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Software Engineer Project

February 23, 2015

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer


Cell: +92-333-*******(PK)


Skype: sameermunawar


Results-driven Professional Having BSCS and Master Degree in IT with more than Seven Years of proved

Experience on all phases of System Development life cycle.

Currently working with the CMM Level 5 Software Company Netsol Technologies Incorporation by using

the latest Technologies i.e., MVC, Angular JS, Web APIs, REST, SPA and WPF.

Specific areas of expertise are:

Software Development

(Specialized Skill Set is Vb.Net, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server & Crystal Reports)

Proficient on Window Forms, Windows services, Asp.Net, MVC, WPF and WCF.

Domain expertise in ERPs and Financial Application Design, Development and Implementations.

Having great experience with software project documentations, planning, costing, work

breakdown structures etc.

System Analysis, Design (UML) and Preparation of Technical Documentation.

Basic Knowledge of InfoPath Form Designing, .Net APIs and basic configurations of SharePoint.

Experience with Software Development Processes & Models: Agile, RAD & Scrum Mode.

Designing the databases and managing the Data Entry operations, Backups.

Application Virtualization & Microsoft App V 5.0 client and Server Configurations.

Working with Windows Server 2008R2, Domain Controller and Active Directory Configurations.

Maintenance and trouble shooting of the Local Area Network & Desktop Support.

Working Experience on Dash Boards, Reminders and Scheduler Areas of projects.

Designing and Managing the Data Bases Import Export utilities, ETL Operations on Data.

Crystal Reports Development and Sql Server Reporting Services.

Designing, Generating and implementation of Reports by using different reporting tools i.e.

Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and Jasper reports.

Excellent communication skills with strong background working directly with coworkers and

clientele to identify business objectives and establish requirements.

Having good problem solving and analytical skills, highly motivated and quick learner.

Well-mannered and polite.

Direct Communications with Clients and Convert Requirements in to Software.

Strong Leadership ability to work with and motivate the other team members .

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer



University of the Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Class of 2001-2005

80% marks with CGPA 3.00


University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Class of 2006-2008 (Evening)

79% marks with CGPA 3.39


Employer Designation Duration Projects & Applications

Contract Management

Net sol Principal Software Engineer. June, 2013 – to date

Technologies Ltd. System (CMS)

Point of Sale (POS)

Lahore, Pakistan

Smart Accounts

Smart Advent Team Lead- Software June, 2011 – May,


Software Solutions Development 2013

Smart jobs

Ltd. Islamabad,

License Watch Enterprise



APPV Connector.

Auto mated email

routing System

Sijjil Enterprise ERP Suit

Rawabit Senior Software Engineer Apr, 2009 – Apr, 2011


Technologies Ltd.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Management (GIS)

Water Management



Master Tiles Software Engineer June, 2005 – Aug,

Customer Supp. System

Gujranwala Pakistan 2008

Local Sales Ordering



Software Engineering, GIS, Data Ware housing, DBA, Accounting, Finance, Network Design &

Management, Project Management, Internet Programming, Advance Programming.

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer


Windows Servers 2008 R2

OPERATING SYSTEMS Windows XP, Windows 7,8

Oracle Linux

VB .Net,C#, Asp.Net, Win forms, Web forms


LANGUAGES & Html5, XML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery, Angular JS, Web API

TECHNOLOGIES Arc view GIS, Tatuk GIS Class Library


SAP Sybase Power Builder

SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012

Microsoft Access


Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, TOAD, PL SQL

Oracle Ware House Builder

Crystal Reports

SQL Server Reporting Services


SAP Business Objects

RAD Telerik Controls for Win and Web Forms

Jenuses Controls


DEVEX Controls

Rational Rose


SharePoint Services

InfoPath Form Designing


.Net APIs for Share point



MS Project


Routing Protocols


Advance IP Addressing

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer


Netsol Technologies is one and only CMM level 5 Company in Pakistan Delivering quality and

customization financial and leasing solution for over a period of four decades with more than 150

satisfied clients in over 30 countries and 250 implementations globally.

Project : Netsol Financial Suit (CMS)

Tools : Asp.Net, Power Builder for .Net, VB.Net, C#, WPF, Web Services, Oracle 10g

Client : Toyota Leasing Thailand

Daimler Financial Services India & Singapore

Minsheng Leasing Company China

Description :

The Core Contract Management System offers the basic functionality required by asset f inance and

leasing companies. It Provides the solution for medium to high volume installment credit lenders,

Specifically designed for leasing, hire purchase, operating leasing, motor finance and corporate

products. CMS enables users to create the Contracts by selecting the Assets, Business Partners and

Contract configurations. Repayment Plans, Receipts Settlements, Disbursements and Contract Life

cycle are the core features of CMS.

I have been involved in Design and Development of following modules in the CMS application.

Contracting Savings and Basic financial Calculations i.e. Net finance amount, and different

percentages based on given amounts and interest rates.

Displaying the Repayment plans & charts.

Insurance Renewals and Loan Management Module.

Project : Point of Sales (POS)

Tools : Asp.Net, C#, Silver Light, HTML 5, CSS, Angular JS, WPF, WCF, Sql Server 2012

Client : SUMMIT OTTO Indonesia

Description :

Point of Sales Application is a web interface which provides the basic functionality of creating the

Proposals and applications for contract management Systems. User can create and submit the

contract / application for approvals to contract management system (CMS).

A fully Implemented POS Application in Silver light technology is being converted in to the MVC based

SPA (Single Page Application) by using Angular JS and Web APIs.

I have been involved in Design and Development of following modules in the POS application.

Localization of Web pages of POS Application.

Receipts Screen’s functionality and Direct Debit File generation and settlement process.

Pick module i.e. a POS contract can be picked and approved in the CMS interface.

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer


Smart Advent Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Have clientages based in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

Team of Developers, Designers work on different kind of projects to fulfill the client requirements.


Tools : 2008, Sql Server 2008, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net, RAD Telerik Win Controls, SSRS

Description :

BINA PRECAST Is the Project Name under Development for BINA Manufacturing Industry in Saudi

Arabia. It is the very Large Scale Costing Project having different Modules as Estimation, Production,

Drawing Submittals and Erection etc. win forms have plenty of calculations and formulas for castings.

Project : Enterprise Smart Accounts ERP

Tools : 2008, Sql Server 2008, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net,SSRS

Description :

Enterprise Smart Accounts is efficient Accounts Applications that’s covers all the basic needs of book

keeping for a small or large scale Enterprise. It Includes the Chart of Accounts, Accounting Periods,

Opening Balances, all financial Statements and Data Base Backup and Restore Features. With the

blend of payroll functionality and Fixed Assets with accounts is the most salient feature of smart

accounts applications.

Payrolls have modules such as attendance, employee’s Loan Management, Vacation Settlemen ts, Pay

sheets, Pay Registers etc.Fixed Assets is the another aspect of the Smart Accounts, Fixed Assets

module covers all the basic operation related i-e Sales, Purchase, Maintenance, Repair and Assets

Depreciation Calculations.

Project : License Watch Standard Edition

Tools : C#, SQL Server 2008, Dev. Ex Controls, HTML, ASP.Net, Microsoft APPV 5.0

Description :

License Watch Product is Related to Software Metering and License Scanning. It Comprises of the

Server Services And Package Request Handlers and Agents. All these Components Communicate with

each other to Scan the users, Software and their Licenses, Active Directory and Group Policies etc. I

have Created a Connector for APPV 5.0 Applications that’s scans the Virtuali zed Applications over the


Project : Automated Email Routing System

Tools : C#, SQL Server 2008, HTML, ASP.Net, Windows Services

Description :

This system reads the User defined simple Configuration text file and reads the Days, Su bject and file

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer

name. Functional Requirement of the project is, When a user registers and download the online demo

he should receive the emails with its relevant contents after specific days mentioned in the

configuration file. Here is a windows service that’s read the configurations and send emails to the

registered customers.



Rawabit Technology is working under one of the strong group named as Al -Mousa Group in kingdom of

Saudi Arabia. The Main features of the Rawabit Technology’s product are multilingual (Arabic and

English) language support. My involvement in these projects has been there in all areas of Software

Development phases.

The Ultimate goal of the Rawabit Technology is to develop an ERP Application by combining all their

four main products.

These products are also fulfilling the in house requirements of the Al-Mousa Group.

Project : Sijjil Enterprise Fixed Assets

Tools : 2008, Sql Server 2008, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net, Jenuses Controls, Rad Telerik


Description :

Sijjil Enterprise Asset is all about the fixed Assets. The key feature includes Purchases, Sales, Insurance

and maintenance of the Assets. It also supports the Accounting reports as well. Fixed Assets also

support the Serialization Concepts of the Asset Management System; Multi Data base Support Access

and Sql Server also makes it striking application.

Project : Sijjil Enterprise Inventory

Tools : 2008, Sql Server 2008, Access 2008, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net, Rad Telerik Controls

Description :

Inventory Application has achieved the all basic operation related with inventory. The Inventory

application has all feature that there in Peach tree and some more added functionalities.

Project : Almousa Water Management System

Tools: 2008, Sql Server 2008, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net, Jenuses Controls, Rad Telerik

Controls, Asp.Net, Sql Server Compact Edition


This application has been developed to fulfill the in house requirements of the Al Mousa Group. It

was the web Based Application for the Water Management. Main functionality was to keep tracks

how much water in liter has been delivered to houses and other destinations. This Application also

allows users to access and update the information through the PDA devices.

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer


Master Tile industries are the largest manufacturer of tiles and Sanitary in Pakistan. During my stay

with this industry I have been associated with various projects under the in -house software

development team and also associated with research and development department to perform data

analysis and research & Development. A very brief description of these projects is as follows;

Project : Anti Dumping Duties

Tools : 2005, Sql Server 2000, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net

Description :

Company decided to work with NTC (National Tariff Commission of Pakistan) in order to prohibit the

very low prices import of tiles. Application was developed to store the Data provided by the

Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt.) Ltd having all details of import. That application was capable of

generating reports against given criteria. Graphs showing import sum, share of imports,

comparisons with local sales etc.

Project : Human Resource Information System

Tools : 2005, Sql Server 200, Crystal Reports 10, ADO.Net

Description :

This project was programmed to deals with information related with the employees of the

organization like their attendance, payrolls, employment history. At the database end the stored

procedures, triggers in Sql server are the main strength of the project .

Project : Web Based Customer Support & Order Placement System

Tools : Servlets, Jsp, Sql Server 2000, Jasper iReports

Description :

The goal of the this project were to Displaying products, promoting business activities and offer

different customer services to its customers on the web and assess, integrate, and maintain internet

technologies into the business. Customer Services Department and order processing department keeps

track the records or history of the Services and online order placement and tracking



Music & movies

Chatting & internet surfing

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Sameer Munawar

Principal Software Engineer


Mr. Shakeel Bhatti

Software Architect Macrosoft Ltd.

Lahore, Pakistan

Cell: +92-321-*******

Mr. Atif Iqbal

GM Sales & Marketing, Master Tiles & Ceramic Industries Ltd.

G.T Road Opposite Zinco Cinema Gujranwala Pakistan

Phone: +92 -55-427****-**

Cell: +92-345-*******


Current Address :

Plot No. 113 Green Park KB Colony

Airport Road near Bhatta Chowk

Lahore Pakistan

Permanent Address :

Near Masjid Anwar-e-Mustafa

Sialkot Road Khokharki

Gujranwala Pakistan

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