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Statistical (SAS) programmer

Baltimore, MD
February 23, 2015

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KAI SUN, M.S. (Email) (Phone) 410-***-****


• 9-year experience of SAS programming in data manipulation and statistical data analysis on health related large scale

survey data, longitudinal data, survival data, healthcare data, and clinical trial data

• Statistical expertise in study design, data selection, data validation, data integration, and data analysis

• Excellent project management and organizational skills

• Quick learner, goal-oriented team player, multitasking capacity

1 Education

1987 B.A. Lanzhou University, China Physics

2003 M.S. University of Iowa Computer Science

2006 M.S. University of Texas School of Public Health Biostatistics

2 Computational Skills

Proficent SAS programming (SAS/BASE, SAS/Macro, SAS/STAT, SAS/SQL and SAS/Graph)

Experienced user of R/S+, STATA


4 Data Experience

5 Longitudinal Cohort Data, Survival data, Large Scale Survey Data, Clinical trial data, Medicaid claims data,

6 Electronic medical records (EMR)

Contract Work Experience

2014(July-August) Contracted statistical (SAS) programmer (remote work) St John’s University, New York City

Contract Project: Guideline-Consistent Antidepressant Treatment among Medical Beneficiaries with Chronic Physical

Conditions in New York State

Responsibilities: By working on New York Medicaid Analytic eXtract (MAX) data, provide statictial expertise and SAS

programming in complicated data selection, integration, dependent/independent variable measurement and creation, and the final

generation of the research-ready dataset

07/2012-06/2014 Contracted Data Analyst Jhpiego (non-profit health organization), Maryland

Contract Project: Data analysis for several studies based on the data from multiple programs on high-quality health care carried

by Jhpiego in different developing countries.


• Participate in the development of statistical analysis plan according to the hyphothsis and the data

• Perform SAS programming to extract the information from different data files, merge/set the selected data together,

create the new variables, and implement data analysis, according to the study design/SAP

• Analyze findings, evaluate statistical limitations of data

• Report the SAS output in tables, figures

• Interpret the results in statistical perspective

01/2012-06/2012 Contracted data analyst (remote work) Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc., New Jersey

Contract Project: Health outcomes research on prostate cancer in Southeastern oncology community practice

7 Responsibilities:

8 Provide statistical consulting services in health economic and data analysis

9 Design prospective and retrospective studies in cancer outcomes research with Georgia Cancer Specialist

Database (GCSD)

10 Extract the necessary information from different data files, integrate the data, measure the dependent/independent

variables, generate the research-ready dataset, by SAS programming

11 Model the data, implement the statistical data analysis, using SAS

12 Report the SAS output in tables, figures

13 Analyze findings and interpret the results in statistical perspective

14 Work Experience

07/2010 – Present Research Associate (Sr. Statistician) Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

10/2006 – 06/2010 Biostatistician/Statistical (SAS) Programmer Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Projects: Epidemiological/medical studies focusing on the outcomes of aging and nutrition with the risk factors.

Longitudinal Cohort Data, Survival data, Large Scale Survey Data, etc., based on different populations, were manipulated

and analyzed for different projects.


• Maintain the database in various data formats for multiple projects

• Develop the statistical analysis plans according to the studies

• Generate research-ready datasets by data extration, data integration, dependent/independent variable measuremen,

and new variable creation, etc., using SAS

• Determine methods of statistical analysis, and analyze the data using SAS

• Interpret the results in statistical perspective

• Analyze findings, evaluate statistical limitations of data

• Generate the study reports with tables, figures, etc.

• Provide statistical support for proposals, publications, presentations, and grants

• Sample size estimate and power analysis

• Litereture review foucsing on the statistical data analysis methodology

01/2006-10/2006 Statistical (SAS) Programmer Westat, Inc. Rockville, Maryland


Working on the clinical data for a biotech company to provide the interim information to the data monitoring

committee (DMC)

Test the existing SAS code for quality control (QC)

• Provide SAS programming (including SAS macro) to analyze phase II, III clinical trial data, according to the statictical

analysis plan and the ad hoc questions

Report the SAS output in listings, tables, etc.

08/2004 – 12/2005 Graduate Research Assistant University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas

Responsibilities: Develop data-driven webpage by SQL programming on SQL server

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