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Data Oracle

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
August 06, 2019

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**** ********** **** **** ********, VA. 20111


Phone: 202-***-****


A SME with over 12+ years of Oracle experience and some experience in a challenging and dynamic environment

Tune via GRID-CONTROL/CLOUD CONTROL 12c (create recommended indexes, SPA, SQL-PROFILE, compare new/old plan, view top activities, top SQL, etc…)

Data-guard, Active Data-guard Role, Physical Standby Data-guard Role, Snap-shot Data-guard Role

Working knowledge of Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 Administration

Works independently and as a team member (with a diverse group of people)

Install and configure linux (Oracle linux, RHEL 4 and 5) and Oracle on physical and VM Ware.

Ability to learn new technologies quickly

performance tuning of database tables

Build VM and ORACLE VM VirtualBox

Expertise in creating/scheduling the Cron Jobs

A self-motivated person who is able to work on multiple projects

Effective verbal and written communication skills, high level of initiative, team member, and multitasking ability in a large organization

Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills

Excellent attention to detail

Flexibility and adaptability within a changing and fast-pasted environment

Administer data bases on various environments (dev, test and production)

Experience with Virtual servers (install, configure, install OS linux, install ORACLE/create database

Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

Expertise in data loading via export import, SQL Loader, data pump and external tables

Good data modeling, skills using ER Win and on paper

Set up and manage database security by creating new users, roles, profiles, views

Synonyms and provide required user privileges

Expertise in database installation, configuration supporting OFA standards, proactive

Conduct performance monitoring and tuning, migration, storage management, user management

Developed enterprise requirements and standards of (backup and recovery, standup new instances, standup standby databases, golden gate replications, how to trouble shoot known issues, similar file system layout on all servers, etc )


Swingbench,, VMware and ORACLE VM Virtual-Box, Oracle client

RDB, Strong problem solving skills, Expert Golden Gate 11g & 12c, RAC, OpenVMS, Expert Data guard: logical, physical, active and snap-shot standby databases, Failover, switchover ASM Oracle 12c, 11g,10g, 9i, 8i RDBMS, Shell Scripting, SQL, MS SQL, Streams replication, Golden Gate, OEM 11GC,12C/13C, Sqlplus, Toad, Putty, Exceed, OID/LDAP, SQL Loader, Warehouse Builder

Data Science Skills: numpy, pandas, io, gmaps, basemaps, API Interactions, Tweepy

Platforms: Matplotlib (Python), Tableau

Languages: Python, SQL, R, JavaScript (D3.js, Leaflet.js) HTML/CSS, Shell-Script

Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and 2000, Windows XP, windows 7, UNIX, Solaris 2.x, Linux (RHEL 3, 4,5,5/7) and AIX, Installed Linux (Oracle, REDHAT 32/64 bit)

Protocols: TCP/IP, FTP


AKIMA@USPTO 02/2012 SR Oracle DBA current

My day-to-day tasks at USPTO are support of mission critical patent, trademark and financial databases. Databases sizes are from 3tb to 200tb. Most production databases at USPTO are high availability (some are two nodes RAC, DATAGUARD… primary has two standbys which are converted into snapshot standby for application/performance testing. ORACLE GOLDEN GATE is our replication tool: (one-way replication/bi-directional replication) we are also replicating (extracting) schemas from a standby (and archived log area) which has to be in an ACTIVE role for this to occur. In this environment we also replicate (extract site) from a non-standby (reading from online redo logs)

RAC upgrades, performance tuning, patching(OPatchAuto), working with (OCR,ASM,CRS, multiple RAC instances)

Roll Forward a standby database using RMAN incremental backup

Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities

Enabled Oracle RAC High Availability Features

Stress tested with Swingbench

Databasd Management in Production and DR site

Configure and build heartbeat monitoring in Golden Gate (via shell scripting)

Critical incident handling

implementing and managing TDE

Migrating the schemas and data using Transportable Tablespaces and Data pump

Tuned RAC Global Cache Wait Events (gc [current/cr], gc remaster, gcs drm server freezer – gc quiesce etc..)

Tuned RAC Global Enqueue Wait Events (TX, TM, HW, SQ, US, TA)

Set backup-related configurations in RAC environment

Schedule a RAC backup job that runs frequently from the OS

Set the RAC snapshot control file in a shared location

Use RMAN to take backup of the RAC database

Use RMAN to restore Oracle RAC database

Managed backup and recovery in RAC

Managed Snapshot control Files in RAC database

Database Migration and Upgrade activities

Installing and managing Golden Gate

Configured control file and SPFILE autobackup in RAC

Used RMAN parallelism in RAC

Node addition and deletion in RAC

Used ASMCA to manage (ASM instance, Disk groups, Volumes, etc..)

Managed RAC Initialization Parameters, etc..

RAC tools used (srvctl, crsctl, ASMCMD)

Managing RAC OCR/voting using tools (ocrconfig, ocrdump,ocrcheck)

Setting up backup for RAC databases.

Created backup and recovery document (step by step data-guard failover to DR site, recover from multiple issues.. data-files, table-spaces, control files, online redo logs, archived redo logs, tables, etc..

Implemented FRA (flash back technology)…

Implemented OEM 11 GC, 12c and 13c

Migrated oracle databases between platforms (AIX,LINUX,SOLARIS,WINDOWS) via transportable table-space and data-pump

Configured TDE. This need a wallet and a key is needed for the wallet data protection

Worked with 11GC, 12c and 13c to tune, administer, set-up nightly jobs

Worked with 11GC, 12c and 13c to stand-up data-guard environments, clone, backups, etc.

Configured multiple active data-guards for Golden Gate extract from standby

Configured Active Active Goden Gate replication

Expert level Golden Gate trouble shooting

Configured multiple Active Data-guards to migrate mission critical reports off the production primary db server

Converted all physical standbys databases into active data-guard standbys.

Secure password configured via wallet (all apps and RMAN passwords are stored in oracle wallet and not in scrips or any files on the platform

Worked with developers to implement DATA REDACTION (used to mask critical columns

configured High Availability environments with FRA/data-guard broker to enable automatic failover

Configured snap-shot standby database for testing performance/application using production data and systems

Configured DR site for disaster recovery data-guard is needed

Configure Active-database(data-guard) for reports on standby site

Strong golden gate skills (tuned hung GG processes, add tables to GG groups

Resolved Golden Gate mapping issues, etc...)

Performance tune golden gate (added tuning parameters in param files and created multiple group for extract and replicat site

Migrated from character set 11g WE8 ISO8859P15 to 12c AL32UTF8 via csscan tool

Corruption prevention, detecting and repairing via active dataguard, init.or parameters, flash back technology, RMAN, etc…

Configured Golden Gate wallet (only use with 12C)

Created 12C PDB via copied and plugging in

Copied files from seed, cloned a PDB locally and remote

plugged in an unplugged PDB, plugged a non-CDB as a PDB

Installed and configured 11g and 12c GOLDEN GATE in production, QA and testing environments

Upgraded GoldenGate from 11.1 to 11.2 and also installed 12c golden gate on multiple environments

Configured golden gate replication from 11g to 12c oracle database

SQL tuning using SPM and sql profile

Recovered over 300 missing archived log sequences from backup and applied them to standby database to resolve gap issues

Recoverd missing archived logs for GoldenGate extract process, on the extract site (Golden gate extracting from the standby. Standby has to be in active role)

Trouble-shot GOLDEN GATE mapping issues (missing indexes on target sites can cause this problem as well as other things etc..)

Perform SQL tuning and instance tuning

Applied OPatch and PSU to production and test environments

Tuned golden gate replicat (ggadmin waiting to write, used golden gate tuning parameters, tuned the database for better performance on replicat site, etc…)

Tuned golden gate lag time (two weeks lag time down to 0 seconds)

Configured golden gate to extract from REDO LOGS (non standby database) and ARCHIVED REDO LOG (standby database)

Trouble shooting data guard issues (primary cannot write to standby, gaps, etc…)

Set up to three standby which receive logs from one primary database (This way I was able to switch one of the standby to snapshot for testing)

Configured various data-guard environments (physical, snapshot 11g, active 11g and logical standby)

Installed data-guard manually (take backup, configure parameters, etc..) and with RMAN duplicate for standby

Strong data-guard trouble shooting experience

Switch physical standby database to snip-shot standby and back to physical standby (This was done for performance testing live data from primary production db

OID/LDAP: good knowledge of OID/LDAP

OID/LDAP: configured over 282+ databases/services into OID/LDAP

OID/LDAP: Trouble shot OID/LDAP errors (ORA-28043: invalid bind credentials for DB-OID connection, ORA-12514: TNS, ORA-28030: Server encountered problems accessing LDAP directory service

Works with 200 Tb database

TUNING strong tuning skill (using performance views ASH etc…, Top performance events, run explain plan, AWR report, ADDM recommendation, SQL Profile, etc…)

Adding disk to ASM diskgroup via ASMCA, SRVCTL, ASMCMD, and SQLPLUS

Understanding and working with Grid Infrastructure

Registered a single-Instance Database in OCR Using SRVTL

Administer temporary tablespace/Online Redo logs in RAC environment

Enable archive log in a the Oracle RAC Environment

Managing Services in Oracle RAC

Administer SCAN listeners

Administer Cluster Ready Services

Oracle RAC backup and recovery

VeriSign Dulles, VA: Oracle DBA 06/2011- 02/2012

Core team supports databases related to domain registration from all registrars in the world. The databases are very large databases as well as performing over 10000 transitions per minute. Also supported scripts that generated reports.

Participated in core game (TEST: tested recovery procedures to prepare for disaster Data

guard/App swing form primary to standby)

Configured multiple active data-guards

Install and configured golden gate

Performance tune Golden Gate (added tuning parameters in param files and created multiple group for extract and replicate site

Resolved Golden Gate issues

Made sure daily reports were delivered with no issues

Worked on data guard issues

24/7dba (troubleshooting alerts, investigating incidents and fixing it)

Used user manage backup and recovery

Worked with 8 Tb database Mclean VA Oracle DBA 10/2009 – 06/2011

Configured primary and physical standby databases (Data guard)

Expertise in performing database refreshes and cloning

Resolved dead lock issue (via AWR snip shot of the database and identified top events that were causing dead locks and other performance issues

Diagnosed Row Migration & Row Chaining issues and fix them

Planed upgrade from development, QA to production.

Worked with RAC

Created and administer encrypted tablespaces for federal clients

Cloned and renaming multiple databases via RMAN, online RMAN backups,and user manage cloning

Provided critical tuning and database recommendations

PIT recovery when needed via (RMAN and Flashback technology)

Creates restore point, guaranteed restore point (ensure the database will flashback after the flashback retention period has pass) or RMAN restore to a SCN or past date

Installed Grid Control along with agents ( Registered instances into the OMS)

Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Shell scripts/Automated and refine regular processes

Automated database creations, automate process to tar, gz, and remove obsolete logfiles (oracle, system, RMAN backup logs files) so it does not fill up the file system

Set up effective RMAN weekly backup process in the cron table

Monitored development, QA and production databases performance via Grid Control.

Performed SQL tuning.

Loaded data into the databases via sqlldr, datapump (DIRECT IMPORT), and export and import

Performed Database and data migrations.

Work with Developers and production release team for production release (support and assistance)

Work with Operations to troubleshoot complex issues related to the entire environment including OS, storage and servers.

Manage, Monitor and Administer database and system performance. Including optimization and tuning of data loads, extractions and recommending appropriate procedure, query or package changes and optimizations to ensure and improve system performance and reliability.

Provide off hours On-Call support to resolve production issues within the stated SLA.

Automate and refine regular processes, track issues and documented changes

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) New Carrollton, MD: Oracle DBA 02/2009 –10/2009

Gathered Statistic and rebuild indexes (Help improve performance) to notified the CBO of changes with in the db.

Worked on vmware platform that are hosting Oracle databases

Recovered corrupted tablespaces and datafiles

Backup and recovery via RMAN/configured Grid Control to backup multiple databases

Monitored databases, file system, host performance and application server via OEM Grid Control

Installed, upgraded, configured, managed and maintained all non-production and support on production databases

Monitored database for performance issues and tuned SQL/instance

Loaded data into the databases via sqlldr and PL/SQL scripts

Installed, patched and upgraded Oracle binaries and databases

VeriSign Dulles, VA: Oracle DBA 10/2005- 01/2009

Core team supports databases related to domain registration from all registrars in the world. The database is a very large database as well as performing 10000 transitions per minute. Also support on tuning and maintaining reports scripts.

Administered a 4 terabyte database

Monitored and administered development and production databases using Grid Control, and Toad

Configured and trouble shoot high availability (Data Guard)

Configured and administered Streams replication ( Schema replication, Downstream and upstream)

Put script in place to proactively monitor the performance of the database for resource contention

Managed tablespaces/datafiles capacity database migration, patching and upgrading databases

Migrated from Dictionary-managed to locally managed tablespaces

Installed Oracle’s software via response files and Oracle Universal Install (OUI) on Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows

Installed Oracle’s client-only and Instant client via response file and Oracle Universal Installer on Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows 2008

Create database manually (for large environments and extra parameters configurations) and via DBCA

Performed backup and recovery, online and offline backup (RMAN or user manage), set up RMAN’s recovery catalog, automating RMAN’s backup scripts in crontab export and import and datapump

Set up Flash Recovery Area for RMAN

used SQL*Loader (Direct or Conventional Path) and External Tables to load data into the database

Monitored database for performance issues and tuned SQL (Partitioned tables, Indexes, Table compression, and Materialized views

Instance Tuning, configure parameters for optimal usage, worked with ADDM, AWR and Statpack

Developed SQL AND Shell scripts (Very good SQL and Shell Scripting skills)

Partitioned tables, added partition to partitioned tables, created partition Index

Work on project lock down for VeriSign (securing and monitoring the listener log for reloads and failed connections, set password for the listener file, check for default username and password in the db that are know to hackers, create profiles, roles, view and enable database auditing )

Created, modified, and managed database and objects on Oracle, MS SQL 2000 and 7.0

Loaded flat files into the database on UNIX - Solaris 2.x, Linux, and Windows NT platform by using SQL*Loader and External Tables

Managed database schema by creating users, roles, profiles, and provide required user privileges in development, test, training and production environments on both Oracle and MS

SQL Server

Installed, created and configure Oracle 10g and 9i database on Windows NT and UNIX

Created and monitor the usage of indexes

Created and manage table-spaces

Used Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to schedule database tasks (backing up the full database)

Performed offline and online (hot/cold) backups, with RMAN, user manage, data pump, and

Performed export and import

Performed data modeling, database design

Performed performance tuning, installed statspack, gathered statistics via

Statspack and AWR.

Bowie State University, Bowie, MD: Technical Support: 04/2003 to 12/2004 (Intern)

Created and altered database init.ora file to meet database requirements

Installed oracle client software on newly configured Windows XP/NT workstations

Assisted new Oracle students/users via creating their accounts

Maintained control files, redo log files, for high availability

Set up student access to data base (for database classes)

Setup computers and assign IP addresses (static IP addressing)

FEMA, Hyattsville, MD 01/2002 – 02/2003 (Intern)

Prepared presentations and assisted staff member’s pc and application use.

Prepared, responded, and recovered for disaster aid victims.

Provided infrastructure for effective communication in a fast paced environment

Expedited FEMA’s response time to disaster aid victims of federally declared disaster area







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