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Detroit, MI
January 31, 2014

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Roland Walker


Objective: To acquire a position that will compliment my skillset, advance

my career, and significantly increase productivity for your company's IT

division by providing a strong work ethic.

Certifications: CISCO C.C.N.A. 200-120

Summary of Qualifications:


. Previous experience: project managing, creating reports and


. Mainframe - project managing, creating reports, flowcharts, taking

databases down and bring them back online. Telecommunication/Network

technician - Network restoration, installation, software upgrade,

operating system repair, PPP,TCP/IP,TCP,Telnet,Hyper Terminal,Frame

Relay, DHCP, Bridging modems, DNS, firewalls.

. Software/Operating Systems proficiency: Microsoft Office, Active

Directory,Windows 7, Vista, 2003 Server, XP, Unix, Putty, Dos, IIS,

and Vantive.

. Hardware skills: Network Adapter Cards, Installations, phones, IP

phones,Access Points, Routers, Switches, running land drops, extending

demarcs, and physically connecting the network. RJ45, RJ11, RJ48, CAT

3, CAT 5, CAT 6, Fiber connections.

. Excellent customer relations and problem-solving skills.

. Troubleshoot Networks, Internet connectivity, Microsoft applications

and operating systems.



. Test equipment: Wire test equipment (Side kicks, brown meters,) Butt

sets, Air pressure gauge, T1 testers (T-Berd, Gsys), Toner and probe,

Portable smart jack, counsel cable, grounding strap, recovery disks,

loop backs.

. Hand tools: Snips, Can wrench, needle nose, punch down tool, and wire

cutters, strippers. Cable cutters and crimpers. Socket wrenches,

Drills, Hammers, grounding rods.

. Consistently carried a 28 foot ladder while carrying hand tools and

test sets.

. Excellent Verbal and written communication skills.

. Energetic self-starter with the ability to adapt quickly to new

situations and assignments.

. Positive enthusiastic team player.Very familiar with data center/call

center environment.

Professional Experience:


Sears Holdings

LAN Deployment

11/13 - Present

. Currently work as a NOC technician in the LAN Deployment group

supporting the installation network devices for Kmart/Sears. Configure

switch ports, verify devices are connected to the grid.

. Work with installation technicians at the site location. Verify LAN

connectivity and that all elements of the Scope of Work are accurately


Endeavor Telecom

10/2010 - Present

Network Installation/Repair Technician

. Work as a technician configuring modems/air cards 3G/4G for Verizon,

ATT, Sprint, and other vendors.

. Configured Cisco's, juniper, Active Directory and other types of

routers and operating systems. Various types of network testing,

validating bandwidth speed, interference, and signal strength.

. Installing DSL, T1's, IP phones, PBX, VOIP, and land lines, wireless,

routers, switches, access points, PC's, registers, modems, jacks,

fiber connections, internal/external antennas cabling for a variety of

clients on various types of networks.

. Working with engineers, NOC, and or the help desk to install network

equipment for entire stores or offices. Worked with engineers doing

site surveys and repairs. Worked inside and outside of buildings on

ladders as well.

Advanced Wireless Telecom

7/13 - 8/13(Temp assignment)

Network Administration/Phone Support

. Worked on cisco switches configuring Qos, spanning tree settings. Used

Cisco Network Associate as a tool.

. Troubleshot issues with the microwave and fiber network. Packet

collisions and port issues. LAN, WAN, Preventive maintenance.

. Worked on Phone systems, PBX, VOIP Cassidian Patriot, Aurora, and

Vesta. Analyzed data and verified Ali was pulling all the correct

information. Troubleshot dropped calls, mic issues, and static.

Troubleshot event issues in Active Directory. Added phone lines,

extension, and other call settings.

05/2010 - 09/2010 - Seeking Employment


07/2007 - 04/2010

Hi-Cap Special Services Technician

. Installed, provisioned, and repaired all technical equipment to

connect T1's to businesses, cellular sites, or DSL lines and dial tone

to a residence. Such as T1 cards, demarcation housing units, routers,

jacks, and wires to the equipment.

. Provisioned phone equipment. Rerouted phone lines on IP phone system.

Worked with a variety hand tools and test meters to verify

connectivity whether the circuits were provisioned for copper or


. Worked on poles at terminal and also in the changed out repeater cards

in manholes. Repaired wiring on copper and fiber spans. Installed

equipment and monitored functions of Fujitsu and Alcatel at flash

waves, litespans, and fiber huts, converting copper technology to


. Worked with network engineers, testers, central office techs restoring

service for T1's, Oc-3's, DS1, POTS, ISDN, DS0, and Dial by name

directories. Experience in cable case closure repair. Connected drop

wires and cross connects. Troubleshoot equipmenton at the CSU and DSU

for both the company and the customer.


10/2001 - 07/2007

Computer Systems Technician

. Worked as part of AT&T's EPAS team in which we are responsible for

bringing up onlines for customers and clients to access across five

states. Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

. My responsibilities affect billing, system updates, critical changes

and reports to all AT&T's customer database in the 5 state regions.

. Use tools such as ESP, MVS, IMS, CA-7, MAINVIEW, DASD, RACF, HSM,

JES2, JES3, ISPF, and AND TSO and to monitor jobs.

. Also work with DASD, DSO. Programmed JCL and used vantive as a

ticketing system.

. Constantly working with analyst, higher level, techs, other csts, and

other groups who handle every aspect of mainframe environment.

08/2001 - 09/2001 - Seeking Employment


4/2001 - 07/2001

Help Desk Technician

. Working as a Help Desk Technician helping users who have an issue with

RAS access.

. Set up and configured RAS accounts and software. Created cases for

Router Ops groups troubleshooting router connectivity with tracerts

and ping tests.

. Password resets for NT and RAS. Dealing with connectivity issues for

the internet, intranet, network, or Exchange.

. Some troubleshooting with the RAS software related to Windows 98, NT,

and 2000. Worked with a knowledge base as a tool for resolving

technical issues.

Kmart Resource Center, Troy, MI

1/2001 - 3/2001

Help Desk Technician

. Worked as a Help Desk Technician trouble shooting problems for users

across the U.S. Used Motive as a knowledge base tool.

. Used System Management Server to remote to client s PC s and laptop s

to fix the problems for the clients. PC s and laptops where mostly

Dells and IBMs.

. Used Scopus as ticketing system. Troubleshooting on Windows 95, NT,

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, the Internet and various other

applications supported by Kmart. Did password resets in User Manger

for Domains, Enterprise Administrator, and AS/400 mainframe


. Also used AS/400 and TSO to pull up information about clients and

contact information for applications. Created cases, defects, for

other technical teams.

. Set-up HP network printers for clients and did trouble shooting on

them as well. Worked in Exchange Server to update client s profiles,

or add rights for clients email accounts.

American Systems Corporation, Troy, MI

7/2000 - 12/2000

Help Desk Software Support Technician

. Worked on a special project converting 2200 Kmart computer systems.

The project demanded a team-oriented environment, great customer

service skills with Kmart employees, IBM, and NCR field technicians,

and the ability to do mutiple tasks at once.

. Operated on a NT platform converting servers with Unix Commands

through telnet sessions. Entered commands in the servers checking to

make sure things are functioning properly and to fix them if they are


. Troubleshot network connection problems with ATS and EM hubs and

Category 5 and 422 cables, RJ-45 and 25-pin connectors, printers,

monitors, and rmu cradles. Sent software over the network to rmu


. Worked in AS/400 using TSO. Bannered printers and pinged connections.

Checked satellite connections through terminal emulation. Instructed

field Technicians what to do when they have any problems.

. Constantly updated information in Kmart s database and my employer s

database at real time of what s going. Had to handle to as many as

five stores a night. Worked directly with Level 2 and Level 3


. Also worked with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Also worked with Spectrum

24 a wireless connection for the rmu s and access points.

6/7/2000 - 6/30/2000 - Seeking Employment

Focus:HOPEInformation Technology Center, Detroit, MI

10/1999 - 6/9/2000


. Set-up networks and domains in an Enterprise environment working with

PDC S, BDC S, member servers and workstations. Implemented trust

relationships using the Single Master domain model.

. Set-up. Dual and triple booting between Windows 95, 98, NT Workstation

and NT Server operating systems. Formatted PC s with fdisk options and

used logical and primary partitions when installing Microsoft

operating systems and applications.

. Installed Windows 95, 98, the Internet, Novell Client 32, IIS, NT

Workstation and NT Server.. Understand the concepts of working with

WINS, DNS, and DHCP servers.

. Configured TCP/IP protocol, pinged IP addresses, servers, and the

default gateway. Able to determine the SubnetMask, IP Address class,

and # of subnets using network bits, subnet bits and host bits.

. Created user and group accounts and assigned them permissions and

rights. Disassembled and reassembled PC s. Aware of how all of the

internal components of a PC work.

. Worked in the boot.ini file and edited the arc path. Installed drivers

for the VGA mode. Connected hubs, routers, network interface cards,

and PC s.



. Global IT, Southfield, MI; 06/07-08/07

Attended course where I programmed and troubleshot cisco routers.

Covered all areas that are required knowledge for CCNA

. Focus:HOPE Information Technology Center, Detroit, MI; 10/99-6/9/00

Systems Administrator program focused on M.C.S.E. course work which

includes Networking Essentials, NT Workstation, NT Server, NT Core

Concepts, NT Server Enterprise, TCP/IP, and Internet Information

Server. Graduated and received a Technical Degree

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