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Java Developer

Dublin, OH
April 30, 2014

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Tulasi Chaganti


. Over * years of experience in designing, developing and implementing

software applications (both corporate intranet and over the Internet)

using Java/J2EE, Core Java technologies.

. Involved in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle, which

include Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.

. Experience in developing Web Applications with various Open Source

frameworks: Jakarta Struts Framework, Spring Framework 2.0, Struts

Validation and Tiles Frameworks.

. Good knowledge of database connectivity (JDBC) for databases like SQL

Server, MySql.

. Extensive experience in IBM Lotus Content Management, WCM API (6.0)

and WebSphere Portlet Factory for project development and deployment.

. Extensive experience with Java complaint IDE's like Eclipse 3.x.

. Expertise in J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets, JDBC.

. Experience in writing Ant build 1.5 scripts for project development

and deployment.

. Hands on experience with Tomcat, Apache, JUnit and Log4j for

developing and determining application functionality.

. Worked with version control systems like CVS, SVN, and VSS for

providing common platform for all the developers.

. Experience in working on various operating systems like Windows


. Strengths in multitasking, problem solving and timely resolution of

issues, meeting tight deadlines, enthusiasm to learn new


. Strong communication skills and excellent customer relations in

collecting, and analyzing user requirements.

. Ability to work in diverse platforms and industry environments.


Master of Computer Applications, India.

Bachelors in Computer Science, India.


Programming Languages Java (JDK 1.4, 5.0), MYSQL, PL/SQL, Portlet factory

J2EE Technologies Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, Web Services

Platforms Windows 98/XP/NT/2000

Databases MYSQL,SQL Server 2008

IDEs Eclipse

Frameworks Struts, Spring 2.0, Validation and Tiles

Markup Languages XML, HTML, CSS.

Content Management IBM Lotus Content Management.

Scripting Languages Ant 1.5, Java Script

Versioning Tools CVS, SVN, Rational tools

Testing/Logging tools Log4j, Junit.


CardinalHealth Feb'11 - Till Date

Ohio, United States

Senior Java Developer

Project Name : Public Website

Role : Programmer Analyst.

Duration : Feb2011 to till date


Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus

on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality, and

increasing profitability. Cardinal Health is a Websphere based front end

system that is used by the by the hospitals and the patients.

The main key features of this project are:

. Involved in preparing the Detailed Design document for the project.

. Developed UI using JSP Components, Java Script, and Jquery.

. Restructuring of the contents.

. Reorganizing the contents by creating new workflows and adding new

stages to the workflows.

. Generating the reports using the WCM API.

. Used the member fixer tool to generate the reports on monthly basis.

. Used SQL Server 2008 for performing database related operations.

. Involved in designing Database tables.

. For version control used the Clearcase, Clearquest rational tools.

Environment : Java 1.4, WebSphere portlet factory, IBM lotus web content,

JSP 2.0, JavaScript, HTML, Windows XP, RAD, SQL Server 2008.

JCPenney Solutions Apr'10 - Nov'10

Teaxs, United States

Senior Java Developer

Project Name : Eportal

Role : Programmer Analyst.

Duration : Apr 2010 to Nov 2010


The objective of this project is to provide an integrated, customizable

environment for secure role based access to supplier applications, reports

and content. This is developed using IBM web sphere portlet factory.

The main key features of this project are:

. Full functioning search engine - to make finding needed information


. JSR286 Based Portlets generated via IBM's Portlet Factory

. Portlet capability to interact with each other

. Portlets can be used in any portal environment

. Web Content Management System


. Translated the business owner's requirements into design

specifications and created contents.

. Designed interactive web pages for front end screens using HTML, CSS,

and JavaScript.

. Involved in designing and development of Java WebSphere


. Extensive usage of Lotus Web Content management.

. Experience on WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Administration.

. Involved in the production support for the Eportal application.

. Gathered requirements and prepared Software Requirements

Specifications (SRS), System High Level and Low Level Design Diagrams,

Class Diagrams, Interaction/Sequence diagrams, Use Case diagrams, Data

flow diagrams.

. Worked closely with QA Team for System, Integration and testing.

. Used SVN as version controlling tool.

. Lead a team of four for content management.


Environment :Java 1.4, WebSphere portlet factory, IBM lotus web content,

JSP 2.0, JavaScript, HTML, Windows XP, Eclipse3.2, SQL Server 2008.

MindFire Solutions Jan'07 - March'10

Orissa, India

Senior Java Developer

Project Name : Ascend

Role : Senior Software Engineer

Duration : July 2007 to March 2010


Ascend is a web-based math tutorial that goes far beyond drill and

practice. Ascend evaluates a student's individual needs, automatically

outlines a learning path that is based on national standards, and provides

all of the instruction a student needs to learn core mathematical concepts.

Ascend assesses a student's needs through a series of short tests, and then

guides the Student though award-winning video instruction, practice

problems and hands-on math instruction.


. Involved in Requirements Gathering, Impact Analysis and Design phases

. Involved in Preparing the Java/J2EE, Core Java - Design Document.

. Developed the GUI using HTML, XML, JSP, JDBC, CSS, JavaScript and

Struts Tiles Framework.

. Struts 1.1 Frame work is used as the implementation of Model-View-

Controller (MVC) design pattern for the JSP.

. Implemented action classes based on Struts MVC framework.

. Developed DAO's (Data Access Objects), which are java classes those

encapsulate all database specific code used POJO's classes.

. Used Log4J 1.1.3 for logging, including runtime exceptions.

. Used JUnit framework for unit testing of application and deployed on

Tomcat server.

. Involved in Integration testing, Bug fixing and Maintenance.

. Involved in Project-Plan meetings and discussions.

. Successfully lead the team to meet tight deadlines.

. Used Hibernate for programmatically generating the data base tables

and HBM mapping files, for the community data model setup at the time

of deployment.

Environment : Java 1.4, Struts 1.2, Hibernate,JSP 2.0, JavaScript, HTML,

XML, JNDI, Log4J 1.2, Junit 3.8, ANT 1.5, Tomcat, Windows XP,

Eclipse3.2, MySQL 5.5, WinCVS1.3

Project Name :CandaPost

Role : Software Engineer.

Duration : Mar, 2007 to June, 2007


The Canada Post project required us to integrate postal services offered by

Canada Post with the Eshipper application. This project mainly deals with

the generation of rates for the different services offered by Canada Post.

There are three kinds of shipment which Canada post does:

. Domestic

. US

. International

For each kind of shipment there are different services available. To

compute rates for shipping, first database tables were created to store

rating information provided by Canada Post. The information was provided in

the form of PDF documents and excel sheets.

From an application point of view, the user in required to create an order.

An order in turn can consist of several packages with different package

specifications (weight and dimensions). The user is also required to enter

a ShipFromAddress and a ShipToAddress. These variables along with the

rating tables are then used to determine shipping type and compute

appropriate rates for each of the services offered for the given shipping

type or destination. Once the user selects preferred service the

appropriate labels are generated.


* Interacted with clients for Business rules, Requirements collection,

Analysis and Design.

* Developed the Interface using JSP and Java Script

* Involved in designing database using ER Modeling concepts.

* Involved in developing stored procedures and packages to access data

* Involved in addressing application performance issues i.e., Connection

Leakage Issues.

* Involved in integration and deployment.

* Used the ITEXT to generate the labels

* Generated the barcode for the labels using barcode 128c.

Environment : Java 1.4, Spring Framework 2.0, JSP 2.0, JavaScript, HTML,

Log4J 1.2, Junit 3.8, Tomcat, Windows XP, Eclipse3.2, MySQL 5.5, WinCVS1.3

Project Name : Revize Content Management System

Role : Software Engineer.

Duration : Jan, 2007 to March, 2007


POMS is the customer collaboration access to share the information with

the shipper or consignee. Through POMS Customer can do his Orders, approve

orders, on hand orders partially or fully, invoice Management. Raise Air

or Sea mode of Pick Up Requests based on his orders. Ask for a request for

Quote from the freight forwarders. Track and Trace his shipment seamlessly

from origin to its destination. View and Print Reports.


* Involved in Requirements Analysis and Design activities.

* Developed the GUI using HTML, XML, JSP, JDBC, CSS, JavaScript and Struts

Tiles Framework.

* Implemented action classes based on Struts MVC framework.

* Used Log4J 1.1.3 for logging, including runtime exceptions.

* Involved in integration and deployment.

* Responsible for writing test cases (Unit).

* Tracking the issues, monitoring tasks and maintaining version-controlling


Environment : Java 1.4, Struts 1.2, JSP 2.0, JavaScript, HTML, Log4J 1.2,

Junit 3.8, Tomcat, Windows XP, Eclipse3.2, MySQL 5.5, WinCVS1.3

DataPro PVT. Ltd, INDIA.

July '05 - July '06

Orissa, India

Java Developer.

Project Name : Health Plus

Role : Programmer Analyst.

Duration : Aug 2005 to Jun 2006

Description :

This web application cum automation system is being developed, to provide

timely health care to patients. This mainly comprises from patient

registration to report generation, depending upon the type of patient (in /

out). This is done to provide timely patient care at all stages and to

maintain proper Hospital records. This project contains different modules

integrated into one final package. The different modules are: Patient

registration, Results review, Patient scheduling, Staff management,

Waitlist management, Report generation.


* Composed Detail Design Documents.

* Involved in Development and Design of UI using HTML, JSP's.

* Involved in Coding Business Validations Using JavaScript.

* Developed J2EE Form Beans, Action Classes, Action Mapping and Business

Classes to retrieve and submit using the Struts Framework.

* Worked and designed an independent exception handling mechanism for

application specific checked exceptions.

* Used Log4j for logging and representing exceptions and error conditions

in the system.

Environment : Java 1.4, Struts, JSP 2.0, JavaScript, HTML, Log4J 1.2,

Tomcat, Windows XP, Eclipse3.2, Oracle, WinCVS1.3

Personal Details

Name: Tulasi Chaganti

Email: or

Mobile: 214-***-****

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