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Nageswara Rao N CV

Bangalore, KA, India
5000 $ per month
April 26, 2014

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Nageswara Rao N


Mob : +91-993*******

Career Objective:

Aspiring to work and excel in a dynam ic and progressive environment. Utilize my practical experience in Blast

furnace and Aluminium industry along with computational and theoretical modeling and work for projects installation

and R&D. I want to consistently demonstrate high level of proficiency in the roles of team player, team leader and

individual performer, with proven ability to identify, initiate and successfully execute projects and serve the organization

to the best of my abilities and skills.

Work Experience

Industrial Experience

Sesa Goa Limited PIP Amona, Goa – 15th Feb 2011 to 30 Th April 2012 (14 months)

Blast Furnace operations

Control room Key Responsibilities held

Targeted Off grade production was too reduced from 18 % to 10 % during 2011-12.

Part of team which worked on specific water consumption per ton of Hot metal produced.2.23M3/THM. to


Had experience in 5S audit in production department.

Maintaining and updating furnace log sheets without error,Ensuring proper logging of PLC report and on time

reporting of deviation

Checking WI, HIRA, and emergency procedures for its adequacy and periodic reviews

Periodical monitoring of CO presence in the control room with portable CO detector and cross checking of the on

line CO monitoring system. Alert the CO presence in specified area, if detected in the ‘on line system

Complete adherence to QEHS system

Control of top gas temperature, timely opening of makeup valve. Zero Accident / Incident Zero down time due

to control room error

Hot Blast Stoves Key Responsibilities held

Maintaining sequential stoves changeover cycle and maintaining proper air to gas ratio for better combustion

Inspection of all the pumps involved for the GCS and ensure equal running of spare pumps

Zero operational downtime due to hot blast stoves.

Ensuring average hot blast temperature of more than 965 Degree at CO 22%

Ensuring flaring of excess BFG and monitoring drip pots and GCP & monitoring of CO analyzer

Vedanta Aluminium Limited Jharsuguda Odisha- 12th July 2010 to 13th Feb 2011 (8 months)

Process control Department:

Periodic monitoring of Electrolytic pot bath temperature.

Inspection of Liquid Bath composition, Bath/Metal height, Metal analysis, Anode cover, Cathode current


Maintaining Cathode voltage drop, Anode voltage drop, Collector bar temperature, Ledge profile, and Shell


Research Experience

M.Tech Project: Sponsored by Schneider Electric India

Objective-“Feasibility study on increase of electrical conductivity in Aluminium (E91) samples by cryogenic treatments

for replacing copper in busbar applications” under the guidance of Prof.V.V. Rao IIT KGP


Extended Cryogenic treatment and cryo rolling are done on E91 Aluminium sample.

Electrical conductivity is measured by four probe technique at cryogenic temperatures using an in-house

developed cryostat, LN2 and temperature sensors.

The microstructure and particle distribution after extended cryogenic treatment are compared with virgin

samples by using X-ray diffraction technique.

B.Tech Projects:

1) In collaboration with Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory Hyderabad

Objective : Development of Ultrafine grain size Nickel using CGP technique” under the guidance of Scientist F ”T.Raghu,

Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory Hyderabad and Prof R.Markandeya Department of Metallurgical

Engineering, JNTUCE Hyderabad.”


A new intense plastic straining technique named ‘Constrained groove Pressing’ was developed for the

fabrication of plate-shaped ultrafined grained metallic materials.

Micro structural Analysis, Measurement of grain size using a) Heyn Intercept Method (Microstructures), XRD


Tensile properties evaluation using UTM and Evaluation of micro hardness

2) Industrial training in Vizag Steel Plant-Vishakhapatnam.

Objective: - Improvements of secondary steel making in VIZAG STEEL PLANT “under the guidance of Prof: Ramadevi

HOD Metallurgical Engineering JNTUCE Hyderabad.”


Slag arrestor has a density value between the slag and metal so it floats between and so that it minimizes the

entry of slag in to the ladle. But the efficiency of the slag arrestor is only 50%.Thus alternative usage of Laser

camera, slide gate system must be provided at the converter shop to get slag free tapping.

Al content can be overcome by using Ca addition (Injection of Ca-Si in the liquid bath of the ladle.) That will

convert Al to Aluminates there by reducing Al content which is responsible for nozzle clogging. The best results

are obtained with Al/Ca ratio ranging between 0.10 and 0.15%.

Suggested improvement methods in VSP are Steel Oxygen potential measurement, Standardization of Ladle

covering compound, Standardization of Tundish covering compound, Bottom Purging in Ladle. On-Line

purging with Argon during tapping, Introduction of better design mould plates to enhance cooling capacity.

Introduction of Ca-Si, Lime addition after tapping.

Skills and Expertise Developed

Micro structural characterizations using SEM,TEM, XRD

Heat treatment of ferrous and non ferrous alloys

Mechanical properties testing

Set up of Measurement of Electrical resistivity at low temperature

Manufacturing of Ferrous and Non Ferrous

Vacuum Technology

Academic Profile:



Master of Technology 2014 IIT Kharagpur. 7.2/ 10.0(1st class)

(Cryogenic Engineering)

Bachelor of Technology 2010 JNTU, Hyderabad 74.33(1st class)


Higher Secondary Certificate 2006 Board of 94.80 (1st class)

Examination Intermediate Public


Andhra Pradesh

Secondary School Certificate 2003 State board of 87.16(1st class)

Andhra Pradesh

Computer Proficiency:

Programming Language: OOPS through JAVA, C and Data Structures, Numerical methods, C++

Operating systems : Linux, Windows-8, XP, VISTA,



Won 1st prize in 4*100 relay in District level central zone meet

Extra-curricular activities

Presented a technical paper on “Advanced Aerospace Materials” in NIT Warangal and won 2ndprize.

Worked as home tutor for Math’s and Science during B.Tech.

Conducted Technical quiz in AYAS -2010 a National Metallurgical Technical Symposium conducted by

JNTUCE Hyderabad.


Playing chess

Solving Sudoku

Reading Books

Personal Details

DOB : 22/04/1988

Passport No : H3203766

Address for Communication: HNO 9-55, Yerrapalem post, Krosur Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh-522410

Languages Known : Telugu, Hindi, and English


I hereby declare that the above furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge


Date: 26/04/2014

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