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Project Manager Power Plant

Anaheim, CA
$60.00/hr desired
April 29, 2014

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LIONEL J. MARTIN P.E.(Tx & Lou. inactive)

Cell 702-***-****

**** ********* ***, ****** ******, CA 92555

**** ******** **., * *** Vegas, NV 89031

Note: A new project, I will acquire accommodations within 30 minutes,

if practicable, from job site or office.

Education: BS Civil Engineering - Texas A & M University (1963)

Experience: Caltrans 16 years (10 yr & 6 yr consultants)

Senior Bridge Inspector in construction and design over 40 years'

experience in project design, analysis, construction, management in state

government projects, private companies domestic and overseas.

Caltrans (CA) as Resident Engineer (RE), Structure Representative (SR), and

Assistant Structure Representative

Detail inspection, field testing and material documentation of all phases

in multiple Caltrans structure construction projects. Bridge structures

slab, precast and bath-tub girder and box girder with CID, piles, spread

footing on Intra-state's I 15 and I 40 & Wheeler Ridge on I 5 as site SR,

deck pours & deck treatments including Lithium for ASR and overhead signs.

Constructability Reviews for projects in District 8's high desert and all

of District 9 because of design and inspection background (2004-2008).

35 years in commercial engineering design Concrete and Structural Steel

background including refineries, petro chemical, power plant, fixed & guyed

towers, offshore facilities, Rain disposal systems, inspection for Corp. of

Engineers in Alaska & Kwajalein in Marshal Islands and commissioning team

for an offshore California platform in Korea.

PROJECTS NOTE: Bridges, Rest Areas & Maintenance Stations for Caltrans


All projects required detailed inspections and material verification to

meet specification. Presently certified in concrete field testing &

document controls.

Bridge Projects for Caltrans: N of Sacrament, CA: Bridge repair

modifications including Asphalt removal, 'pot hole' reclamation, Deck

resurfacing including Matholakate, Polyester, Asphalt, replace Joint Seals,

profile-graph and grinding decks. Inspection projects MT Shasta I 5, R 299

& Chico 99 sites in 1 week. (6/2013-9/13)

Fullerton R 57 Widening 7- 2 lane bridge additions including general

inspection in addition to submittal reviews for all falsework (2 lowered

into final position), Overhead signs, bath-tub girders, deck drain systems

4 scales and redesigned 1000'+ of shoring using Caltrans programs &

criteria in addition reviewing heavy crane set-ups.

Brawley R 78 -A.S.R.-realignment includes 9 bridges (7 Box Girder & 2

Precast Girder Bridges) Responsible for all normal duties and installation

of 440 CM of slope paving on 1.5/1 slope and 19800 Sq M of stamped concrete

on 2/1 slope (D-11: 3/2010-6/10)

Wheeler Ridge Road/Interstate I 5 Overcrossing (Kern County with Caltrans

over-site) Acting on site as S.R. keeping SR advised of progress: 95%

structural inspector for this interchange project, responsible for ensuring

contract compliance on all of the bridge and retaining wall construction.

Responsible for all grades (fifty scales) per client written specials,

bridge quantities and documentation files, inspection of installation of

rebar and CIDH piles. I worked closely with the project designer, KFM

Engineers in addition to Caltrans, Tejon Ranch, and Kern County (client). I

verified falsework, forms and shoring design and installation and grades.

The project, located at I-5 and Wheeler Ridge Road, consisted of

constructing a new two-span cast-in-place pro-stressed concrete box girder

structure over I-5. The structure, approximately 109 meters long and 15.3

meters wide with vertical curve from flat to almost 2.5 M lower, was

constructed adjacent and near parallel to an existing four-span welded-

steel plate girder structure. Caltrans oversight stated after completion -

'Building this one, you can build any bridge'- Bakersfield, CA (D-6: 8/2008-


Interstate 40 - A.S.R. - Emergency Replacement of 12 Bridges: Project

included the replacement of 12 bridges on Interstate 40 in San Bernardino

County that were constructed during two emergency projects for which the

contractor received a $6 million incentive bonus for completing the

projects early. All bridges were Precast Girders from 1 to 3 span using

pans. Responsible for one third of all inspection of forms, reinforcing,

footings, columns, all deck pours and edge of deck overhang calculations,

developed nine of the twelve 50 scales for grades. Skanska project manager

was advised he had paint on his boots. His Reply 'That is not paint, that

is Lionel's Cure'. Verification 500 ton cranes papers, rigging and

placement for the installation of precast abutments for both bridge

abutments, followed the placing the bridge in service 28 days from removal

of traffic on the old bridge and placing traffic on the new bridge in the

same location. The project won multiple awards including a Partnership

Award to the State and the Contractor - San Bernardino County, CA (D-8:

9/2006-4/07) Barstow Bridges I 15: -S.R. - Surface treatments with some

combinations of Lithium (for ASR monitoring), Methacrylate and Polyester.

32 bridges and overhead sign; North of Barstow, CA (D-8: 1/2006-9/06)

Fenner - Interstate 40 Bridge: 2 precast concrete girders bridges were to

be replaced with longer and higher bridges. Railroad required a 25 feet

rail clearance, leaving 16 inches for the required shield. Contractor said

it was impossible. A System was submitted that saved the State $750,000 and

system was used by the Contractor in the final stage. - San Bernardino

County, CA. (D-8: 10/2003)

Oat Ditch Bridge Emergency: -S. R.- Bridge repair project where one bent

lost two columns separating at the soffit and the remaining two were

compromised due to a flash flood. Bridge back in service in 23 hours with

my calculations while contractor placing temporary support - Baker, CA (D-

8: 1/2003-5/03)

I 15: Kalie Bridges: -A. S. R-.: Primary inspector for the replacement of

40 feet long slab bridge and aided in 4 more bridges + several widening.

One Prestressed Slab bridge with 15" diameter Styrofoam tubes to reduce

weight, tied down thru the soffit to eliminate floatation. I was

responsible for 40% profile a graph and all grinding of bridges and 2

overhead signs. - North of Baker, Ca (D-8: 5/2002-1/03)

R 395:- A.S.R.- 2 single slab bridges south of Lone Pine. Responsible for

reinforcement, concrete, forms and deck pour inspection. Bidwell settings

and additionally profileagraph and grinding - CA (D-9: 7/2000-1/2001)

Highway 101-A.S.R.- Inspection and layout of six slab bridges in Shell

Beach area including RR overcrossing at Oceana, ramp bridge to Avila Beach

and small farmers access bridge- Shell Beach, CA (D-5: 6/1963-6/1964)

Camp Roberts:-A.S.R.- Responsible for checking reinforcing, concrete

details and placement of two bridges - two span Army Tank overcrossings at

Camp Roberts - Camp Roberts, CA One of the first Bidwell type deck

finishing machines was used. (D-5: 6 /1964-12/1964)

I 80: -A.S.R.-Inspector concrete, checking steel quantities, bolt torque

verification over American River. Sacramento, CA (D-3: 12/1964-12/1966)

Caltrans projects including Structural Buildings

Caltrans R E, and S R for Rest Areas, and Maintenance Stations

supplementing structural inspection, documentations includes 50-100

submittals tracking and verification of proper installation, ADA,

preliminary inspections for other disciplines including Mechanical,

Electrical and Plumbing inspections.

Valley Wells SRRA: -S.R. for the $6.5 million rest area 140% capacity

increase.-San Bernardino County, CA (D-8: 1/2008-08/08)

Mountain Pass Maintenance Station: -S.R. - - Mountain Pass, CA (D-8:


John Wilkie SRRA: - S.R. Upgrade of this rest area on Interstate 40. CA (D-

8: 11/2006-6/07)

Vidal Junction Maintenance Station: -S.R. - (D-8: 1/2006-1/07

Shop 29, Bishop:-S.R. - (D-9: 5/2003-10/03)

Shoshone Maintenance Station: -R E -Construction of a $3 million facility,

Welded frame structure & HS bolt in accordance to spec. The main building

included: office, crew room, restrooms and showers, mechanic's office &

Storage, mechanics bay with hoist and 2 additional truck bays. The project

also included fuel house, truck wash facility, carports, enlarged area

fencing and material bins. Additional design improvements included Swamp

coolers moved off roof and modifications to lubrication & oil system and

revise grades so water did not flow into buildings and paint only building

not replaced, reducing inside temperature 15 Deg F. - Shoshone, CA (D-9:


Inyokern Maintenance Station: -S.R. - Construction of truck shed with

Mechanical and Electrician office and storage at opposite ends. (D-6:


Supplemental non-Caltrans work follows after References:

References- Caltrans

Mike Beauchamp 210730 Pathfinder Road, suite 200, Diamond Bar,

Office Chief, Structural Design,

Office 909-***-**** cell 909-***-**** fax 909-***-****

Hanna Dergham 3010 Saturn St., Suite 200 Brea, CA 92821

Structures Senior Rep. D-12

PH 949-***-****

Leonard Romero 622 West 2 ND Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401

Structures Rep D-8

PH 951-***-****

Henry Stultz 2315 Hyacinth St, San Bernardino, CA

Simon Wong Representative

PH 951-***-****, 909-***-****

Ex Area Senior D-8

Carlos Lopez 722 East Barioni, Imperial, CA

Structural Rep D-11

PH 858-***-****


Aramco- Saudi Arabia- Northern Area Design Services Group

-Terminal, Refinery and offshore projects- Notable design projects In-

house 140' Dia. X 40'high Fixed & Floating roof oil tanks, Support 280 Ton

Vessel in congested area with nothing symmetrical- lifted vessel 1" off a

20'tall foundation support using Hydra-tight bolt tighten system so

foundation could be repaired. The British Hydra-Tight expert brought in

said to his knowledge that it was the first time that system was used to

lift anything of any weight. I was given all the critical time or

difficult projects. I was responsible for design and inspection of Terminal

modification at Ras Tanuria and Jeda. I was Member of Toastmasters &

president, Safety coordinator, several times (1990-1999).

Williams Brothers Engineering Co.(purchased by Flour Daniel)-

Houston-Sugarland TX- Project Manager for all Civil & Structural Projects-

Scheduling, Estimating, Design, Hiring, Sales; development of loading

terminal Peru and evaluation of off-loading facilities at Kwajalein in

Marshal Islands and catholic protection in Alaska- succeeded getting

Company on $ Billion bid list for a major oil field development in S

America including logistics, access, design for camps, docks, roads and

bridges in the deep jungle (1989-90).

Nautilus Engineering Co.-Houston, TX- Chief Design Engineer-8

Compressor Stations in N. Mexico - Responsible for civil & structural

design and drafting, noise abatement, purge air, electrical vendor

interface primarily UPS and transformer shop inspection. Project Manager

and Client interface with Panhandle Eastern update of 10 years backlog of

construction as-built drawings (1987-89).

Allied Tower Inc. - Houston, TX- Chief Engineer Responsible for

design of multiple Radio, Micro-wave and TV Towers -Stand alone and guyed

towers Largest stand-alone tower 3 legs 230 'designed for 200mp winds (1985-


John Brown E & C Inc - Bakersfield, CA & Ulsan, Korea- Hired too

early for Offshore piping interface between Modules and platform. The

company assigned me develop criteria for commissioning onshore criteria and

procedures. Stationed in Hyundai's Fabrication Yard, Ulson, Korea (largest

fabrication yard in the world) as Onsite Commissioning Coordinator to

Commission onshore all equipment & systems practical except for the 4

Turbine Generators before setting off shore (1984-85).

Houston International Engineering Inc. Houston, TX -25% owner -Off-Shore

Facilities design including 500 ton Modules to be installed offshore with

flare towers bases. 120 direct employees and 20 consultants bidding on

India Gas Platform with pipeline installation, 1 years operation

controlling with Heavy Korean Industries as fabricator, using 2 offshore

heavy lift barges for pipeline installation and platform installation.

Multiply facilities in Gulf of Mexico designs for Shell Oil, Exxon, and

McMarran Oil Co (1977-83).

Brown & Root E & C Inc. - Houston TX -Steel & Concrete Design for

all types of Petro-chemical facilities, boiler structure for Gas/or oil

fired power plant. Steel Mill misc. and 1M sq ft roof rain system to ship

channel, Sheet pile bulk-head at ship channel with tie back system heavy

civil, precast girders for Lake Pontchartrain's 2nd Bridge (1966-77).

Education: Texas A & M University - BS Civil Engineering 1963: AWS -3 day

welding inspection seminar;

U of Houston - concrete course; Texas University-2 week

offshore design.

I am married raising one Granddaughter (17 yr old), 2 stepsons

and 2 dogs used tom saile a Hobie Cat 16

Lionel j. Martin, PE (TX retired)

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