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Assistant Medical

Maidstone, ME16 8GB, United Kingdom
April 29, 2014

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Name: GALINA NOVIKOVA (Shcheblykina)

Date of Birth: December 14, 1969


Telephone: 075********

I have a CRB check from the UK


18/03/2013 - present (part time): Science Technician at the Secondary


28/01/2013 - 28/02/2013:Voluntary Teaching Assistant at the Primary School:

. Reading with pupils;

. Numeracy and literacy activities.

5/02/07-5/02/2012: Lecturer in General (Medical) Chemistry (Voronezh State

Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko, Russia):

. Responsible for more than 150 students;

. Supervision of practical, laboratory experiments, diploma projects

and course papers;

. Reading lectures in General Chemistry in the English Language to

international medical students of Medical Academy;

. Performing scientific research for Professor sponsopship titled

"Corrosion and Electrochemical Behavior of Bioimplants";

. Plan and Design Learning Programmes for student's practical


. Supervising research students;

. Take part in examining of Russian speaking students;

. Responsible for examining all international students as well as

preparation of examination cards.

3/02/04 - 6/08/06: Scientific Officer (London):

. Analysis of all types of water systems applying such methods as

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, wet chemistry

(determining total alkalinity, Mg, Ca and total hardness,

chloride), permanganate value, BOD and COD determination, pH, total

dissolved solids and electroconductivity, HPLC, ammoniacal and

albuminoid nitrogen, silica, specific gravity and ethylene glycol,

oil and grease, dissolved oxygen, sulphite, total phosphate,

turbidity, tannin, sodium and potassium by flame photometer,

suspended solids, etc.;

. Experience of working at the Microbiology Department.

4/02/2001 - 1/06/2001: Biochemist/Physical Chemist in Biochemical Cancer

Research Laboratory (England):

. Developing, maintaining and implementing new immunoassays and


. Analysis of blood samples for cancer markers using ELISA, PCR,

HPLC, spectrophotometry, and fluorescence detection;

. Basic laboratory duties.

1/12/1998 - 30/01/2001: Work experience not relevant for the main


1/09/1994 - 30/11/1998: Lecturer in Physical and Colloidal Chemistry

(Voronezh State University, Russia):

. Responsible for more than 100 students;

. Supervision of practical, laboratory experiments, diploma projects

and course papers of undergraduate and post-graduate students;

8/02/1993 - 1/09/1994: Research Assistant (Voronezh State University,


. Responsible for preparation and execution of students' practical


. Experience in Material Science of solid metals and alloys;

. Investigation of physical, chemical and physico-chemical properties

of pure metals and alloys such as structural, catalytic and

corrosion characteristics

. Developing analytical methods for assaying oxalic acid, glucose and


30/11/1987 - 27/08/1990: Research Assistant in the Environmental Chemical

Laboratory (Industrial Site, Russia):

. Responsible for analysis of raw and waste water for Fe(g), Cu, Pb,

Zn, SO(2-), Cl, oil products and toxic ions such as Cr(3+) and


. Developing equipment and planning research on determining the level

of lighting and noise for employers who were working at the

industrial site;

. Basic laboratory duties.


1995 - 1998: PhD in Chemistry.

1987 - 1993: Chemist. Teacher of Chemistry and Physics.

1981 - 1987: Secondary School, Russia

1977 - 1981: Primary School, Russia


1). Scholarship of International Science Foundation of G. Soros, 1995,

NJBG-100 (USA).

2). Scholarship of Competitive Centre on Fundamental Natural History of

State Committee of Higher Education, 1993-1996, N94.9.3-159 (Saint-

Petersburg, Russia).

3). Scholarship of Voronezh State University, 1995-1997, N72 (Russia).


I have more than 30 articles, including methodological work for students,

published in different scientific magazines, some of them are available in

the British Library.


1993 -1998: Member of the Russian Chemical Society named after D.I.



. Driving license

. Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent communicational and


. September 1986 - April 1987: Certificate of Electronic Digital Machine

Operator (type EC IBM): Programming in Fortran IV

. Familiar with Q-pro electronic tables, Plot graphic editor, Microsoft

Office Package, Excel, Power Point

. September 2002: Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene.

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