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Customer Service Project Manager

Antelope, CA
January 31, 2014

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***** ******* **** *******, ********** 95361

H: 209-***-**** M: 209-***-****

Professional Experience

Mountain Valley Express, Manteca, California: 11/25/2010 - 4/18/2013

Information Technology Manager 40 hours or more per week

Hired to manage a small two-person team and bring leadership to the IT

department along with maintaining all computer systems, network

infrastructure for the nine locations covering three states. To bring

about change to the IT staff I had to remind them that information

technology is a service organization and it is important for us to serve

everyone in the organization by keeping everything up and running, be

prompt and curious, and respectful of everyone we meet during the day.

During my time with MVE, I upgraded the Power 5 server since it had been

neglected for a long time, then found that it had actually been out grown

so I moved MVE to a new IBM Power 7 server. With no real DR plan, I was

able to make use of the old server that MVE owned and moved all of their

equipment to a Colocation facility in Sacramento where we replicate between

our two IBM Power servers. I also purchased a second IBM BladeCenter and

replicated the Blade Centers from the CoLocation facility. With all of the

equipment in place I was able to execute three full successful Disaster

Recovery tests during my time with Mountain Valley Express. During my time

with MVE, we opened a new terminal and moved two terminals to new

locations. We also changed wireless partners by moving off Sprint to

Verizon for all of our cell phones and wireless access. Currently we are

working on a new Costing program that will reside on our BladeCenter and

will interface to our central trucking applications on our Power 7 server.

KAPLAN COLLEGE, Salida, California: 7/6/2009 - 1/31/2011 Adjunct

Information Technology Instructor 12 hours per week

I taught Criminal Justice students Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems

concentrating primarily Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access,

and Outlook. The Information Technology course of study centers on the

technical components of the operating and file systems along with how to

apply the Microsoft suite of products in a practical way in the Criminal

Justice system.

MIKE CAMPBELL & ASSOCIATES, Stockton, California: 12/26/2007 - 3/25/2009

Stockton Information Technology Manager 40 hours or more per week

I was hired to manage the office and warehouse systems located in Stockton,

California and to assist with the role out of a new RF Warehouse Management

System with voice-activated picking. My role during the Phoenix project was

getting all of the remote printing, remote forklift, and remote order entry

systems ready for the rollout of the new system. However, my primary

responsibility was to manage backups, security, and bring the AIX system

and application software up to current levels along with supporting all of

the warehouse and office staff computing systems. During my employment, I

completed the addition of new surveillance cameras to the entrance and exit

points to the warehouse along with upgrading the AIX Computer system and

most of the desktop computer systems.

Major Contribution

. Manage the Stockton Information systems department including the new

IBM AIX system using HACMP, TSM, and SAN technology

. Responsible for setting up the new test and production environments on

the IBM AIX system during the WMS system implementation

. Implemented backup and recovery using TSM on the new system

. Upgrade office systems in Stockton and help train personnel

. Presented Business Continuity and Recovery ideas along with other

suggestions for protecting the system environment and office and

suggestions on maintaining equipment to prevent future disruptions and


SOUTHERN WINE & SPIRITS, Union City, California: 6/1996-5/2007 Northern

California Director of Information Systems 40 hours or more per week

Recruited to Manage the Northern California 24x7 operations and oversee

performance of the IBM mainframe and iSeries AS/400 systems, along with

managing the systems programmers, networking, applications development

programmers, and operations staff for this $6B wine/spirit national

distribution company. The focus was to formulate strategic goals and

establish vendor partnerships ensuring IT readiness to support long-term

business strategies and to provide Project leadership during large

application development projects and implementations. Plan, problem-solve,

provide training and coaching, facilitate the work of others, and provide

performance feedback. Ensure seamless operational linkages between 2 large

distribution centers and 20 small direct warehouse sales locations in

California. Working knowledge also spans financials, accounting, payroll,

sales, merchandising, and customer service personnel. Manage the daily flow

of orders as they pass through the customer service department and made

ready for processing, invoicing, order selection, and shipping.

Major Contribution

. Performed successful Business Recovery tests twice a year to protect


. Initiated Web-site presence for SWS with continued site and

application development

. Managed the installation of the California Electronic Content

Management system from Open-Text

. Upgraded warehouse Radio Frequency (RF) to wireless in all warehouses

. Established automated warehousing system capability by migrating

mainframe to the iSeries AS/400, procuring third party software, and

deploying staff training programs

. Revitalized operations by outsourcing mainframe system programming

support to improve efficiency and decrease expenditures

. Ensured network connectivity between the mainframe, iSeries AS/400,

Windows Servers, and PC platforms by implementing advanced


. Spearheaded installation of high speed LAN/WAN to replace outdated

local token-ring network that facilitated initiation of sales support

changes and also supported the company's anticipated growth

. Contributed to the successful launch of new direct warehouse sales

offices in Northern California

Super Stores Industries, Lathrop, California: 1/1990-6/1996 Director of

Information Systems 40 hours or more per week

Recruited to head up the Information technology department for this start-

up company. The company was a partnership between Raleys, Save Mart, and

Bell-Air market, where this new 650,000 sq. ft. distribution will service

their respective stores. We had 18 months to complete the project and the

WCSS package will service as the backbone processing orders though the

warehouse. I was selected for the job because I had 10 years of experience

with WCSS and I also program in both Assembler and COBOL. We had to do

considerable work to get the COBOL version running properly but with my

intimate knowledge it was relatively easy. I purchased the new AS400

system, hired the initial staff, and calculated 6 man-years of work for the

18 month time frame. Then we brought in Arthur Anderson to assist since we

had to develop many custom programs, along with additional third party

software (JD Edwards accounting package and E3 Purchasing module). The

project was a complete success and we opened the doors in 18 months with

just very minor issues.

Fleming Companies, Pleasanton, California: 6/1981-1/1990 Warehousing

Project Manager 40 hours or more per week

Hired to complete the install, manage, and modify the WCSS system written

in macro-level assembler. I became intimate with every program since I made

changes to almost every program during my stay with Fleming. The receiving,

slotting, put away, Slot Move and inventory adjustment programs were the

ones I changed the most since I changed the slotting algorithm to slot

vertically and also included the ability to slot master pallets. During

this time frame my team and I concentrated on managing the 9 warehouse in

California and Arizona. All of the programs outside of WCSS were written in

COBOL that is why I was brought in for the WCSS system, however prior to

Fleming I wrote programs in both assembler and COBOL. I really became the

technical person that everyone came to when they were having problems with

their programs.


Master of Arts in Adult Education/Distance Learning

University of Phoenix Online, California

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Information Technology

California State University, Hayward, California

Certified Data Processor, CDP

Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals


Date issued 11/93


. Systems: IBM iSeries AS/400, IBM Mainframes, IBM BladeCenter S

. Operating Systems: OS/400, AIX, Windows XP, Vista. Windows 7, MS

Server 2003 and 2008

. Software: MS Office 2010 Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Project,


. Languages: SQL, HTML, XML, COBOL, Assembler, RPGLE

. Network: Routers and Switches,MPLS Network, TCP/IP, Warehouse RF,

Storage Area Network (SAN)

. DBMS: RDBMS, DB2, Oracle, HACMP, ExpressServer

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