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Medical Device Manager

White Plains, NY
April 29, 2014

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Priti Tiwari, PhD

** **** ******, ***** ******, NY-10603



* ***** ******** ********** ** high throughput cell-based assays for identification,

characterization and optimization of small molecule therapeutics in oncology and metabolic


Extensive hands-on experience in molecular and cell biology techniques

6 years’ experience in cell culture for use as disease models in drug discovery and development

Experience in bacterial culture for protein expression, DNA transformations and extraction

2 years’ experience in synthesis and characterization of heterocyclic compounds

2 years editorial experience as the language editor for Central European Journal of Chemistry

Advanced level coursework in pharmaceutical business and science


Ph. D., Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Rutgers University, NJ 2006-2013

MBS, Drug Discovery & Development, Rutgers University, NJ 2010-2012

M.S., Organic Chemistry, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India 2002-2005

B.S., Chemistry, University of Mumbai, India 1999-2002


PhD, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Rutgers University, NJ 2006-2013

Dissertation: Role of Resveratrol and its analogs in neuroblastoma differentiation, preadipocyte

differentiation and inflammation

Profiled and characterized resveratrol, a natural product and its synthetic analogs as drug targets for therapeutic in cancer, obesity and chronic inflammation

Discovered two novel potent analogs of resveratrol, with 10-1000 fold improved efficacy using cell-based assays

Identified NF-κB as a molecular target for these potent analogs using a unique GFP-based

reporter assay

Discovered a novel potential therapeutic target (eIF5A) for obesity using small molecule

inhibitors of eIF5A and western blot analysis

Developed an understanding of the role proteases in cancer heat therapy using a combinatorial approach with potential for transitioning heat therapy from an adjuvant to a stand-alone therapy

MS, Mumbai University Institute of Technology (MUICT), Mumbai, India 2002-2005

Thesis: Synthesis of heterocyclic chromophoric systems for application as dyes and pigments

Successfully designed, synthesized and characterized heterocyclic chromophoric compounds

using TLC, HPLC and NMR

Internship, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, NJ 2011

Focus: Regenerative Medicine-Portfolio Strategy and Market Assessments (AFIRM)

Developed a Regulatory Strategy (FDA) for getting 510(k) approval for a medical device

(Antibacterial wound dressing)

Developed Market Research report for a medical device (resorbable bone pin) focusing on the players in the Global market

STEM Coordinator, White Plains Youth Bureau, NY 2013-Present

Designed and directed the STEM initiative for Elementary and Middle School

Developed and implemented a hands-on, inquiry based learning curriculum

Lead after-school sessions to engage students in STEM fields

Teaching Assistant/Part-time Lecturer, Rutgers University, NJ 2006-2013

Courses: General Chemistry, General Biology, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Taught critical thinking, lab skills, scientific methodology and team-oriented problem solving to college students

Mentored and trained graduate and undergraduate students in good lab practices, molecular

biology and cell biology techniques and instrumentation


Cell Biology: Primary cell culture (mammalian and bacterial systems), Cryopreservation, DNA transfection, Live cell imaging, Phase and Fluorescence microscopy, Immunofluorescence, Cell lysis techniques, high-throughput cell-based assays for target screening, identification and validation

Bacterial systems: E.coli and Yeast culture for protein expression, DNA transformation and extraction

Molecular Biology: RNA/DNA isolation, extraction and quantification, PCR, RT-PCR

Protein Biochemistry: Protein expression and purification (Affinity chromatography), Protein quantification (Lowry-bradford assay) ELISA, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, 2D-gel electrophoresis

Bioinformatics: Primer and probe design (Primerquest), research experience with genomic and medical research databases (NCBI, PDB, GenBank, BLAST, Pubmed, Medline,, ASCO)

Analytical and Instrumentation: IR/UV-Vis Spectroscopy, TLC, HPLC, NMR, Teacan-Infinite Pro

Microplate reader, Roche Lightcycler, Biorad ProteomeWorks, ImageJ, SPSS, Microsoft Office (Word,Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher and Project)


J.R.D Tata Academic Scholarship, Mumbai 2004-2005

William-Rieman Prize for Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Rutgers, NJ 2009-2010

Best Poster Award, 4th World Congress on Biotechnology, NC 2013

Conference Presentations

Tiwari, Priti, Chen, K.Y., Effect of potent analogs of resveratrol, MC4 and MR4 in

inflammation, poster presentation at the 247th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Mar. 16-20th 2014, TX, USA

Tiwari, Priti, Gosslau, Alexander, Chen, K.Y., Effect of potent analogs of resveratrol, MC4 and MR4 on preadipocyte differentiation, poster presentation at the 247th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Mar. 16-20th 2014, TX, USA

Tiwari, Priti, Chen, K.Y., Effect of calcium ions on neuroblastoma differentiation, accepted for poster presentation at the 3rd World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy, Oct. 21 -22th 2013, CA, USA

Tiwari, Priti, Chen, K.Y., Effect of silk-protein: sericin on neuroblastoma differentiation,accepted for poster presentation at the 4th World Congress Biotechnology 2013, Sept. 23-25th 2013, NC, USA

Tiwari, Priti, Gosslau, Alexander, Liu, Alice, Chen, Kuang Yu. Role of polyamine biosynthesis and eIF5A hypusination on adipocyte differentiation. 2010. American Chemical Society:Washington, DC,USA


Member, American Chemical Society 2010-Present

Language Editor, Central European Journal of Chemistry 2009-2011

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