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Human Resources Air Force

United States
January 31, 2014

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Hello Human Resources,

My name is Shane. I am a current part-time History instructor at the Community College

of Alleghney County (CCAC) and I would like to fill more of my week with teaching classes. I

would like to increase my teaching employment to full-time. As a History instructor, I have

obtained experience with using Blackboard grading papers and posting assignments. I also have

experience using Desire to Learn (D2L) MS Word, Power Point, excel spread sheet and other

programs. With my Master's in History and half of a Master's in Education, I have proven to

teach with great compenancy. I write my own sylabi, teach by lecture, primary sources, power

point presentations and philosophic in class discussions. In addition, I teach the class scholarly

writing skills on grammar, punctuation, bibliography, foot notes and in text citations in Turabian

format. Therefore teaching written skills is a fundamental component of of the History program.

I am also a member of the National Scholar's Honor Society which testifies to my capacity to

teach effectively and adhear to high academic standards.

In addition, I have been a former Crew Chief (supervisor mechanic) in the Air Force. Utilizing

the disiplinary, organizational and multi-tasking skills that I executed in coordinating a crew of 8

specialist mechanics in the Air Force are also transferrable to the classroom. I have implemented

these skills at CCAC and they have served the class well. Three of my former professors have

written letters of recommendation that attest to my abilities to effectively and greatly attribute to

your institution. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to get the chance to teach your


Please note that on my transcripts, two classes show to be still in session. This is out dated and I

can provide a letter of completion at your request which will prove that I have obtained the


Most Sincerely: Shane Moffatt

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