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Engineer Software

Fremont, California, United States
July 29, 2019

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Sam Rajagopal


Specific Expertise

Experience in Enterprise Software, System Software and Cloud environments involving multiple platforms and web technologies with emphasis on DevOps, Build/Release engineering, Deployment and Configuration Management.

Technical Experience

Platforms: vSphere 5.5 (vmware), Linux (RedHat, CentOS), Solaris 10

Languages: C, java, Shell (Korn/bourne/C), perl5, javascript, SQL, expect (tcl/tk), python 2.7

Utilities: maven, make, gmake, sed, awk,gcc

Source Control Tools: GIT,Mercurial,Subversion, Perforce, Clearcase

Build Tools: MKS6x, cygwin, jikes,gcc, dbx, kadb,eclipse

Deployment Tools: control-M, n1, BladeLogic, puppet, Ansible

Networks: NFS, TCP/IP, NIS, DNS, IPC, sockets, DHCP, UCS, VLAN

Oracle Products: Oracle 11i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Net.

Monitoring Tools: Newrelic, splunk, Nagios, Ganglia

Test Tools: LoadRunner,Selenium,QTP,coverity

Others : Apache, webSphere, webLogic, JMS, Tomcat, JBOSS, JIRA 7, (Atlassian Server Edition), vCenter Orchestrator,F5,Rackspace, Review Board, OpenGrok, AWS,Nagios,bitbucket,github

Professional Experience

Roche Molecular Diagnostics

DevOps Engineer 03/2019 – 06/2019

•Nagios/Icinga Monitoring – Tested and implemented monitoring configurations, additions and changes to the Roche High Performance Computing(HPC) environment. Administered Nagios/Icinga, using thruk. Implemented custom plugins, incorporated it within nrpe and pushed it to environments, using Ansible.

•Provided dedicated build environments per group, with the help of SPACK, a software package management tool. This will result in new releases of Shared Application Tree (SAT), allowing flexible software versioning and dependency management.

•Ansible Admin – Installed, configured, and maintained Ansible playbooks for HPC and surrounding environment. This includes systems provisioning and sustaining play roles for improvements/bug fixes.

•Maintain Artifactory. Support the docker, kubernetes environment for the sequencer pipeline results.

Rodan and Fields

Sr Release/DevOps Engineer 02/2018 – 03/2019

•Deliver mobile builds for community cloud platform that interact with backend salesforce environment. This makes use of Nodejs, gigya for single sign-on, cordova libraries to accomplish periodical builds (through xcode for iOS and Android studio for Android). Generated signed builds are uploaded to itunes and Google play console. Established CI/CD model for the mobile builds using automation tool fast_lane.

•Establish CI/CD pipeline for release builds. The pipeline will span across multiple EC2 instances or multiple VMs, depending upon a particular product and country. Tie up the downstream jobs using shell scripts, Groovy scripts and Ansible scripts. Utilized Artifactory's REST API to tune the jenkins jobs.

•Built splunk dashboard for making sure ecommerce dataflow is in tact for Rodan + Fields (R+F) environments. This is built using stored procedures that will be invoked from jenkins.

•Change Management process and Release Management for various infra structure layers, sprint deployments. Use ServiceNow platform to manage.

•Establish Blue Green deployment model for a few components (Pulse,Virtual API Gateway) using AWS. Also supported kubernets, docker for our service cluster.

Tegile Systems

Sr. Build, Devops Engineer 09/2014 – 01/2018

•Build Release Deployment tasks for Tegile's enterprise storage operating system (Zebi OS) that is Solaris centric. The front end consists of Java/HTML5/Node JS, the back end is implemented in C with ZFS layer and plugins. The jenkins pipeline supports both C and Java builds using downstream, parameterization.

•Atlassian tools administration. Overhauled the jira workflows for better productivity that would cover various jira projects. Established integration between source control tool (mercurial) and Atlassian tools, so the lifecycle process is effective. Implemented customizations for a few tasks using groovy.

•Other responsibilities include - managing the VMs in vmware environment, improvements to build scripts, implement trigger scripts, handle upgrade related requests within Zebi OS Releases, manage coverity, refactor makefiles to reduce the number of Jenkins jobs.

•Establish and improve auto-merge between various branches to keep the commit graph in tact within fisheye and mercurial.

•Support intellicare analytics product (proactive health checker) hosted in AWS Platform. This uses technology stack: S3, RDS for postgres, solr logger, load balancer, VPC and zookeeper. General tasks include updating db tables, webapp and log monitoring. Support Docker in dev environments.

General Electric

Consultant Build Engineer 03/2014 – 09/2014

•Supported both predix kernel and transportation groups of GE, to manage the build environments as part of shared services. This involved resolving issues to do with various plugins (sonar/junit/checkmarx) in maven environment, for code coverage and clover reports.

•Worked on auto deployment using Bamboo as a basic tool for the transportation group's bundles, in Karaf (apache felix) app servers. Worked with QA to refine selenium unit tests.

•Establish the build tool chain for the client side services (javascript, Grunt, npm, bower)

VCE 01/2012 – 11/2013

Sr Software Engineer (DevOps)

•Responsible for CI builds pipeline and generate deployable virtual appliances within private cloud for VCE's IaaS offering. This was accomplished using Jenkins/ maven/ vmware studio/ sonatype nexus / vSphere5.0/ automation scripts. The end result is vBlock Services Library (a provisioning software) in a vApp format.

•Used puppet to automate installation of splunk VM and Utility VM (to be used for auto deployment), within the management vCenter as part of Cloud Accelerated Services offering. All Linux based.

•Used REST API to capture scripts/packages/templates that are artifacts out of automated builds within vCenter Orchestrator (vCO). The end result will enable provisioning of the vBlock for storage / networking / compute layers using vCO's workflows.

•Evaluated jump start, kick start as part of system deployment before picking up pxe boot that would be included in the appliance.

Visa 03/2011 – 01/2012

Principal Engineer (Build Eng/Dev Ops)

•Worked on Cybersource's next gen platform for transaction processing. This involves deploying the builds to staging/CAS environments in Linux based websphere environment and creating the deployment configuration using BMC's Application Release Automation Tool and maintain dependency graph.

Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA 11/2009 - 03/2011

Lead Build Engineer (Consultant)

•Build support, release management of 3-tier arch based Internet Banking platform in clearcase, anthill pro, weblogic and maven environment. Responsible for end to end releases of the online banking platform that include branch creation, merges, labels, SIT environment maintenance, take care of deployment problems.

•Maintaining pom.xml files (includes adding new plug-in definitions, dependency definition, fixes based on build errors, re-arrangement of the logic to support fortify scan).

•Working with Infra team to have stable maven repository management, support triggers, manage snapshot and release builds, maintain regression tests in Quality Test Pro (QTP).

•Working with production support group for handover of release builds and improved scripts for the deployment.

E Trade Financial, Menlo Park, CA 05/2006 – 10/2009

Senior Systems Engineer

•Perform build support, troubleshoot broken builds, enforce zero build break and deliver releases to Production and QA in Linux/Solaris environment for company’s brokerage platform. The architecture consists of services layer (Tux/CWS) and Application Framework. The environment uses Hudson continuous/incremental builds, subversion and associated tools.

•Implement end to end build and deployment of packages using BMC's control-M tool (an orchestrator) that will automatically deploy the Linux RPMS/Solaris Packages to SIT/UAT (pre prod) environments virtualized using openvz. This involves working with Dev/QA/Operations on a regular basis.

•Implement and configure third party tools. Worked on supporting and maintaining perl modules for the corporate perl releases. Use autoconf, automake for opensource tools (apache,curl,erlang and others) deliveries.

•Various Subversion administration tasks – repo creation, setup syncserver / SVN mirror, hooks adjustments, hotcopy, Fisheye/viewvc webserver config for repo browsing., branches/merges.

•Monitor post roll issues by using Nagios for environment stability. Added Nagios hooks on demand.

Knight Ridder Digital, San Jose, CA 03/2005 – 04/2006

Sr. Release/Deployment Engineer

•Build and deploy the e-commerce application (Classifieds) across integration / staging / QA environments. Classifieds is a J2EE application within Weblogic / ATG Dynamo. This involves working with QA/Dev to troubleshoot and resolve the deployment issues. Also, worked with the cloud provider (IPSoft).

WEBMETHODS, INC, Sunnyvale, CA 08/2000 – 10/2003

Senior Release Engineer

•Performed Build and Release Engineering support for Enterprise products (Broker, Integration Server, Editor) across various platforms. This included end to end tasks like build, packaging, generating installable images, source control, deployment and helping download center (SDC).

•Supported multiple flavors of UNIX platforms, Windows boxes for build environment. Ported installer and release scripts on the supported platforms. Maintained the build environment, enhanced build scripts implemented in perl5 and expect for various releases. This included implementing version strings (major/minor/mtce), URL based viewing of log files, symbolic links for the golden images, patch generation.

•Worked with QA, Development, Sys admins to resolve various issues related to internal testing and deployability of build images at Download site. Performed gate keeping.

•Supported webMethods Installers J2EE APIs and interfaces to extend them to custom beans applicable for Broker installer and ensure it is operational across various platforms for all types of installations as part of webMethods 6.0.

•Worked on regression test automation. Automated the broker stress tests in multi-platform environment.

•Delivered major release builds, patches/SPs for various versions of Enterprise Products and extended Support for support issues, related to Broker in deployments.

•Performed Lead engineer role for various functions of the group. This involved triage efforts also.


MS (Computer Science), University of Louisiana at Lafayette


•a) "Computing Environment Analyzer" (US 9,256,509)

This exposes the limitations while rolling out virtual appliances in a cloud environment and describes ways to mitigate these limitations.

•b) "Rule based Module for Analyzing computing environments" (US 9,342,784)

What could be the acceptance/denial parameters while deploying appliances in a cloud based converged infra structure environment?

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