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Engineering Chemical

April 30, 2014

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Dr. VIKESH GURUDAS LADE (Ph. D. Chemical Engineering)

Mobile No.: +91-860*******


Current Address Personal Details

Room No. 5401, Hostel Date of Birth: 1st May,

No. 5, 1984

ICT, Matunga, Mumbai, Marital status: Unmarried

Languages: English, Hindi,

INDIA-400019 Marathi


. Ph. D. (Tech) in Chemical Engineering (August 2009- March 2014)

From Institute of Chemical Technology (previously known as UDCT), Deemed

University, Mumbai, India

Thesis Title: Hydrodynamics and Mass transfer Studies in Pulsed Sieve-

plate Extraction Column and Mixer-settler

. Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Technology Management (PGD-CTM) (March

2011-January 2013) From Institute of Chemical Technology, Deemed

University, Mumbai, India.

. Master of Chemical Engineering (June 2006- June 2009) from Mumbai

University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Research Topic: Purification of Natural Products by Adsorption

. B. Tech. (Chemical Engineering) (July 2002-June 2006)

From Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Lonere, Dist:

Raigad, India


. Research work on the Project of National Importance: PUREX process

(Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing), IGCAR, Kalpakkam, Chennai and BARC, Mumbai

(Government Organization)


. Programming with FORTRAN, ASPEN PLUS Simulation software

. Analytical techniques such as HPLC, HPTLC, GC, Spectrophotometer, FTIR


. Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., Bhattacharya, S., Manohar, S., Wattal, P.K.,

2012. Comparison of normal phase operation and phase reversal studies in

a pulsed sieve plate extraction column. Chemical Engineering Research and

Design, 91 (6), 1133-1144.

. Lade, V.G., Pakhare, A.D., Rathod, V.K., 2014. Mass Transfer Studies in

Pulsed Sieve Plate Extraction Column for the Removal of Tributyl

Phosphate from the Aqueous Nitric Acid. Industrial & Engineering

Chemistry Research. DOI: 10.1021/ie401384j.

. Vetal, M.D., Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., 2012. Extraction of ursolic acid

from Ocimum sanctum leaves: Kinetics and modeling. Food and Bioproducts

Processing, 90, 793-798.

. Vetal, M.D., Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., 2013. Extraction of ursolic acid

from Ocimum sanctum by ultrasound: Process intensification and kinetic

studies. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification,

69, 24-30.

. Panadare D.C., Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., 2013. Adsorptive removal of

copper(II) from aqueous solution onto the waste sweet lime peels (SLP):

equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics studies. Desalination and Water

Treatment DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2013.831789

. Kuperkar, V.V., Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., 2014. Synthesis of isobutyl

propionate using immobilized lipase Novozyme 435 in a solvent free

system: optimization and kinetic studies. Forwarded to Journal of

Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 99, 143-149.

. Lade, V.G., Wankhede P.C., Rathod, V.K., Kinetics of Extraction of

Tributyl phosphate (TBP) from Aqueous Feed in Single Stage Air-sparged

Mixing Unit. Forwarded to Chemical Engineering and Technology.

. Lade, V.G., Wankhede P.C., Rathod, V.K., Pilot scale mass transfer

studies for the removal of tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) from aqueous

stream in a Combined Air-Lift Mixer-Settler Unit (CAL-MSU), Forwarded to

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering.

. Lade, V.G., Gaddamedi, Parasuram, Rathod, V.K., Experimental studies and

correlations for the drop size and dispersed phase holdup in pulsed sieve

plate extraction column. Forwarded to Brazilian Journal of Chemical



. Participated in "Three Day National Young Researchers' Conference/Young

Innovators' Competition" jointly organized by Dr. BATU Lonere and ICT

Mumbai during 29th -31st March 2007.

. Somkuwar, N.C., Kolhe, N.S., Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., Pandey, N.K.,

Kamachi Mudali, U., Natarajan, R., poster entitled "Drop size and holdup

studies in pulsed sieve plate column" presented at 2nd International

Conference on ASIAN NUCLEAR PROSPECTS 2010 (ANUP-2010) organized by

IGCAR, Kalpakkam and The Indian Nuclear Society at Maallapuram, Chennai,

India(11-13 October 2010)

. Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., presented a poster entitled "Hydrodynamic

Studies in Pulsed Sieve-plate Extraction" in A Two day seminar on

"Challenges and Opportunities for Education and research for Development

of Sustainable Chemical and Allied Industries" held at ICT Mumbai during

May 11-12, 2011.

. Vetal, M.D., Lade, V.G., Rathod, V.K., presented a poster entitled

"Optimization and Kinetics of Ursolic Acid extraction from Ocimum

sanctum" in International Conference on NEW HORIZONS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY

2011 (NHBT2011).

. Lade V.G., Pakhare A.D., Rathod V.K. presented a paper (oral) entitled

"Mass transfer studies for the removal of TBP in pulsed sieve plate

extraction column" in 65th Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical

Engineers CHEMCON-2012 held at NIT Jalandhar.

. Lade V.G., Pakhare A.D., Rathod V.K. presented paper titled "Removal of

Tributyl phosphate (TBP) in pulsed sieve plate extraction column" in

'Electica' (Paper presentation Event) of 6th YOUNG RESEARCHER'S

CONFERENCE organized by ICT Mumbai, held during 12th to 13th January 2013

(BEST PAPER AWARD) Souvenir pp-26

. Lade, V.G., Parasuram Gaddamedi, Rathod, V.K. presented a paper

"Correlations for the drop size and dispersed phase hold-up in pulsed

sieve plate extraction column" in International Conference on Advances in

Chemical Engineering (ACE 2013) held at IIT Roorkee.


. Active participation in organizing conferences, Workshop, training

program and discussion meets.

. Co-ordinator of Exhibition Committee, Abhiyan Vasant (2006) at Dr. BATU,


. Participated in Regional Level Exhibition (02-04 October, 2000) at J.N.V.

Kharedi, Gujarat

. Active participation in Blood donation Camp, Marathon

. Life Member of UDCT Alumni Association


Dr. V. K. Rathod Prof. V. G. Gaikar Dr. Sujay Chattopadhyay

Associate Prof. of BPCL Prof. of Chem. Associate Professor,

Chem. Engg. Engg. Department of Pulp and

Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Paper Technology (SRE

Dept. Dept. Campus)

ICT, Matunga, ICT, Matunga, Mumbai IIT Roorkee,

Mumbai-400019 ( +91-22-241***** ext. Uttarakhand, India

( +91-986*******-*** +91-132-***-****[O]







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