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Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
November 05, 2018

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• Wipe and wax the mold and cover with corrugated board by using evenly

surface, wrap it with plastic cover and apply resin to the mold and fiber

tissue, remove the bubbles by using steel roller, apply fiber matt overlap 2

layers, remove air bubbles evenly using roller until they meet the required

thickness of the pipe.

• I used grinder or any kind of tools to cut or to clean the fiber glass.

Size (1200mm-6000mm)

• Clean the pipe mold with pine sand paper, wipe with clean cloth and apply

wax to the mold so that the resin will not stick to the mold.

• Put the ring into the mold put 5 pcs. Steel circular rig to support the mold and

put into winding machine for cleaning and cover the plastic mold with plastic

cover(overlap) apply the resin and fiber tissue then remove air bubbles by

using steel roller, after cover the mold, go back to the winding machine for

hedical winding by using glass roving. Apply the resin to the whole pipe by

using paint roller and back to the hedical winding machine for required

thickness of the pipeafter finish cut the glass roving and remove all excess

resin and apply another fiber tissue and resin with mix wax liquid by using

paint roller or steel toller to remove air bubbles.

Note: removing the pipe

1. To remove the pipe from the mold used steel plate stopper to remove finished

pipe by slowly pulling the steel molds by machine. Cutting by the machine to

meet the length.

Cutting the fiber mat and fiber tissue


• Drill/grinder

• Corne roller

• Plier

• Sanding discs.

• Spatulas

• Brushes

• Sandpaper

• Laminate roller

• Corner roller


Wax of the steel mold flage then apply the fiber mat and next is

to remove air bubbles by using steel roller until they meet the

required ticknessof the flange.

When the flange is hard, remove the flange to the mold bu

using hammer,affter removing the flange clean the stub flange

by using the machine shop to make the stub flange fit to the


Mark the bolt hole with the permanent marking on the face of

the stub flange and the size of the bolt hole will also depend on

the job


Drill the bolt hole and keep the drill straight up and down to

avoid crack holes.

Wax and paint the enner part of the hole using a polyester

resin with a liqour, mix the resin and hardiner together as as

directed on the container.paint the stub flange until the resin is




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