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ASP .NET Developer

Gilbert, AZ
February 22, 2015

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Technical Experience

Languages and Technologies: ASP.Net MVC, Silverlight, SQL Server, C#, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, Kendo

UI, MVVM, MVC, .Net, XML, SQL, jQuery, Angular, Entity Framework, LINQ, WinForms

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Continuous Integration / Delivery

Tools: Visual Studio 2008-2015, Redgate Sql Compare, Team Foundation Server, TeamCity, Microsoft Azure

(Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Active Directory, HDInsight, Networking, Blob Storage, Table Storage)

Servers: Windows Server 200-2012, Hyper-V Server 2008, SCCM 2007, 3d Studio Max Clusters running

Windows Server 2008 and Backburner, MS SQL Server 2008-2012,

Desktops: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Siebel, Microsoft Office 2003 – 2012

Applications: Microsoft Exchange 2003 – 2010, SQL Server 2000 – 2008, MDT Server, Hyper- V 2008 Server,

SharePoint 2003 – 2007, Siebel

Hardware: Cisco Routers, Linksys Routers, VOIP, TCP/IP, Cabling and Testing, Ghost and WIM Imaging,

Custom Lab Equipment, Video Conferencing, Raid Configurations, AutoIT scripting

Education :

Southern Methodist University – Networking Technologies

Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows NT


• 4+ years designing software using Agile methodologies to deliver a quality product to end users.

• 11+ year’s experience with Desktop Support diagnosing remote user issues

• 10+ building server based solutions to meet business and customer demands.

• Solutions core business development and personal through the positive, opportunity, positive


Professional Experience:

ThinkVine 2012 – Present

Senior Software Engineer

Software Development

Design software engineering expertise in the development team to create products through the software

lifecycle, from requirements definition through successful delivery. Developed customized software by

encouraging a software engineering team to adopt emerging standards for software application, through

development architecture and tools. Helped facilitate the rapid application development and manage the

technological issues for assigned projects. Introduced the Agile methodology and best practices that

enhanced product definition, release processes and customization of applications to user needs. Developed a

web based software analyzing marketing sales data to determine ROI on targeted media.

• Design, coded, enhanced applications written in Silverlight 5 to an ASP.Net MVC application

• Developed applications in ASP.Net MVC 4-5 using JQuery, Angular, Entity Framework 4.1-6

• Developed proof of concept applications and tools in WinForms and WPF

• Developed Azure cloud solutions using ASP.Net MVC and Cloud Services

• Designed and implemented data structures in SQL Server

Server Support

Structured the company’s server farm to allow the migration to the Windows Azure cloud environment,

thus saving the company a substantial annual cost in data center expenditures while maintaining server up

time. Supported and scripted the Continuous Integration Servers for the different development

environments in separate data centers.

• Managed and maintained the development, testing and production environments including

patches, upgrades and backups.

• Maintained the continuous integration and build servers, ensuring consistent and reliable builds

were produced and ready for deployment.

• Managed the Team Foundation Server branching and merging process for maintaining all versions

of the application

Weatherford International 2006 – 2012

IT Support Engineer


Developed scripts using Auto-IT to facilitate deployments through SCCM, which mapped network drives,

and automated the activation processes to streamline installations. Migrated the scripting process to C#

console applications and created a website that was used as a tool to execute the installations for the

different departmental software packages.

Desktop Support

Maintained a high level of customer service to create an optimal level of productivity through research,

knowledge and adaptation of changing scenarios. Repair technician for the maintenance of desktops,

laptops, printers, routers, scanners and network connections through multiple troubleshooting techniques.

Developed scripts for custom installations and automation of routine tasks in the global enterprise

infrastructure. Help clients understand technology through a question, response technique that helps fulfill

needs for the purchase of hardware and software, then purchased hardware and software that fit the needs

of the end user base. Created the “Face Of IT” SharePoint site for clients to find most of the

documentation, and common support issues for their needs.

Server Support / Network Administration

Working in a team environment, maintained a variety of windows servers. Through collaboration, designed

and implemented the Windows 2007-2012 SCCM and MDT servers to support the global images for the

engineering hardware throughout the enterprise. Tested and maintained the Gold Image for deployment.

Through interviewing processes with the end user base, designed the Widows Server 2008 clusters to

develop 3D Studio Max render farms using Backburner. Supported and maintained the users rights and

access along with back up schedules of the Software Store servers for the enterprise. Maintained a back-up

routine and offsite tape storage for a number of facilities in the enterprise, and their rotation back into


Processes and Documentation

Developed imaging processes and techniques for rapid deployment in a production level environment in an

effort to reduce deployment times and resources. This was accomplished by coordinating imaging through

multiple channels including Dell, Ghost, and WIM. Created and distributed technical documentation for

new application and services related to support of end users, technician training, and deployment

Management of Systems Integration

Structured the IT integration of end users for new company acquisitions through inventory analysis,

analytical adaption of systems and control mechanisms. This ensured a seamless integration of systems,

both hardware and software, to reduce down time associated with end user migrations and impact to the

company. Developed plans to migrate non-standardized equipment in to the enterprise network


Electronics Boutique 2004 –2006

Store Manager of an EB Games Retail Location

General Manager

General Manager overseeing the daily functionality of operations in a sales environment. Developed local

marketing strategies through internal and external sources to ensure continual client retention and

acquisition of new clients. Targeted specific company goals individualized to the employee to achieve

employee and company objectives. Trained employees to use the one up sell strategy to increase point of

sale transaction count. Promoted four new managers under my training to oversee new retail stores. Study

P&L reports of key focal points in the revenue stream to continually grow the business month over month.

Inventory Management and Control

Optimization of inventory control and analysis to reduce shrink in the retail operation. Delivered a

controlled, dynamically changing cycle count to ensure faced product and reduce internal shrink. Changed

floor plan layouts to discourage external shrink and create visible loss leading points of sales. Using past

sales reports to determine the best use of the square footage of the real estate for the store floor plans.

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