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Firmware Engineer

San Jose, CA
February 24, 2015

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Kanagala Shradhaa

Phone: 510-***-****


• Excellent experience of over 9+ years in the area of Embedded Technologies development using

C, C++, and microcontrollers like 8/16/32 bit.

• Very good experience working with different microcontrollers Atmel48pa, H836079, H83687,

H836077, ARM 7TDMI-S.

• Strong expertise in home appliance domain like refrigeration for GE and room heating for Robert


• Excellent hands-on experience of Embedded Device Drivers development for serial drivers.

• Comprehensive knowledge of embedded Linux system deployment

• Proficient experience with communication protocols like I2C, LIN, RS232, and SPI.

• Strong debugging software and hardware skills using JTAG, Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes

and Emulators.

• Working knowledge of interfacing peripherals like LCD, Keypad, Buzzer, EEPROM (with

I2C) with micro controllers.

• Expertise in testing the products using the different tools like PC-lint, Parasoft, Imagix, shifTT.

• Good experience in debugging memory issues for normal function of the embedded software

using various tools.

• Proficient with UML tools like rational rose for low level design documents.

• Extensive exposure to version control tools like MKS, VSS and CVS.

• Sound knowledge of Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

• Proven experience in interacting with Cross-functional and cultural teams on a daily basis and

maintains positive communication and work relationships at all business levels.

• Effective time management skills in handling projects and deadlines under minimal supervision.

• Strong analytical, presentation, problem solving, risk analysis, communication & mentoring


• Six Sigma Green belt certification.

Technical Skills

Real time Operating Systems Linux, RTA-Osek, Windows

Debuggers and emulators JTAG, IAR, Minicube, jlink, E6000, Tiny/SLPE7.

SDLC methodologies Waterfall, Agile

Tools & Utilities Source Insight, VSS, HEW, and IAR, Rhapsody,

Doors, RTRT, PC-lint, Parasoft, Imagix, ARM and

flash utility, Easy GUI, Make

Communication Protocols SPI, I2C UART, LIN, CAN.

Microcontrollers Atmel48pa, H836079, H83687, H836077, ARM


High Level Languages C, C++, Visual basic.


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Kanagala Shradhaa

Phone: 510-***-****

Technical Experience

Robert Bosch (Wernau, Germany) Oct 2012 to Jan 2015

Technical Lead

Room Heating System:

The project is for room heating systems for buildings. The software had three variants mid, low and x-

low. The software was developed using layer based design approach. Followed agile methodology for

development. Implemented V850ES-37996 configuration for all peripherals, configuration management,

Floor pavement drying, hot water distribution, temperature control being other modules.


• Analyzed the requirement for the system and identified documents pertaining to the technical

specifications of the system’s software

• Configurations setup for peripherals GPIO, matrix keypad, UART0, UART1, I2C, ADC, timers,

external interrupt.

• Active involvement in design of scheduler activities for the mid variant.

• Design and implementation of low level drivers for I2C & Keypad.

• Design and implementation of internal SCM, Floor pavement drying, hot water distribution,

temperature control, time management modules.

• Conducted design and coding reviews among the team members and spearheaded the reviews with


• Onsite and offshore coordination for team which included delegations of task, client coordination.


Operating systems: Linux, Languages: C, Hardware: V850ES-37996, Dev Tools: IAR, Minicube,

MKS, QA Tools- WIKI, Shift TT.

Master Lock (Milwaukee WI) Aug 2010 to Sept 2012

Technical Lead

Lock Safe

The software uses a number combination to unlock the safe. The buzzer sounds on a forced entry. The

safe used to fallback to standby mode when not in use. The project was a low power module. The

architecture was done using UML. The project involved 4X3 tactile keypad matrix, buzzer.


• Played a crucial role in selecting the microcontroller for low power applications.

• Designed and Developed system to collect parameters and conditions for lock safe using UML tools

like Rational Rose.

• Implementation of low level drivers for 4X3 tactile keypad matrix, buzzer, I2C for EEPROM.

• Implementation of password management modes(single/multiple entry) and Energy management


• Creation and execution of test procedures for testing lock safe systems on the production line.


Languages: C, Hardware: ATMega48pa, Dev Tools: ATMEL AVR Studio.

General Electric (Louisville KY) Aug

2007 to Jul 2010

Technical Lead

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Kanagala Shradhaa

Phone: 510-***-****

Combined HMI Rewrite

The project aimed at functional requirements of the fixed icon, LED, Dispense/Temp Control board

application software. It included HMI functionality, precise fill dispenser functionality and feature pan

functionality. The LCD used was a TFT LCD which was used to display screens. Implemented feature

Pan, Adjust Temperature, LED and keypad Drivers and ALT testing for Hardware Black Box testing, New

screens for LCD, Interfaces and peripheral


• Gathered and analyzed the requirement from the client and translated them into design.

• Implemented embedded C code for peripherals GPIO, matrix keypad, I2C, ADC, timers, external

interrupt, Touch drivers and LCD display drivers and watchdog timer in interrupt mode

• Implemented feature pan, temperature, keypad modules using quantum framework.

• Testing the functionality of Drivers and Application using HEW IDE.

• Conducted low level debugging using oscilloscope.

• Understanding the concepts of AMBA architecture.


Languages: C, Hardware: H836079, E6000 emulator, ARM 7TDMI Dev Tools: HEW4.04, Easy GUI,

Cross studio, JTAG. QA Tools: PC-lint, Parasoft, Imagix, Quantum Framework.

Prototype for LIN Keypad

The keypad was modeled using LIN protocol. This was a prototype project which used to send keypad

action using LIN messages.


• Designed and developed the schedule table and frame tables for transfer of frames to the main board.

• Code modifications done for acceptance of the frames from the schedule table.

• Performed testing using LIN analyzer and presented to client for acceptance.


Languages: C, Hardware: H836079, ARM7TDMI, E6000 emulator Dev Tools: HEW 4.04, Easy GUI,

Cross studio, JTAG. QA Tools: PC-lint, Parasoft, Imagix

Field Inspector

Introduction of diagnostic tool for service technicians to diagnose the refrigerator failure on field. This

tool has given GE over 500k savings.


• Design of screen to display all crucial refrigerator parameters.

• Participated in design review with the end customers.

• Implemented code to fetch the internal parameters from the main board.

• Performed testing for the functionality of the tool.

• Imparted training to technicians on usage of tool and features.


Languages: Visual Basic

Satyam (Hyderabad, India) Jan 2006 to Jul 2007

Senior Software Engineer

Back porting of serial driver

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Kanagala Shradhaa

Phone: 510-***-****

The serial port driver was written for the previous release of SoC (system on chip), the aim of this project

was to port the serial port driver on new release of SoC and test its functionality. It was part of activity

during board bring up and testing hardware blocks at boot-loader level of new chip.


• Involved in design, documentation, coding and testing (unit and integration testing).

• Responsible in bringing serial port during board bring up- involves boot loader, Linux configuration.

• Low level features testing of serial port in U-boot.

• Application level testing of serial port driver in embedded Linux.


Dev Tools: ARM7tdmi, Linux, C.

Flight Data Recorder and Telemetry Data Analysis

The Scope of the project is to record various critical parameters of the aircraft and transmit to ground

station, so at ground, the user can interpret overall health of aircraft.


• Played an active role for understanding the aerospace domain.

• Played a key role in designing of the scheduler for the Flight Data Recorder side and also

multithreaded application for Telemetry Data Analysis side.

• Designed and implemented the Health monitoring and Data Display modules.

• Designed and implemented messages in the form of IRIG format adhering to DO178 B standard.

• Testing functionality which includes Unit Testing and writing test cases.

• Configuration management using VSS.


Languages: C++ Tools: Rhapsody, RTRT, Doors. Hardware: ARM 7TDMI.

Renesas Solutions Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) Jan 2005 to Dec 2005

Software Engineer

EMI/EMC standard

The Scope of the project is to evaluate the performance of H8/3687 Microcontroller for EMI/EMC

immunity levels considering a target application approach.I2C, keypad, and buzzer functionalities were

tested for EMI/EMC standard.


• Played an active role for understanding the EMI/EMC standards.

• Successfully completed the EEPROM module coding using the I2C protocol compliant to EMI/EMC


• Implemented Keypad and buzzer modules as per EMI/EMC standard.

• Involved unit testing and functional testing.

• Prepared & published technical note for the result obtained during testing.


Languages: C, Tools: HEW. Hardware: Target board with H83687 and HMI card. Also Tiny/SLP E7


TVSE (Hyderabad, India) Jun 2004 to Dec 2004

Software Engineer

Alignment of carriage motor table

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Kanagala Shradhaa

Phone: 510-***-****

Alignment of carriage motor tables, Optimization. The project aims at change of the existing carriage

motor from existing 1/90’’ to 1/60’’. The printer is 9 wires, 80-column printer.


• Played an active role in fixing the carriage motor tables as per the steps requirement provided by


• Played an active role in implementing new enhancement according to the client requirement.

• Worked on issues like carriage banging, steps calculation for the printer.

• Actively involved in unit testing and system testing.


Languages: C, Dev Tools: M tool, Source Insight. Hardware: M16 microprocessor, M30620T2 (MCU)

and PC4701U (High performance emulator)

TRW (Chicago, USA) Dec 2003 to May 2004

Software Engineer

Tire pressure monitoring system

The project was about to monitor the tire’s pressure and temperature. The motor used for the purpose was

Honda Accord. The project involved the testing on the Hitachi emulator HE6000 AND MCU (Micro

controller Unit) Hitachi H8S/2612.The TPMS ECU performs low frequency (LF) transmissions of

commands (initiation) to the each TPS, monitors for transmitted TPS (TPS) messages, and provides a

warning when a tire’s pressure drops below a pre-defined threshold.


• Played an active role in testing the system for the active bugs and reporting them.

• Responsible for writing the test cases according to the client requirement and actively tested them.

• Performed unit testing and system testing.

• Project status tracking and update.


Languages: C, Dev Tools: Honda diagnostic tool, Beyond Compare. Hardware: Hitachi emulator

HE6000 AND MCU (Micro controller Unit) Hitachi H8S/2612.

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