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Data Manager

La Canada Flintridge, California, United States
August 01, 2019

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Rick Whitecotton

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Strong Project Management Skills. Have led numerous projects from inception to installation

Worked for many years with offshore resources and coordinated the work effort between onsite and offshore resources.

Strong Data Analysis and Data Validation skills. Expertize in debugging and finding data anomalies.

Strong Business Analyst skills. Have spent over 20 years in a client facing position.

Strong experience in Database design, Data normalization, data integrity, and data conversion.

Many years’ experience with data migration and integration techniques, ETL processes using DataStage and Informatica as well as other ETL tools.

Strong background with various database platforms including DB2, Oracle, Teradata, Postgres, AWS RDS Postgres, SQL Server, as well as many others

Experience with Big data tech stack like Hadoop ecosystem

Strong Finance background. Well versed in Accounting philosophy including GL, AP, and AR.

Strong health care background, working on and implementing claims system for a major health care company.

Strong Participations and Residuals background. Designed, developed, coded, and implemented a common data warehouse for both Participations and Residuals.

Experience with PeopleSoft, PeopleCode, as well as SQR and Crystal Reports in support of HR, Payroll, and Financial applications

People Tools including App Designer and App Engine.

Strong knowledge of the SDLC and PDLC as well as project management.

Experienced in Agile development strategy and processes.

Strong communication skills. Get along well with everyone. Able to handle highly stressful situations.

Many years of experience with testing, use cases, and system support

Able to learn new applications and processes quickly.

Very strong SQL Server skills. Have written hundreds of reports using SSRS and have used SSIS for numerous file conversions from other platforms including Oracle and the Mainframe.

SQL Server, versions up to and including 2018,SSIS, and SSRS. Stored procedures, scripts, SQL Server Management Studio

Very strong SQL skills, strong T-SQL on a variety of platforms including DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata.

Familiar with Erwin as a data modeling tool.

Strong AS400 skillset including writing and reading CL as well as reading RPG.

Strong SQL query ability on AS400 running queries and setting up repeatable processes.

Cognos Impromptu for data warehouse reporting. Very experience in writing queries and supporting clients

Experience with Microstrategy.

Mainframe, CICS, VSAM, IMS, UNIX, COBOL, Xpediter, Intertest, BMC tools, Platinum tools, JCL Check, DFSort, SyncSort, MQSeries,File-Aid, Dyl280, SAS, Easytrieve, Stored Procedures, MQ Series, IBM utilities such as IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, IEFBR14, and IDCAMS.

Strong RACF skills. Able to maintain system security

Functioned as a DBA in the past

Strong MS-Office skills. Very familiar with MS-Word, Excel, MS-Project, MS-Access, and MS-Visio

Functioned as RACF administrator

HTML, JavaScript, Java, and other web applications such as NET.DATA.

Beginning level ASP.NET and .NET skills


Sr Data Management and Integration Analyst Sept 2015 to present

Entertainment Partners Burbank

Performed in a variety of roles with Entertainment Partners including but not limited to Project Manager, Business Analyst, Sr. Data Engineer with core focus on ETL development and database design, Data Architect, actual DBA

Responsible for creating the Secured EP standard Data Feeds for external clients (Approx. 200plus interfaces). Designed it in such a way that when a new client came on board, there were no code changes needed, just a setup row on a Control table. More robust and dynamic data exchange process build to bring in more revenue.

Responsible for designing, coding, and implementing the Residuals transformation to Exactuals. Created ETL processes that are repeatable between the legacy ISAM system and the new Amazon AWS RDS Postgres system. Performed as a Postgres DBA in designing and creating the new tables in Posgres for this process.

Responsible for designing, coding, and implanting the Entertainment Partners initiative to provide payroll and accounting related data to existing, external clients for EP. Included ETL processes pulling data from Smart Accounting and Global Vista systems, which are SQL Server based, and importing that data into various target databases which included DB2 and Amazon AWS RDS Postgres. Again created ETL processes that are repeatable and only require updating a Control table when a new client came on board or when new tables were added.

Responsible for Yearend tax form processing (Total 6 US tax forms (W2, 1099, 592B, 1042S. 1095C and 1094C) and 4 Canadian forms (RL1, T4A, T4ANR, NR4)). As a lead data engineer responsible for data integration to submit data files for each tax forms to print vendor and IRS. Built the dynamic process to minimize yearly maintenance and with automation with audit checks.

Responsible for internal system integration and data platforms for internal reporting. Built ETL processes to ingest data from multiple internal payroll systems for reporting.

Responsible for data platform upgrade to advanced and big data ecosystem. Built and supported EMR jobs written in Python using spark to process data from multiple sources and stored in Redshift the new enterprise data warehouse

Got training on SAS, Python, and EMR (advanced data processing engines) to support new vision of data lakes and data ponds.

Consultant Feb 2015 to Sept 2015

FOX Studios West LA

Perform as a Business/Data Analyst/Project Manager

Setting up a Data Warehouse for the Participations and Residuals groups

Instrumental in the data base design and structure. Provided documentation and direct input into the Data Warehouse design and implementation.

Coordinate work effort between on shore and off shore resources.

Design and document the conversion of thousands of Lotus 123 spreadsheets into Excel

Design and document a methodology to populate an input tab in the newly converted Excel spreadsheets to assist with the Participation statement preparations

The Participation Data Warehouse will use Oracle as it’s backend database. This allows for millions of rows of data and easy access. This also ties into the financial system of record which is PeopleSoft.

SQL Developer and Toad to access Oracle, Teradata, and SQL Server databases.

Used Erwin to create the data model for the Data Warehouse.

The front end reporting tool used is from PeopleSoft. We have developed numerous canned reports for the clients as well as many that allow for the clients to pick and choose which attributes they want and which filters they would like.

Have created numerous ETL processes from one of the feeder systems to send data to our Data Warehouse.

Have worked extensively writing SQL in the various environments to populate data, clean up data, and to validate that data sent is data received.

Consultant May 2014 to Feb 2015

NBC Universal- Universal City CA

Perform as a Business/Data Analyst/Project Manager

Setting up a Data Warehouse for Television Distribution consisting of data from several sources and several platforms

Instrumental in the data base design and structure. Provided documentation and direct input into the Data Warehouse design and implementation.

Coordinate work effort between on shore and off shore resources.

Used Erwin to create the data model for the new interfaces to the Data Warehouse.

Instrumental in getting Master Data into the Data Warehouse. Master Data included things like product information, Deal and Governing Deal information, Contract information, and Licensee information.

One feeding system is a legacy AS400 system that used DB2, which contains Royalty, Subledger, Contract, and Deal information. Created numerous ETL processes extracting data from DB2 tables to our Data Warehouse.

Another is a Automated Royalty Upload management system that runs on a SQL Server platform. This system allows the various TV and Movie content providers such as Hulu, to package their review data into an Excel format that is then converted using SSIS to a format that the clients and manipulate and post into the above legacy system.

Another is the product master system that contains all of the Deal and Product information. This system runs on a windows GUI front end and a SQL Server back end. Developed and designed the data structure used to process data from this system into the TV Data Warehouse.

Another input to the Data Warehouse is a cloud based system that uses Sales Force. This system contains budgeted information which is then brought into the TV Data Warehouse.

The TV Data Warehouse lays on a Teradata database. This allows for millions of rows of data and easy access.

The front end reporting tool used is MicroStategy. We have developed numerous canned reports for the clients as well as many that allow for the clients to pick and choose which attributes they want and which filters they would like.

Have created numerous ETL processes from one of the feeder systems to send data to our Data Warehouse.

Have worked extensively writing SQL in the various environments to populate data, clean up data, and to validate that data sent is data received.

Consultant – Business Analyst Jan 2014 to May 2014

Sony Pictures-Culver City CA

In the initial phase of documenting the existing Legacy system, Tigres, that encompasses parts of Residuals, Participations, Air Dates, Accounts Receivable, billing, and General Ledger. The system also receives and sends data to the SAP systems as Sony

Once documented, then will work on putting together a migration plan to move off of the current platform to an as yet to be named platform.

As part of the migration will also be determining which data needs to be kept and converted to either the new application or to some type of reporting system such as SSRS.

Consultant Business Analyst Technical Lead Sept 2008 to Dec 2013

Paramount Pictures-Hollywood CA

Performed as the Business Analyst/Tech Lead on the conversion of data from the mainframe to SQL Server using SSIS and wrote numerous reports and queries to allow the clients to access the legacy data using SSRS and wrote hundreds of complex reports using SSRS.

Converted Data from Oracle to SQL Server using SSIS and wrote hundreds of complex reports using SSRS

Assisted with Residuals conversion to Paris, which is an ASP.Net application.

Coordinated work effort between on shore and off shore resources.

Supported the GL and AP systems on a mainframe platform which use DB2, CICS, and VSAM.

Used Xpediter, Intertest, File-Aid, BMC catalog manager, and Platinum.

Support the Cognos Impromptu data warehouse system.

Wrote hundreds of queries in Impromptu and supported client requests.

Installed and supported the ODBC connections for all version of Cognos Impromptu

Supported Microstrategy for the data warehouse.

Wrote hundreds of queries in Microstrategy and supported client requests.

Converted numerous queries from Cognos Impromptu tto Microstrategy

Created queries against a variety of relational databases including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase. Very familiar with T-SQL and have used PL/SQL.

Developed user training and use cases for the newly migrated data

Taught numerous training classes for the clients to familiarize them with the new applications

Performed as a DBA as there is no on site DBA for the mainframe.

Performed as the RACF administrator as there was no RACF support

Technical lead, assigning work, gathering requirements from the client.

Key IT resource in designing and developing the migration of the above systems to SAP.

Made several key enhancements including adding multiple currency functions to the GL system and adding logic to all the clients to control inter-company logic within a journal.

Senior Application Developer/Project Lead/Business Analyst July 2006 to Sept 2008

UCLA Medical Center-Westwood CA

Performed as the project manager for the conversion of the legacy timekeeping system to the vendor selected package.

Gathered requirements, met with clients, proposed new platform choices, reviewed several of those options with the clients. And finally led the effect to convert the existing system to the new platform

Supported the Payroll and timekeeping systems

Payroll system was COBOL, CICS, and DB2.

Supported the A/R system. In house system that invoice Accounts Receivable.

Timekeeping system was HTML, JavaScript, Java, and SQL Server.

Supported conversion to the new Kronos timekeeping system.

Ran numerous queries against SQL Server and Oracle tables. Created numerous reports for the clients.

Wrote numerous reports using Crystal Reports. Very experienced with Crystal Reports

Made numerous enhancements and provided general support for both systems.

Senior Application Developer/Project Lead/Manager Aug 2000 to July 2006

Warner Bros-Burbank CA

Project Manager/Business Analyst for the Web interface to both the payroll and HR systems.

Met with the clients to gather requirements. Documented those requirements and then led the project to develop an in house solution to communicate with both systems thru a WEB application.

Manager for the Payroll and HR systems as well as their related offshoots.

HR system was in PeopleSoft, made numerous customizations. Lead a team in the upgrade from 4.0 to 7.0 and lead the team in support of the upgrade from 7.0 to 8.03. Very familiar with PeopleCode and PeopleTools.

Payroll system consisted of a mainframe portion which was CICS, COBOL and DB2, and the web application used DB2 Stored Procedures, Java, JavaScript, and Net. Data.

Used MQ Series for data transfer and manipulation from one platform to another.

Used PGP encryption to secure data transfers to the various unions and Federal Government.

Created and supported the LDAP / Single Sign-on application that used SQL Server and Java as well as HTML and JavaScript.

Assigned work, wrote reviews and managed 5 people in addition to performing the technical duties listed above.

Consultant/Business Analyst/TechLead August 1997 to August 2000

Paramount Pictures-Hollywood CA

Gathered requirements and wrote requirements documents for client sign-off as well as wrote technical specifications for developers to code modifications to the existing systems to make them Y2K compliant.

Lead developer in the conversion of GL system from non Y2K compliant system to Y2K compliant. Included numerous customizations as well as installing and running multi-mill.

Led a staff of 10 developers for the above conversion. Assigned work, tracked progress, tracked costs and reported status to upper management in both IT and on the client side.

Supported the conversion of GL and AP systems from non Y2K compliant version to Y2K compliant.

Technical lead for the implementation of latest GL system.

Consultant/Technical Lead June 1994 to August 1997

Wellpoint-Calabasas CA

Implemented the individual and small group version of the claims system. System was coded in IMS using conversational IMS.

Met will clients, gathered requirements and implemented changes to the system

Technical lead for several other applications using my knowledge of DB2 to assist in the implementation of the small group and individual membership system

Senior Programmer/Tech Lead December 1986 to June 1994

Northrop Grumman-Pico Rivera CA

Performed the conversion of the Facilities Management system to Oracle using Oracle Loader.

Converted millions of rows of data for the above project so that the problem and change reporting system could use as reference. An IBM system, INFOMAN.

Supported version updates to INFOMAN and database conversions.

Supported the Sales Order systems. Using CICS, IMS, COBOL and DB2. Main tech lead for all assignments.

Created numerous adhoc reports using SAS and FOCUS.

Supported the AP and GL systems.

Strong QMF, DB2, VSAM, and IMS usage.

Manager Production Control June 1982 to December 1986

Mattel Toys-Hawthorne CA

Started as a computer operator, promoted over 2 years to Grave Shift supervisor

Promoted to Production Control Manager

Managed a staff of 3 shift supervisors and 15 employees.

Managed all change control and job scheduling functions for Mattel Toys, using CA-7, CA-1, and Panvalet

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