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Manager Oracle

United States
April 29, 2014

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Oracle applications DBA offering 9 years of expertise in Oracle

Database maintenance support, Oracle software installations, backup,

recovery and patch installations. Experienced in oracle applications

installations, upgrades, system monitoring, performance tuning and


Area of Expertise:

. Oracle Database 9i,10g,11g

. Oracle E business Suite release 11 and 12

. Oracle Identity Manager

. Oracle Hyperion and Discoverer

. Oracle Fusion Middleware

. Oracle Real application Clusters 10g,11g and 12c

. Oracle Dataguard 10g and 11g

. Oracle Grid Control

. Oracle Enterprise Manager

. Oracle GoldenGate


. Oracle 10g Real Application cluster Administrator Certified


. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP 10g).

. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP 9i).


Experis US INC

Position Title: Oracle Applications consultant

Duration : March 2014 - Present

Tricore Solutions LLC, US (India Operations)

Position Title: Senior Consultant

Duration : October 2012 - March 2014


I undertook following projects during my tenure at TriCore.

. Discoverer upgrade from 4i to 11g (Amerifit)

. Ebusiness Suite Upgrade from to 12.1.3 (Amerifit), helped in

reducing downtime from 48hours to 32 hours.

. EBS Database upgrade to to ( Boart Long Year, IS


. RAC Upgrade from to ( National Marrow,ERAU)

. Conversion of database from ASM to NON ASM and platform migration to

Enterprise Linux from Solaris (Pearsons)

. Cloning Automation tool (National Marrow, Citizen Energy)

. Dataguard setup in 11g ( Proudfoot consulting)

Role Description:

. Providing DBA support 24x7 to 32 US based Clients.

. Patching and cloning for Multi-node environments at various release

levels like 11i, R12

. DB Upgrade of Oracle Applications 11.5.10CU2 from to 11gR2


. Oracle Applications 11i ( db using transportable tablespace)

migration from Solaris to Linux.

. Oracle Application upgrade from to 12.1.3

. Oracle Applications Upgrade from 11.5.9 to

. Databases Upgrade from 9i to 11g Release 2

. Oracle Application full clone - multi node and single node.

. Web ADI implementation with Oracle Applications 11.5.10 CU2.

. Dev and Test Database Refresh using RMAN (Duplicate).

. Work Flow, Concurrent Manager, Printer set up/ configuration and


. Sysadmin tasks such as creating and managing users, responsibilities,

profile etc.

. Monitoring and administering Concurrent managers issue

. Monitoring and Optimizing the performance of the databases and tune

database server performance & initialization parameters

. Understanding the requirements, complete setup and provided upgrade


. Upgrading individual Oracle eBiz Tech Stack Components.

. Configuration of Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP)

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

Position Title: Senior Technical analyst

Duration : November 2011 - October 2012

Projects : Pfizer and Arriva (dedicated team)

. Discover upgrade from 4i to 10g (Pfizer).

. Part of Oracle on demand internal project for speeding up cloning


. Auto clone speed up for Pfizer .

. RAC Database upgrade plan for Pfizer 10g to 11g.

Role Description:

. Patching on 11.5.X /R12(CU, Product Family, Mini, Maintenance,

One of One, Database)

. Cloned E-Business RAC Database/Single and Multi Node with

different combinations

. Implementing backup strategy for database and application.

. Troubleshooting Concurrent service and Concurrent manager


. Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database.

. Analyzing and reorganizing objects e.g. tables, indexes and

resolving row chaining & row

migration issues for better performance.

. Monitoring the growth of database, data files, allocating space

for future requirements

. Tuning & optimizations for good throughput to enhance the

performance of the database by

tuning SGA. Analyzing tables, resolving lock contention,

SQL tuning using explain plan,

autotrace utilities, reviewing and running AWR reports.

. Capacity Planning and prepare system for future growth.

Polaris Software lab Ltd. Gurgaon

Position Title : Consultant

Duration : December2010 - September 2011

Project : DHL

. Part Of upgrade team which undertook RAC database upgrade from to

. Performed iterations on Test and QA prior to upgrade

. Resolved critical Concurrent manager issue after the Production


Role Description:

. Day to day production support to 11i instances.

. Upgraded discoverer from 4i to 10g.

. Upgraded oracle database from 10gR2 to 11gR2.

. Applying India localization patches.

. Build new instances whenever business needs.

. Interface with on site team to debug performance related issues.

. Patching, Cloning.

. Involved in time-to-time troubleshooting Oracle Databases.

. Monitoring performance related issues and DB locks

. Production Migration (MD120) for custom code.

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

Position Title : Senior Software Engineer

Duration : May 2010 - November 2010

Project : EALA Oracle CoE

. Lead DBA for implementation of R12.1.1 for INDAL

. Installed and later upgraded R12 instance to 12.1.3

. Installed Multiple Languages in existing setup.

. Provided assistance to development team working for Telefonica on

Performance tuning.

Duration : May 2010 - November 2010

Role Description:

. Installation of oracle applications Release 12 on Single Node, Two Node,

multi node servers.

. Upgraded release 12.1.1 to 12.1.2 and upgraded database to from

. Installed NLS patches for R12 and R11.

. Installed 10g and 11g discoverer and configured them with apps.

. Application tuning and monitoring concurrent manager for issues.

. Optimizing database performance by analyzing objects, generating


and creating indexes and views.

. Import/Export of data as per user request.

. Performing pre-patch analysis and pre-config analysis

. Patching with adpatch and use of other utilities like ADADMIN, ADPATCH,


. Provided consultancy to troubleshoot for performance hike and bug

removal for different Oracle modules and SR -metalink follow-ups.

. Handling day-to-day DBA activities using Oracle utilities and tools,

monitoring space and memory requirements and Memory tuning. Checking

Alert Logs, Archive Logs, Trace files and to work proactively on alerts

for the file system and CPU issues.

. System administration activities such as creating executable, programs,

request sets and attaching program to request group.

. Troubleshoot problems with web server, web listener, forms server

concurrent managers, workflow and database.

. Generating tkprof Report with Explain plan for analysis

. Applying latest releases of the patches from Oracle to the instance to

resolve few applications issues.

. Cloned Multi node system to single node system (Rapid Clone).

. Cloning the instances from production to test, development instance to

test & simulate few technical challenges, coordinate with testing and

development teams.

Khanna Paper Mills Ltd. Amritsar, Punjab

Position Title : Assistant Manager

Duration : April 2005- May2010

Role Description:

. Maintenance of installed Oracle Applications ( and

supporting multiple production, development and test instances of

varied complexity including multiple tier, PCP and RAC environments.

. Installation, configuration, patching, administration & maintenance

support in two nodes Oracle Application 11.5.9.

. Upgraded Oracle applications 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 and to

. Performed cloning (rapid clone) and db refresh as per requirement.

. Performed patching using adpatch and localization patches using


. System Administration - add a user, responsibility, printer setup.

. Upgraded Oracle database to oracle in Test,

Development and Production environment running on HP UX 11.11(PA


. Implemented 2 node RAC using RHEL 4, Oracle and oracle

clusterware using raw devices for storage (VA-7110).

. Upgraded Oracle Discoverer 4i to release on HP UX PA RISC and

Itanium based servers.

. Configured STANDBY (DATAGUARD) database for PROD instance on HP UNIX


. Migrated Production and Test databases from HP UX11.11 (PA RISC) to

HP UX 11.31 (Itanium).

. Performance Tuning of Database by optimizing SQL and PL/SQL scripts,

SGA tuning and tuning of initialization parameters.

. Installed oracle 10g on Linux (RHEL 5) / HP UNIX (11.11) Servers.

. Adjusting database size and restricting maximum size appropriately.

. Managing data storage, including data file placement, compression and


. Applying application release upgrades.

. Planning and implementing Oracle software installations, upgrades, and


. Refreshing development/test databases from copies of production


. Assisting in resolving common performance issues like inefficient

use of SQL queries.

. User Management and gathering statistics on Database Objects.


. Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering),Guru

Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, June 2004.

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