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Electrical Engineer Software

Sarasota, Florida, United States
August 02, 2019

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Alec Shapiro

**** *** **** **. ******** FL *****


Phone: 941-***-****

Skype: alec.shapiro2

Electrical Engineer with superior experience in

Hardware and Firmware Embedded design.


US Citizen.

Designing analog and digital circuits based on requirements

Generating schematics for PCB layouts using ORCAD, DxDesigner.

Choosing electrical components based on requirements

Performing circuit analysis for existing design and comparing against requirements

Reviewing, testing and verifying embedded hardware and software

Designing C, C++, Assembler embedded software for various Micro’s and DSP’s

Proficient in BLDC, PM, PIEZO motors control (current, speed and position loops)

Proficient in CAN and knowledge in MODBUS Industrial communication protocols.


■ Operating Systems: UNIX, DOS, Windows.

■ Software: Clear Case Configuration System, ORCAD, PADS, MS Office, and Excel.

■ Languages: C, C++, and Assembler.

■ C Code Tools: IDE MPLAB, IAR, TI Composer

■ Micro’s, DSP’s: Intel 8051, Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR, ADSP-21992, TI DSP.

■ Communication protocols: CAN, SPI, RS232, RS485, RS422, and I2C.

■ Hardware: Oscilloscope, In-circuit Emulator, ROM Emulator, and RISK Watch Debugger.

■ Test: DO-160, MIL-STD-461, 810, 701


OfficeDepot, Sarasota FL (Part time) 1/19 – Present

Sales, Floor consultant-superviser, Cashier

ACE Customs Inc., Sarasota FL (Part time Consultant) 6/18 – 11/18

Chief Engineer

Developing new generation of Electrical Golf Cart with AC Induction motor,

lithium LiFePo4 batteries and Super Power Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels.

Developing strategy, worked with supplier’s negotiation quotes and shipping.

SAM’S Sarasota FL (Part time)

Sales electronic department, Floor consultant, Cashier 4/17 – 5/18

Discovery Technology International Inc., Sarasota FL (Contract) 10/16 – 3/17

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Piezo Motor electronic driver development, test, repair, support after manufacturing.

Research piezo motors characteristic such as Current, Load, RPM, in temperature ranges

-40 - +80 deg., support driver and test firmware in C using MPLAB IDE for Pic micros.

PCB schematic ORCAD Capture, BOM.

FEC Consulting Inc. Sarasota FL (Contract) 2/14– 9/16

Electrical Engineer Consulting (consulting for Digital Kozak, Austin TX)

Consulting for various DSP communication buses, CAN bus development with DSP.

ORCAD schematic capture, board design, BOM, Motor control inverter with MOSFET.

GOODRICH Corp., Phoenix AZ (contract) 2/11 – 5/13

Sr. Electrical Engineer (Contract)

Developed PCB schematics for electrical Brake System for Embraer commercial aircraft

With TI DSP, MOSFET inverter, digital and analog electronics. Used ORCAD, Dx-Designer

Schematics capture.

AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products, Kent OH 7/09 – 11/10

Sr. Project Engineer

Developed DSP base controller for BLDC Sensor and Sensor less motor control.

Designed C embedded code on MPLAB IDE for PIC and TI DSP’s using TI Code Composer.

Woodward Corp., Chicago, IL 6/03 – 4/09

Sr. Project Engineer R&D Digital Systems

Managing Hardware and Software design and communication protocols.

Designed board level hardware with Micro’s, DSP’s, Serial EEPROM, FRAM, ADC, DAC,

SPI, CAN buses, MOSFET or IGBT Power Bridges for BLDC or PM motors with Resolver for

Return Signal Processing.

Developed multi-channels DSP Controllers with CAN and SPI buses for Actuation Systems

for Avionics and Defense applications.

Designed board level analog circuit using ADC, OAMP, Temp sensors, and Current sensor.

Designed board level DC/DC power switching convertor and EMI protection.

Designed C code software for Motor control, SPI, CAN buses, temp control and filters.

Team member of development four channel Motor Control System for defense rocket fins

for Miltec Corp. Developed motor controller hardware and DSP embedded C software

on TI Code Composer for CAN communication protocol.

Team member of development Brake System Controller for Boeing X-45 Joint

Unmanned Combat Air System for Honeywell. Developed DSP embedded C software

for CAN communication.

Team member of development FCS Main Propulsion Cooling Fan Motor Controller for BAE Systems.

Developed controller hardware and DSP embedded C software for dual CAN for control

and error reporting. Used resolver for position feedback.

Project leader of development Auxiliary Air Door actuator controller for

Super Jet 100, Sukhoi, Russia. Developed hardware with standalone BLDC controller.

Test DO-160, MIL-STD-461

3COM, Mount Prospect, IL 3/00 - 12/02

Sr. Software Engineer Automation Test

Developed Automation Functional Test for 3Com Network Application products with

TCP/IP communication protocol: NIC, NAC, Router, and Shelf Controller.

Developed Automation Test Plan and Test Station for manufacturing floor.

Designed code and debugged Diagnostic Embedded Software using UNIX

C-Compiler and RISK Watch Debugger

Developed Functional Test Script using EXPECT/TCL in Clear Case Configuration.

Developed ROM Emulator for troubleshooting and test PC boards with Pentium or

PowerPC processors, PCI Bus, North and South Bridges using ITT test equipment.

VAPOR Bus International Corp., Buffalo Grove, IL 6/1997 – 3/2000

Electrical Project Engineer

Designed Electrical door Motion Controller for Buses and Rail Road passenger cars.

Designed embedded software in C using IAR compiler for ATMEL AVR.

Designed diagnostic software in VC++ for door controller.

Improved, modified, troubleshot and found solution for existing embedded

software for INTEL 80C552.

Designed and troubleshot board level hardware for Door Motion Controller based

on and ATMEL AVR microprocessors using ORCAD and PROTEL.

Designed SPI port boot loader for FLASH reprogramming.

Developed DC motor H-bridge control using MOSFET and IGBT, PID close

loop motion position control, current measurement by A/D conversion.

Developed unique DC motor current protection circuit.

Designed devices with RS232, RS485, SPI, CAN communication protocols.

Managed projects using cost-saving processes.

BELL+HOWELL, Lincolnwood, IL 11/1996 – 6/1997

System Integrator Engineer (contract)

Developed COPYSCAN 8000 System Functional Test.

Provided system configuration and release control for 68HC11 and

PM44 embedded software.

Provided troubleshooting and bug list maintenance and management.

Autotech Controls LTD, Carol Stream, IL 10/1992 – 11/1996

Electrical Project Engineer

Designed and troubleshot board level hardware and embedded software for industrial control with resolver based devices: Single and Dual Decoder, PLS for motion position and speed control.

Developed interfaces between new devices and PLC’s.

Designed schematics, PCB, BOM for board level hardware using ORCAD

Designed devices with RS232, RS485 communication protocols.

Designed embedded software with C-compiler for Micro’s 8051 and PIC17.

Developed programs for PLC’s: AB-5, GE, MODICON, and TI505.


BS in Electrical Engineering

Radio -Technical University, Russia.


Learning Tree International, IL 5/2001

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML Certification

Learning Tree International, IL 4/2001

C++ Programming Certification

Harper Community College, IL 6/1997

VC++ Certification

Lansing Community College, MI 5/1992

PASCAL, C, C++ Certification

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