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Customer Service Management

Peoria, IL
January 31, 2014

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Lester . Collins

Current Address: **** * **** **. . ******, IL 61614 . 309-***-**** .

Local Address: **** **** **. . ******* *****, IL 60515

Summary of qualifications

Ambitious, results-driven, and proven professional leveraging a strong

business acumen and hands-on technical skills to deliver innovative,

comprehensive, and cost-effective process improvement and technical

solutions. Highly proficient in accurately analyzing large amounts of data.

Instrumental part of startup operations; history of driving vital process

implementation projects that are tailored for client-specific needs, result

in operational efficiency/ productivity, and sustain organizational growth;

additional expertise in enhancing "pieces per reset process" for inventory

forecasting. Proven leader with exceptional track-record and recognition in

research and development; demonstrated success in analyzing and

significantly improving everything from technical customer service support

systems and reporting functions to global packaging designs. Sound

knowledge of APICS Master Planning of Resources.

Professional . Experience

Caterpillar Inc. - Morton, IL

Inventory Analyst / Management

(2007 - 2012)

Provided inventory management services for up to 4 high-profile clients.

Primary duties included understanding several client's inventory situation

and making recommendations to improve that situation through projects and

analysis such as lead time analysis, safety stock analysis, analysis of

cost changes in inventory, min buy evaluations, and evaluations of model


. Played major role in safety stock analysis to isolate and reduce

levels where necessary.

. Through lead-time analysis, quickly isolated and corrected instances

in which system stated lead-times were not in line with actual lead-


. Greatly enhanced pieces per reset process to better account for

varying entries and pieces for unique items

. Worked extensively with client to modify min buy process to better

take advantage of supplier price deals

Logistics Professional Development Program (LPDP)

(2005 - 2007)

Fast-track progression through the following key CAT Logistics positions:

Specially selected to participate in prestigious Logistics Professional

Development Program (LPDP) due to strong technical and leadership aptitude.

Later recruited back by executive management for full-time permanent

employment as Inventory Analyst following culmination of program.

. One of only 8 selected for the highly coveted advanced Logistics

Professional Development Program (LPDP) out of numerous CAT Logistics

candidates across multiple states. Successfully completed valuable

rotations through the areas of Global Packaging, Order fulfillment /

Dealer Customer Service, Manufacturing Logistics & Transportation, and

Inventory Management.\

. Aggressively recruited back (after completion of the program) by an

upper-level executive who was impressed with work and skills; returned

to inventory management position for 3 more years.

During LPDP Program, gained a "big picture" overview of CAT logistics /

supply chain operations:

Global Packaging - Started first rotation in the Global Packaging area for

CAT Logistics and worked extensively on numerous six sigma projects

encompassing the streamlining of packaging to reduce packaging expenses and

eliminate waste.

. Played a major role in spearheading effective and efficient processes

to eliminating waste and cut costs by reducing 20 different types of

packaging previously used down to only a few types instead (70% of

items being shipped could be reduced to 3 different package sizes

versus 20 different sizes and types.)

. Saved money for the company through managing numerous other cost-

saving projects.

Order Fulfillment / Dealer Customer Service - Collaborated with suppliers

to ensure top-level service and expedite hot parts needed for production;

ensured production lines remained open. Learned to effectively balance

production needs with streamlined inventory and gained vital problem-

solving skills in the expediting process. Worked one-on-one with dealers to

improve service quality and / or locate other high-performing suppliers and

bring them on board. Gained excellent visibility and insight by viewing

customer issues through calls with clients and actual dealers through

customer service desk.

. Improved customer service recording; worked extensively in SAS

programming; assessed details regarding reasons for dealers calling in

and ways to respond. Measured all variables and arranged data

according to needs then rolled it up according to customer

representative to improve service quality and to produce a valuable

report for feedback used in inventory management programming.

. Proactively pinpointed and resolved numerous issues throughout entire


Manufacturing Logistics & Transportation - Worked in container management

area coordinating the shipment of thousands of steel tubs used to move

parts between manufacturing facilities.

. Revamped the entire working structure regarding processes; designed

effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) to train new workers

on job duties and provide an overview of the workflow.

. Served on several other key projects to assist with process


Inventory Management - Spent 4th and final rotation on the client side,

providing services to other businesses, managing the amount of material in

their warehouses. Effectively analyzed parts for cost versus demand and

other factors to come up with a "sweet spot" to determine the level of

inventory to keep on-hand and orchestrated the management of the parts.

Also analyzed older materials and presented recommendations on parts to


. Supported Mazda Account as part of a startup; pioneered the creation

of numerous vital reports and also worked onsite at client's warehouse

to assist with cycle counting. (Mazda had $100 million in inventory

across multiple warehouses in the US and Canada.)

. Progressed through various shop positions (emergency floor, inbound,

outbound, etc.) as hourly employee while attending school part-time;

involved in the off-campus program for SIU; commuted regularly between

Peoria and Chicago. Moved into office management position following


United States Air Force

(1988 to 1992)

Ground Radio Technician

. Spent time in a mobility unit in Desert Storm.

. Worked on ground radio equipment including UHF/VHF radios, facsimile

machines and teletypewriters.

. Served 4 years; recipient of numerous ribbons and awards for honorable

discharge and combat.

Educational . Background

BS in Electronics Systems Technology

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, IL

APICS Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM)

The Association for Operations Management (APICS)

Caterpillar Logistics & General Training:

Customer Service Analysis . Demand Capture . Forecasting . Distribution

Requirements Planning (DRP) Kitting . Super Session . Min / Max

Replenishment . SAS Programming Six Sigma . Quality Control (QC) and HAZMAT

. SAP exposure . International Inventory Management . Create Reports

Professional . Associations

Member, Association for Operations Management (APICS)

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