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Chief Architect

West Palm Beach, FL
August 06, 2019

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A hands-on, results-oriented visionary technology leader with over 19 years in Strategic Planning & Implementation, System Architecture and Team Leadership & Development. Elite problem-solver with a track record of improving operational performance and contributions to organizational growth, able to effectively manage a complex suite of technical tasks, lead cross-functional teams and increase productivity. Proven leader with strong communication and organizational skills, able to build long-term trust relationships with colleagues and develop a team of professionals. Possess a positive and effective correspondence style with the willingness to work in a stressful environment. Maximized developers’ team productivity and designed solutions for long-term or large-scale issues.

Implemented best-practice operations procedures to provide excellent service as per the company’s requirements.

Supervised employees and cross-functional teams, including evaluating the performance, assigning tasks and motivating colleagues to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Implemented new strategies, processes, and procedures as well as training and integration, while managing all the technical operations and development processes.


Leadership/Team Management

System Development

Technical Operations

Cross-Functional Communication

System Architecture

Organizational Development

Process Improvement

Team Development

Customer Service


Program Management




Judgment and Decision Making

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Time Management


ARROW DIGITAL (Softvision, Cognizant),

Chief Architect/Department Lead

Helped successfully guide organization through explosive growth including two acquisitions. Contributed to the creation, management, and training of a world-class solutions team while serving as a Development Team-Lead and Departmental Lead and grew the team of professionals and helped to enter a new country market.

Performed as a Technical-Advisor for client projects with deep analysis and recommendations and demonstrated excellent expertise.

Managed a team of 100+ professionals across 8 work-streams as well as functioned as a cross-team and cross-functional architect, controlling all aspects of the ALM.

Achieved year-over-year growth for scope, scale, and budget of the project, including managing $12M per year.

Utilized Agile methodology and contributed continuous improvement, while completing all tasks in a timely manner.

Successfully designed and implemented large-scale data-ingestion and standardization platform for financial data, including file formats PDF, CSV, and Excel.

Promptly managed 28+ feeds from various data sources and standardized into 20+ finance domains.

Effectively established and directed Master-Data, Mapping and Metadata Management (MDM) and 22 standalone apps and micro-services (single system), while enabling each App to have an on-demand release process.

Automated all database deployments. The System was geo-distributed across 5 data centers.

Managed a vast amount of data, ensuring to address all data retention and data sovereignty requirements.

Layered codebase using NuGet Server for dev artifacts (Sonatype Nexus) and built-out TFS Release Management (On-Premise Azure DevOps) Builds, Releases and built custom Tasks to support our tool chain.

Drove an Angular UI designed after Azure Portal to allow various applications to participate in a continuous journey for our business-users. So, they did not have to use multiple applications.

Established a visualization tool for multi-level partnerships (MLP) using d3.

Improved a business import process taking 12+ hours to run and decreased turnaround time to only 30 minutes.


System Architect May 2013–August 2013

Coordinated and managed high-volume social media and discussion-oriented platform, as well as controlled implementation of LAMP application to .NET platform conversion.

Performed video transcoding and thumbnail extraction using FFMpeg for user uploaded or streamed content hosted in AWS

Monitored Image Resizing, Data Sharding (Silo), Microsoft SQL Full-Text Search, Elastic Search (Lucerne Indexes), Dapper (Micro-ORM).

Utilized ActionMailer and Razor Generator with custom binding to implement application/email notifications.

Successfully established offload email generation to a Windows service.


System Architect/Department Lead December 2008 – May 2013

Designed, implemented promotional traffic funnel, designed to target and monetize traffic based on long-term data collected from ~30k different sites.

Developed and executed the Data Sharding (Silo) and Workflow engine based on business-controlled state machines for business configuration to use for billing engine and long-term marketing efforts.

Managed the implementation of late-bound functionality to extend running systems without requiring deployment.

Successfully designed penny auction bidding platform to manage massive concurrency.

Coordinated dynamic data-driven REST route management to build new pages without deployment.

Established sophisticated predicate-based selection mechanisms to configure rules by the business as well as implemented State Machine driven website navigation.

Designed and developed the Toolbar Platform while managing 30K concurrent connected users through 2 VMs (2 Core). Designed to manage 400K concurrent users, supported the major browsers. IE 6+, FF3+, Chrome as well as a native browser add-on and platform specific.

Coordinated database systems designed to control high concurrent usage as well as high volume database-backed queue processing for the distribution of leads to advertisers.

Designed and Implemented AppFabric out of proccing shared storage for application state.

Promptly built event accumulation platform capable of maintaining 128K events per second per web server.


Senior System Developer July 2006 – December 2008

Served as a System Analyst and established system rules based on custom and matrix rule sets.

Successfully developed Human Resource management system for Time and Attendance with sophisticated PTO Accrual, work scheduling, automated behavior rules, and granular permissions, resulting in process improvement.

Integrated fingerprint biometric support, managed WebCams’ implementation for employee picture management for CRM package as well as added Timecard document scanning for archiving purposes.

Improved and integrated DB2 Import/Export for backend payroll system to ensure smooth workflow performance.


Software Developer October 2005 – July 2006

Managed, controlled and refactored Internal ERP Package while demonstrating excellent time management and strategic planning.

Utilized DL-05 hardware sensors with an ASP.NET frontend to develop the Assembly Line Monitoring solution.

Effectively developed and implemented an Automated MCI Imageport Fax Service monitor, legal document importer and converter application.


Software Developer October 2000 – July 2005

Successfully managed, organized and reviewed a package of encryption libraries for FIPS 104-1 validation in a timely and accurate manner.

Provided effective solutions on various cross-platform issues with Windows CE, PalmOS, Mac OS X as well as investigated complex technical problems to ensure smooth workflow performance.

Promptly developed custom embedded databases as well as a sophisticated embedded, rules-based firewall with thresh-holds as per all the requirements and standards.

Architected, designed and implemented S-vault 4.0 product - Secure Web-based Document Management System.

Designed Internationalization (I18n) Support for S-Vault 4.0/5.0 product as well as implemented a custom Encrypted Filesystem for commercial products.


Lead Architect, Senior System Developer, ARROW DIGITAL

RabbitMQ, MSMQ, C#.NET, Linq, Owin. ASP.NET, WebAPI, WWF, WCF, SSRS, OData patterns, OAuth2, Oidc

EntityFramework 6.x, Dapper, RestSharp, Flurl, HttpClient, Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2017, Azure SQL, Visual Studio .NET 2012-2017

System Architect, Senior System Developer, LOGICNATION

C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC 4, .NET 4.5, MSSQL, SQL/XML, XML, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS. Linq, IIS 7.5, Windows Services, REST Services, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio .NET 2012

System Architect, Senior System Developer, System Analyst, ACQUINITY INTERACTIVE

C#.NET, ASP.NET 2.0/4.0, .NET 3.5/4.0/4.5, MSSQL, SQL/XML, C, C++, C++.NET, VB6, VB.NET, XML, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS. Linq, Async based Tasks, DLR, IronPython, IIS 7.0/7.5, Windows Services, WCF Services, Web Services, REST Services, JQuery, Dev Express, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012, SSIS, Visual Studio .NET 2008/2010/2012, Visio 2010, Axosoft OnTime, RedGate SQL Suite, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Senior System Developer, CareersUSA

Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, DTS, DB2 6.x, Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005/2008, Axosoft OnTime 2007/2008, RedGate SQL Prompt, Apex SQL Diff, Source Safe 6.x/2005, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, SharePoint, Telerik AJAX for ASP.NET 2007/2008, SuperGoo ABCPdf, .NET Charting 5.0, Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, GrFinger, Silex S1/S2, SecuGen

Software Developer, STAINSAFE

Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005, Reporting Services 2000, DTS, Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005, Visual Studio 6, Source Safe 6.x, RMI, SMTP, SOAP, WSDL, Web Services, Hardware Random Number Generators, Assembly line sensors, Web-Cams, Image/Text Scanner

Software Developer, SECURIT-E-DOC

C, Java, JSSE, VB6, XML, HTML JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, Visual Studio 6,CodeWarrior Windows/Mac OS X, GCC 3.x,

Windows Authentication, NTLM, Basic, Digest, APOP, EKE, Microsoft SSPI, RSA SecurID, Rijndael, Blowfish, RC4, RC5, RC6, Skipjack, TEA, DES, DES3, RSA, 140-1 Compliance, Hardware Random Number Generators



Executive Education - Leadership Boot Camp at FAU

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INTJ

EQ-i Workplace Assessment

Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment: Strategic, Relator, Command Futuristic, Achiever


CompTec July 2005

MCSD Certification

70-229: Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition

70-316: Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications

70-315: Developing and Implementing Web Applications

70-320: Developing XML Web Services and Server Components

70-300: Analyzing Requirements and Defining .NET Solution Architectures


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