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R&D Process Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 08, 2013

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Steven Qiu

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Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Process engineer to solve R&D challenges in materials research and production


Master of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering 1998-2001

Thesis: “The Morphological Structure of PA6/EHDPET (easy hydrolytic degradation polyester) Blend Fiber”

Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Chemical Engineering 1985-1989

Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Technology, Beijing, China


• Extensive hands-on experience in polymer production and research

• Proficient in polymer synthesis (continuous/batch polycondensation and emulsion polymerization) and

characterization of macromolecular compounds including polyester resin, fiber, emulsion and its toner,

polystyrene acrylic resin, emulsion and its toner, and bio-resin/emulsion/green toner.

• Researched & developed polymer resin/fiber/emulsion/toner from lab-scale to pilot to commercial-scale

• Knowledge of polymerization process and equipment, melt extrusion, (continuous) melt spinning, fiber

drawing, fiber annealing; polymer resin emulsification and vacuum distillation

• Familiar with chemical toner particulate process (aggregation/coalescence/wet sieving/washing/drying)

• Experience in conducting design of experiments in aqueous dispersion technology and phase inversion

emulsification technique (Lean Six Sigma green belt)

• Supported R&D and engineering efforts to define process parameters, established robust processes, and

implemented technology transfer

• Performed chemical testing of raw materials, in-process and final products according to quality control

procedures and summarized failure analysis reports

• Working knowledge of physic-chemical techniques (SEM, TEM, TGA, DSC, GC, MFI, GPC, Rheometer etc)

• Invention and innovation with 20+ patent publications

• Responsible, motivated, diligent, flexible, honest, and able to work with a wide variety of disciplines in a team

based work environment – a strong work ethic and customer focus


Senior Research Engineer, Xerox Corporation, Webster, NY May 2012 Sep 2012

• Monitored raw materials quality and troubleshot production process (colloidal particle size and stability)

• Implemented process development and technology transfer and scaled up the new products

• Coordinated the R&D and manufacturing group and accelerated the time to market for new products

Chemical Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Mississauga, Canada

I. Polystyrene & Polyester Latex Development and Delivery Feb 2002 Present

• Developed and scaled up polystyrene-acrylate emulsions and high solid content emulsions from bench

scale to pilot scale to manufacturing scale by emulsion polymerization process

• Collaborated with engineering team, optimized and delivered seeded emulsion polymerization process to

improve latex robustness against raw material quality variations and increase latex productivity

• Implemented lab scale raw material qualification

Steven Qiu

• Provided the technical support for the polyester emulsion outsourcing to ensure the latex meets the

requirement of chemical toner process

• Synthesized polyester resins and styrene-acrylate latexes in lab/pilot/manufacturing scale

• Worked with raw material vendors and internal collaborators for new product qualification and launch

• Conducted phase inversion emulsification (PIE) experiments and converted polyester resin (bio-resin) into

the emulsion at lab/bench/pilot scale and transferred the techniques to manufacturing scale

1. Investigated the effect of solvent and neutralization ratio on emulsion particle size

2. Demonstrated the main drivers to affect the amorphous and crystalline emulsion particle size

3. Developed the neutralization curve for polyester resins

4. Optimized the formulations to obtain the desired emulsion particle size

5. Compiled the process operation instructions of phase inversion emulsification process

6. Developed a single solvent PIE process for the preparation of crystalline polyester latex at lab/bench scale

7. Demonstrated the re-use solvent phase inversion process at pilot scale

8. Emulsified the green resins for new toner process

• Worked closely with vendor and optimized PIE manufacturing process to result in a reduction of 34% for

raw material - polymer resin emulsion conversion fee in early 2013

II. Solvent Free Emulsification Process Development (Extrusion Process)

• Developed solvent free formulation at batch reactor for crystalline resin and transferred the formulation to

solvent free extrusion process on Leistriz 18 and ZSK53 extruder

• Collaborated in a team, transferred solvent free emulsification process to manufacturing scale (ZSK92)

III. Polystyrene & Polyester toner particulate process Development

• Studied the formulation/process latitude and tested the failure model to validate the final formulation and

the process conditions for scale-up

• Worked in a team to develop and demonstrate the low cost carbon black pigment dispersion process

• Implemented lab scale toner process to qualify the raw materials (polystyrene latexes, pigment

dispersions, and wax dispersions)

• Scaled up polystyrene toner particles from 2L to 20gal to 500gal and transferred the process to the

commercial scale (3000gal)

• Participated the improvement of the toner particle size distribution in polyester toner process

• Participated the delivery of three main Emulsion Aggregation EA toner projects

• Continued to work on bridging the relationships between resin/latex/particle/toner

Chemical Engineer

I. Material Engineering Department, Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Technology, Beijing, China 1998-2001

• Synthesized Easy Hydrolytic Degradation Polyester (EHDPET) by ester exchange and polycondensation

process from 1-liter to 50-liter to 7000-liter

• Optimized and confirmed process conditions such as reaction temperature, vacuum, and time for reactors

to obtain different viscosity EHDPET

• Studied thermal and rheological properties of various viscosity of EHDPET and PA6

Steven Qiu

• Studied ultrafine fiber by PA6/EHDPET blends under various conditions such as compatibility, viscosity

ratio, bulk ratio and machinery blending conditions

• Studied the morphological structure of the blended fibers with the help of SEM and optical microscope

• Analyzed modified polyester quality items such as intrinsic viscosity, melting point, carboxyl end groups,

diethylene glycol, color (L and B values), agglomerates, ash content and iron content

Polyester Unit, Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Sinopec Ltd., Tianjin, China 1989-1998


• Implemented equipment installation, performance tests, commissioning test runs, process adjustments

• Ensured quality control with viscosity, softening point, and solid measurement tests

and developed quality control standards and procedures for incoming and in-process products

• Diagnosed causes of system failures and malfunctions to ensure highest operating

efficiency, reliability and quality performance standards

• Modified the chemical formula of raw materials used in the polymerization process to

ensure production compliance with quality standards

• Researched and developed the following high quality PET fibers from lab to pilot to

commercial scale:

High water-absorbing fiber; flame retardant fiber; (0.88--1.11dtex) fine staple fiber; easy cationic dyeable modified PET fiber

• Developed and implemented laboratory testing methods to ensure the raw materials and the final

products within specifications


• Emulsion polymer/process and polycondensation polymer/process

• Process development and scale-up

• Technology transfer

• Colloidal engineering

• Received project management training

• Completed short course emulsion and latex technology at Lehigh University

• Green Belt Certified in Design for Lean Six Sigma

• Supervision of co-op students

• Invention and Innovation with 20+ patent publications

• Internal and external rewards 7+

Steven Qiu

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