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Manager Quality Assurance

Victorville, CA
April 26, 2014

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R. Michael Doke

Are you ready to take your company to the next level and need strong

management leadership skills? I am an executive level individual with a

wide range of management skills and competencies with multi-site/multi-

plant experience and successful careers at all levels of management:

President, Production Vice-President, Executive Director, Director of

Quality, Customer Service Director, College Instructor, Manufacturing

Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Engineer, Production Manager,

and Company Owner.

Areas of Expertise:

Quality Management Systems:

. ISO 9001-2008 (RAB Certified Lead Auditor)

. ISO AS9100B-Aerospace (RAB Certified Lead Auditor)

. ISO TS16949-2008 Automotive (RAB Certified Lead Auditor)

. ISO14001- Environmental (Qualified Internal Auditor)

. ISO13485-Medical Devices (SME College Instructor)

. VDA6.3 Certified Process Auditor (per German DIN Automotive


Manufacturing Management:

. Automotive

. Aerospace

. Medical Devices

. Diamond Wheel Abrasives

. Converting (slitting systems)

. Roll Forming

. Tool & Die manufacturing

. CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing

. Plastics & Foam

. Firearms Manufacturing

. Lean Enterprise Systems Team Leader Qualified

. Annual Planning and Budgeting

Quality Assurance:

. Dimensional Metrology Systems Management

. Measurement Systems Analysis

. Quality Systems Analysis

. Calibration

. ANSI GD&T Y14.5

. Document & Configuration Control

. Contract Review

. Quality Systems Management (ISO9001-2008, ISO/TS16949,

ISO/AS9100B, ISO13485) Implementation, Registration and Systems


. First Article reports per AS9102 format

. APQP, FMEA, Control Plans, PPAP, Work Instructions, Process


. Quality Systems Management Review


. REACH Reporting

. Rohs Reporting

. IMDS Component administration expert

. Conflict Minerals declaration & reports

. DFARs (Restricted Metals) declarations & certification reporting)

. ITAR information administrator

. IMDS materials registration and parts hierarchy development

Process Competencies:

. Metal heat treatment (Vacuum, Salt-bath, Atmosphere)

. Plating

. Machining (Including CNC Lathe, 3,4,5 axis Vertical & Horizontal

Mill, Thread Grinding, OD grinding, Surface grinding,

(Conventional and Blanchard), Horizontal Boring, Jig Grinding, Jig

Boring, Single & Double Disk Lapping. Die sink and Wire EDM

. Super Abrasive Manufacturing of Sintered Metal and Resin Bonded


. Die Stamping (Progressive, Compound, Blanking and Draw)

. Automotive Paint

. Vacuum Forming of Plastics (Thermoforming)

. Plastic Injection Molding

. RIM Molding of Urethanes

. Foam Fabrication

. Catalytic Converter Manufacturing & Testing

. Machining of Engineered Ceramics and Hard-metals (Hardened Steel,Tungsten Carbide, Aluminas)

. High Volume Manufacturing

. Roll Forming

. Dimensional Metrology

. Hot & Cold Heading

. Thread Rolling

. Laser Calibration of Lathes, Mills, CMMs and other machines

. CNC Machine Production

. Tungsten Carbides

. Laser Welding

. Water Jet Cutting

. Laser Cutting, Drilling

. Welding ( Ion Beam, Mig, Tig, Stick, Inner shield, Spin,

Ultrasonic, Vacuum chamber)

. Forgings

. Foundry (Cast Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Investment,


. + More!

I have been involved in Manufacturing for over thirty years. During this

time, I have sought out progressively demanding positions as Toolmaker,

Quality Assurance Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Technical Advisor,

Chairman, Branch Manager, Technical Recruiter, Quality Systems Engineer and

most recently, Director of Quality to widely varied industries. With over

(25) years experience in the Quality Assurance Field, I am particularly

qualified in; Dimensional Metrology, Statistical Process Control, Vendor

Qualification and Certification, Customer and Vendor Relations, Hard-metals

Qualification and Evaluation, (Cemented Carbides) Machine Tool

Qualification/Evaluation,Aerospace manufacturing and Quality Systems

requirements and Quality Systems Management. (ISO9001-2000, TS16949, AS9100

and ISO13485)

Currently I am directing the Quality Systems Management for a mutli-plant,

multi-site plastics fabrication and molding company whose principle

products include Aerospace & Defense molded components and assemblies,

Automotive products, Medical devices and Commercial products. I am

responsible for implementation, training and maintenance of the multiple

ISO Quality Systems that the company is registered to or compliant with.

These include ISO 9001-2008, (Registered) AS9100, (Registered) TS16949

(compliant) and ISO13485. (Compliant) I also am currently assembling the

teams to lead the implementation of L.E.S.(Lean Enterprise System) to which

I and another team member were sent to learn at a "Leadership Course for

Lean Enterprise Implementation" program conducted by S.E.A. (Supplier

Excellence Alliance) a fully sponsored program of the OEM Aircraft

Manufacturers. (40 Hour course)

Previous to that assignment, I was involved with a startup automotive

supplier, manufacturing catalytic converters. I was responsible for

customer quality inputs and outputs, (APQP, PPAP, and Production) Quality

Systems Management (ISO9001-2008, TS16949, and ISO14001) and their training

programs. As a startup company, one of our primary missions was to secure

an OEM contract to show the world that we were a viable supplier. In less

than 18 months, starting in late 1999, we were awarded our first OEM

contract with Honda Motors. (Japan) I was a major participant, authoring

many of the major product control documents: QAV Documentation, Catalyst

Specifications, Testing Methods, Workmanship Standards, Process Quality

Control Sheets, FMEA, Packaging, and Final Acceptance Documentation. I was

sent to Japan for the final sign-off acceptance at their Suzuka Factory and

their Tochigi R&D Center. During the two year life of this program, I was

directly responsible for managing all aspects of the customer's quality

feedback. The results were, 0 defective parts shipped, 100% on time

delivery, and CSI was awarded the Honda Quality Award for 2002, one of only

a few American companies to have been given this honor, and the youngest

(newest) company ever. Honda Motors continues to be one of their major

clients and investors.


College Instructor, North Orange County Community College (2007 to Present)

SME (Subject Matter Expert) Working with the Curriculum Develop

Coordinator, I rewrote their "Introduction to Quality Systems" program to

be able to present the "basics" for students with no prior exposure to ISO

or Quality Management Systems. The original program was designed as a 56

hour presentation but to maintain funding for their state retraining grant,

reducing it to a one (8) hour session as part of a certificate program for

retraining underemployed professional manufacturing students . I currently

sit on the Instructor's Board as part of the instructor's performance

requirements, providing input for revision to the current programs and

recommending new student courses. I presently teach up to (2) one day

sessions a month either on campus or on weekends, off site.

Foam Molders & Specialties Cerritos, California (2003 to Present)

Director of Quality with overall corporate management of the Quality

Management Systems including ISO 9001-2008 (registered) AS9100 (registered)

TS16949 (compliant) ISO13485 (compliant) and Management Review. Additional

duties include corporate management of the safety review and general safety

compliance and training, direction of Quality System Internal Auditing,

Corrective and Preventive Action, Continuous Improvement activities and

just recently, initiation of Lean Enterprise Systems. (4) Direct and (72)

indirect reporting employees

Catalytic Solutions, Inc. Oxnard, California (1999-2003)

Director of Quality responsible for the Quality Management Systems,

beginning in 1999 with ISO9001-2000 compliance, and finally with

registration to TS16949 (Automotive Standard) and ISO14001 registration

(Environmental Standard) I was responsible for initiating and writing many

of the system procedures as well as their implementation. I participated in

several Program Teams, including catalyst development and contract delivery

to Honda Motors, (Japan and America) General Motors catalyst development

and contract delivery for the Saturn 2.0 liter engine system, and

additional programs that remain on-going to date. Working with a fellow

team member, we developed a material recovery program that resulted in the

saving of over $150,000 savings in solid waste disposal and well over

$300,000 catalyst oxides that would have been thrown away because of

environmental loss (Dust and powders lost in the atmosphere) (7) direct

reporting employees Quality Engineer I was hired as a quality engineer for

the then start-up company as their first full time employee. I had the rare

opportunity to develop a company's culture and quality system at the start

up and as their representative sent to Japan for the official acceptance of

Catalytic Solutions' first OEM contract for Honda Motors in 2000. As a

program team participant, I helped develop many of the control plans and

work instructions still in use to produce OEM catalytic converters at

Catalytic Solutions.

Industrial Tools, Inc. Oxnard, California (1997-1999)

Quality Control Manager and Process Engineer; I was recruited out of semi-

retirement by the owner as a consultant to move the plant from Ojai,

California to their new facility in Oxnard, California. As a former Senior

Manager, I was responsible for many (if not most) of the equipment

acquisitions and developed their work Instructions and processes prior to

my retiring from ITI in 1993 (See ITI 1976-1993) After their move was

completed, my contract was extended for several months to rebuild their

quality team and to further develop ongoing product improvement. At the end

of my extended contract, I was offered a full time position at my former

position as Quality Manager where I reported directly to the President. I

was responsible for final CNC Machine Acceptance and overall quality

management for all (9) products lines. These included high accuracy 3,4,

and 5 axis CNC Diamond wheel slicing machines with volumetric accuracies of

under 100 nanometers, Metal and Resin bonded ultra thin diamond and CBN

wheels, Video, Audio and Memory tape slitter systems (Solid Tungsten

Carbide film slitter boxes and replacement knives) Ultra high accuracy

tooling and Fixtures, Solid Tungsten Carbide Saws and Saw Gangs, Double

disk lapping of Engineered Ceramics and Hard Metals, Production CNC

machining and grinding of Ultra high accuracy ceramics and hard-metals. (6

direct reporting employees)

RPM, Tucson, Arizona (1993-1997)

President and General Partner of a small arms manufacturing company that

specializes in custom single shot hunting and competition pistols. Prior to

joining this small firm, all of their machining operations were

accomplished by using either dedicated single setup machinery or time

consuming setups by large batching to be cost competitive. All components

then had to be hand fit by a very competent gunsmith to complete the

product. No two finished parts (pistols) were interchangeable because of

the poor fitment that resulted from the multiple manual setups. My first

act as the company leader was to acquire a small (20X30") 4 axis CNC

Vertical mill to consolidate machining operations from 92 to just 10 (24

were done in 2 separate 4 axis setups) This resulted in reduction of batch

sizes from hundreds of each part in inventory to small batches of 30 pieces

or less, significantly reducing inventory requirements and boosting turns

from one (or less) per year to 6-8 per year. The finished product also

became the first generation of product where 95% of the finished parts (and

all major) were fully interchangeable. The finished product also generated

positive cash flow for the first time. Due to a family emergency, I sold my

interest in RPM back to my partner and long time friend, and returned to

California. (3) Employees

Industrial Tools, Inc. Ojai, California (1976-1993)

I began working for ITI as a Senior Toolmaker and exited as a Senior

Manager. I voluntarily left the company in response to a need to downsize

and consolidate operations due to a steep decline in business in 1993.

(Recession) During my employment at ITI I had the opportunity to

participate at every level of Management and Operations as a Tool room

Leadman, Production Supervisor, Quality Assurance Manager, Manufacturing

Manager, Customer Service Manager (Worldwide) and Engineering Manager. I

was responsible for up to 15 direct reportees (Managers and Supervisors)

and led the company with consistent sales growth of 40% for the years that

I held total production responsibility. As the Quality Assurance Manager, I

led the way with the introduction of SPC, GD&T ANSI Y14.5, a total rewrite

of the Quality Manual to resemble the then, new ISO standard of 1984, Total

Cost of Quality reporting which was maintained at less than 2.5% of Sales

annually and was responsible for a 3 year program of equipment reinvestment

to modernize the manufacturing and engineering systems of over one million

dollars per year. All equipment was identified, cost benefit justified,

acquired at, or under budget, and installed & implemented on schedule with

a minimum of disruption. All ROIs were realized under schedule.


David Molsberry

925-***-**** (cell)

Where known: former colleague: Catalytic Solutions, Director of Engineering

Length of time known: 10 years

Status: Friend, Still maintaining contact

Arthur Ward

973-***-**** 917-***-****

Length of time known: 10 years

Where known: former colleague, Catalytic Solutions, Program Manager

Status: friend, still maintaining contact

Al Morelli

714-***-**** 714-***-****

Where known: former customer, CarSound, VP of Manufacturing Catalytic group

Length of time known: 9 years

Status: friend and colleague, collaborating on consulting jobs, constant


Aaron Freeman

803-***-**** (w), 803-***-**** (h)

Where known: former colleague, Industrial Tools, Inc. Quality Assurance


Length of time known: 20+ years

Status: Long time friend and colleague, maintaining constant contact


* 4 Year Tool & Die Apprenticeship (1966-1970) Doke Tool & Manufacturing

* El Camino College: (2) years 1967-1970 Business Administration

* Mathematics through College Algebra, Ventura College (1985-1987)

* Human Resources Management, Ventura College (1986)

* Business Management Program, Cal State University at Northridge

(Certificate issued 1988-1990)

* "Statistical Process Control" ASQC (1984)

* "Quality Circles Facilitator Training" Cal State University at

Northridge: (1) semester (1988)

* "Hard-metals Testing & Evaluation" Dr. Henry Patts and Aaron Freeman,

Leco Carbide Inc. Developed over a (3) year period (1986-1989)

* "Interpersonal Skills" American Management Association (4) day in-depth

seminar (1991)

* "Quality, Productivity, and the Competitive Position" Dr. Edward Deming

(3) days (1988)

* "Supervisors Training Course" (12) weeks; Mr. Gene Cramer, Management

Consultant, Claremont College (1989)

* "Problem Solving with Staff Personnel" (10) weeks in-house presentation

by Mr. Bill Frey, Operations VP, Southern California Air Quality

Management Board (1991)

* ISO14001 Environmental Management Internal Auditor (2001)

* QS9000 RAB Certified Internal Auditor Certification of Completion

(2001) (Includes ISO9001:2000)

* TS16949 RAB Certified Internal Auditor Certification of Completion


* ISO13485 systems compliance customer audits beginning (2003)

* ISO AS9100 RAB Certified Internal Auditor Certification of Completion


* L.E.S. Leadership training (Lean Enterprise) conducted at Supplier

Excellence Alliance headquarters (2007)

* Catia CAD V5 R18 & 19 Level I Cerritos College (2008)

* Currently teaching and consulting Quality Management Systems at North

Orange County Community College & Santiago Canyon College part-time (2007-


I am seeking employment with a company that can utilize my full range of

experience and capabilities. I am comfortable working with all levels of

the organization as demonstrated in the above assignments. I have heavy

Pacific Rim travel experience and hold a valid US Passport.


I may be contacted at the following address and/ or phone numbers 24/7:

R. Michael Doke

17717 Yucca Street

Hesperia, CA 92345

Cell: 760-***-****

Thank you for consideration.


R. Michael Doke

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