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Engineer Manager

Tucson, AZ
April 26, 2014

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Miller Caldwell Adams

Po Box ** Pomerene, Az ****7

Ph: 520-***-****


Mr. Adams has over 11 years extensive experience as an Enterprise Systems

Management Analyst/Engineer and over 21 years in Systems Integration and

Information Technology projects. He was a technical lead engineer on

several large-scale ESM projects and has provided systems integration and

support services for a number of Government agencies and private firms. His

most recent achievements include design & installation of IBM's complete

Netcool suite of products for deployment in the Army's APC project in

Oklahoma City. He did the design, configuration & installation of the

complete BMC Remedy 7.0 suite of ITIL compliant products in lab and

production environments for the same project. He also has done extensive

integration work in ESTA/OED with Remedy, Spectrum, & Tivoli products. He

has been responsible for writing Unix scripts to harden Solaris 9 & 10

systems. He has led Perl & Unix custom scripting projects for the IRS, DOD

and several private firms. He is a college graduate with Microsoft MCSE,

Tivoli, Netcool, Novell & ITIL certifications.


Tivoli, Spectrum & Remedy applications

Systems Design and Integration

Requirements Analysis

Perl & Unix scripting

System Administration

Technical writing



B.S. University of Maryland, 1987

Post graduate work (English & Systems Management) U. of Maryland and UCLA


Jun 2011 to Present - NCI contract with ESTA/OED ended in June 2011, all

employees terminated. I took a sabbatical to build my passive solar adobe

house in the Benson area.

NCI inc. October 2008 - June 2011 - Subject Matter Expert/Systems Engineer

? October 2010 - June 2011 Team Member: Enterprise Applications

Consolidation and Integration (EACI)

Responsible for creating the documents to migrate the Army's current

server-based applications to a cloud environment. This involved identifying

and working with server locations to move their applications. We acted as

the knowledge resource for the migration process and guided the work.

Within the resource areas, the team provided instructions on how to STIG an

application, harden the server, mitigate all Category 1 and 2

vulnerabilities, implement Single Sign-On (SSO) and Secure Socket Layer

(SSL) requirements for the website, and obtained a Certificate of

Networthiness as a prerequisite for the white list registration. During

this effort the team did a data call to discover migratable applications

from a set of over 1000 applications and server locations. I installed a

Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 server that fed our web site to gather

and collate this information. While working on this team our Project leader

received an NCI certificate of appreciation from the Chairman and Chief

Executive Officer, Mr. Charles K. Narang.

? Oct 2008 - October 2010 - Senior Engineer/Subject Matter Expert on IBM's


Working with ESTA/OED engineers I obtained all binaries for Netcool 7.1 &

7.2. Created Virtual servers under VMware in the ESTA lab and the new APC

facility in OK city. Installed and configured the complete Netcool suite.

This was a massive integration project that included:

? Installed, hardened and documented all Red Hat 5.0 servers in both

locations. Created the VMWare .iso images for all servers. Attended 2 week

formal Red Hat 5 training.

? Installed and configured all the Netcool product suite (Failover Object

Servers, SNMP gateway, Syslog probe server, Webtop server, TEC gateway to

existing Tivoli 6.2 Enterprise systems. Wrote the EIP (Engineering

Installation Plan) for all these processes.

? Working with Spectrum engineers installed, configured and documented the

Spectrum/Netcool gateway.

SRA International, Inc., Fairfax, VA & Sierra Vista, AZ; Feb. 2001 to

October 2008. Principal Engineer, Enterprise Systems Management

? Aug 07 - Aug 08: Worked for 1 year as part of a 4 person Tivoli/Network

management group. Installed Tivoli Monitoring 6.2 in the APC. Installed

IBM's DB2 in support of their Tivoli Portal. Worked on the creation of

custom situations (events) in Tivoli 6.1, including writing a Perl program

to automate sendmail to report special anomalies directly to CTNOSC staff

while keeping a time-stamped log of all emails sent.

Worked extensively on the Red Hat 4.6 hardening development in a VMware

environment. Co-wrote the complete hardening document. Ran the security

required STIG's against our developed model and performed required


Compressed and ported over the VMware files for our hardened model and

installed these on an ESX server in the ESTAS/OED lab. Created and

configured VMware clones. Acquired all binaries for Netcool 7.1, installed

and configured same in the lab environment. To include; Omnibus 7.1,

Gateways for Remedy and Oracle, SNMP probes for Spectrum and the Tivoli EIF

probe which will become the gateway in the APC for Tivoli events into the

Netcool Object server and on to Remedy for help ticket generation.

Attended formal vendor classes for Tivoli ITM 6.1 and Netcool 7.2

? Aug '06 - Aug 07 Worked as part of a 4 person SRA integration effort

with the BMC Remedy

suite of ITIL compliant tools. To include: AR Server, Problem mgt.,

Incident mgt., Asset mgt.,

Change mgt and Service Level Mgt. Attended several vendor led

technical classes. Installed

and configured all items in the test and production environment.

Wrote several Perl scripts

to integrate disparate data into the CMDB Database. Hardened the

Sol 10 environment and

wrote the main deliverable (EIP - Engineering Installation Plan)

for the Army. Installed

and configured Tomcat Web server for the Remedy mid-tier server.

Installed and integrated

Oracle 10g into the test environment. Created manual backup

solutions for Remedy.

Created test scripts for Remedy integration testing. Basically

covered all the

infrastructure from racking the machines to OS install (Solaris

10), Oracle install, all

products required to produce and document a working remedy 7.01

environment both in

the test lab environment and in the Oklahoma APC.

Attended formal BMC classes in 7.01 administration and


? Mar 04 - Aug 06 Prime engineer on ESTA/OED Tech Infusion team. Did

the integration work with Mitre involving writing Perl scripts to

integrate spectrum events into Tivoli's TEC. Wrote several TEC rules in

prologue to make Tivoli received events immediately ported to Remedy.

Wrote and created several custom MIBs for Spectrum to render Korean

theatre ATM switch problems 'viewable' in Spectrum. Installed and

configured an SNMP agent on Unix boxes to report out events into

Spectrum, which in turn could report back to remedy.

? Designed and installed a large EMC SAN solution in the DOIM

facility. Installed and

configured the integrated pieces of the EMC management suite.

Continue to maintain and

upgrade this SAN.

? Attended 3 Spectrum training classes and installed and tested

several Spectrum 7.0

systems in CTNOSC and the South TNOSC in FT. Gordon. Wrote the


Perl interface. Created custom alarm events and wrote Perl

scripts to gather system

information and parse that against previous installs to find

changed objects in the final


? Feb 01 - Mar 04 Headed the ESM component of the IFS

(Integrated Financial Systems) project for the IRS.

Specifically: Worked with the SAP developers to design the ESM

component architecture. This included design analysis, build

methodology and a cost/benefit study of competing products.

After the selection process I installed, configured and

supported Tivoli Manager for SAP and Tivoli Work Load Scheduler

in 3 distinct environments for the IFS developers: Lab, pre-

production test and production, to include all design

documentation, all training materials, and the 'as built'

documentation required for every box.

( Conducted the design analysis for a job-scheduling product for

the SAP environment.

( Installed, configured and tested Tivoli's Work Load Scheduler

product and installed the required agents throughout the IRS.

( Created the custom environment (Perl scripts with TEC

rules) to interface TEC to the Help desk (Peregrine's

ServiceCenter). Wrote TEC rules in Prolog to test for end-to-

end functionality and generate appropriate alerts when


( Installed, configured & tested complete Tivoli suite in test

and production environments (FMK 3.6 & 3.7 & 4.1, TEC 3.7. DM

3.7, INV 4.1, SD 3.6,ITM 5.1, CM4.2) on UNIX (SunOS, HPUX) &


( Wrote UNIX shell scripts to automate the test schedule for


( Created and populated Oracle databases for MQseries


( Wrote Perl scripts to parse data from MQseries test, and

deposit this into Oracle tables I created.

( Installed and configured Tivoli's manager for Oracle and

Manager for Mqseries.

( Wrote several Perl scripts to automate the collection of

Unix and NT logs.

USinternetworking Annapolis, Md.

Mar 1999 - Dec. 2000

Senior Network Management Engineer

( Designed, engineered & installed several major components of

USi's overall Enterprise Management System. (FMK 3.6, DM 3.6 &

TEC 3.6)

( Installed over 500 remote Managed Nodes & 400 Endpoints (NT & UNIX).

( Developed the integrated suite of monitors for NT & UNIX. Assisted in the

migration from 3.2 to 3.6. Installed and configured the gateways for the

new LCF client.

( Tier 3 support for all Tivoli related issues. Wrote custom monitors in

Perl for Oracle & Web servers.

( Designed, documented and installed NetIQ (an NT OS and application

monitoring program).

( Lead engineer in the integration Distributed monitoring 3.6,of W2000

agents and monitors. In all instances developed the engineering

documentation for all the above.

( Installed and configured Tivoli's Manager for WinNT and W2000.

Configured and tested new TEC rulebases.

( Specified and engineered NetIQ & SystemEDGE to monitor both the NT OS

system and several application packages (IIS, Exchange, NT terminal


( Provided Engineering/Operations support for all E-business and Messaging

(Exchange)clients. This would entail custom script writing (Perl, Unix

shell) for Distributed Monitors to manage the customer's boxes.

( Developed a set of SNMP (SystemEDGE) monitors for NT & Unix boxes. Wrote

a custom configuration file for SNMP to be able to use SystemEDGE for NT

with correlation and aggregation on the desktop.

Unisys Corp.

Oct 97 - Mar 1999

Senior systems analyst on a prime contract with the Alcohol, Tobacco &

Firearms agency in Wash DC.

In this capacity I was instrumental in designing and deploying Tivoli's PC

agent to over 5000 desktops across the US. Wrote several batch and Perl

scripts to both deliver the agent remotely and record that information in a

central log repository. Helped several contract engineers develop the Perl

scripts to track agent deployment and track the success or failure of all

installations. Wrote installation scripts for several packages that used

Tivoli's Software Distribution module to distribute files across firewalls

and WAN links. Wrote Perl scripts to strip out hostname and date

information from daily log reports and paste these into Excel spread


Anne Arundel Community College

Feb 97 - Sept 97

SR Novell Network Engineer

Senior Engineer involved in all aspects of a large Novell installation.

Installed and configured all the hardware (Compaq Proliants, IBM/95's,

Cisco 3500 switches) and software (Novell 3.12, 4.0, NT4.0, DG-UX,Win95

WFW). Installed and configured the Spectrum suite of Network management

products. Provided engineering and maintenance services for 1800 end-users

on 26 Novel 3.12 and 4.0 servers, 6 NT boxes and 4 UNIX machines. Taught

several network basics classes to junior engineers. Installed routers,

switches, dial-in boxes and associated software.

Management Technology Inc.

March 1993 to Feb 1997

LAN Engineer/Administrator

Mar 93 - Mar 95

Designed, and installed 125 node network for the EPA in Annapolis, Md.

Installed and configured 6 separate Novell 3.11, 3.12, 4.1 systems.

Implemented new cable system using EIA CAT 5 with Synoptics concentrators

and Cisco routers. Installed fiber optic capabilities in 3 buildings.

Installed and configured all WAN packages (Telnet, TCP/IP over IPX/SPX,

LANworkplace 5.0) and set up IP addresses for Novell and DEC machines. I

migrated 50 users from VAX 8650 environment to the new Novell LAN. Managed

day-to-day operations for 2 years.

Mar 95 to Feb 97

Worked a major upgrade/migration project for MTI as a senior Network

Engineer at George Washington University Hospital Engineered and installed

20 Novell 3.x and 4.x servers and 3 NT 4.0 servers in a diverse environment

of 600+ users. Migrated 300+ users from several 'rogue' LAN's into the

hospital's enterprise-wide solution. Engineered the migration solution with

no downtime for the users. Managed the configuration of users, groups and

printers etc. in Novell's NDS environment.

MCA Engineering

May 1991 - Mar 93

Responsibilities: Designed several LAN's in Annapolis and Baltimore. This

involved the physical layout, network drawings in Visio and a detailed

project plan in Gant chart form. Installed and set-up 3 multi-server

operations in multi-platform environments (UNIX, DEC). Ran customer support

help desk. Built and fixed all manner of IBM PC's and clones. Installed EIA

CAT 3 & 5 cabling systems. Installed several communication closets w/

Synoptics 3000 intelligent hubs.

GTE Corp.

May 1983 - Mar 1991

Responsibilities - Senior engineer and manager of a 10 man remote site in

Germany. Maintained large DEC systems for the military at a NATO site in

Boerfink. This included VAX 8000 series and DEC KL-10's as well as PC's and

SUN workstations. Configured TCP/IP to connect to Milnet and other military

sites. I was responsible for this 24x7 contract. I held a TS/SCI clearance

from 1983 to 1990.

Digital Equipment Corp. and Control Data Corp

Jun 77 - May 83

Installed, configured and repaired mainframes & mini's that no longer exist

and have very little bearing on my current skill set, but were very

interesting to work on. ( 1980 - installed and maintained the fastest

machine at the time the CDC 7600 in the lab at Los Alamos)

Language skills:

Read, write and speak fluent German, conversational capabilities in

Italian, French and Spanish

References available on request.


Unix (HP-UX, DG-UX, SunOS), Red Hat 4.x and 5.x, NT 4.0, W2000 professional

and Advanced Server, Server2008, SQL Server 2008, Cisco 5000 series

routers, Novell 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, BMC Patrol, BMC Contol-M, Tivoli product

suite: Framework, Software Distribution, Enterprise Console, Manager for

MQSeries, Manager for Oracle, Manager for SAP, Work load scheduler

(Maestro). Advanced knowledge of NT 4.0 Server, Solaris 2.x. NetIQ

AppManager, Solar winds, Aprisma (now CA) Spectrum, Oracle 10g, DB2.


Tivoli Certified Consultant DM & TEC

IBM Netcool 7.0

Microsoft MCSE NT 4.0

Certified Novell Engineer

ITIL 3.0


Current: Secret

Have held: TS/SCI from DOD 1983-1988

'Q' clearance DOE 1980 - 1984

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