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Customer Service Manager

Tucson, AZ, 85710
April 25, 2014

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Seydou Wane

Tucson, AZ - (520-***-**-**

Versatile, diverse, and resourceful Translator, Interpreter, Freelancer, Teleconference Operator, Writer/Editor

and Teacher with experience in Teaching French and Arabic Literature, Islamic Studies, English as a Second

Language (ESL), Tutoring, Telecommuting, Role Playing with the U.S Military Academy's Cadet, Maxwell air

force Base, Peace Corps, UNICEF, Human Rights Advocacy, Regional Programs Rights, Country, Resources

group, Recruiting, Freelancing Writing/Editing, Management and Customer Service Professional. Extensive

experience in interpreting and translating legal and medical documentation, demonstrating an understanding

of the cultures of both the source and target languages in order to adapt the translations appropriately. A

dedicated teacher with the ability to effectively manage a classroom with strategies designed to keep students

focused and engaged.


Diplomatic Language Services - Arlington, VA - 2012 to Present

Diplomatic Language Services - Arlington, VA - 2012 to Present


Diplomatic Language Services - Tucson, AZ - 2012 to Present


Diplomatic Language Services - Arlington, VA - 2010 to Present

United States Military Academy's Cadet

West Point, NY - 2009 to Present


Boston, MA - 1999 to Present

from Islamic Republic of Mauritania and Boston, Massachusetts in 2008



Shell - Boston, MA - 2008 to 2009

in a very busy, fast-paced retail location, effectively and efficiently delegating tasks in a positive team focused


- Ensured that all products were displayed properly, restocked as necessary, and remained dust free to

maximize retail awareness.

- Compiled and analyzed daily, weekly, and monthly sales numbers and effectively communicated performance

through comprehensive reporting.

Assistant Case Manager

World Refugees and Human Rights Organization - Philadelphia, PA - 2007 to 2007

to 2007

- Provided legal translations and interpretation and served as an advocate to international refugees seeking

human rights.

- Arranged housing, health care and social services for refugees.

- Prepared and presented annual reports.

Arabic and French Language Literature Teacher

Drexel University - Philadelphia, PA - 2005 to 2007

Arabic and French Language Literature Teacher

Community College of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA - 2005 to 2006

Arabic and French Language Literature Teacher

Arabic & French Literature Teacher

High School grades - Brookline, MA - 1999 to 2001

Peace Corps Volunteer

UNICEF, Nouakchott, Mauritania - 1998 to 2000

Taught Arabic, French and African Dialects, and provided weekend tours for visitors.

Case Manager

UNICEF, Nouakchott, Mauritania - 1997 to 2000

Determined medical eligibility for children's health services.

- Attended court and administrative review hearings to provide interpretation and translation services.

- Identified needs and collaborated with health care organizations to provide a network of resources and referral

services to families.


Bachelor's in Arabic and French Literature and Linguistics

University of Massachusetts in Boston - Boston, MA



Proficient in Microsoft Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, e-mail and navigating the Internet


English, Arabic, French, and African dialects including Fulani, Pulaar, Hassaniya, Fulfulde, Iraqi Arabic,

Egyptian Arabic and Arabic dialects from all the Arabic Countries.


- Produce clear and readable translations of medical and legal documents that accurately structure and

essence of the source text.

- Provide interpretation and translation services over the phone between judges, lawyers, doctors, patients,

students, refugees and social workers.

- Translate contracts and agreements, court documentation and government regulations using comprehensive

knowledge and command of legal terminology.

- Interpret and translate medical procedure instructions, introductions to new medical products, medical

brochures, and medical pamphlets with a broad command of medical terminology.

- Address issues of equivalence, terminology, stylistic differences, and ambiguity in the source language to

provide accurate translations.

- Translate to the target language taking variations of the source and target languages into consideration.


Freelance Translator and Interpreter

American Translation Partners, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts (2008 - present)

Alliance Business Translations, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee (2009 - present)

Language Fusion LLC Vancouver, Washington (2008 to present)

Language People, Inc. Santa Rosa California (2008 - present)

Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts (2008 - present)

CTS Language Link, Inc. Vancouver, Washington (2008 - present)

Pyramid, Builders & Associates, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts (2008 - 2010)

Asian Immigration Law Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2003 - 2005)

Legal Interpreting Services, Inc. Brooklyn, New York (2010-Present)

International Interpreters, Inc. Bronx, New York (2010-Present)

Role Player with US Military Academy's Cadet, West Point, New York, (2009-Present)

Maxwell air force Base US Academic's Cadet, Maxwell AFB, Alabama (2010-Present)

Diplomatic Language Services, Inc. in Arlington, Virginia State (2010- Present)

Bruce International, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, (2011-present)

International Interpreters, Inc. New York, New York (2012- Present)

AVAZA Language Services Corp. in Nashville, TN (2012-Present)

DICTYON Language Services, Inc. in Arlington, VA (2012-Present)

American Language Services, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA (2012-Present)

CRACOM International, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona (2012-Present)

Multi Lingual Solutions, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland (2012-Present)

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