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Engineer Manager

Curitiba, PR, Brazil
April 24, 2014

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Jose Esteves Junior

. Curitiba, Paran, Brazil

. Mobile: 55-41-873*-****

. e-mail:

Personal Information

. Marital Status: Married

. Nationality: Brazilian

. Age: 36 years old


Product designer Catia V4 / V5 / Alias Automotive.


. Business Management, European Centre - Curitiba (completed)

. Academy SAP SD (Ka Solution, completed in 2008).

. Technologist in Industrial Computing "Mechatronics" (mechanical,

electrical, electronics and data processing, the School SENAI Armando

de Arruda Pereira - SCS - (completed in 2001).

. Technician Industrial Informatics "Mechatronics", the Pentagon

Office of Education - SA - (completed in 1997).

. Lathe operator Senai Morvan Figueiredo - SP - (completed in 1993).


. English - Fluent, Phil Young's school - Curitiba - PR.

. German - Basic A1, Studing at Goethe Institute - Curitiba - PR.

. Cultural Exchange in five weeks in Germany (01/05/2005 -


. Cultural Exchange of ten weeks in Germany, also visiting Belgium,

Holland, Repl blica Czech, Austria and Italy (04/02/2007 -


Extra Activities

. Alias Automotive

. ShowCase

. Pro-Engineer

. Kola Basics

. Kola Update

. SmarTeam

. SAP SD Module

. Seminar and Sped Electronic Invoice (2008) SAP Brazil

. SAP MM Module (MM01, 02, 03)

. Expert in GPS (Generative Part Stress Analysis) Transcat

. V.P.M. (Virtual Product Manager) Transcat

. Specialist in GD & T (Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing)

. EDM - Engineering Data Management Design

. Catia V5 R16 - (Advanced) Advanced Surface, Solid Advanced

. Catia V5 R16 - (Basic) Module Solid, Sketcher, Draw (2D/3D)

. Catia V4. 2.2 - (Advanced) Advanced Surface, Solid Advanced

. Catia V4. 2.2 - (Basic) Module Solid, Draw, (2D/3D)

. Microstation J - (Advanced) Surface / 3D modeling

. Microstation J - (Basic)

. AutoCAD R14 / 2000

. APQP (Advanced Planning product quality)

. Iso 9000 - Senai Roberto Simonsen

. Operator and programmer of EDM by penetration

. Operator and programmer of CNC lathe

Profissional Experience

. 2012/08 - Actual Ibo-Group / Nissan

. Project Designer Coordinator

. Currently I run an engineering office for development of new

products, tools and suppliers to the market aftermarkt of Nissan

vehicles, using Catia V5 CAD tool, Alias Automotive and ShowCase.

. 2011/05 - 2012/07Actual Tess Projects / Volvo Brazil

. Product Engineer / Designer

. Product designer, developing components for truck suspension body,

preparing 2D drawings, 3D models for DMUs layout and all technical

documentation involving the Kola DCNs system, following the

development, testing and designs using de CAD tool Pro-e.

. 2010/05 - 2011/05 Ford Motor Company, Troller Division

. Product Engineer / Designer

. Product engineer and designer, developing components of body to fix

the spaceframe, line cooling, brake, fuel, respecting clearances

between the components and checking for possible interference with

other components via CAD tool CATIA V5.

. 2009/05 - 2010/05 Tess Projects / Volvo Brazil

. Product Designer

. Product designer, developing components for installation of bus

chassis, preparing 2D drawings, 3D models for DMUs layout and all

technical documentation involving the Kola DCNs system, following the

development, testing and designs using the CAD tool CATIA V5.

. 2007/11 - 2009/03 Promax Engineering / PSA Peugeot Citro n

. Product Designer

. Development of components of the vehicle body surface (external and

internal stampings. From the geometric definition of design, through

the presentation of the impacts to the departments such as assembly,

finishing internal and external to evaluate vendors for mass


. Critical analysis of the interfaces surrounding the components of

structure and structural calculation, to obtain a geometric definition

that meets all requests, preparing proposals for improving the product

using CAD tools (Catia V5 / V4).

. 2004/12 - 2007/11 Brose Brazil

. Product Designer

. Product designer, developing systems lifters manual and electric

glass according to specific standards of the product, controlling the

drawings and parts list, releasing the drawings in the SAP system.

. Training for five weeks in the Brose plant in Coburg - Germany's

construction of mathematical models in order to standardize and reduce

the cost of components for the manufacture of glass lifters systems

manual and electric.

. Training V.P. M. (Virtual Product Manager), G.P. S (Generative Part

Structural Analysis), Methodology in modeling with CATIA V5 and

preparation of designs for clients.

. Completion of the project lifters glass front and rear for Honda in

Brazil, and development of feasibility studies on the project,

elaborating some analysis of structural calculation of plastic and

metal components using Catia V5 Tool GPS analyze.

. 2003/03 - 2004/12 Sul Design / Electrolux of Brazil

. Product Designer

. Designer product modeling all the plastic parts that interface with

the doors of the refrigerator and freezer, as the door shelves,

shelves inside, drawer of vegetables and boxes of freezer and cooler,

giving support to activities at the production, prototypes and

suppliers, aiming to improve the quality of products and components.

. 2000/11 - 2003/01 RS-Inform tica / Systems Brazil Behr A / C


. Product Designer

. Designer product modeling sets of air-conditioning, such as

distribution boxes, air deflectors, actuators, control panels,

condensers for light vehicle business.

. Monitoring the project in Behr's air-conditioning system of the ERM

/ HTC Daimler Chrysler vehicles bearing heavy. And training E.D.M.

Engineering Design Data Management.

. 2000/08 - 2000/11 RS-Computer / Valeo Automotive Security Systems

. Catia Designer

. Area of preparing projects in CATIA V4, joint locks, keys, door

handles, fuel cap, set of air vents and monitoring the development of

SLS prototypes, mock-ups.

. 1999/04 - 2000/07 Parano industry Rubber Goods

. Product Engineering

. Worked in developing product designs and layout, as terminals, metal

hose system air-conditioning, power steering and cooling for the

automotive industry and aftermarket, CATIA V4 through the programs,

elaborating projects of tools for production of mango molded flange

adore machines for metal tubes used in air conditioning hoses, power

steering and cooling.

. Details of products and updates of models in Catia.

. 1997/07 - 1998/09 Flag technology / Metagal

. Training in Mechatronics

. Internship in development of rapid prototyping process by Vacuum-

Casting mold with silicone, with work conducted at the SLS (Selective

Laser Sintering) through nylon powder with modeling file in STL /

Solid View and reverse engineering from digitized 3D parts.

. 1991/8 -1997/06 Arno SA

. lathe

. Assist production

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