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Data Manager

Delhi, DL, India
April 29, 2014

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BI/BO Consultant

Sahil kabra

OBJECTIVE To secure a position with a well-established organization with a stable

environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in field of SAP reporting.

SKILLS & Over 9+ years of experience in IT Industry with 8+ years of

A BIL ITIE B usiness I n telligence experience in the Analysis, Design,

S Development and Implementation of Relational Database (OLTP)

and Data Warehousing Systems (OLAP) using Oracle, Business

Objects, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius Dashboards and Data integrator.

• Designed Universes with Hierarchies, Aggregate

Awareness, derived tables, and Index awareness and resolved join

p roblems like l oops, Chasm t rap, Fan T rap by using Aliases,

contexts, short cut joins and multiple SQL statements for each


• Extensive experience in P erformance Tuning and Query

Optimization, Optimizing universe through Linked Universes,

A liases and Contexts.

• Created Webi reports w ith breaks, sections, merged

d imensions, formulas, variables,, filters, query drill.

• Used D ashboard design, Xcelsiusand Live Office i n

C reating simple to complex Scorecards and Dashboards.

• Defined crystal reports & webi reports and published to

corporate documents and viewed by i nfo view .

• Strong in D imensional D ata Modeling, Star/Snowflakes

schema, Fact and Dimension tables, Physical & logical data

modeling using E r w in .

• Created analytics and metrics, Rules, Sets, and Goals to be

used in P erformance Management (dashboards and Scorecards)

for better decision purpose t racking Key Performance Indicators

( KPIs).

• Hands on experience in using Instance Manager, Query

B uilder, p ublishing Wizard, Report Conversion Tool .

• Used Query as a Web Service (QAAWS) to generate Web

Services (URL) and used these URLs to export the data into

Xcelsius via Excel spreadsheet for detailed analysis.

• Good knowledge in building, extraction, t ransformation and

loading (ETL) using Sql packages/I nformatica Power Center

(Source Analyzer, Repository Manager, Data Warehousing Designer,

M apping Designer, Mapplet Transformation).

• Extensively used SQL and P L/SQL to write Stored

P rocedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers by using most

current features and implemented some of SQL Server and oracle

new features.

• Strong experience in writing T est plans, Test cases, Unit

testing, System testing, Integration testing and Functional testing.

• An enthusiastic project-oriented team player with excellent

communication, Technical, Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

w ith Good time management and the ability to develop creative

solutions for challenging client needs.



SAP BOBJ Consultant

May 2012 – P resent

• Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business

requirements, functional requirements and data specifications

about the system for Universes and Reports.

• Designed universes which isolates, business, end users from the

technical complexities of the databases with best practice

methodology that responds to identified reporting requirements.

• Created a single and multi-source universes using IDT (information

design tool).Implanted contexts, aliases derived tables or shortcut

joins to resolve the join issues like fan, chasm t raps and loops.

• Created Prompts, conditions and Filters to improve the report

generation. Also used Alerts to improve the readability of the


• Secured the universes data security profile, business security

p rofile and assigned them to users and groups and created row level

security based on external security tables.

• Created adhoc and canned webi reports by implementing features

l ike various charts, merging queries, query based on excel files,

hyperlink, fold/unfold, input controls etc.

• Applied filters on reports using predefined, custom, based on

p rompts, applied sections/breaks, added ranking to data, sorting,


• Have used various reporting techniques like slice and dice, drill up,

d rill down, drill through, setting alerter, setting hierarchies,

sorting, cascading prompts.

• Applied formatting features like t racking data, conditionally

formatting based on thresholds.

• Resolved loops using Contexts, and Aliases.

• Resolved Fan Trap issues in the Business Objects Universe design.

• Exported the Reports to the Repository to make resources available

to the users.

• Created the reports using Business Objects functionality’s like

Queries, Sub queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross Tab, Master

Detail and Formulae’s etc.

• Created graphical representation of reports such as Bar chart, Pie

chart etc. as per the end user requirements.

• Created number of formulas, conditional display of fields for

complex calculations and used them in different sub reports.

• Involved in Unit Testing and System Testing for Business Objects


• Involved in writing test scripts for Business Objects Reports.

Envi ronment: SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform

4.0,4.1, WebI 14.0.2, Crystal reports Enterprise, Bi Launch pad, MS SQL

Server 2008, Oracle 11.2.0, SQL Developer, Windows 2008


SAP BOBJ Consultant

Nov 2010 – April 2012

• Supervised the team of Business Objects Report Developers who

developed reports for time sensitive releases.

• Install, Maintain and Trouble shoot the Business Objects Enterprise


• Responsible for 24/7 call support line for Management reporting and

P roduction Management tickets.

• Designed 12 complex Universes for 5 different programs such as

A uditing, Marketing, Finance, Investments and Insurance.

Regularly synchronized the Dev, QA environments with Production reports

and developed, customized and implemented reports using Crystal 2008.

• Trained and created Super User documentations and best practices for

administrators and developers to use for various departments.

• Defined hierarchies in BOBJ to provide the users with drill down

option and predefined conditions within reports.

• Designed and recommended changes to the datawarehouse schemas as

needed along with implementing security features to secure data.

• Develop the Stored procedures and Views to be able to customize the

report according to specifications.

• Responsible for synchronizing Reports, Folders, User Security on Dev,

UAT and Pre Prod environments with Production Environment

• Responsible to work with Business Program Managers and Power

Users to finalize any reports requirements.

• Designed, Developed and Implemented 75 plus reports for 3

departments on Production

• Interacted with the Multiple Program Managers to analyze the

changes for improvement they need in existing reports and developed the

reports to satisfy their needs and requirements.

• Worked with Performance Manager to go beyond basic Dash boarding

to provide advanced goal management and score carding capabilities, as well

as guided analysis of metrics.

• Implemented 20 plus new internal security groups and folder

structure to handle security for 5 different programs

• Converted 200 plus Deski reports to Webi using Report Conversion

Tool and fixed all the migrations issues.

• Extensively worked on Classes, Objects Loops, Fan Traps, Chasm

T raps, Cardinalities, Contexts, Aliases, Derived Tables, Hierarchy, Conditions,

D rilling functionalities, Sectioning, Ranking, Filtering, Queries, Slice and

D ice, Drill down, Prompts, Functions, Formulae, Complex fil ters, Alerter,

Merge Dimensions, User Defined Objects (UDO), multiple Data Providers,

Ranking, Local Variables, LOV’s, @Functions.

Envi ronment: SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform 3.1,

Web I 14.0.2, Crystal reports Enterprise, Bi Launch pad, MS SQL Server

2008, Oracle 11.2.0, SQL Developer, Windows 2008

E MC Corporation. Southborough, MA

SAP BOBJ Consultant

July 2008 – Sep 2010

• Attend requirement gathering meeting w ith business users and

technical staff refine requirements for Universe, canned reports, dashboards,

and ad-hoc query.

• Designed U niverses f rom Data warehouse, Datamart by defining joins,

cardinality between tables, linked the existing Universes

Added/created complex objects.

• Created Cascading List of Values w ith custom hierarchy to improve the

performance of the universe and used shortcut joins, aggregate table and

created necessary I ndexes for fast retrieval of data from the universe and

used u niverse defined prompts for interactive reports and used

other F unctions l ike @select and @where.

• Involved in WEBI and C rystal reports development.

• Created and maintained reports using u niverse, stored procedure,

f reehand SQL as the Data providers and wrote complex queries including Sub

Queries, Unions and Aliases using Web Intelligence, Full Client and Crystal


• Created custom queries for complex reports as per business needs.

• Exported the reports to I nfoview to publish i t to the end user

and schedule report according to the end user requirements.

• Organized data in the Report

by I nserting F ilters, Sorting, Ranking, B reak, Section and h ighlighting data.

• Created various reports like M aster/Detail reports, C ross Tab reports,

slice and dice reports, and drill down reports, Charts using Freehand SQL and

Stored Procedure as data providers.

• Worked on Crystal reports XI for advanced functionalities (Stored

P rocedure, Alerts w ithin a graph and superimposing one graph over the other,

m ultiple y-Axis) for custom reports.

• Created Sub Reports, p rompt, groups i n a report and created

parameters, custom functions and expressions i n Crystal Reports.

• Created hyperlinks to connect multiple reports. And exported reports

to info view.

• Used L IVE OFFICE to interact with reports for Presentation and


• Created B usiness objects Reports using stored procedures

• Expertise in t ransforming Microsoft Excel files to i nteractive

dashboard f iles using Xcelsius. Used QAAWS to interact with Xcelsius.

• Created many Data Integrator jobs, workflows, and dataflows

supplying source data for systems.

• Involved in I nstallation and configuration of BOE 4.0.

• Involved in m igrating and testing documents f rom BO XI R2 to BO

3.1 and moved objects between different domains using I mport Wizard.

• Converted existing reports in Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence

reports using Report conversion tool.

• Wrote the necessary SQL DDL/ PLSQL p rocedures to build the

physical data bases table spaces tables views and i ndexes for the project

• Worked with C MC i n C reating Groups, users, folders and

categories and customized access levels to apply security accordingly for proper

usage of the reporting system.

• Used Data Integrator in setting up Extraction, Transformation and

Load process.

• Experience in testing applications developed using Waterfall

model,andAgile methodologies.

• Involved in QA phase to test the Classes, Objects, Connections and

reports in Business Objects. Conducted the I ntegration, performance and

regression and UAT, prepared the test cases and documents.

Envi ronment: B usiness Objects XI R2, BO 3.1, Crystal Report 10,

O racle 9i, Teradata, Windows 2000, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11.2.0,

SQL Developer, Windows 2008



Oct 2007- June 2008

• Lead BO Developers in business Object projects i ncluding project

design, development, implementation and documentation using Agile Process.

A nd interacted with users and business analyst to find the requirements.

• Created and maintained U niverse and developed complex universes by

using features like aggregate aware, Index aware, Conditions and

h ierarchies to Perform linking of universes by to optimize the universe

development and performance improvement.

• Used f ilters at universe level to enhance the report creation. And

used F unctions l ike @select and @where to reuse code.

• Extensively worked in optimizing universe performance by creating

necessary I ndexes and shortcut joins. Added row level and object level

security to make sensitive data secure.

• Create custom p rompts a t the universe level to create i nteractive

reports. And extensively used Aggregate tables for fast retrieval of data from

u niverse.

• Created custom h ierarchy and added cascading List of Values.

• Created and maintained reports using u niverse, stored procedure,

f reehand SQL as the Data providers and wrote complex queries including Sub

Queries, Unions and Aliases using Web Intelligence, Full Client and Crystal


• Created Reports using g rouping, sorting, Running totals, charts etc.,

and exported reports into Excel, pdf, csv etc. O rganized data in the report by

using Slice and dice and used d rilling options.

• Created reports in crystal reports using sub reports, custom functions,

expressions, prompt and hyperlinks.

• Created K PI visualization for the client dashboard using live data

techniques (Query as a Web Service, Crystal Xcelsius, and Live Office).

• Worked with C MC i n C reating and maintaining

G roups, users, folders and customized access levels to

apply security accordingly for proper usage of the reporting system.

• Migration of universes, Web In telligence documents between

repositories and across multiple servers i n test and production environments.

• Created stored procedures, and freehand sql as Data providers and

w riting the complex queries including Sub Queries, Unions, and Intersect for

B usiness Objects Reporting Purpose

• Involved in re-designing or customizing the existing V iews and Stored

P rocedures to suit the Business Objects Reporting Needs.

• Used SQL and Toad for query optimization and validation.

A ndinvolved in t rouble shooting.

• Involved in QA phase to test the Classes, Objects andConnections in

B usiness Objects. Involved in U nit testing, integration testing, Performance

testing and UAT of Universes.

Envi ronment : Business Objects XI R2, Crystal Report 10, Oracle 9i,

Teradata, Windows 2000.


SAP BOBJ Consultant

June 2005 – Sep 2007

• Creating, developing, maintaining and testing the Universe for

r unning the queries against the Database using Designer.

• Involved in Installation and Configuration of all products of Business

Objects 6.5.

• Analyzed the existing database and designed Universes using

Designer module for generating reports.

• Used various data providers like Freehand SQL and Stored

P rocedures to extract data from different sources and tuned for better


• Resolved loops by creating Aliases & Contexts and checked integrity of

u niverses.

• Exported universes to the repository to making resources available to

t he users.

• Created reports using the Universes and Free-hand SQL as data

p roviders.

• Involved in development and deployment of Complex Reports.

• Exported the Reports to the Broadcast Agent and used the Broadcast

Agent server to Schedule and Monitor the Reports which offered robust

performance and ability to balance Loads.

• Generated analytical reports using Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross

Tab, Master Detail and Formulae features.

• Automated document Scheduling, Publishing and Distribution for

Webi and Info View clients using Broadcast Agent server.

• Used Supervisor to Grant User r ights and roles etc.

• Involved in optimizing the universe developing time and SQL Tuning

to increase the query performance.

• Used Designer as a part of Universe Development for Defining the

Parameters of Universe, Inserting the table, making Joins, Resolving Loop's,

C reating Classes, and Objects.

• Involved in creation of Filters, prompts and setup Hierarchies for

M ultidimensional Analysis.

• Created the Reports using the Universes as the main Data providers

and wrote complex queries including Sub Queries, Case and

Decodefunctions,using Crystal reports XI.

Envi ronment: Web Intelligence, Informatica Power Center, Crystal

Reports, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Windows.

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