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Truck Driver Engineer

Addison, TX
February 20, 2015

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Aramis Kimble

Equipment Operater

Shreveport, LA - 318-***-**** 318-***-****

Dedicated to work as a team player. I always do the best that I can, putting safety first, performing at my highest

level, and giving the best production possible.


ForkLift Operator/Field Hand

Target Oilfield Services - Shreveport, LA - 2011 to 2013

Job Duties:

The Forklift Operator is responsible for operating a forklift to move, locate, relocate, stack, and count

merchandise. The Operator is accountable for the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle and may also

be required to perform Order Filler and Checker duties.

Receiving/Put-Away: Unload inbound shipments safely and move product to storage locations.

Efficiently stack and store the merchandise in the appropriate areas.

Quality: Ensure inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and free of damage. Report quality


Order Picking: Pull and prepare product for shipment, ensuring that the exact number and type of product is

loaded and shipped. Perform picking duties in an efficient manner that meets customer

service standards.

Loading: Efficiently move product from staging and/or storage areas into rail cars or trailers.

Equipment: Load, unload, move, stack, and stage product and materials using a forklift, clamp truck, or other

power equipment. Use radio frequency equipment for picking, receiving, putaway, and load

functions, as required. Maintain the facility's equipment and materials in a neat, clean, and orderly

fashion. On a daily basis, inspect and perform minor maintenance on the forklift or other equipment.

Operate all equipment in a safe and efficient manner following prescribed work methods.

Inventory: Keep appropriate records and reports to guarantee that tight inventory control and security

are maintained. Assist in physical inventories. Ensure proper stock rotation.

Safety, Sanitation, Security: Maintain a clean, neat, and orderly work area. Assist in maintaining the security

of the warehouse. Conduct operations in a manner that promotes safety. Comply with OSHA and MSDS


Maintenance: Perform or assist in building, grounds, and equipment maintenance as required.

Delivery Driver-Pharmacy Medicine

Lewis Carrier - Shreveport, LA - 2010 to 2011

Job Duties:

Load and unload trucks, vans, or automobiles.

Obey traffic laws and follow established traffic and transportation procedures.

Report any mechanical problems encountered with vehicles.

Read maps and follow written or verbal geographic directions.

Inspect and maintain vehicle supplies and equipment, such as gas, oil, water, tires, lights, or brakes, to ensure

that vehicles are in proper working condition.

Maintain records, such as vehicle logs, records of cargo, or billing statements, in accordance with regulations.

Turn in receipts and money received from deliveries.

Verify the contents of inventory loads against shipping papers.

Present bills and receipts and collect payments for goods delivered or loaded.

Report delays, accidents, or other traffic and transportation situations to bases or other vehicles, using

telephones or mobile two-way radios.

Drive vehicles with capacities under three tons to transport materials to and from specified destinations, such

as railroad stations, plants, residences, offices, or within industrial yards.

Perform emergency repairs, such as changing tires or installing light bulbs, fuses, tire chains, or spark plugs.

Use and maintain the tools or equipment found on commercial vehicles, such as weighing or measuring


Sell and keep records of sales for products from truck inventory.

Drive trucks equipped with public address systems through city streets to broadcast announcements for

advertising or publicity purposes.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - Hospital

Landscaper and Grounds Keeper Worker/Dump Truck Driver/Vaccum Truck Driver

Travis St., Ste - Shreveport, LA - 2006 to 2011

Job Duties:

Care for established lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding, grubbing and removing thatch, and trimming and

edging around flower beds, walks, and walls.

Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, and trees, using hand or

automatic sprayers or spreaders.

Mow and edge lawns, using power mowers and edger's.

Plant seeds, bulbs, foliage, flowering plants, grass, ground covers, trees, and shrubs, and apply mulch for

protection, using gardening tools.

Attach wires from planted trees to support stakes.

Decorate gardens with stones and plants.

Follow planned landscaping designs to determine where to lay sod, sow grass, or plant flowers and foliage

Gather and remove litter

Haul or spread topsoil, and spread straw over seeded soil to hold soil in place.

Maintain irrigation systems, including winterizing the systems and starting them up in spring.

Plan and cultivate lawns and gardens.

Prune and trim trees, shrubs, and hedges, using shears, pruners, or chain saws.

Rake, mulch, and compost leaves.

Trim and pick flowers, and clean flower beds.

Water lawns, trees, and plants, using portable sprinkler systems, hoses, or watering cans.

Provide proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fountains, planters, burial sites, and other grounds


Shovel snow from walks, driveways, and parking lots, and spread salt in those areas

Operate powered equipment such as mowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, snow blowers, chain-saws, electric

clippers, sod cutters, and pruning saws.

Hauling materials from one place to another is the main job of a dump truck driver. He must follow a schedule

for pickups and deliveries of materials. He is required to verify the types of materials he is hauling as well

as their weight. If he is working in conjunction with other equipment operators and truck drivers, he must

clearly communicate with them to make sure he delivers his materials according to the job specifications and

timetables. He is expected to keep his truck clean and in good working order. hauling and unloading various

related fluids. These fluids are pulled from customers' various locations where the fluid is collected in tanks or

other containers. These fluids may include a variety of well bore fluids such as fresh water, brine (salt) water,

crude oil, frac fluids and other associated well servicing fluids. All duties of the Vacuum Truck Operator are to

be performed according to the Company operating procedures

Isle of Capri

711 Isle of Capri Blvd., Bossier City, Louisiana 711**-****-****

Custodial Engineer

Job Duties:

House person responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the hotel and providing customers

with quality service in a timely and friendly manner. Responsibilities vary but may include: cleaning and

maintaining the appearance of the public areas of the hotel, deep cleaning of assigned areas, setting-up and

maintaining complimentary hotel lobby functions including the coffee service and nightly concierge events,

cleaning and setting-up meeting room functions, restocking housekeeping stations, delivering service items to

guest rooms upon requests from the front desk, and driving shuttle van when needed.

Fry Master

8700 Line Ave, Shreveport, LA 711**-****-****

Assembly Line Engineer

Job Duties:

Performing tasks like assembling parts together

Utilizing tools like screw-drivers, pliers, soldering irons in the assembly line depending on the manufactured


Should be able to report to the supervisor on matters like faulty parts, sub-standard quality of resource, tools


Should instruct co-workers on various instructions provided by supervisors.

Should handle heavy machinery and other machinery effectively without any mishaps.

Must organize assembly properly to save time and to increase productivity of the assembly line.

Inform supervisor on excessive defective resources available.

Must co-ordinate with other co-workers on issues in the assembly line.

Must always instigate a safe environment for oneself and other co-workers in line.


1040 Hawn Ave. Shreveport, Louisiana 711**-****-****

Construction worker/Dump Truck Driver

Construction laborers clean and prepare construction sites. We remove trees and debris; tend pumps,

compressors, and generators; and erect and disassemble scaffolding and other temporary structures. We

load, unload, identify, and distribute building materials to the appropriate location according to project plans

and specifications. I also tend machines; for example, they may use a portable mixer to mix concrete or tend

a machine that pumps concrete, grout, cement, sand, plaster, or stucco through a spray gun for application

to ceilings and walls. I often help other craft workers, including carpenters, plasterers, operating engineers,

and masons.

Construction laborers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and

patterns. At highway construction sites, this work may include clearing and preparing highway work zones

and rights-of-way; installing traffic barricades, cones, and markers; and controlling traffic passing near, in,

and around work zones. Construction laborers also dig trenches; install sewer, water, and storm drainpipes;

and place concrete and asphalt on roads. Other highly specialized tasks include operating laser guidance

equipment to place pipes; operating air, electric, and pneumatic drills; and transporting and setting explosives

for the construction of tunnels, shafts, and roads.

Hauling materials from one place to another is the main job of a dump truck driver. I followed a schedule for

pickups and deliveries of materials. I was required to verify the types of materials I was hauling as well as their

weight. If I worked in conjunction with other equipment operators and truck drivers, I had to clearly communicate

with them to make sure I delivered his materials according to the job specifications and timetables. I was

expected to keep my truck clean and in good working order.

Custodial Engineer

E. Kings Hwy - Shreveport, LA - October 2009 to February 2010

Job Duties:

Keep office building, in clean and orderly condition and tends furnace, air-conditioner, and boiler to provide

heat, cool air, and hot water, performing any combination of following duties: Sweeps, mops, scrubs, and

vacuums hallways, stairs and office space.

Regulates flow of fuel into automatic furnace or shovels coal into hand-fired furnace. Empties trash and garbage

containers. Maintains building, performing minor and routine painting, plumbing, electrical wiring, and other

related maintenance activities, using hand tools. Replaces air-conditioner filters. Cleans snow and debris from

sidewalk. Mows lawn, trims shrubbery, and cultivates flowers, using hand tools and power tools.

City of Shreveport


High School Diploma

Fair Park High School - Shreveport, LA



CDL. Tankers Hazmat


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