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Consultant Engineer

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
January 11, 2020

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Eng. Mo'ath MAKAHLEH, +962*********,, CV/ Resume Page 1 of 2

Eng. Moath M.A. MAKAHLEH

Consultant Engineer – Telecommunications; 21 Years Experience. Zarqa – JORDAN 009**-**-***-**** Jordanian. P & D.O.B: Zarqa – Jordan, 28


June, 1974. Married.

I. Subject:

II. Summary: View: Arabic CV, Video CV, Personal Documents & Sites Links. A Twenty One years (21) years experienced Engineer mostly in managerial & leading levels;

Telecommunications/ RF Management & Networking, Planning & Optimization. Procurement

& Supply Chain Management. HR & Training Management. Project and General Management.

Leadership. NGO’s – UN experience. Security Systems. I worked in Ministry of Interior (MoI) at Telecommunication & IT Dept., Procurement Dept. and in the United Nations (Haiti & Bosnia). Got rank of Consultant Engineer by the Jordan Engineers Association in 2018. III. Education & Certificates: View: Related Documents. 1. Bachelors of Telecommunications Engineering and a separate Diploma of Security Sciences from MUTAH University, Al Karak – Jordan, 1996.

2. Professional Grade; Consultant Engineer – Telecommunications from Jordan Engineers Association JEA, Amman – Jordan, 2018 and JEA Membership since 1996. 3. General Secondary Certificate – Scientific Stream (92%), Zarqa – Jordan, 1992. IV. Career History: View: Related Documents, Responsibilities. 1. Freelancer, Consultant Engineer – Telecommunications, Zarqa – Jordan. 10/2017 – Present. 2. Ministry of Interior - MoI; Telecommunications & IT Dept. and Procurement Dept., Multi Leading Positions. Amman – Jordan. 10/1996 – 10/2017, as the Head/ Chief of the following: Management/ HR & Technical Supply, Logistics & Supplies, Secretary of Central Tenders Committee, Central Tenders, Acting Director Maintenance at Electronic Equipment Dept., Electromechanical Equipment, Technical Studies & Training, Wireless Networks, Technical Workshops, PBX & Telephony Networks. 3. United Nations, Telecommunications - ICT Consultant/ Technical Adviser and IPTF Team Leader. UNMIBH Prijedor – Bosnia, 08/2000 – 08/2001. MINUSTAH Port au Prince – Haiti, 02/2008 – 02/2009 & 11/2011 – 09/2012.

V. Committees & Projects: View: Related Documents.

Telecommunication agreements. Procurement & Technical Arbitration. Strategic Plan.

Procurement Plans. Vision, Message, Values. Work Guides. Organizational Structure.

Specifications, Purchasing, Acceptance. TETRA Expansion. Dyssi Water Drag Project – MoWI.

Telecomm. & IT Requirements in MoI Projects. Alarm, Control, Monitoring – Telecomm Sites.

Amen FM Broadcasting Expansion & Amen FM New Building. Telecommunication and IT Budget. Inventory. Documentation. Anti-Terrorist Agenda ATA. National Project for Fiber Optics – MoICT. Special/ Occasional Events Organizing. Telecomm and IT main presentation.

Telecomm Towers and Trenches. Evaluation of Rehabilitation Centers. Radar Control System in Amman Municipality. TETRA Pre – Studies. Shooting Fields Evaluation. New HQ in Amman/ Imaish & Other Projects. WiMAX, TETRA, Tech Work Shop projects – UN. Command & Control Center (CCC). Bridges, Tunnels Projects – Amman Municipality. VSAT. Deputation Criteria & Standards. Mutual Services with local Providers. Regional HQs, Rehabilitation Centers Projects. Inspection & Personnel Evaluation. Annual Training Plans & Materials. Eng. Mo'ath MAKAHLEH, +962*********,, CV/ Resume Page 2 of 2

VI. Skills: View: Visitations

1. Technical - Expert: Telecommunications Management & Networking (Conventional, Trunked

– TETRA/ DMR, GSM & LTE, PBX &VoIP, all types). RF Planning & Optimization. ICT Consultancy. Telecomm/IT Floor & Site Planning. Telecomm/IT Infrastructure (Towers, Trenches, Cabling …). Security Systems. FM Broadcasting. Inspection Equipment.

General Electronic Equipment. Fiber Optics, Broadband, µW Networking. Speed Control Systems. IT Networking. Shooting Simulators & Electronic Shooting Fields. Technical Documentation, Surveying & Inventories.

2. Procurement - Expert: Procurement Management & Planning. Supply Chain Management.

Resourcing. Vendors & Tenders – Bids Management. RF’s Technical & Financial Writings.

Warehouses Management. Logistics Management.

3. Managerial - Expert: Project Management. Training Management. General Management.

HR Management. Strategic Planning. Organizational Structure Development. Facilities Management. QA/C – TQM. Recruitment.

4. NGO: Working with United Nations Peace Keeping Missions. Two missions in Haiti as a Telecomm Consultant and one mission in Bosnia as a Team Leader of IPTF Officers. 5. Personal - Expert: Leadership. Problem Solving. Multicultural. Communications. 6. Languages: Arabic – Native. English – Fluent. 7. Applications SW - Expert: MS Office Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Word. Windows OS’s. Office Equipment. Computers HW. Familiar with Auto Cad & Mat Lab. VII. Training: View: Related Documents.

1. Ministry of Interior MoI - Jordan: Strategic Planning. Command & Control Center (CCC) procedures. Training Supervisors. Intermediate Leadership. Methodology of Scientific Research. Advanced Security. TQM. Management’s Skills Development. Web Sites Design. Other Technical, MoI Training.

2. United Nations - Haiti: UN System Induction. Basic Security In Field II. UN Prevention of Harassment & Abuse of Authority. The Integrity Awareness Initiative. Advanced Security In Field. BSITF - Staff Safety, Health and Welfare.

3. Governmental Institutes - Jordan: Renewable Energy Resources Encouragement – EMRC.

AUTOCAD Drawing – IT/ JAF. Mastering Electrical Engineering Concepts Using Mat lab, Simulink & Tool Boxes – Jordan University for Science and Technology JUST. 4. Pioneers – Jordan: Procurement Administration and Bidding System. PMP Exam Preparations. Managing Projects using MS Project 2010. 5. Teleprobe – Jordan: CCNA4 WAN Technologies. Voice over IP. CCNA3 Switching Basics & Inter-mediate Routing. CCNA1 Networking Basics.

6. Other Institutes: Hytera – China; wireless TETRA, DMR, LTE Products. MoI – Sudan; Shooting Fields (Electronic & Simulator). CDC – Dubai; Enatel Rectifier System.

NORTEL – UK; Meridian 1 Features & Networking and VoIP for Enterprise Voice Engineers.

FOTONA – Slovenia; Optical Line System 16 2MB/s. MTOROLA – France; GP3xx Professional Series (HH Radio). CISCOM – Jordan; Cellular Network Traffic Planning & Radio Design. CCS – Jordan; Introduction to Networking & Networking Essentials (IT). VIII. References:

Eng. Ahmad Al Saket, F. Director – Telecommunications & IT Dept. +962*********, Mr. Waheed Tsi, Procurement Director, +962*********, Eng. Hussein Otoum, ICT Consultant, MoI – Bahrain, +973********, William Martinez, F. DTS Chief, UN – Haiti, +598********,

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