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Electrical Engineering

Ashok Vihar Phase 3, Delhi, India
15 to 18
August 04, 2019

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Goal-oriented professional targeting entry level assignments in Electrical Engineering with a leading organization of repute

Profile Summary

Completed M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) from GRD- Dehradun

Knowledge of Power Distribution System, Substations, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Control System, Microprocessor, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics & elements of Power System as well as Instrumentation

Proactively participated in vocational training from THDC and UJVNL

Possess detailed understanding of operating, conceptualizing, designing, troubleshooting, inspecting locating, and constructing technical work

Skilled with capability to analyse and interpret unique problems, with a combination of positive attitude and logical thinking to find the right solutions; knowledge of MATLAB

An effective communicator and team player with excellent interpersonal, negotiation and decision-making skills


Completed M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from GRD- Dehradun

B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Women Institute of Technology, Dehradun in 2016

Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic, New Tehri in 2013

12th from Uttarakhand Board in 2010

10th from Uttarakhand Board in 2008


6 week's vocational training from THDC in 2016

2 week's vocational training from UJVNL in 2013

4 week's vocational training from THDC in 2012

IT Skills

Software & Tools: MATLAB

MS-Office 2003, 2007 & 2016

Academic Projects

Topic: SCR based Automatic Battery Charger

Period: 2013

Role: SCR works a battery charging device

Description: SCR is silicon controlled rectifier/semiconductor controlled rectifier a four-layer solid-state current-controlling device. SCRs are unidirectional devices which functions as a charging unit . Project aims to provide detail analysis for AC source which is given to the step down transformer which converts the large AC source into limited AC source, filter the AC voltage and remove the noise and then give that voltage to the SCR where it will rectify the AC and give the resulting voltage to the battery for charging.

Topic: Prepaid Energy Meter

Period: 2016

Role: Worked as a billing magnetic card (Just like ATM/Metro Card)

Description: Basically like in a mobile phone recharging, the consumer buys a recharge card and gets some energy units in return of the balance amount. The balance amount will keep reducing for every unit of energy consumed and once zero, the power supply would be automatically cut off. The amount deducted for every unit of energy consumed can be controlled by the distribution unit according to the peak hours. Project provide an overview as a SMART CARD wherein customer can recharge online/electricity office and customer(s) can avail the benefit from State Electricity Board gets free from debts, task of paying the bill and waiting anxiously for the bill is eliminated. Wastage of energy is diminished as now only the required energy will be consumed as allotted.

Topic: Power Optimization from PV Panel on the Basis of Temperature and Irradiance Values

Period: 2019

Role: Worked as PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) cell which directly converts solar radiation into electricity without any intermediate power conversion steps, noise or pollution

Description: Solar energy is converted to electrical energy directly by semi-conductors materials used in Photovoltaic (PV) panels. There are many factors affecting the panel efficiency such as tilt angle, shading, dust, solar radiation level, temperature and wiring losses. In this project we have prepared thesis wherein The voltage and current both are the function of light falling on PV panel Due to the changes in the environmental condition, MPP algorithm is used which keeps on tracking the knee point in IV curve.

Extracurricular Activities

Executive Member of Sport Committee in school

NSS - A,A+,B,C

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 1st January 1994

Languages Known: English, Hindi

Mailing Address: 123 C Ashok Vihar Pocket D Deep Enclave Phase 3, New Delhi 110052

Marital Status :Married

E Mail: Phone: +91-976*******/863*******

Core Competencies

~Electrical Circuits

~Electrical Energy and Power

~ Electrical Instruments

~Induced Voltages and

~Electric Motors

~Electrical Communication

~Electrical Transformers

~Thermal Power Generation

~Power Electronics

Education Details

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