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Java Hadoop

San Jose, CA
February 25, 2015

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* Over 10+ years of experience designing and developing large-scale distributed systems using Java related technologies with prime focus on Web Services(RESTful & SOAP), databases ( relational and time series) and open source technologies

* Excellent hands-on training experience with Hadoop stack (e.g.HDFS, MapReduce, Sqoop, Pig, Hive, HBase, Flume, Zookeeper, Oozie)

* Hands-on experience with open source software platforms and languages

* Excellent experience in all facets of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

* Certified Java professional with extensive experience in web application development using Java, J2EE technologies such as Enterprise Java Bean (EJB), Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Servlets, Java Persistence API(JPA), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Messaging Service (JMS)

* Worked with open source frameworks like Struts and Hibernate.

* Proficient in Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, JAXWS and WS*

* Experience with agile development practices and can thrive in test-driven development.

* Expertise using and deploying enterprise applications in JBoss AS, Weblogic, WebSphere, Glassfish and Apache Tomcat.

* Good understanding of Java and J2EE design patterns

* Excellent database concepts and also expertise in writing Stored Procedures, Cursors, Functions and performed data analysis using PL/SQL

* Strong written, verbal communications and presentation skills.

* Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. A results-driven, customer-focused who can think "out of the box" with a "can-do" attitude. Able to work independently and in a team environment.


Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)


J2EE Technologies - Servlets, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, JSF 1.2,

EJB 2.1/3.0, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, JSTL,


Web Development - HTML, JavaScript, Swing, CSS, XML, XSLT, DHTML, AJAX

Application Server/ Web Server - IBM WebSphere 5.5, BEA WebLogic, Jboss, Apache Tomcat

UML Modeling Tool - Rational Rose and Microsoft Visio

IDE - Eclipse 3.2.1, MyEclipse 5.1.0, IBM RAD 6.x, WSAD 5.1.2, NetBeans 5.5.1

Database - Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL, MySQL 5, DB2/UDB 8.1, MS Access

Build/Version Control Tools - Git, SubVersion, IBM ClearCase, Ant, Maven, CVS

Protocols - TCP/IP HTTP, FTP, SOAP

Testing / Bug Tracking Tools - TestNG, JUnit 3.8/4, TestDirector, MQC, Clear Quest, Fobugz

Operating Systems - MS-DOS, Unix (Ubuntu, Linux, Solaris), Windows 7/2000/NT/XP

Others - VersionOne, Rally, WSTools (wsrunclient, wsconsume), KeyTool


CISCO, CA Aug 2013 – Current

Role:Lead Software Engineer

WAN Orchestration Group: MateLive is an online web based network traffic analytics application which provides interactive access to current and historical network infrastructure data. MateLive’s some of the key features are automated, in-depth network infrastructure data collection, interactive navigation and visualization, fast and flexible reporting. This application mainly consist of three main components namely Map, Explore and Analytics. Some of the use cases are troubleshooting, optimization and planning of service provider’s network.


v Designed and developed REST APIs for MateLive application using Java, Hibernate and Informix database

v Implemented APIs to obtain objects(Interfaces, LSPs, Nodes) for interactive network exploration used for navigate and troubleshoot

v Developed APIs to calculate traffic trends, run health and adhoc reports to analyze and predict data, MetaData and chart data support

v Adopted scrum methodology for the development process. Used Rally software to keep track of user stories, update task progress on a daily basis

v Written JUnit test cases for all the server-side modules

V Implemented automated regression tests for all REST APIs using proprietary testing framework which was written in python

v Used Git version control for feature development

v Code quality tool Coverity is used to run static analysis on all the critical modules to ensure code quality as per company policy

v Achieved 80% code coverage for all the major modules using Cobertura tool

v Document functional specs, design documents and upload on wiki

V Organized demos for UI team

v Followed coding standards and performed code reviews before check-in to repo

Environment: Java 1.5/1.7, Informix 12.10, Git 2.1.3, Gerrit, RestEasy, Python 2.7, CDETS (bug tracking tool), Rally, Enunciate 1.2.9, Coverity, Jenkins, JIRA, Cobertura 2.0.3, Eclipse Kepler, DBVisualizer 9.1, google-gson 2.1, guava 14, hsqldb-2.2.8, Junit 4.10,Hiberante3 hibernate-jpa 2.0 api, restasy -2.3.4, sqlite 3.7.2, JSON and XML

FICO, CA April 2010 – Jan 2012

Role: Sr. Software Engineer

FICO is a market leader in Business Rules Management Solutions who provide several analytical solutions and applications for decision management, which automate, improve and connect decisions based on FICO's proprietary analytic models and user-defined strategies. Blaze Advisor provides companies across various industries (banking, insurance, etc.) with a scalable and agile solution that delivers smarter business decisions faster. Blaze Advisor allows users to define and manage unlimited number of rules at any level of complexity using Rete III, the most advanced commercially available inference engine.

FICO's popular innovative solutions include FICO Score which is the standard measure of consumer credit risk in United States.


v Currently working on next generation Blaze Advisor Rules Maintenance Application (RMA) using latest Web 2.0 technologies, JSF, Hibernate and MySQL

v Adopted scrum methodology for the development process

v Developed web modules using JSF, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, JSTL, Web 2.0 libraries, Servlet, AJAX

v Implemented server side modules such as rules validation services, creation of various metaphor components and customization of user preferences using Hibernate 3.1, SOAP based Web Services, and various XML related technologies

v Designed and developed critical components of the framework using Hibernate 3.1 and Java suite

v Implemented new and modified existing Web Services using JAX-WS, Castor and xml technologies to exchange data from rules validations framework to other fico tools

v Implemented Single sign On (SSO) support for the applications using LDAP and Apache web server.

v Used TestNG framework for unit testing of various modules

v Extensively used XML and related technologies such as xPath for data processing

v Participated in the design and implementation of database schema and SQL query to support high transactional backend tables

v Performed performance analysis, pinpoint performance bottleneck in application code and then tuned for specific issues

v Worked with cross-functional teams and also proactively interacted with docs & Q.A team (our first internal consumers) to assist them with their queries on new modules and issues they encountered in their usage of our products

v Written design documents, coding standards and performed code reviews

v Handled rapid delivery of user requirements and functionally with quality and maintainability

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE, JSF 1.2, Spring, Hibernate 3.1, JAX-WS, MySQL, xPath, AJAX, JavaScript,, Eclipse 5.1.0, JBoss, Apache Tomcat 5.5.27, Ant 1.7.1, Subversion, Tortoise, MQC 10.0, TestNG, Cruise Control, Castor

Fry's Electronics, CA March 2009 - Jan 2010

Role: Sr. Software Engineer

Fry's Electronics is a specialty retailer of software, consumer electronics, computer hardware and household appliances with a chain of superstores headquartered in Silicon Valley. Designed and developed Transfer Order application for the Receiving department. This application automated the pending transfer order transactions and improved the efficiency and productivity by 50%. Developed and implemented Test Master Application for Loss & Prevention department. It allowed admin to setup and schedule certification tests to employees with time limits, grade the tests online and track results as well. The test questions is selected automatically based on the difficulty level of the question and users previous attempts


v Involved in functional and technical design discussions. Prepared detailed technical design documents for the project.

v Designed database schema for the application. Created new tables, constraints and indexes

v Extensively used Hibernate 3.1 for developing business logic and also defined entity associations

v Mapped the database tables using Hibernate as ORM tool and developed DAO classes to connect to database

v Generated hibernate hbn xml files, Entity and DAO classes from tables using MyEclipse hibernate plugin

v Developed web pages using JSF 1.2 technology. Pages consisted of search, create, delete, and update functionality.

v Used MySQL for database interactions. Created new indexes for performance tuning

v Automated the printing options, which helped various departments to expedite the business processes. Developed backend print components using java print service api

v Developed various interfaces and their implementation classes to communicate with the mid-tier using JMS

v Implemented key components for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) application using Web Services, JMS and MDB

v Designed and developed SOAP based Web Services for instant activation of wireless phones at the time of purchase. Used JbossWS 3.0.1, WSDL, JBoss tools such as wsconsume, wsrunclient

v Performed unit testing using JUnit for all modules

v Participated in integration testing and system testing as well

v Used ANT to compile, build and package the application for deployment

v Adopted Agile methodology for this project

v Rigorously tested all modules and generated bug status report

v Reviewed and assisted junior developers with design and development

Environment: Java 1.5, JSF1.2, Hibernate 3.1, MySQL5.0.5, Pervasive, MyEclipse 5.1.0, Apache Tomcat 5.5.27, Jboss 4.0.4.GA, Ant 1.7.1, MySQL Administrator & Client 5.1.11, Visual Source Safe 6.0(VSS), Java Messaging, JbossWS 3.1.2, Junit 4.5, JMS 1.1, Oracle 10g, JAX-WS (Soap Web Services), WSDL, XSD, TestNG

Openlane Inc, CA 2007- 2008

Role: Software Engineer

Openlane is the leading online wholesale automotive auction and remarketing company for name brands including Jaguar, Ford, Audi, and Subaru to name a few. Designed and developed internet based automotive transportation solutions that allowed shippers and carriers to come together online to review price quotes, delivery times, available loads, and transport listings. Every vehicle move comes with verification of pick-up and drop-off thus offering full visibility and tracking from start to finish.


v Participated in all aspects of the development lifecycle from design to development to deployment and on-going enhancements

v Developed web based application using J2EE technologies and Oracle 10g for database storage.

v Used VersionOne tool for agile software development to support multiple projects, releases, teams, and incorporated all key agile and iterative management practices such as release planning, iteration panning, tracking user story and task management

v Built user interface components using Java Server Faces (JSF) technology, Java Server Pages (JSP), HTML and java script

v Implemented Business logic using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.0). Used EntityManager API for data persistence

v Extensively used XML/XML schema for reading and parsing xml files

v Wrote SQL queries, stored procedures and triggers

v Created Java programs using Eclipse IDE and CVS for version control system code operations

v Performed Build configuration and project management using Maven 2.0. Automated continuous builds using Cruise Control integration tool

v Tracked and prioritized bugs across modules using Fogbugz 6.0 tool

v Resolved all production issues on time. Created patches and applied to production using Mercury ITG kintana 5

v Adopted Agile methodology for all projects

v Created detailed test plans for individual modules and performed Selenium testing as well for all web pages

Environment: Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, JSF 1.2, JSP 2.1, Servlet 2.5, JDBC 2.0, XML, FogBugz 6.0, VersionOne 8.2, JBoss 4.3, Eclipse 3.2,NetBeans 5.5.1 Oracle 10g, CVS

SM Solutions 2004 - 2007

Role: Software Developer

SM Solutions is a leading Information Technology solutions provider with primary focus on development and integration services to industrial, commercial and governmental clients. Designed and developed web application called Air Date Inquiry and Reporting System (AIRS) for a TV and Movie production house. The application maintains and corrects the air data prior to reporting, triggers run counts for payments processing. Reduced complexity of the system and increased efficiency by sharing validation logic, business rules and data persistence logic components to both web interface and external data systems. Designed and developed web based application, California Case Management (CCM) for California State Courts in all the counties. Developed critical modules such as Case Initiation and history, Manage Person Entity, Courtroom, Accounting and Calendar that automated the business process and tremendously increased the revenue by 100%.


v AIRS design is based on MVC architecture and uses standard J2EE technologies such as Session Bean, Java Server Pages with DB2 as the database

v Analyzed business requirements and prepared functional and technical specification documents using IBM's RSA 6.1 and Microsoft VISIO. Functional document mainly consisted of Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams

v Developed front-end components using Struts1.1 framework, JSP and JSTL tags. Handled all client side validation using Javascript.

v Created Reusable templates within the application by Tiles framework

v Implemented all business modules using Session Facade Bean, Data Access Objects and Data Transfer Objects

v Extensively used design patterns such as Business Delegate, Session Façade, Value Objects, Service Locator, Data Access Objects and Singleton pattern. Also wrote several helper classes.

v Used enhanced features of EJB 2.0 i.e., Local and Local home interfaces for bean to bean communication

v Communicated with legacy system using Websphere MQ and Java Messaging Service (JMS).

v Created Message Driven Bean classes to process incoming XML messages from legacy system as per business rules.

v Handled all database connectivity using JDBC and wrote complex SQL queries to interact with database.

v Proficient in writing PL/SQL and triggers. Tuned SQL statements for performance.

v Generated classes and interfaces by JAXB based on the XML Schema

v Written JUNIT test classes for all the Session bean methods

v Followed SUN coding and documentation standards, performed code review using JINDENT tool and set some standards.

v Performed unit testing and integration testing rigorously across different modules

v Resolved all production issues actively on time and participated in bug review meetings

Environment: Java, EJB 2.0, JSP 1.1, Struts 1.1, JDBC 2.0, XML, Clear Case, IBM Rational Software Architect V6.0, Rational Application Developer V 6.x, MDB, JMS, JAXB, UML, JSP, log4j, MQ Series 5. 3, MQMon tool, Test Director 7.6, Embarcadero DBArtisan 7.3.0, Business Objects 5.1.8, IBM AIX 5.2 UNIX platform, TOAD 7.0, Oracle 9i, JUnit3.8, MVC, PMD, Weblogic 8.1, WSAD 5.1.2


v Master of Science, West Virginia University

v Bachelor of Science, Osmania University

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