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Engineer Driver

Cupertino, California, United States
July 29, 2019

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Brian Tanner

**** ***** *** *** ****, CA *****


Objective: To locate a position that can use my skills and experience in power systems electronics, servo / sensor systems integration to generate value for customers.

Experience: Western Digital/HGST – July 2010 – April 2019 – Principal Servo Engineer (PLSI Group) - system integration of Servo Hardware for power driver ASIC that includes VCM driver, piezoelectric actuator driver, power off retract and Egress function and POL power supply regulators. Create and maintain Matlab / LTSpice electromechanical models to simulate and validate power off head retract and Egress function. Preform vibroacoustic noise coupling tests and validation on PCBA designs. Validate rotational and linear piezoelectric accelerometer sensors for servo control system integration. Perform FA on initial PCBA designs and customer returns. Interface with PCBA group / vendors on design, test and reliability concerns.

Samsung Electronics – May 2007 – July 2010 – Principal Engineer – technical leader for power driver ASIC group – system design and integration of all power driver / regulator functions for servo control group. Developed techniques for low acoustic noise head actuator control without performance issues. This includes vendor communication of functional requirements, monitor vendor design progress and suitability of the design to meet system requirements.

Toshiba America Information Systems – Sept 2001 April 2007 – Principal Engineer – Electromechanical system modeling of head actuator. Integrate power driver ASIC into servo system and verify PCBA design meets servo system requirements. Validate free fall sensor from ASIC vendor for servo design. Self-Servo write integration engineer.

Quantum Corp. – 1995 – Aug 2001 – Servo Engineer – Power driver ASIC / PCBA design integration for a variety of disk drive configurations. Assist PCBA group with card layout component selection and debug of system level issues such as EMI/EMC, electrical noise, mechanical shock noise susceptibility and electromechanical resonances.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – University of Alberta – Edmonton Alberta

Recent Patents: US10,152,994 – 12/18/2018 - Multiple VCM data storage device

US9,997,182 – 06/12/2018 - Balanced current VCM data storage device

US9,972,348 – 5/15/2018 – Smart Brake VCM data storage device

US9,940,958 – 4/10/2018 – Delayed Brake VCM data storage device

US8,179,640 – 5/15/2012 – Head Actuator Velocity Control data storage device

US8,174,785 – 5/8/2012 – Sensor for off track detection data storage device

US8,077,420 – 12/13/2011 – Adaptive control with vibration sensor data storage device

US7,864,483 – 1/4/2011 – Adaptive gain balancing between two rotational sensors data storage device

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