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Experienced hands-on bench scientist in preclinical drug discovery.

New Haven, CT
April 29, 2014

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Curriculum Vitae


*** ******** **** *** *****, CT 06511

cell: 203-***-****


A thoroughly dedicated, hands-on scientist who has generated significant accomplishments in preclinical drug discovery, specifically in target identification and assay development, primarily in the area of metabolic disorders. Big Pharma experience in the experimental path forward needed to transform an idea into a preclinical drug candidate. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

o Improved clinical application technology, which was sold by Bayer to Dara Biosciences for further development.

o Consulted on enzyme targets that could be exploited for treating obesity-related diabetes.

o Early investigator of the effect of insulin-resistance on lipoprotein balance as it impacts the abnormal lipid profile characterized in obesity-related diabetes.

o Investigated biological link of a drug under clinical study for treatment of ALS in order to facilitate more potent approaches

o Excellent teaching skills. Demonstrated ability to transfer technology to research


o Numerous publications in the area of metabolic disorders (please see Addendum).


• Development of enzyme activity assays and their application for compound screening

• Technical expertise in primary cell culture (e.g., mouse myotubes; rat, mouse, and human

hepatocytes, rat adipocytes) required for preclinical drug discovery in metabolic disorders.

• Cell-based functional metabolic studies (e.g, glycogen synthesis, glucose uptake, fatty acid oxidation, lipogenesis) with liver, muscle, and fat cell lines (e.g, 3T3-Ll mouse adipocytes) for compound screening.

• Cell-based assays using reporter readouts (e,g., luciferase & HRP.)

• Design detailed protocols for due diligence site visits by potential external partners.


The Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, UMASS, Boston, MA Reviewer of

Investigator Grant Proposals for Fall/Winter Cycle-2007

R. Xi Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, Worcester, MA 2007

Three-Month Consultant

Responsible for the identification and selection of target genes froni the diabetes/obesity literature that will be used for in vivo therapeutics of proprietary RNAi silencing.

Cytrx Corporation, Worcester, MA 2005-2007

Biotech company working to develop breakthroughs in the disease areas of metabolic disorders and neurodegeneration

Senior Principal Investigator, Department of Experimental Therapeutics.

Responsibilities included development of a number of critical cellular assays to support Cytrx's small molecule drug discovery program in metabolic disorders and to validate novel targets emerging from in-house in vitro RNAi technology. Proposed literature targets for review. Champion for multiple targets towards HTS.

Project leader for a program in neurodegeneration. Promoted and implemented in vitro, cellular, and animal studies to evaluate the efficacy and mechanism of action of Cytrx's ALS clinical candidate, arimoclomol, and related analogs.

• Studies included a microarray analysis of gene changes in arimoclomol-treated cells as well as the development of a reporter screen for compound inventory bioactivity.

Supervisor for two research associates.

Bayer Corporation, West Haven, CT 1992- 2005

Major international pharmaceuticals company

Scientist, Department of Metabolic Disorders Research

Responsibilities included hands-on assay development (biochemical and cell-based), compound flow,

multidisciplinary team meetings, and progress towards timelines.

• 8 projects reached the advanced exploratory stage (chemistry resourced)

• 3 reached strategic project phase

• 2 were in development

Proposed the scientific rationale and was project leader for an insulin secretagogue peptide project that reached the advanced exploratory stage. Although not advanced further, the methodologies emerging from this project served to advance a related compound to a clinical candidate for diabetes.

Coordinated ex-vivo studies for a strategic project.

Intellectual support for new target presentations and Bayer external collaborations Coordinator/Supervisory role in the training of research associates.

Intellectual and technical expertise in studies focusing on intermediary metabolism.

University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, NY 1984 - 1992

Research Associate, School of Medicine, Endocrine Unit

Performed and developed assays to investigate mechanisms underlying hepatic insulin resistance.


Northeastern University

B.A, Biology/Chemistry, magna cum laude 1969

Teaching Assistant, Department of 1970-1978


Boston University, Boston, MA

Boston University M.A., Biology 1972

Thesis. : "Glucocorticoid Induction of Tyrosine Aminotransferase in Rainbow Trout Embryos".

Boston University Ph.D, Biology 1978

Dissertation: "Protein Synthesis and Steroidogenesis in Isolated Rat Testicular Germ Cells".

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Medicine, Endocrine Unit 1981-

University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, NY 1984

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Zoology, Regulatory Mechanisms Laboratory 1978-

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada 1981

In-house Training at Bayer: 1992-2005

Competency Training, Negotiation Skills, Oral Presentation Skills, Personal Leadership Effectiveness, Project Leadership, Self- Situational Leadership, Power to Influence.

Gordon Conference on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Lipids 2003


• Cytrx Corporation: Performance Evaluation for 2005-2006; Exceeds Expectations

• Bayer Corporation Special Recognition Awards (two in 2004, 2002, 1998).

• Bayer Corporation "On-the-Spot" awards recognizing employees demonstrating above and beyond performance and/or teamwork

• New York State Health Research Council Grant (support post-doctoral training at the University of Rochester School of Medicine)


• American Diabetes Association



European Patent Office: Number UF2005002609 Title: Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) receptor (VPAC2) agonist and their pharmacological methods of use. Dated: 01.27.2005


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