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Programmer Analyst, Business Analyst, Team Lead, Product Manager

Atlanta, GA, 30319
April 30, 2014

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James M. Clendenin

**** ********* ***** *.*. ~ Atlanta, Georgia 30319


Senior engineer with extensive experience in large scale system design and implementation,

especially the Vi r tual Machine and Multiple Vir tual System (VM and MVS) environments

using COBOL I I, CICS, and VSAM.

Versatile and f lexible team player, adaptable to new situations, technologies and

opportunities with a background in coding and testing, teaching technical classes,

p resenting to large groups, and mentoring junior staff.

Team lead, with expertise in effectively building consensus, managing resources, and

participating in the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including

requirements analysis, technical design, coding, implementation, and support of production


H ighly-motivated and focused learner, able to quickly gain any concepts and skills

necessary to perform effectively..

M asters Degree in Software Engineering with an emphasis in relational database design

and object oriented analysis and design. Final Capstone Project featured an object-oriented

design in C++ with a SQL back end.

Strong capabilities in:

Client Relations Technical Support Data Analysis and Management

Conversion and Retrofit ting Team Leadership Training and Mentoring

P rofessional Experience

S2Tech, Atlanta Georgia May 2012 – Present

L ead Test Analyst

Primary Accomplishments:

ACS for the State of North Dakota:

Led a team of business analysts in the testing of interfaces, electronic document

management(EDMS), automated voiced response(AVR), and electronic data

i nterchange(EDI).

D uties include:

Team leadership, system analysis, test case design. (Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Clear

Quest, Microsoft Office.)

M at r ix, Atlanta Georga November 2010 – May 2012


P rimary Accomplishments:

Emory University Healthcare: Assisted in implementation of back releases of McKesson's

HealthQuest product. Designed and implemented online solutions to identify and process

clinical t r ials charges., post results from SearchAmerica demographics check..Provided

p roblem analysis and solution designs for claims generation, archive reactivation.

Duties include:

System analysis, solution design, coding, and implementation. ( MVS JCL, COBOL, CICS,

TSO, Microsoft Office.)

Genesis10, Atlanta Georgia April 2010 – November 2010


P rimary Accomplishments:

Bank of America: Converted software requirements from MS Office documents to IBM

Rational Requisite Pro and completed t racing of requirements to design elements.

Duties include:

requirements analysis and design documentation. (Rational Requisite Pro, Microsoft Office)

ACS, Atlanta, Georgia J uly 2004 – April 2010

M edicaid Management I nformation Systems.

Business Analyst

P rimary Accomplishments:

Successful creation of Claims Disposition use case deliverables for the New Hampshire

M M IS implementation.

Completed testing of web based claims entry for the Washington/Wyoming project.

Completed data mapping for the M ississippi fraud and abuse extract and conversion

Completed data validation testing for Florida reporting repository project. (TOAD, SQL


Duties include:

Requirements analysis and design documentation during the M M IS development process.

(Rational Requisite Pro)

Data mapping for browser pages and conversions.

Tracing requirements to design to insure completeness of the application.(Rational

Requisite Pro)

Meeting facilitation and coordination.

SCI Healthcare Group, Toledo, Ohio April 2003 – July 2004

Software Products and Consulting Services.

Marketing Di rector

P rimary Accomplishments:

Brought in two new key clients, as well as two new product offerings in one year.

Expanded the range of consulting services into more products and platforms.

Duties include:

Developing marketing strategies and identifying opportunities for new products and

services such as H IPAA compliance assessments and web portal applications.

I ndependent contractor, Atlanta Georgia 2002- 2003


P rimary Accomplishments:

McKesson: Reduced reported problem backlog for HealthQuest Patient Accounting.

Spectrum Health: Performed multiple version upgrade of HealthQuest products, including

analysis of client modifications and user requirements, retrofitt ing, and testing.(MVS JCL,


The MediBase Group, Atlanta Georgia 1996- 2002


P rimary Accomplishments:

Designed, coded, and implemented a bidirectional interface for an NCO receivables

collection service using COBOL, CICS, VSAM, f lat files, and FTP file t ransfers in an

M VS/UN IX environment. Performed all phases of the SDLC. Client: University of Arkansas

Converted the Medicare and other claims submission process from tape/paper to electronic

eliminating confusing debit and credit postings associated with typical pharmacy charging

mechanisms. I was responsible for all phases of the SDLC using COBOL, CICS, VSAM.

C lient: Presbyterian Health Systems of Albuquerque

Duties included:

Designing and implementing various applications, including an electronic claims

submission process and a pre-bill edits process encompassing pharmacy credit processing.

A nalyzing requirements and performance, and designing and implementing effective

solutions to retrofit and adapt various products according to customer requirements.

Managing and monitoring client issues and keeping clients informed of progress.

P roviding technical support and assistance for ongoing system upgrades and enhancements

and 24/7 support for core business systems.

Acting as a mentor to junior consultants.

HBO and Co, Atlanta, Georgia 1985- 1996

P roduct Manager

P rimary Accomplishments:

Redesigned the HealthQuest patient accounting product for Medicare and other

payers(MediPac), consisting of 50-60 screens, over 100 programs, and 20 VSAM files, over

100 f lat files. Included converting MACRO level CICS to COMMAND level, creating

documentation, and presenting to the user community on the upgrade.

Duties included:

Led team meetings, participated in, and facili tated code reviews and walkthroughs.

M anaged team resources and evaluated team members for multiple projects.

Presented at HBOC user group meetings and took part in client round table discussions.

Developed and delivered t raining materials for employees and clients.

Held full responsibility for the HealthQuest Medical Records release 2.0 product line

i ncluding working with product advisory groups (clients) and presenting product updates to

t he HBOC User Group meetings.

Mediflex Systems/HBO and Co., Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia 1983-


Programmer Analyst – Team Lead

P rimary Accomplishments:

Developed the HealthQuest medical record product to support Medicare prospective

payment. This included 15-20 online screens and 5 VSAM files. The technology was


Duties included:

Coding and testing online and batch processes.

Creating technical documentation according to product standards.

Supporting early adopter client installations.


Masters in Software Engineering, Southern Polytechnic State University,

M arietta Georgia. 2004.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, I l linois State University,

Normal, I l linois. 1978.

Continuing Education

Corporate t raining in presentation skills, interviewing techniques, and the Demming


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