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Engineering Manager

Ontario, Canada
July 10, 2014

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Olga L. Kovalsky, EPCM & Sales Specialist

905-***-**** or



Awarded for outstanding EPCM & Sales achievements; Recognized by both,

colleagues and customers, as the most able and professional administrator,

tenacious organizer, and effective problem solver.

Core Competencies:

- Senior Management of multi-million-dollar industrial operations

- EPCM, Sales & Consulting


- Completed every project with 100% success rate

- Conducted all mechanical & electrical industrial installations

with accident-free record

Work Fields:

- Aerospace, Military, Navy & Government


- Automotive Tool & Die Manufacturing

- Cement Plants

- Environmental Installations

- Foundries & Steel Mills

- Heavy Industrial & Special Purpose

Machinery manufacturing

- Air / Gas / Fume / Dust / Bulk & Material

Handling/Conveying & Ventilation systems

- Mining Equipment manufacturing

- Manufacturing of Subway Escalators, Moving Walkways

for Airports, Gantry Cranes, Hoists & Gears

Career Track:

Apt Mechanical - Industrial Equipment Supply & Consulting Co. Hamilton, ON

[Sept 1999-Present]


- Conceptualized and built organization from the ground up, devised

direct & indirect procurement, sale and pricing planning & strategies

- Achieved high sales with minimal number of employees by creating a

network of indirect procurement, independent consultants, suppliers,

manufacturers, fabricators, installers, shippers and craters

- Researched & established global customer base

- Controlled company's core operations, i.e. procurement, sales,

consulting engineering, staffing, pricing, budgeting, cash flow,

planning and marketing

- Negotiated and administered domestic & international (direct &

indirect) procurement and sales industrial contracts

- Selected appropriate pricing strategies for major contracts

Xstrata Nickel - Fraser Mine, Fraser Morgan Project, Onaping, ON

[Sept 2007- Feb 2008]

Procurement Department Manager

- Established productive & smooth operation of the procurement

department within stressful "Brown Field Project" environment

- Coached the procurement team to establish mutually satisfying

relationships with suppliers and maintenance of active

communications exchange

- Created pleasant and respectful atmosphere within the department

- Working within "Procurement-on-demand" set-up, found ways to

anticipate project needs & ensure compliance with Xstrata

requirements and budget

- Included procurement issues in risk assessment and risk

management plan

- Directed preparation of a "Procurement Register", identifying costs,

schedules, deliveries, etc.

- For clarity and audit purposes, launched a control system,

reflecting a history of every purchased item

- Conducted a fair and strict tendering process in accordance with

Xstrata-Nickel procedures

- Supervised commercial evaluations & preparation of recommendation


- Managed the award of contracts

- Ensured that correct documentation & appropriate authorizations are


- Reviewed and approved newly created procurement procedure documents

& forms

- Guaranteed timely submittal of weekly & monthly reports



Director of Engineering [Contract: Evaluation & troubleshooting of

malfunctioning engineering department]

- Developed strategies for company to reach its full potential in

engineering and manufacturing of mining mobile equipment and


- Prepared an "Operation Re-Organization Plan"; and presented it to a

panel of (60) international sales representatives

- Launched a standardization process of MTI's mobile equipment

- Evaluated performance of engineering personnel and instigated

partial re-staffing. Together with the HR Manager, sourced

candidates with relevant Professional (mechanical, hydraulic &

electrical) Engineering qualifications

- Engaged services of a Consultant to train the existing design

crew in Mechanical Engineering Standards & Procedures, organized

manufacturing processes training sessions

Bel-Tech Consulting Engineering Inc., Beamsville, ON [1995-1999]

General Manager

- Controlled all procurement, administrative, technical and

financial functions of the company

- Delivered company's highest revenue by securing mega contracts with

leading steel mills, foundries and mining resources in Canada & the US

- Directed consulting services, plant retrofits, critical

equipment repairs & modifications

- Managed engineering & construction of unique traveling exhaust &

material-handling systems, ventilation & dust collection systems,

custom machinery, structural supports & foundations

- Analyzed and controlled total work load, created budgets, schedules,

developed staff job responsibilities based on requirements and

competency levels, controlled preparation of proposals, bids, quotes

and promotional documentation

- Selected, recruited, managed, trained and disciplined employees

- Hired and managed staff, subcontractors, fabricators,

mechanical / electrical erectors and iron workers in Canada &

the US

- Maintained technical and organizational liaisons with customers

and suppliers

Air Trac Corp., Niagara Falls, NY [1994-1995]

Sr. Project Manager

- Rescued "Run-away" mega project [Phase I]* for modification of

leading US Foundry

- Won & executed mega project contract for Phase II & Phase III at Bel-

Tech Consulting Eng. Co. [1995-1999]

- Supervised preparation of engineering drawings and specifications

- Analyzed bids, managed direct & indirect procurement of material

handling, fume & dust collecting equipment & systems

- Selected, hired and supervised fabricators, mechanical / electrical

erectors and iron workers in Canada & the US

- Coordinated and directed execution of all construction phases,

installation & start-up in accordance with approved schedules

Blastworks Inc., Burlington, ON [1993-1994]

Engineering Manager [Contract]

- Rescued "Dead-end" engineering project and construction-in-progress of

complex Roto-Conveying-Reciprocating automatic line for the Boeing

Company, USA

- Analyzed and authorized procurement of all materials, drives,

cylinders & auxiliary equipment

- Evaluated performance of engineering personnel and instigated

partial re-staffing

- Motivated and forcefully led engineering department toward

successful execution of alternate designs and working drawings

- Enforced construction and assembly processes in strict

accordance with engineering drawings

- Salvaged company's relationship with important client by timely

delivery of unique, high-performance automatic line

St. Lawrence Cement, Mississauga, ON [1988-1993]

Plant Retrofit Engineer

- Piloted 6 Year Program of Plant Retrofit in compliance with

latest Environmental Regulations & production demands

- Analyzed existing plant operation, layouts, facilities,

equipment, environment and developed strategic plans, schedules

& budgets

- Coordinated retrofit operation with production, maintenance and

finance departments

- Directed engineering, construction and revamping of new & existing

cement / clinker / lime / coal - conveying, separating and dust-

collecting systems, structural supports and foundations, supervised

field work and ensured propriety & safety

- Effectively managed procurement process, controlled and authorized

direct & indirect procurement of all required equipment, components &

auxiliary supplies & contracts

- Separated and centralized all of Retrofit process procurement needs

into a single department and adopted positive sourcing methodology

- Selected, hired & managed subcontractors, steel fabricators,

mechanical / electrical erectors and iron workers

- Acted as a liaison and provided a balanced work environment

between unionized & non-unionized personnel

- Monitored preparation of manuals & preventive maintenance


Fathom Oceanology Ltd., Mississauga, ON [1987-1988]

Project Leader / Senior Designer [Contract]

- Joined the world renowned team of Aerospace & NASA Specialists

engaged in military project to Specification # D0D-D-1000

- Conducted research and study of a "Molecular Incompatibility of


- Designed unique and sophisticated mechanical devices for underwater

military applications

- Managed conversion of layouts into working drawings and construction

of the prototype

Canada Machinery Corp. a.k.a. O&K / Bertram Machine & Tool Co., Dundas, ON


Senior Design Engineer / Mechanical Engineering Standards Specialist

- Lead mechanical designer of the Mine Hoist Design department

- Ensured execution of all engineering drawings & specifications

in strict accordance with Mechanical Engineering Standards

- Designed key components and prepared general assembly drawings

& bills of materials

- Worked closely with shop floor personnel, machine operators, welders,

fitters & quality controllers inspectors, enforcing precision of


- Created synergy between engineering department & shop floor


- Evaluated work of subordinates and provided essential guidance &

Mechanical Engineering Standards training to engineering & shop staff

Tridon Ltd., Burlington, ON [1982-1983]

Design Consultant [Contract]

- Led a special investigative team, determining design flaws in

series of Automotive Tools & Dies

- Provided oversight control & direction for related research &


- Directed engineering department, tool & die makers, quality control &

production departments in the development and construction of new

design-patterns & fixtures

- Established quality control guidelines

- Assisted in preparation and launch of a cost control program

C-E Tyler Co. Ltd., St. Catharines, ON [1980-1982]

Engineering Manager-in-training

- Conducted R & D, manufacturing & testing of Heavy Vibrating

Screening Machines for mining

- Successfully completed intensive hands-on training for the

position of Engineering Manager in unionized environment

Steel Technology Ltd., Burlington, ON [1980]

Senior Project Manager [Contract]

- Evaluated preliminary/conceptual designs, customer's specifications,

manufacturing feasibility and prepared final General Assembly Drawings

of Mold Casting Machine for Czechoslovakia

- Led a team of mechanical designers & supporting technical personnel in

preparation of all drawings & specifications in compliance with

European Mechanical Engineering Standards

- Supervised construction of the prototype (for above mentioned


- Directed preparation of promotional publications

- Designed Dust Collection System Modification for Dofasco Inc.,

Hamilton, ON

Education & Professional Development

University of Toronto Comparative Education Service, Toronto, ON [1981]

- Certified by comparative studies for MASTER'S DEGREE in Mechanical /

Electrical Engineering

State Technical University, Faculty of Mining Engineering, St. Petersburg,

Russia [1970-1977]

- MASTER'S DEGREE in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

Advanced Engineering Program, St. Petersburg, Russia [1970-1978]

Government Research Institute of Heavy Machinery & Ore Enrichment [1977-


- Assistant professor / R&D Department Manager

- Assistant professor on special R&D project for underwater mining

- Selected by faculty of Mining Machines & Complexes, Technical

University of St. Petersburg, and appointed head of R & D Department

- Built elite team of Mining Mechanical Engineers & Specialists,

developing Flotation Machines & Magnetic Separators for mining


Special Machinery Design Bureau [1973-1977]

- Advanced from intermediate drafting technician to Lead Mechanical


- Managed engineering department, responsible for design of gearboxes,

balustrades, structural supports, selection of drives, materials &

auxiliary equipment

- Executed complete mechanical & electrical engineering & cost

evaluation of Ship Ore Unloader Crane

- Prepared assembly drawings, BOMs and promotional publications for

world's longest Subway Escalators

- Performed troubleshooting & supervised emergency repairs of Moving

Walkway at the airport in St. Petersburg, Russia

- Prepared and assigned detailed work scopes to the design group

personnel based on competency levels

- Provided professional development training to mechanical designers,

drafters & technicians

Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co. [1972-1973]

- Technician / Machine Operator/ Drafting technician

- Quality Control Inspector of machine parts & assemblies, ensured

conformance to mechanical engineering drawings & government


- Operated CNC lathes, mills & drills in high volume industrial


- Practiced quality management and safety processes

C-E Tyler Co. Ltd., St. Catharines, ON [1980-1982]

Engineering Manager-in-training

- Successfully completed intensive hands-on training for

the position of Engineering Manager in unionized


Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology, Stoney Creek & Hamilton, ON

- Computer aided interactive graphics programs (CAD V.12,

AutoCAD) [1982, 1984 & 1994]

Hamilton-Wentworth Entrepreneurial Program, Flamborough, ON [1999]

Business Advisory Program

- Effective Communications

- Customer Service

- Marketing / Advertising

- Pricing & Costing

- Business Accounting & Taxation

- Cash Flow & Bookkeeping

- Government Rules & Regulations / Insurance


Basic Underground Hard Rock Mine Service Types - Common Core

- NORCAT Qualification #



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