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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
August 06, 2019

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Accomplished Senior Operations Executive

Accomplished Senior Operations Executive who revitalizes and cultivates supply chain/operations professionals to new levels of success. Conquer complex business challenges and make high-stake decisions using experienced backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity. Respected as a strong proponent of operations excellence, transformational change, empowerment and accountability. Gifted leader with the vision, determination, and skills needed for high-level operations revenue improvement strategies. Inspiring leader with proven ability to galvanize organizations by cultivating a collaborative and trusting culture to increase productivity and morale. Delivers profitable results using interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people willingness to give 110%.

Qualifications & Expertise

Strategic Leadership & Execution

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Operations Excellence

Risk Management & Inventory Control

Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting

New Product & Project Management

Regulatory Compliance

Capitalization Strategies

Leadership & Team Development

Customer & Quality Management

Behavior Based Safety Program

Organizational Transformation

Major Accomplishments

Outperformed EBITDA transformations of 3 manufacturing business units with net operations improvements of over $30M.

Championed operations excellence in 3 business units resulting in over 50% OEE improvements and $20M savings.

Accelerated Behavioral Safety transformations at 8 locations to zero recordable injuries - Chairman's Safety Award Finalist.

Spearheaded several supplier/vendor cost reduction projects with J-I-T delivery and over $18M inventory cost savings.

Facilitated customer service projects to reduce complaint rate by 98% - Supplier of Year & Customer’s Appreciation Awards.

Guided 3 business units through re-engineering technology projects with zero loss in on-time delivery and services ratings.

Professional Experiences


Acting Head of Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) – NA/Pacific (Contractor – Rangam Consultants Inc.)

Recruited by Merial Pet Healthcare Top Supply Chain Leadership to drive cultural change during Merial's acquisition with ingenious solutions to execute existing and new pharmaceutical products/contracts/forecasting and various analysis. Oversight of $1.3 billion pet healthcare portfolio with 7 Supply Chain Managers and 3 support staff. Supply Chain Managers managed forecasting, inventory, product projects and FDA activities at 32 Contract Manufacturing Organizations with over 1500+ SKU’s.

Established Global Supply Chain Performance Matrix – exceeded 2016 4th, 2017 1st & 2nd Quarter’s performances which included destruction risk analysis, secured supply analysis, long term forecasting analysis and CMO's product on-time delivery.

Created Global External Manufacturing (GEM) Performance Dashboard - North America & Pacific (NAPAC): HSE & Quality, Supply, Finance, IRM/Involvement(Schedule Adherence), and Product Price Variance Cost.

Contributed expertise on global projects - regulatory issues, 2 new FDA plant qualifications and a new packaging design team.

Collaborated with Global Packaging Project Team on new backpack dispensing unit - production equipment requirements.

Collaborated with Quality Assurance and Regulatory Team on 2 Supplier’s FDA Shutdown - Presented Risk Analysis to Corporate and Senior Leadership - over $2.0M/week loss production and eventually $3.5M/week sales loss.

Performed Mitigated Risk Analysis of loss product and supplier’s time table for FDA process improvements approval.

Negotiated with Supplier on FDA issues of Autoclave process for pet healthcare products and product scheduling.

Expedited and improve new supplier’s product production FDA approval, scheduling of one-of-kind heart worm treatment - $1M/day loss of sales due to product outage and FDA regulatory rules - improved scheduling by 6 months back to market.

Negotiated with vale supplier’s production scheduling(vale only produced twice a year) after quality 4 month shutdown - improved scheduling by 4 months, negotiated to be priority on production schedule - Talked to Bottler Marker’s COO.

Reduced lab testing fees of supplier by re-negotiating 3rd party lab testing fees for scheduled annual testing - $350k saved.

Collaborated on Global SI&OP process with sales, marketing, regulatory, materials management, quality and global stakeholders.

Discovered through product sales a product loss avoidance by analyzing projected sales vs. actual sales - $10M avoidance.

Reduced supplier’s manufacturing and work-around. Discovered product shelf-life issue and collaborated with sales to devise a promotional sale to reduce inventory for potential obsoleting expired products.

Spearheaded Global WIP, Traceability, Raw/Finish Good Inventory for suppliers’ monthly/annual inventory reporting process.

Developed new supplier processes for WIP cycle counting, raw material/finish good inventories’ reporting process.

Collaborated with Supply Chain Manager and IT on supplier’s new traceabililty software. Implementation had stalled due incompatible data uploads. Work with IT to resolve data incompatibility and construct new compatible perimeters.

Collaborated with third party scheduling software company, Supply Managers and IT on developing process to retrieve actually inventory levels vs projected inventory levels from Merial’s warehouses and distribution channel. Actual inventory improved Supply Chains Managers’ monthly scheduling process and post analysis tool for predicting Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API) long term forecasting.

Collaborated with Global Contract Manufacturing Operations Top Leadership on balancing the Supply Chain Manager’s global footprint and workload. Work with other Global Heads of CMO’s to re-construct CMO’s regional duties and product SKU’s quantity for a better balanced workload and supplier visibility.


Manufacturing Manager(Plant Manager)

Recruited by Prayon, Inc, a sodium and calcium phosphate salt manufacturer, Top Leadership, Georgia’s Small Manufacturing of the Year - 2015, to drive cultural change and deliver sustainable solutions to prepare for a new product line – new plant build. Spearheaded operational excellence, strategic growth plan, and solutions to maximize 2 chemical facilities performance – $80 million business unit, 3 direct reports and over 44 indirect associates.

Revitalized a SMED project to reduce product changeovers by 71% in less than 6 months - $6M revenue generator.

Created a self directed team philosophy. Removing management and assigning associates to specific roles.

SMED project had stalled. Join team to train on project management, defining steps in SMED, assigned job task, time measuring, corrective action process, day after changeover review, analysis of time management, new shutdown and start-up processes and assigning associate roles. Constructed activity flow chart, developed changeover room with assigned activity coordinator, radio communication method and charting of process.

Instituted a Behavior Based Safety Program including multi-site/shift safety committee – zero recordable injuries.

Added daily SQF/safety meetings/topics, pre-startup checklist, post-shutdown checklist, daily observations program, reward program and 20% part of annual performance.

Restructured morning meetings from 1 hour to 10 minutes (83% effectiveness) with visual management tools.

Designed meeting topics, participates, daily production data visual board, safety moment, and project status report.

Chaired a complex filtration project with technicians’ collaboration to eliminate process stoppage - $ 150k filtration unit - $1.5M revenue generator.

Met with several filtration companies for presentation of filtration unit design and capabilities.

Assembled maintenance, production technician, engineering and quality assurance team members to address uniqueness of complex product matrix and filtration issues.

Designed new metal sampling and testing stations. Leveraged project same as filtration project process - $35k project.

Met with several magnetic metal collection companies for presentation of metal collection unit design and capabilities.

Due to nature of product mix, only rare earth magnets were capable of performing metal collection.

Assembled maintenance, production technician, engineer and quality assurance team members to address uniqueness of complex product matrix and metal collection issues.



Operations Excellence Consultant to Small Businesses and Non-Profits Organizations for improved operations and supply chain processes.


Director of Manufacturing (Plant Manager - Flagship Facility)

Recruited by Jason Pharmaceuticals Top Leadership, Forbes #1 Small Business in 2010, to cultivated cultural change and delivered forward-thinking solutions to sustain 50% annual growth. Executed operational excellence, strategic growth plan, and creative solutions to elevate manufacturing performance of a $160 million powdered dietary food manufacturer, fulfillment center and distribution activities with 3 facilities, 7 direct reports and over 100 indirect associates.

Created and collaborated a new Operation's KPI Matrix with executive leadership – exceeded expectations for 2 years.

Employee Safety, Food Safety, SQF, Quality, Customer Service Cost(Schedule Adherence), Inventory, On-Time Delivery and P&L.

Championed a lean certificate program with a local university to conduct on-site training – 27 executives, peers and staff trained.

Contacted university less than 5 miles away. Collaborated with Adult Continuous Education department on designing a Lean Manufacturing Program for company. Encourage university to leverage program to local companies for revenue generation.

Designed 5S, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Flow, PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Standardized Work, Mistake Proofing, Leveling the Workload and OEE/TEEP, and Kaizen Events.

Each learning module associates were assigned a project as teams to complete.

Initiated customers' complaints program to record low less than 1.7 complaints per million packets sold - goal > 5/1M.

Devised blending and packaging TEEP projects with improved performance of 27% and 18%, respectively, in less than 6 months.

Measured Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) and Total Effective Equipment Performance(TEEP)

TEEP is a better measuring tool for understanding overall equipment performance and resources.

Blending OEE - 35.7% to 54.3%, Packaging OEE - 47.4% to 54.6%.

Collaborated with procurement to reduce supplier’s cost while instituting a supplier's J-I-T and Tier programs - $6.5M savings.

Reduced the cost of corrugates, printed pouch materials, egg raw materials and pallet cost.

Bidded out materials to 4 suppliers, selected to 2 suppliers that provided J-I-T performance.

Paid for materials only when delivered, suppliers maintain on-hand stock but we were responsible for materials if discontinued or changes.

Achieved all-time high annual inventory performance from 92.7% to 99.88% accuracy and supplier s' on-time delivery from 90% to 100%.

Created Inventory Project Team to assess previous annual performances. Created a new process and procedures leading up to annual inventory by assigning a Inventory Project Management Team to account for all activities. Performance annual inventory was a 2.5 day process reduced 1 day process including reconciliation process.

Project Team consist of Purchasing, SOX Auditor, Project Manager, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Inventory Controller, Planning and IT representatives. Everyone is assigned a role from pre-work to Inventory day monitoring.

Constructed count teams, reconciliation team, data entry teams, inventory set-up team(count areas, data entry areas), and auditing teams.

Leveraged “Target Zero Program” to eliminate landfill waste and create a program - $100k revenue generator.

Researched global best practice recycling programs. Implemented recycling program while guiding a project team to install trash collection segregation program, corrugated program and nutrient program for farmers.

Sold 96% of recycled materials.

Instituted Behavior Base Safety Program – 19 recordable injuries to zero immediately.

Reduced worker's compensation claims by 90% - $350k premium savings.

Collaborated with Worker Compensation Insurance Carrier. Utilized insurance carrier as auditor of Behavior Base Safety Program to validate program effectiveness. Insurance carrier used program to leverage to other clients as a model program.

Orchestrated an instructional designed web-based safety training software to assist with behavior change of entire company - over 500 employees.

Collaborated with IT Group to develop web-based safety training program with web-based safety training company.

Implemented program throughout entire company: corporate, manufacturing, fulfillment, and warehousing/distribution.

Program assisted with recording Behavior Based Program monitoring, analysis and constant updates to all associates of incidents, incident learning's, and corrective behavior change.

Program initiated projects to improve work environment: ergonomics in corporate and fulfillment, product movement in manufacturing and warehousing, and monthly behavioral based training.

DELTA COMPANIES GROUP (Division of Greif, Inc.), CICERO, IL 2009 - 2010

Operations Manager, II(Sr. Plant Manager)

Led all activities of a $85 million anti-freeze and oil co-packer business back to profitability. Greif, Inc. purchased the company in 2006. Directed an operation of 9 direct reports, 300+ associates and 2 facilities with indirect responsibility of sales, R&D and distribution center.

Strategically executed P&L plan for 2.5 years fiscal loss of $3.5M to more than $1.8M net operating profit in less than 9 months.

Collaborated with financial group on cost associated with business unit - 2 facilities cost ( direct, indirect and hard cost, cost of goods sold($29M), marketing and R&D. Devised plan to reduce to cost across the board in operations.

Reduced associated headcount by 100 - $2M savings. Labor utilization calculation based on customer demand.

Eliminated overtime - $250k savings.

Championed lean training of staff, projects & web-based Visual Management tools in 6 months - $3.15M savings.

Sponsored 9 direct reports to Grief’s Corporate Lean Manufacturing training in Santa Clara, CA. - 3 months of training.

Performed several Kaizen Events to eliminate waste - $1.0M savings - sold recycled materials - $110K.

Procured recirculating chopper pumps for anti-freeze batching for faster powder dissolution - $20k cost. Anti-freeze Batch readiness 50% faster to meet increased packaging demand and eliminated wasted time.

Implemented OEE Program with web-based equipment visual management to improve equipment efficiency - $1.5M combined savings in anti-freez and oil filling.

Leveraged OEE program in Oil packaging - improved OEE - $300k savings.

Increased oil filling lines OEE by 42% from 53% to 82%.

Implemented Oil packaging line SMED project - reduced 3 hour to 45 minutes - $25k cost - $225k savings.

Reduced oil fillers downtime, increased equipment run-time, eliminated spoilage (95k gallons/annual - $165K savings) and implemented 5S for Kanban system on materials.

Procured new Anti-freeze rotary filler, carton erector and palletizer to increase capacity and meet customer’s demand - $750k cost with $500K revenue generator. (Amortized - $250K)

Collaborated with Corporate Supply Chain to reduce supplier's cost by utilizing J-I-T and Tier programs - $500k savings.

Developed vendor managed inventory system by eliminating all blanket contracts(vendor managed replenishment) for labels and other miscellaneous materials. Also, eliminated a label single source provider to a 3 tier source providers - $250k saving and cash flow driver.

Re-negotiated current label and carton vendors’ contracts and established new Tier 1 & 2 providers.

Minimized rail demurrage and detention fees - $650k savings from $1M fees annually.

Managed rail cars’ schedule planning and re-negotiated additional contract holding days - Collaborated with Corp Supply Chain Logistics Resolution Team.

Facilitated customer complaints resolution team (resolved more than 200+ complaints in 3 months to less than 5 active complaints – 97.5% reduction).

Increased TOP 5 Customers’ Ratings to A+ from C.

Received “Customer’s Appreciation Award” and “Best Supplier of the Year” from the #1 customer

On-time delivery of 100% (previous on-time delivery of 82%) - $250k savings.

Invited several customers as participator in Kaizen Events.

Invented label reading device to removed improperly labeled 5-gallon buckets from supplier. (Lawsuit Avoidance).

Achieved optimal inventory ($3.5M) performance to record setting high of 99.9% - WIP & SKU reduction - $410k savings.

Leveraged customer complaints monthly ratings system to develop suppliers customer complaint system and ratings.

Generated new products line with current customers - potential $5M revenue generator.

Implemented Energy Retrofit Project - US Dept of Energy Grant - received $1M, lighting improvements in distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing plant & tank farms -$1M.

Instituted a Behavior Based Safety Program – Eliminated 18 recordable injuries to zero immediately.

Best turnaround safety performance in company history – Finalist for “Chairman’s Safety Award”.


Vice President of Operations and R&D - Plant Management Responsibilities

Led all Operations and R&D activities for a New Start-Up frozen/par-baked breakfast bread and sandwich manufacturing business. Company established in 2005.

Developed National Sales Strategy and Private Label Sales Strategy – captured $1M in sales with “Feed The Troops” accounts.

Demonstrated per-baked biscuits at the largest US Military Food Show in America.

Conducted surveys at 5 military installations. Surveyed 1000 soldiers for preferred par-baked biscuit product with competitors products side-by-side. Surveyed 1000 soldiers - 998 soldiers preferred Granny Finest. Feed-back results were 4.8 of 5 rating on taste, texture and appearance.

Established accounts with 3 major food service distributors and 3 grocery chains - $1M in sales.

Analyzed competitors pricing to compete for market share of a gourmet buttermilk biscuit as a frozen and par-baked buttermilk biscuit.

Demonstrated frozen puck and par-baked biscuits to food service distributor.

Demonstrated frozen puck biscuit to 3 grocery chains for private label product and Granny Finest product.

Demonstrated par-baked biscuit with major fast food chain - required one more year of business.

Created the “Granny Finest” Brand with vertical marketing integration strategy – web, print and sales presentations.

Conceptualized brand name from flavor test panel of Grandmothers and owner’s Grandmother relationship.

Conducted studies of product awareness platform and created storyline presentation for advertising.

Utilized marketing agency to develop packaging concept, advertising messages, website, print and sale presentations.

Invented a first trans-fat free and gluten-free frozen biscuit with assistance of USDA food scientist and contracted food scientist..

Attended Asian-Georgia Dept of Agricultural product showcase. Learned Asian product requirements for trans-fat ban.

Developed experimental profile with several ingredients (oils) compatible with trans-fat free to create compatible taste, texture and appearance profiles.

Collaborated with USDA food scientist, major food ingredient manufacturer scientists and a contracted food scientist on recipes development to establish product profile, quality control testing methods and specifications.

Assembled taste testing panel of home cooking Grandmothers to define flavor profile.

Conducted surveys with test panel for comparison of original buttermilk biscuit product.

Survey results of were identical match to original buttermilk biscuit recipe for trans-fat and gluten-free buttermilk biscuit.

Director of Operations (Plant Manager)

Recruited to lead all Operations activities for a new start-up frozen bread business and distribution operations for a nationally recognized deli company with more than 150 units.

Directed American Institute of Bakeries (AIB) certification activities, acquired certification in 22 days with an ‘Excellent Rating’ -895 points.

Completed SOP manual, trained associates, and collaborated with potential customer for pre-audit to identify potential AIB certification delinquencies. Scored higher on pre-audit than potential customer AIB audits.

Missed ‘Superior Rating’ by 5 points. 40% of new AIB applicants fail to acquire AIB passing rate.

Calculated products units cost using direct labor cost, direct materials cost and fixed cost (cost of equipment used on the production line, property taxes, salaried employees, building lease and other miscellaneous cost).

Developed Operations P &L statement.

Increased product utilization by 50% by utilizing rework process to reduce waste by 90%.

Established dough rework program.


Plant Manager

Led core business and operational activities - production, safety, quality, logistics, warehousing, maintenance, AIB efforts, General Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Systems programs for a family-owned $10M tortilla manufacturing facility. Responsible for 80+ associates including management team, and indirect quality.

Built the teams, infrastructure, the strategic plan and led execution of all programs

Implement product scheduling model for changeover efficiency and sanitation protocol.

Revamped safety program - reduced medical recordable/time lost injuries by 85% to zero injuries.

Implemented safety training for equipment, installed guards and established safety committee.

Reduced equipment downtime time by 42% utilizing a maintenance reliability program.

Analyzed equipment downtime, results revealed inadequate PM Program. Designed PM & Reliability Programs.


Six Sigma Black Belt/Sr. Production Specialist

Led all production activities of an 80-million pounds/year Polyurethane System House custom blending facility. Annual revenue $85 million, 40 associates and 4 staff members.

Directed Six Sigma projects in quality, operations and logistics – $3.5M savings and mentored Green Belts.

QC “First Time Prime” program eliminated customer returns by 100%, increased QC Lab utilization by 50% - $1.5M savings.

Improved test methods at customers and QA Lab.

Analyzed data specific to correlating data at customers using six sigma methodology. Project involved measuring known samples at customers and QA Lab. Acquired new analytical equipment for customers and QA Lab. Developing new testing methods with Global Polyurethane Science Group.

Zero Freon Emission Project that yielded a $400K savings.

Analyzed Freon emissions and environmental impact study. Researched best practice emission programs globally and engineered a Freon Recycler to separate various Freon types. Recycler cost $150k.

Achieved 99% reduction in leak rate calculations and tank evacuation with Recycler.

Reduced Annual Refrigerant Management Report by 99% to less than 100# reported annually.

Container packaging process project to increase utilization by 63% which yielded a $150K savings.

Manufacturing Manager/Assistant Operations Manager

Achieved P & L improvement – reduced conversion cost from $.17 to $.14 per gallon, created a new scheduling model - eliminated 1 day of activities and saved $2.4M.

Created a project to reduce delivery time to customer by 1 day in less than 30 days.

Developed a process map of customer orders, scheduling process, manufacturing and order fulfillment in SAP.

Discovered in the process map a delay in SAP’s customer’s order update - update took place after midnight.

Customer Service inputted customer’s order with proposed date of product arrival - 3 or 4 days delivery.

Scheduler received updates the next day during customer order report which took all day to produce next day schedule.

Created process for Customer Service to create production schedule during customer order process.

Modified SAP to assign product based on equipment availability using an asset utilization matrix.

Customer Service Rep inputted customer order into SAP, SAP assigns product to first available compatible tank.

Reassigned Scheduler duties to validated production schedule and raw material availability.

Dow Chemical Company purchased 2 polyurethane system companies to integrate into one company as part of a vertical integration creating Dow Polyurethanes.

Achieved operations integration in 6 months. Managed manufacturing equipment, raw materials and administration staff relocation to newly built facility - decommissioned 3 plants and talent recruitment.

3 decommissioned plants - selected personal, equipment and raw materials from facilities in Georgia, North Carolina and California.

Identified obsolete raw materials for EHS to properly disposed.

Participated on the re-engineering team - conversion from Oracle to SAP. Conversion completed in 4 months.

Mapped the manufacturing process from order placement to product delivery.

Identified super-users, conducted SAP training to all manufacturing associates.

Created Diversity Team to address cultural differences of combining 2 companies - SOP’s, change to flat line management, creation of self-directed teams and coaching adviser to self-directed team.

Developed Safety Program - Safety Committee, Implemented Behavior Based Safety, and HAZMAT Teams.


KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY: Executive Master of Business Administration - (Completed coursework).

VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE: Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering.


Supplier of Year Award

Customer’s Appreciation Award

Chairman's Safety Award Finalist

Center of Excellence

Six Sigma Certified-Black Belt

VISTA Volunteer

Olympic Trial Qualifier

Hall of Fame Inductee - VMI

Engineer of the Year Nomination - VMI

World Indoor Record Holder - 500 meters

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