the United States and abroad


. Worked closely with business stakeholders to correctly identify their

requirements and ensured the design satisfies the requirements.

. Designed and developed the OBIEE metadata repository (.RPD) using

OBIEE Server Admin tool by importing required objects (Dimensions,

Facts, Aggregations) with integrity constraints into physical layer

using connection pool, developing multiple dimensions and logical and

facts/ Measures objects in business model

layer and creating the presentation catalogs in presentation


. Developed many reports/dashboards with different analytic views(Pivot

table, charts, Column selectors, view selectors)

. Implementation of and transition to oracle business intelligence

(OBIEE) as the preferred enterprise reporting software.

. Worked on all the phases of Translation Workbench of OBIEE.

. Worked extensively on OBIEE Administration tool and Presentation


. Created RPD file and imported RPD file to Oracle BI Administration


. Customized Repository (RPD) to work with other EBI systems. Pulled new

physical tables to physical layer of RPD, joined them with dimensional

tables, developed hierarchy and presented them to presentation layer.

. Installed, configured, and tested OBIEE server software.

. Connected and tested ODI to OBIEE.

. Created Oracle BI Answers Requests, Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards

pages and prompts and Oracle Delivers.

. Proven team player who keeps multiple tasks in motion while

maintaining the overarching project vision

Environment: OBIEE10.1.3.4, Oracle 10g/11i.Informix, SQL,Hyperion

Essbase, Interactive reports Teradata,Db2,data stage, Oracle, Apex.


Universal Health Care, FL

Jun'10 --- Dec'10

BI Admin/Developer

Universal Health Care is a Medicare/Medicaid health insurance provider

based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Provide managed care services for

government sponsored health care programs, focusing on Medicare and

Medicaid and offer a variety of health insurance products to our Members,

including Medicare Advantage plans in 13 states. Medicaid in the State of

Florida and a Long-Term Community Diversion program in Florida (designed to

enable seniors to live a healthy and comfortable life in their homes). All

subsidiaries operate under the umbrella of Universal Health Care and

maintain the same high standards of quality health care and customer



. Designed and supported the complete architecture, installation and

configuration of the entire Hyperion system

. Held accountability for system maintenance, supporting and monitoring,

capacity planning, resource management, evaluating and implementing

upgrades and patches, performance tuning as well as security


. Worked closely with business stakeholders to correctly identify their

requirements and ensured the design satisfies the requirements

. Created and maintained interfaces to move data into and out of

Hyperion cubes

. Analysis and design of 200+ reports for OBIEE (Oracle Business

Intelligence Enterprise Edition) / Siebel Analytics

. Created Oracle BI Answers Requests, Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard

Pages and Prompts, and Oracle Delivers iBots

. Analyzed end-user query performance when implementing and tuning OBIEE

. Utilized OBIEE data for Essbase reporting

. Debugged reports and Dashboards visibility with respect to user's

responsibility and web groups in an integrated environment

Environment: OBIEE,Hyperion System 9 BI+ Analytic Services 9.3.1,

Hyperion System 9 BI+ 9.3.1 11.0, Hyperion System 9, 11,Planning 9.3.1,

Hyperion System 9 Workspace, Hyperion Web Analysis 9.3.1,,, Hyperion

Shared Services, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle 10g,Teradata,Sql.


HSBC, Chicago, IL

Mar'09 - May'10

OBIEE/Hyperion Developer

HSBC Bank is a full-service financial institution. The primary objective of

this project was to deploy Hyperion Essbase in the HSBC environment and the

transition to primary data source. The resulting software solution shall

provide financial reporting and analysis capability that is integrated with

HSBC core system and establish internally -hosted development and

production. Essbase environment capable of maintaining the reporting

application and facilitating additional financial reporting needs for

longer term


. Developed the project plan for the implementation that identifies the

schedule, task, milestones and requirement

. Translated end user requirements into application design


. Installed, configured, and tested OBIEE server software.

. Created two different Essbase cubes one for Reporting and one for


. Utilized OBIEE data for Essbase reporting

. Participated in security model implementation

. Created different reports based on the requirement

. Created Dashboards with lots of frames with different filtering


. Created Groups and User to provide authentication

. Created multiple pages reporting using financial reporting

. Created different Grids using financial reporting

. Created lots of computed items to meet the requirement

. Created Custom controls for the dashboards.

. Published those reports in to the workspace

. Provided security for those reports in workspace

Environment: OBIEE 10.1.3.Hyperion Essbase 9.3,11.0, Essbase Administration

Services, Hyperion Reports, Interactive reporting (Brio), Financial

Reporting, Hyperion Analyzer, Hyperion Web Analysis, MaxL Scripting,

Essbase Deployment Services, Java Scripts Essbase Spreadsheet Services,

Microsoft Excel Add in, SQL,Oracle 10g.


Allstate Insurance, Northbrook, IL

Dec'07 - Feb'09

OBIEE/Hyperion Analyst

Allstate Corporation is the second largest property and casualty insurer in

the United States. Established in 1931, Allstate has built its business

around its primary strengths which include a huge network of companies and

independent brokers. Allstate had to change its strategy to become a more

multi-channel, and multi-product corporation to gain a competitive edge

over its rivals. To enable this, Allstate used Hyperion Activity Based

Management's robust set of tools.


. Coordinating with Client and Business Analyst to understand and

develop an Optimized Cube

. Performed migration and merging of RPD's in OBIEE

. Creating Users and Groups and managing the object level and data level


. Participated in the walkthroughs of the data models, identification of

dimensional attributes, Facts and Star Schema to fulfill requirements.

. Customized and developed repository, configured metadata objects

(Subject Area, Table, Column) and Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard,

Pages, Folders, Reports).

. Designed and developed new Essbase cubes for corporate reporting

framework using Aggregate storage(ASO) and Block Storage(BSO) cube

. Created calculation scripts for cubes.

. Participated in security model implementation.

. Created different reports based on the requirement.

. Created Dashboards with lots of frames with different filtering


. Created Groups and User to provide authentication.

. Created lots of computed items to meet the requirement.

. Created Custom controls for the dashboards.

. Published those reports in to the workspace.

. Provided security for those reports in workspace.

. Developed Batch and Rules files to load data from financial system's

database to Essbase cube.

. Created and scheduled batch jobs for complete automation processes for

nights and weekends application refresh and backup

Environment: OBIEE10.1.3.4, BI APPS 7.9.6, Oracle 10g, Windows XP,

Informatica 8.6.1, Linux, Toad, Hyperion Essbase 9.3, Essbase

Administration Services, Hyperion Reports, Hyperion Analyzer, MaxL

Scripting, Financial Reporting, Interactive Reporting, Dashboards, Oracle9i


Wells Fargo

Apr'07 - Nov'07

Hyperion Developer

Wells Fargo is a financial holding company. The Company's core businesses

include commercial and retail banking, mortgage, financing, servicing,

consumer, finance and asset management. Wells Fargo Bank's analytical

structure required modifications and cube additions to replace Excel with

Essbase as the primary reporting tool for various budgeting applications


. Coordinating with Client and Business Analyst to understand and

develop an Optimized Cube

. Applied in-depth knowledge of systems analysis practices to design new

Essbase applications, cubes, and reports using Hyperion Essbase and

Hyperion Reports

. Developed load rules for Dimension build and data loads

. Developed CALC scripts and Report Scripts

. Created Dashboards with lots of frames with different filtering


. Created Custom controls for the dashboards

. Created Groups and User to provide authentication

. Performed tuning by using the Dense/Sparse settings and developed the

required alternate rollups for reports

. Regularly monitored performance and carried out optimization and fine-

tuning tasks; provided troubleshooting services and assistance to end-

users in resolving errors.

. Documented the workflow of data from Oracle into Essbase

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3/7.1.6, Essbase Administration Services,

Hyperion Reports, Hyperion Analyzer, MaxL Scripting, Financial Reporting,

Interactive Reporting, Dashboards, Excel AddIn,Oracle9i


Office Depot, Delray Beach, FL

Jun'06 - Mar'07

Hyperion Developer

Office Depot, Inc. Founded in 1986 is one of the world's largest sellers of

office products and an industry leader in every distribution channel,

including stores, direct mail, contract delivery, and the Internet and

business-to-business electronic commerce. The project at Office Depot

involved supporting the existing Sales and Financial Essbase Cubes


. Developed and maintained Essbase cubes in connection with financial

budgeting, sales forecasting and marketing analysis to produce ad-hoc


. Translated end user requirements into application design

specifications and maintained applications to support user requests

for modifications to current Excel Reporting

. Developing the Rules Files, MaxL, Report Calculation scripts

. Automated the cube build process using MaxL & Batch scripts

. Optimized structure and loading through appropriate storage

allocations and also optimized calculations scripts

. Created customized dashboards and reports for more detailed analysis

of data from a single application

. Used various conditional, date, data, numeric functions to add

computed columns in query, result, pivot and report sections

. Gave access and privileges to various end users for different reports

and synchronized the passwords during logon

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7.1.2/6.5.4, Web analysis, Hyperion Analyzer

6.5, Hyperion Reports7.0, Essbase Integration Services 6.5.4/7.1.2,

Microsoft Excel 2000, Oracle 9i, WindowsNT4.0, ESSCMD, Maxl, Excel Add-In


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