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Design Graphic

Los Angeles, CA
February 18, 2015

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Edward Locke, MA, Ed.S

Monterey Park, CA ***54

Cell Phone: 626-***-**** E-mail:


Experienced and forward-looking artist and designer, with strong capability to integrate traditional medium and

digital technology, for self-expression and visual communication, seeking opportunities to teach, to develop

relevant curriculum and instructional manuals, and to work for companies and clients, in the following related


Art, illustration, graphic design and digital photography: Using traditional tools (oil, acrylic, watercolor,

and gouache paintings; graphite pencil, charcoal, color pencil, pastel drawings; illustrations with

scratchboard, markers, ink pens, and brushes) and software programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Bryce

and others);

Cartoon character design, 3D modeling, 2D and 3D animation: Using Flash, 3ds MAX or Maya and


Desktop publishing, website development, video production and visual communication: Using InDesign,

Dreamweaver or Weebly, Premiere and PowerPoint;

Design and art production: Using hand tools (saw, chisels, brushes) and powered equipment (disk, table

and bend saws, router, polisher, belt and disk sanders);

Technical illustration: Using AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, CATIA and SolidEdge;

Technical and commercial writing: English and Mandarin Chinese.


(Diplomas & Certificates:

California State University, Northridge (CSUN), California

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Arts 3D - Industrial Design

El Camino College (ECC), Torrance, California

Degree: Certificate of Competence in Computer Animation (3ds MAX and AfterEffects)

East Los Angeles College (ELAC)

Degree: Associate in Arts in Arts Graphic Communication

East Los Angeles College (ELAC)

Degree: Certificate of Achievement in Digital Imaging

East Los Angeles College (ELAC)

Degree: Associate in Science in Computer-Aided Drafting/Design (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor,

CATIA and SolidEdge)


(Diplomas & Certificates:

California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), California

Degree: Master of Arts in Industrial Technical Studies (Engineering and Technology)

The University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, Georgia

Degree: Education Specialist in Workforce Education (a graduate degree higher than master’s and below

Ph. D degree)



Arts and graphic design: Painted outdoor murals for advertising, designed packaging, logo, sign age,

brochures and other commercial art works. Published online instructional manuals and step -by-step

instructions on digital graphics skills, and commercial arts.

Multifunctional and ecologically-friendly product design: Developed course materials for senior-year

industrial design projects, for research and development of multi-functional and upgradeable food

cooking appliance and food processing system.

Technical graphics education: Taught engineering graphics and a variety of computer -aided drafting

programs, and development of course materials for creative activities for techno logy teachers at college

level. Taught engineering design projects to K-12 students.


SuniSea Professional Services, Los Angeles, California. 1996 - present.

Independent contractor. Provided professional services in the areas of product design, graphic design,

foreign language translation and writing, technical illustration, 3D modeling and 2D drafting with CADD

software programs.

Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, California. Fall 2001 - Spring 2007.

Adjunct Instructor. Taught engineering graphics/drafting.

The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, Fall 2007 - Summer 2009.

Graduate Research Assistant (funded by the National Science Foundation). Taught a creative activity

course featuring Photoshop and PowerPoint skills.

Sunrider International, Torrance, California.1998.

Graphic artist. Designed packaging, brochures and labels for a manufacturer of herbal and nutritional


The University Improvement Corporation, Northridge, California. 1996.

Graphic artist. Designed and produced signage, maps, flyers and other art works for the business

operations of California State University at Northridge.


Honorable Mention, 1993 GoldStar International Design Competition for the design of an ecologically

and consumer-friendly multi-functional and upgradeable food processor system.

Two time Scholarship Awards from the Asian-Pacific Association of Los Angeles Community College


Boeing Technology Scholarship from Cerritos College.

Graduate Equity Fellowship from California State University, Los Angeles.

National Center for Engineering and Technology Education Fellowship (funded by National Science



1. Graphic design website: (Home Page) (Graphic Design Hosting Page)

o (Corporate Identity)


o (Shopping Bags)

o (Food Packages)

o (Product Packages)

o (Gift Backpacks)

o (Gift Wraps)

o (Textile Patterns)

o (Posters)

o (Restaurant Menus)

o (Business Brochure)

o (Balloons)

o (Magazine Covers)

o (Puzzle Games and Packages)

o (Mandalas)

o (Party Supplies)

o (CD and DVD Covers)

o (Coat of Arms)

2. Artistic creation website: (Fine Arts Hosting Page)

o (Illustration Techniques)

o (Life Drawing)

o (Portraits)

o (Animal Drawing)

o (Dream Animals)

o (Dream Fruits & Animals)

o (Paintings)

o (Storyboards)

o (Character Design)

o (The Manchu Mermaid - Impossible Reality)

o (Scenery Design)

o (Ceramics) (Digital Arts & Photography Hosting Page)

o (Digital Cartoon)

o (Digital Photography)

o (Digital Painting)

o (Digital Illustration)

o (Panoramic Photography)

o (Light Painting)

o (Diptychs)

o (Composite Shots)

o (Photo Montage)

o (Self-Portraits) (Design Fundamentals Hosting Page)

o (2D Design)

o (3D Design)

o (Lettering & Font Design) (3D Modeling, 3ds MAX Hosting Page) (3D Animation, 3ds MAX Hosting Page) (3D Modeling, Maya Hosting Page) (3D Animation, Maya Hosting Page) (2D Animation, Flash & AfterEffects Hosting Page) (3D Modeling, Inventor Hosting Page) (3D Modeling, Bryce Hosting Page) (Premiere Video Hosting Page)

o (SuniSea Advertising Video)

o (Wal-Mart & McDonald Protest Video)

o (Los Angeles Eco-Village Special Report Video)

RESEARCH WRITING WEB PAGES and (K12 STEM Vision Paper) (Artistic Expressions in Public Spaces in Los Angeles and Some Other

American Cities)

4 (Logos and Signage in Los Angeles and Some Other American Cities) (Using Adobe Photoshop to Create Digital Cartoons or Caricatures) (Online Industrial Design Textbook) (Online Descriptive Geometry

and Sheet-metal Design Textbook)

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