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Engineer Engineering

April 28, 2014

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Dudayev Bulvarı, Karya Evleri, F-Blok, 3J, Da:7

Çiğli, İzmir 35010, Turkey




Engineering and General Management, International Business Development, Joint Ventures, Start-ups

A multifaceted, innovative, and adoptable visionary with unique skills and twenty six years of experience.

Demonstrated leadership with a proven ability to deliver results in challenging environments.

Extensive product, technical, manufacturing and business development knowledge in Automotive, Defense

and Aerospace, Transportation, Naval, Heavy Duty Equipment and Alternative Energy industries.

A recognized, 'self-raised' defense industry expert with a broad knowledge of geo -strategical issues.

W ell versed in decoding customer expectations, market research, concept-to-production planning, project

management, engineering finance, vision and strategy setting, and business road map development.

Excellence in resource planning and financial management, applied research, benchmarking, technology

development and assessment, backed by a sound engineering and business decision making judgment.

Solid engineering background, novel problem solving, inter -personal and communication skills.

● Internal Combustion Engine Design and Development ● Conventional, Hybrid and Electrified Powertrain

Engineering and Vehicle Powerpack System Design & Integration ● Vehicle Planning and Development

● Product Customization and Optimization ● Reliability Engineering ● Product and Technology Development

● New Business and Organization Development ● Engineering and Management Consulting ● Strategical

Planning ● Product Design per MIL, NATO and EU Standards, International Regulations and Treaties.


ANOVA MÜHENDİSLİK VE PROJE LTD. ŞTİ., İzmir, Turkey 12/12-present

An Innovative Engineering Service, Software Sales and Niche Production Company in Turkey

Business Development Manager & Technical Consultant

● Actively participated in many aspects of the daily management of the company which is spread across

three locations. Put together a business road map towards the gradual institutionalization of the company.

Co-managed project development and software sales activities across aerospace, defense, heavy

equipment, and automotive industry OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

● Defined a growth strategy in line with the local and global market developments and regulatory forecasts to

increase revenue while keeping profitability.

● Provided subject matter technical expertise, business re-engineering and management consulting to

customers across industries. Coached staff in project management and technical subjects from engines to

aircraft sub-system design and automotive marketing.

BMC SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş., İzmir, Turkey 9/09-12/12

One of the Oldest and Largest Civilian and Military Vehicle Manufacturers in Turkey

Manager - Engineering Analyses & Simulations - R&D Department

● Designed and implemented a customized, financially viable road map for integr ating structured CAE and

experimental mechanics methods into the mainstream vehicle and sub-system design processes. Re-

designed the appropriate organizational structure, planned and acquired all human and capital resources.

● Devised a simultaneous product development discipline to revitalize the vehicle development processes

customized for low volume-high complexity production towards reducing development costs and time to

market while improving the quality. Participated in executive planning of all future vehicle programs.

● Trained staff in stress, structural and NVH analyses procedures, vehicle dynamics, automotive product

design, accelerated testing, problem resolution and verification methods. Introduced and managed the task

based cross-functional teams investigating field failures leading to improved customer perceptions.

● Directed contract engineering work such as simulations of for mine explosion for military vehicles and

instrumentation work for road data collection. Identified and managed various projects for government R&D

funding and areas of cooperation with universities.

● Co-led the BMC team that prepared the proposal for SSM's high value MBT's diesel power pack development

tender working with Ricardo plc. Devised a unique road map for staff, facilities and technology acquisition

towards building-up of a sustainable capability to develop engines, transmissions and major sub-systems.

EMRE BÜLBÜL page two


One of World’s Premier and Largest Private Powertrain and Vehicle Engineering Consulting Company

Technical Specialist - Engine Design & Mechanical Development

● Led all valvetrain, timing drive, and cranktrain development of Ford's new medium -duty V8 diesel engine from

concept to pre-production, within time and cost targets. Incorporated class leading features via extensive

benchmarking, collaboration with suppliers, and finance optimizing cost. Co-authored a patent to improve

valvetrain functionality and simplify assembly while reducing cost.

● Managed business diversification into alternative energy areas including wind turbines via extensive market

and technical research. Identified niche areas for potential consultancy and engineering challenges unique to

large wind turbine installations. Trained engineering and sales on new business endeavors.

● Developed business road maps for new and up-graded diesel, gasoline, and hybrid powertrain projects in -line

with the latest technological trends to ensure customers invest in the most appropriate mix of technology.

● Co-led and led proposals to $6.4M from feasibility studies and functional prove-out of novel engine concepts

by inventors, to conversion of diesel engines into ethanol spark ignition ones for agricultural equipment, and

performance testing of advanced auxiliary power systems for military ve hicles.

● Spearheaded new business prospects by devising a multifaceted plan to upgrade existing powertrian testing

infrastructure. Led marketing of newly acquired capabilities, developed new multi -media marketing materials.

RICARDO INC., Van Buren Twp., MI, USA 5/03-5/07

One of World’s Premier and Largest Public Powertrain and Vehicle Engineering Consulting Company

Technology Leader - Engine Design & Mechanical Development

● Led mechanical development of DCX's new SRT 6.1L Hemi engine from concept to production, meeting all

cost, functional and timing targets. Assisted customer supervisor in staff management, all contract

engineering and prototype manufacturing, failure analyses, and program reliability tracking.

● Managed in-house and contract valvetrain and cranktrain fatigue rig and cylinder block pulse testing within

cost and timing targets. Prevented delay in vehicle launch by quickly devising an accelerated engine testing.

Designed a unique test to investigate engine performance with low grade fuel.

● Resolved unique engine design challenges related to valvetrain, timing drive, power take -off and FEAD

systems, marinization of gasoline engines, and adaptation and packaging of diesel engine s into land, naval

combat, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

● Enabled the company to capture business from competition by devising novel testing methods for end -of-line

testing of split-power hybrid transmissions, reduction of friction in acc essory drives, and improving

performance and durability of valvetrain hardware which were to perform in adverse operating conditions.

● Brought resolutions to high cost warranty issues related to EGR and turbocharger system malfunctions

and vehicle overheating employing unique problem solving combined with analysis and accelerated testing.

Introduced ways to avoid warranty by revising existing design guidelines, FMEAs, and validation planning.

● Led or participated in proposals ranging in value from $5K to $4M and in content, from providing market due

diligence and project feasibility studies, to the development of complete new engines, concept vehicle

powerpack configuration and integration. Managed company and custom er staff, briefed executives.

FORD MOTOR CO. (Contract via Altair Inc.), Dearborn, MI, USA 2/02-5/03

One of the Largest Vehicle Manufacturers in the World

Sr. Powertrain Engineer - Lincoln-Mercury Powertrain

● Led a team of engineers to identify and implement cost reduction design changes for 3.9L and 4.6L engine

upgrade programs, exceeding all program cost targets while meeting all performance targets. Coached staff in

design and release, GD&T, powertrain NVH compliance, emissions and homologation procedures.

SELF EMPLOYED, Ypsilanti, MI, USA 2/00-2/02

Freelance International Business and Engineering Consultant

● Identified low-cost overseas suppliers for U.S. heavy equipment manufacturers and defense firms, facilitated

forming partnerships and provide guidance to fulfill foreign governmental contractual obligations.

● Liaised for foreign companies, identifying appropriate testing facilities i n the U.S. to reduce development costs

Provided market research and guidance in fulfilling U.S. trade and customs regulations requirements.

EMRE BÜLBÜL page three


World's Top Vehicle Manufacturer

Sr. Engineer - Powertrain-II Department

● Achieved all localization and U.S. specific component performance and cost targets for the 2000 model 1.8L

Corolla engine and transmissions, as the lead design liaison between Japan engine design divisions and

local U.S. suppliers, production plants, purchasing, quality control, and production planning departments.

● Played a key role in Toyota achieving the best possible U.S. engine and transmission quality by identifying

and bringing on board qualified suppliers based on such qualifications as company culture, engineering and

production capability, quality systems, and commitment to Toyota’s quality and corporate philosophy.

● Met all localization targets by adapting original Japan designed pistons, crankshafts, cylinder blocks and

heads, and head covers for North American market, accounting for differences in drive cycles, driver habits,

engineering standards, material cost and availability, and government, environmental and labor regulations.

● Improved North American (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) supplier quality by pro viding coaching and guidance

in Toyota Production Systems, Toyota’s engineering design, validation and testing, production preparation,

quality control, and post-production product monitoring practices.


World's Largest, Independent, and Public Diesel Engine Manufacturer Company

Sr. Mechanical Development Engineer - HHP Engines - QSK19 Development Team

● Co-led development team from concept to limited production meeting all program targets. Held management

reviews, released drawings, developed validation plans, and identified and implemented cost reduction

ideas. Managed all resources and suppliers. Co-ordinated launch at Cummins Brazil and it's suppliers.

● Optimized design and durability of existing and future block -to-head joint, cylinder head, and cylinder head

gasket designs using analysis, testing, and failure prediction methods for increased cylin der and fuel injection

pressures to meet emission regulations. Created FMEAs, DVP&Rs and component design specifications.

● Investigated vibration induced engine and driveline failures in oil rig supply boats, large off-highway mining

trucks, and infantry fighting vehicles. Identified appropriate design changes in engine and transmission

mounting, driveline configuration, and hull and vehicle stru ctures to prevent future issues.

Sr. Engineer - Advanced HHP Engineering and R&D - Design & Analysis 7/90-7/92

● Improved fatigue reliability of medium and large engine cylinder blocks and heads, crankshaft, and valvetrain

components using FE and experimental stress, thermal analyses, probabilist ic design methods, and engine

testing. Developed an accelerated unique cranktrain bench fatigue testing methodology, and built a test rig.

TECHNALYSIS INC., Indianapolis, IN, USA 6/88-7/90

A Small, Private Engineering Consulting Company

Consulting Project Engineer

● Improved performance of IC engine intake ports, combustion chambers, and turbochargers utilizing CFD,

structural dynamics, stress, and fatigue analysis. Wrote proposals. Prepared presentations.

PURDUE UNIVERSITY- CFD Laboratories, Indianapolis, IN, USA 5/86-5/88

One of the Research and Development Institution's of A Top Notch Engineering S chool

Graduate Research Assistant - Recipient of $8,000/year stipend from WPAFB & GE, Ohio

● Co-developed a 3-D block structured finite element Euler equation solver and related mesh generation

computer code. Performed research work on CFD applications in internal combustion and turbofan engines.


Numerous courses and training over the years in Engine & Vehicle Design and Development, Engineering

Management, Leadership, Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Toyota Production

Systems, Manufacturing, Product Development and Validation, Marketing, Project Management and

Financing, and Business start-ups.

● MSME, completed 21 hours at Purdue University, IN, 1986 -1988

● BSME, Purdue University, IN, 1986


U.S. and Turkish Citizenship

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