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Customer Service Sql Server

Bradenton, FL
April 30, 2014

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Robert McNamara

**** ***** **** ***** *** ****

Tampa, FL 33611

Cell 813-***-****

Robert T. McNamara


• Complete software development life cycle experience, with more emphasis on development and


• Worked extensively on C++, Shell Scripting, and Informix Framework.

• Good experience working on complex systems developed using different technologies such as

C/C++, Java and Mainframes, running in different platforms

• Good understanding of database concepts, including Informix

• Good experience working in different flavors of UNIX and Windows (XP/NT/2000/CE)


• Ran technical meetings, created Data Flow Diagrams, test plans, procedures & UNIX shell

scripts, analyzed, tested, defect resolution & reviewed MDMS modules as delivered.

• Experienced in Diagnosing and troubleshooting UNIX and Windows processing problems and

applied solutions to increase company efficiency.

• Strategic thinker who has people and business skills and can work effectively with all parts of the

organization in applying technology.

• Authored IBM technical documents for on-line publication for Informix end-users and internal



• DEC, VAX, PROMIS, CIM, PC's, thin clients, LINUX/UNIX,HP UNIX DOS, VMS/VAX, Windows

7,Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Active Directory, C++, COBOL, Informix, SQL, T-

SQL, MSOFFICE, OOP,OOA,WordPerfect, FoxPro, Paradox, JavaScript, HTML, TCP/IP, Novell,

Adobe Acrobat; JAVA; JSP; Java Script; XML; C; VBScript; HTML; ASP; ASP .NET; C#; Tomcat;

Apache; MS Visual Studio; Visual SQL Server; MS Access; Windows; UNIX;DOS


• B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Management

• University of Tampa

• Microsoft Accessing Data Framework .NET Framework 4 (MCTS Exam 70-516)

• Microsoft Web Applications Development .NET Framework 4 (MCTS Exam 70-515)

• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance (MCTS Exam 70-432)

• SQL Saturday Seminar

• Windows 7 Installation and Configuration (New Horizons)

• Xerox Document Security Seminar (Xerox Corp)

• Perl Introduction (University Of South Florida)

• Dreamweaver Advanced (University Of South Florida)

• HTML Advanced (University Of South Florida)

• Dreamweaver Introduction (University Of South Florida)

• HTML Introduction (University Of South Florida)

• A+ Certification training on hardware and software

Robert T. McNamara


Currently Available May 1, 2014

Fidelity Information Systems

2013 – 8/2014

Customer Product Associate II

• Currently assisting customers with their various financial accounts.

• Providing product support for thousands of financial institutions and their customers.

• Review, advise and inform customers of company’s products.

• Provide resolutions to their financial statement questions.

Professional Development


Professional Student

• Completed the Microsoft Database and Web Application training at La Salle Learning Center

70-431 / 70-432 Implementation and Maintenance of Microsoft SQL Server

70-433 – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Development

70-515 – Web Application Development with .Net Framework

70-516 – Accessing Data with Microsoft .Net Framework 4

50-536 – Microsoft Developer

Department of Health Tallahassee


Systems Analyst / IT Specialist

• Reviewed practices, procedures and methodologies for a web application and database where

upon completion will make recommendations to be presented to the contract company.

• Presented findings at weekly meetings and possible solutions which can include modified code to

be presented to contract company or less expensive solutions that can be done within the


• Project will be used nationally as an example all states.

• Several suggestions have been proposed to the Information Technology contract company which

will be in the next upgrade \ release of the software.

• Discovery of multiple instances of varying practices between offices and counties in the state of

Florida which will be corrected through training and documentation.

• Correction of several errors in the systems administrator manual which will be corrected and

redistributed to the state administrators and coordinators.

United States District Court

2001 - 2010

Informix Database Administrator /Automation Specialist

• Maintaining network architecture and infrastructure for United States District Court Staff while at

one of the five offices or working from home.

• Resolving hardware/software interface and interoperability problems with all levels of

management and staff including court reporters and judges.

• Implementing policies and procedures to ensure information systems reliability which I

documented and were signed by the users annually this included extern and intern law students

while under the supervision of the judge’s staff.

• Monitoring functionality, security, and integrity of internet services was done daily on a continuous


• Installing, configuring, and maintaining litigation support equipment was done yearly or on an as

needed basis if it occurred before the annual inventory survey.

• Installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining customer hardware and software was

always conducted in an orderly and precise progression as to keep any interruptions to the court

employee to a minimum.

• Providing advice and assistance to the Legal Administrative Specialists and legal support staff

regarding automated litigation support, electronic discovery and computer forensics issues was

done before, during or after a trouble ticket was initiated and regular training was also given to

staff and all legal professionals regarding electronic filing of court documents.

• Administrator of a database that holds over a million records and supported over 400 employees.

Reviewing database statistical reports for efficiency, errors and completeness.

• Co-Manager of the U.S. District Court helpdesk for the Middle District of Florida.


• Providing judges, staff and court employees with specialized reports for their use.

• Creating automated courthouse legal forms for the courthouse staff.

U.S. Attorneys Office

1998 - 2001

Data Analyst / Records Examiner

• Government contractor for the U.S. Attorney's office in Tampa, used the Consolidated Asset

tracking Systems (CATS) to run various reports which tracked an asset through the forfeiture

process and provided information to various federal agencies and support staff.

• Knowledge of civil and criminal procedures of forfeiture to allowed work with various local, state

and federal agencies for timely forfeiture and disposal of their assets.

• Ability to research criminal and civil cases to track disposal of assets. Worked with all local state

and federal agencies to complete an equitable sharing process which often included multimillion

forfeiture cases and distribution of payments.

• Consolidated the reporting systems and provided a summary reports which were used by several

agencies to make decisions in a timely manner. The reporting system previously lacked

information needed to make an informative decision.

Chase Manhattan Bank/Chemical

1997 - 1998

Technical Support Technician

• Researched and solved technical problems from software, hardware or network difficulties.

Analyzed Visual Basic programs for errors and reviewed software updates for improvements.

Reduced number of calls put on hold and doubled the number of calls taken in a day by other


• Created a manual used by technicians for problems encountered at the helpdesk and how to

solve them.

International Business Machines (IBM)

1996 -1997

Technical Support Technician

• Technical support technician selected to assist only IBM employees (IBMers) nationwide. Users'

problems included software, hardware and network difficulties on various operating system


• Acknowledged as the best and quickest of the five technicians with problem solving of IBM

employees issues

Financial and Credit Services


Data Systems Technician, Financial and Credit Services

• Prepared daily telephone polling reports, operated the CICS mainframe computer, generated

sales reports and audited inventory tables.

• Prepared statistical reports on Excel worksheets.

• Provided technical assistance to computer operators.

• Utilized the AS400 computer for updating customers' orders and inventory.

• Created sales reports for previous day in record time and also one of the best sale associates.

Capital One Credit Card Services


Network Specialist

• Installed a customer service program, training room, main server and hub closets. Included

connecting to the LAN, installation of the NetWare and MS office software.

• Acted as helpdesk representative and network specialist for any technical problems.

• Completed server room and training room setup and installation ahead of schedule.

Pride of Florida

1994 to 1995

Data Systems Technician

• Preparation of reports for yearly and monthly prisoner employment tracking.

• Automated and economized manual office processes, training data entry clerk.

• Supervised data entry clerk for training division.

• Created manuals and provided support for staff and their technical needs.

• Worked with the Department of Education and the Department of Corrections on various

statistical projects regarding recommitment and the prisoner demographic.

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