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Customer Service Management

Holland, MI
April 29, 2014

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Daniel A. Van Iwaarden, CAPM

Daniel A. VanIwaarden, CAPM

**** ****** ***** **. #*

Holland, MI 49424

Cell: 616-***-****


CAPM Certificate: PMI ID: 2633907 CAPM ID: 1656141 Expires: July 30,


Certificate in Business Intelligence December




Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2008 McCabe IQ Structured Software Testing

Unified Modeling Language (UML) NetBeans IDE 7.4

BI SQL Server Data Tools & Management Studio Eclipse Developer Tool

Microsoft Visual Basic Studio 2012 Developer UNIX/Linux Software Developer v4.0

SAP finance & Crystal Reporting SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1

SAP Net Weaver Project Management Techniques

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Hyperion / Impromptu / EB2-QAD / Basis

Microsoft Windows 7 Unit 4 – Agresso 4.5 Business World ERP

Expert in Microsoft Excel – Pivot Tables Microsoft Office Suite

Training and Mentoring Customer Service

Supervision and Leadership Professional Presentations


Masters of Computer Information Systems (degree expected: May 17,


Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO 80524

Completed Course Work:

CIS605 - Business Visual Application Development Fall


- Learned and effectively used Visual Basic .NET to construct applications and practice the

concepts of object representation and event-driven programming.

- Compared and contrasted graphical character based interfaces with effective utilization of

modularity and code documentation.

- Implemented 10 problem sets of increasing difficulty utilizing multiple classes with

exception handling, event handling, arrays, and iteration.

* Received a total of 33 out of 34 possible points on the last test.

CIS606 - Application Software Infrastructure

Fall 2012

- Explanation of basic hardware components and how they integrate.

- Effectively performed UNIX/Linux administration through the command line. 616-***-****

Daniel A. Van Iwaarden, CAPM

- Gained full understanding and manipulation of files within the directory structure utilizing

security measures.

- Used UNIX/Linux tools with redirection and piping.

- Wrote UNIX/Linux shell scripts


CIS600 – Information Technology and Project Management Spring


- Identified and studied the 5 process groups and all 10 knowledge area’s utilizing the tools and

techniques to manage an IT project.

- Worked in a team using Microsoft Project to build and deliver our project in its entirety.

- Worked through eight Harvard cases to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of project

management techniques.

CIS620 - IT Communications Infrastructure Spring 2013

- Recognize, identify, list, and explain concepts, components and uses of Linux and

Windows operating systems.

- Understanding of Network addressing and routing, virtual machines, networking protocols,

ISO/ OSI/ and TCP/IP network models and their roles in networking with the internet, and

error-detection with problem solving.

- Remotely connecting to servers to create, build, and configure virtual Linux and Windows

machines using VMWare including security and permissions.

- Described, compared, and contrasted various types of encryption techniques including

symmetric (DES, AES) and asymmetric (RSA) techniques.

CIS655 - Business Database System Spring


- Translated “plain English” business rules into an ER diagram, and added relations

transforming the diagram into a third normal form physical diagram.

- Built a virtual relational database in Microsoft SQL Server that enforced data integrity

utilizing integrity constraints, domain constraints, check constraints and triggers.

- Conceptual and Logical data modeling with Physical design and implementation using

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 utilizing DDL statements to implement database objects and

DML statements to populate database tables and test integrity constraints.

- Used the snowflake and star schema for data warehousing.

- Created SQL views for end user requirements.

- Understanding of DBMS data security using logins/passwords, stored procedures and

triggers including secure mechanisms for protecting data.

* Received 49 out of 50 on my SQL project.

CIS570 - Business Intelligence Summer 2013

- Utilized Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 alongside Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

- Complete understanding of Data Marts, Data Warehouses, and the ETL process.

- Strategic planning of business intelligence to optimize business performance.

- Understanding of business process management (BPM) methodologies and differences between

business intelligence.

- Construction and use of performance dashboards. 616-***-****

Daniel A. Van Iwaarden, CAPM

- The concepts of data, web, and text mining as related to business intelligence.

* I received 500 out of 500 possible points in this class.

CIS670 - Advanced IT Project Management Summer


- Continued review of the 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas.

- Used online practice exams to prepare for the CAPM exam.

* Passed the CAPM exam on the first try.


CIS575 - Applied Data Mining and Analytics in Business Fall


- Utilized SAS for in-depth data mining concepts, methodologies, models, tools, and its

applications to businesses for prediction, classification and forecasting.

- Gained complete understanding of the data mining process as it applies to business and the

methods/techniques for classification, segmentation, association, prediction, and


- Built, ran, and validated data mining models using RFM Analysis, Decision Trees,

Regression, Neural Networks, Cluster Analysis, and Text Analytics.

- Skills to determine how to interpret the models results.

CIS601 – Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration Fall


- Utilized SAP within a team environment to compete against other teams in a simulated

business to gain understanding of how the SAP ERP system works in the business


- Understanding of an integrated ERP system including types of products, functionality, and

software solutions in the marketplace with strategic purpose of the ERP system.

- Gained an intermediate level of understanding and expertise with SAP.

- Demonstrated full understand of the MRP process

- Designed a digital dashboard using best HCI practices.

CIS610 – Software Development Methodology Fall


- Understanding and practice of Business requirements gathering and Business Process

Modeling (BPM) using case modeling, and logical data modeling.

- Gained software requirements experience through the Unified Modeling Language (UML)

for Object Modeling, Use Case Modeling, Physical Data Modeling, and extensive use of

sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, and state diagrams.

- Application of software acquisition practices including Software as a Service (SaaS).

- Developed managerial knowledge and capabilities in IT service management (ITSM).

- Studied and practiced software testing methodologies and unit level testing within McCabe

Structured Testing software.

Current Courses

CIS611- Object-Oriented Systems (Java Programming) Spring

2014 616-***-****

Daniel A. Van Iwaarden, CAPM

- Utilized Eclipse IDE for programming 9 Java assignments in increasing difficulty.

- Understanding of procedural programming and object-oriented programming.

- Wrote code for programs using sequence, selection, and iteration.

- Learned the concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation.

CIS655 – E-Business Application Technologies Spring


- Utilized Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and NetBeans for development of a team web

project in PHP and ASP.NET.

- Learned HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET and XML for web development.

- Gained knowledge and skills to design and build functional web applications that are easy

to use, interactive and dynamic.

Bachelor of Business Administration Emphasis: Accounting and


Hope College, 141 East 12th Street, Holland, MI 49423 Aug. 1988 – Dec.


- Member of Alpha Theta Chi fraternity.


AEROTEC, INC., 3196 Kraft Ave SE #301, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 May 2012 – Sept.


Agresso Transition Manager (616) 974-


TRAVEL LEADERS LEISURE GROUP, 460 S. Waverly Road, Holland, Michigan 49424

- Lead the transition from Navision ERP accounting system to Agresso Business World ERP

accounting system.

- Testing all accounting processes in Agresso to ensure no down time when transition happened.

- Successful communication with all levels of personnel.

- Completion of GL Reconciliations.

Credit & Collections Manager Aug. 2010 – Jan.


ZEELAND LUMBER, LLC, 146 E. Washington Ave. Zeeland, Michigan 49464 (616) 772-


- Analyzed new customer credit applications to determine credit worthiness as well as reviewed

current accounts to determine if the correct level of credit was given.

- Addressed account issues to ensure resolution and provided excellent customer service.

- Contacted delinquent accounts to determine payment feasibility and if needed worked with

collection agencies and corporate attorney to address problem accounts.

- Initiated and filed liens on behalf of Zeeland Lumber to protect collection rights.

- Supervisory style that promoted a positive work environment and employee production.

- Established and documented the collection process used at Zeeland Lumber.

Assistant Business Manager and Accountant (Volunteer) Mar 2009 – Aug.

2010 LAKESHORE HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, 12727 Riley St, Holland, MI 49424 (616)

393-8001 616-***-****

Daniel A. Van Iwaarden, CAPM

- Prepared and populated $1.2 million operating budget for approval by executives and the


- Assisted Business Manager with real estate activities as well as sales document preparation.

- Analyzed and recommended action for appropriate level of accruals to conform to federal


- Secured and populated documents for submission to the government to maintain compliance

with federal grant awards process.

- Processed deposits and entered appropriate information into Habitat database.

- Entered paid bills into Habitat database and checked data accuracy.

Discrete Billing Financial Analyst Jan. 2008 – Dec.


JOHNSON CONTROLS INC., 915 East 32nd Street, Holland, MI 49423 (616) 392-


- Worked in the automotive division and was responsible for collecting money from multiple major

automotive businesses and for gathering data used in profit plan generation and analysis.

- Responsible for analysis of all past due discrete revenue for my business units and identified problems

with successful resolution. C

- Collected over $200 Million in revenue, which improved the company’s cash position and increased

working capital.

- Consulted and communicated with management and obtained approval for the payment process of joint

ventures. Documented the plan and implemented the approved plan when payment was established.

- Compiled variance analysis of past due invoices and reported our findings to management along with

current efforts to collect the revenue. This allowed management to see where the top issues were at in

the collection process as well as keeping attention on the highest amounts of money needed to be


- Facilitated the restructuring of the budgeting process for my business units and consulted with the

financial owners for the timing of their revenue collections.

- Organized the budget which allowed management better understanding of the financial picture.

- Administered the posting of sales accruals and adjustments for discrete sales which determined the

timing and recognition of revenue to help meet goals set by management and control revenue


Controller Jan. 2006 – May


STREAMS MINISTRIES INTL., 231 Shaker Street, North Sutton, NH 03260 (888) 441-


- Pioneered a $3 Million annual budget with departmental reporting and successfully trained and

instructed the departmental managers on how to complete the budget process. Instituted a

departmental actual to budget variance analysis report that helped management track revenue and

adjust to market conditions.

- Designed the daily cash position, weekly financial snap shop, and other ad-hoc reports for the president

and other senior management. These tools were used to inform them of the current financial position

and help direct the ministry.

- Analyzed all transactions in QuickBooks to ensure they were GAAP compliant and established proper

accounting policies to ensure continued compliance.

- Compiled detailed information for year-end closing.

- Supervised 2 accounting associates and an intern in the accounting department.

- Managed cash in all bank accounts by planning and executing the cash management strategy, including

daily fund transfer, and cash disbursements and performing monthly reconciliations of all bank

accounts to ensure cash needs of the ministry were generated. 616-***-****

Daniel A. Van Iwaarden, CAPM

Financial Analyst / Staff Accountant Nov. 2002 – Dec.


STREAMS MINISTRIES INTL., 231 Shaker Street, North Sutton, NH 03260

- Compiled in-depth analysis of the ministries cash flow that eliminated the differences in balances

between the ministries bank accounts, QuickBooks, and the point-of-sale system.

- Designed a reconciliation report to reassure management that all revenue was getting captured.

- Facilitated the setup of e-commerce payment services and pioneered the analysis of credit card

transactions from our point-of-sale system identifying significant savings in daily and monthly fees.

- Communicated with vendors to achieve successful resolution of aging accounts receivable and increase

cash flow and working capital.

- Developed trend analysis for monthly management reports to assist departmental managers in

reviewing monthly expenses that could save money.

- Conducted a workshop for the organizations management in Microsoft Excel to increase productivity.

Inventory Reporting Specialist May 1999 -


STARWOOD VACATION OWNERSHIP INC., Orlando, Florida 32821 (407) 239-


- Designed inventory spreadsheets which were used daily by management to help determine the proper

balance of inventory between units for owners and those for hotel guests that would maximize the

daily revenue and the revenue from potential sales.

- Communicated with 8 different property maintenance managers to organize and develop and maintain

the best maintenance schedule of 50 model units among the 3000 existing units into the Data General

system as specified by the owners and sellers agreement.

- Originated spreadsheets for the Vice President and Executive Vice President investigating new

company endeavors within my division. 616-***-****

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