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Engineer Piping

Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
July 18, 2019

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Passport No : P1459436

Age : 31

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indian

Permanent Address : H/no:-36/506, AshokNagar, ChinnaChowk,

Kadapa, Kadapa (DIST), A.P, INDIA

Contact No. : +91-955******* & +966*********

E-mail address. :

POSITION DESIRED:- QC Welding Inspector / API Inspector / Inspection Engineer

Career Objective:

To work in a sector where I can contribute to the growth of the sector using my abilities and skills and further enhance my personal and professional skills, especially preferable to Oil & Gas industries, Fertilizers, Chemical & Petrochemical plants.

Educational Background/Qualification:-

Bachelors Degree in field of Mechanical Engineering from A.I.T.S, Rajampeta affiliated to JNTU University,HYDERABAD,INDIA

Intermediate passed with Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as the core subjects from, S.b.v.d Sabha Junior College,

SSC passed in First class from S.b.v.d Sabha High School in Pullampet.

Certifications And Technical Qualification:-

API-570 Authorized Piping Inspector (Cert No: 51811).

API-510 Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector (Cert No: 53044).

API-653 Authorized Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector (Cert No: 54187).

ASNT LEVEL 3 MT (Cert No: 231040).

Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.1) from TWI-UK (Cert No:70841)

ASNT Level-II In UT-Shear Wave And UT-TKY And UT-Nozzle And MT And PT, Operator in PA-UT

Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training Course Completed For SMTC GLOBAL, K.S.A (Certificate Number: - 622857003012140014)

Basic Hydrogen Sulphide Course Completed For SMTC GLOBAL, K.S.A (Certificate Number:-IA7.SA.14.1348).

Software Skills

Windows applications like MS-Office / Internet facilities.

Good Knowledge

ASME Codes & Standards

API Codes & Recommendations

Experience in Meridium and SAP.

Experience Summery

Developing and implementation of an effective inspection plan and a routine NDT inspection of static equipment and piping system

Good knowledge and experience of inspection, evaluation and repair of In-service tanks, pressure vessels, including heat exchangers and boilers and piping systems. Review and upgrade the new material specification to the existing one when going to repair or replace

More than 10 years of experience in the fields of Plant Inspector / Engineer for static equipment's like heat exchangers, pressure vessels and tanks for refineries, petrochemical, gas plant and inspection of Welding Piping, NDT method, Mechanical test, Hydro test., Visual Welding Inspection, Pipe fit up, MOV overhauling and Valves test.

Witnessing the WQT & WPS as per ASME Sec IX. Coordinate with Client, Section Head for flow direction of Pipe and valve & PIPE erection as per ISO drawing.

Working Experience:

Position : QA/QC / Plant Inspector / API Inspector/Inspection Engineer

Employment Records


Position : Lead Inspector

Period : Jun 2016 to March 2017 & May 2017 to Still.


A lead group of inspectors to carry out inspection of In-Service & Out of service Above ground storageTank, Pressure Vessel, Exchanger,Pipeline (Including Cross Country Pipelines), Pressure Relief Device,Chemical / Loading Hoses and Utility Hoses based on inspection procedures set out by SABTANKwith full compliance all the SABIC SHEMS. To ensure that inspector(s) and other contractors working with us follow(s) work instructions, procedures and good engineering practices.

MERIDIUM Inspection task execution, Reporting, evaluation of finding and recommendation,including recommendation tracking including IMTM(Inspection Module & Thickness Module) reporting &verification.

SAP inspection task/notification, monitoring and ensuring all the PM & CM activities are completed as per inspection priority in time.

PSSR walk through and issuing punch lists for new static equipment & piping

Assisting Root cause analysis

Exploration & Implementation of advanced NDE on static equipment & piping.

Preparing Inspection plan for Storage tanks, Piping circuit, pressure vessels etc.,

Guiding inspectors with recommendations and technical assistance.

Selection & witness of suitable NDE techniques such as RMS, ACFM, Acoustic Emission, LRUT, MFL, Baroscopic, or Phased array eddy current testing etc., to locate the potential degradation.

Corrosion under insulation inspection of Tank, Pressure vessels & piping systems.

Failure analysis of piping circuit degradation or leaks.

Witnessing inspection of pressure relief devices, necessary repairs as required and codes accepting criteria for POP tests and leak test.

Client : NATPET – Yanbu

Position : Night shift Lead inspector

Period : March 2017 to May 2017.


Coordinator for shutdown inspectors for activities of Inspection and report preparation.

Inspection of ITP and All Equipment packages preparation.

Preparing and sending the daily inspection activities to inspection Sr.manager.

Inspection on static equipment’s like Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, Columns, Perssure vessels,Above ground storage tank and air-cooler.

Checking welds joint preparation, joint fit-up, alignment & dimensional inspection.

Inspection of reactors inner or outer screens replace activities.

Calculating remaining life of equipment based on remaining thickness and corrosion rate.

Updating the daily job thickness measurement data readings in excel format.

Hydro testing in Heat exchangers and piping systems.

Client : SATORP

Position : Piping/Equipment Inspector

Period : Sep.2015 to May 2016


Inspection on static equipment’s like Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers,Columns, Pressure safety valves,Furnance.

Keeping all inspection equipment history files up-to-date and also keeps on-stream inspection data current.

Assist with RBI team to make analysis and reports. Involved in equipment/piping failure analysis and preparation of analysis reports.

Inspects and assesses the condition of Oil & Gas field, Petrochemical Plant piping & staticequipments at the required frequency in accordance with the company's procedure and code requirements.

To provide quality plan, clearly mentioning inspection hold points to vendors before fabrication of new equipment, which are to be installed in the plant as part of MOC process or new project execution.

Hydro testing in Heat exchangers and piping systems.

Witness welding procedures and welder’s performance qualifications.

Conduct inspection of raw materials, brought out items and review of materials test certificates.

Co-ordinate NDT activites and reviews of NDT reports.

Inspection of ITP and All Equipment packages preparation.

Witnessing inspection of pressure relieve devices, necessary repairs as required and codes accepting criteria for POP tests and leak test.

External inspection of static Equipments: Including supports, painting condition and corrosion under insulation (At pockets provided)

Calculating remaining life of equipment based on remaining thickness and corrosion rate.

Identify the lines and equipments in field as per isometric drawings.

Inspection of equipment supports, platforms, ladders and foundation.

Inspection of insulation, external paint condition.

Preparing Turn around final inspection report for all equipments including NDT and Tube inspection reports.

Client : IBN RUSHD – Yanbu

Position : Plant Inspector for Shutdown ( CTA / PTA)

Period : April 2015 to May 2015


Visual inspection and NDT Inspection of Pressure vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Exchangers bundles, boiler economizer, dryer and storage tanks.

Inspection of ITP and All Equipment packages preparation.

Inspection for all inspection points and mixing point & drain points as per API 570 and valve dropping,MPT & UTT carry out for all suspected and as per RBI task

Inspection of pressure vessels (Dish Ends, Shell internal cirumferial & longitudinal weld joints, demister pad, distributor pipes, nozzles, vortex breaker) and NDT activities

Pre and post inspection of the columns (Dish ends,cirumferial & longitudinal weld joints,Trays, shell,distributors,clamps,valves,nozzles condition,vortex breaker) and NDT activities.

Pre and post inspection of the Heat Exchangers (shell, tubes, tubes bundles, impingement plate, tie-rod, spacers,baffle plates,guide bar conditions) and NDT activites (ECT,RFET,DPT,UTT,BORESCOPE).

Witnessing and approving the pressure test (Hydro / Pneumatic) on Heat exchange


Position : Lead inspector / Inspection Engineer

Period : Jan. 2012 to March 2015


Preparing Inspection plan for Storage tanks, Piping circuit, pressure vessels etc.

Visual inspection and NDT Inspection of Pressure vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Exchangers bundles, boiler economizer, evaporator & Superheater tubes and storage tanks.

Preparing Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Shut down job list for static equipment. Well conversant in inspection documentation and record keeping like history card, data card, thickness survey records etc.

Corrosion under insulation inspection of Tank, Pressure vessels & piping systems.

On Stream and shut down inspection of stationary equipment like Pressure Vessels, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Piping System, Insulation .

Inspection of ITP and All Equipment packages preparation

Carried out Vessel inspection of weldments during shutdown & prefabrication

Witnessing internal inspection for corrosion, erosion and modifications like installation of new nozzles, ring, demister pad, baffle plate, vortex breaker, bed limiters, trays, pal rings, bolt, nut and gasket etc. for pressure vessels & heat exchangers as per project specs, approved drawings and applicable codes.

Borescope inspection of heat exchange tubes.

Selection & witness of suitable NDE techniques such as RMS, ACFM, Acoustic Emission, LRUT, MFL, Baroscopic, or Phased array eddy current testing etc.To locate the potential degradation.

Preparation of all NDT Reports and issue a recommendation for necessary actions.

Responsible for all NDT Activities/ Quality control inspection during the shutdown job and fabrication & modification jobs.

Witnessing hydro test, Pneumatic test, Welder Qualification test,Procedure qualification test.

Raw material inspection like visual, dimensional, pipe materials etc.

Controlling / Monitoring the welding as per relevant welding procedure specification (WPS) & welder qualification test (WQT).

Witness/Monitoring Pwht, Preheat, Interpass Temp.

After repaired work is carried out that repaired joint is recommended to DPT.

Ensure bolt torquing is carried out at flange joints, valves, orifice flanges etc


Initial inspection of MOV overhauling.

Visual inspection and ndt inspection of valve body seat ring, disc seat ring, body & disc guide bar, body guidebar,overlay weld, flange joint,stem etc.

After inspecting the MOV, if any corrosion, recommended to UT thickness.

Ensuring the Repaired joints is cleared a Final Inspection for the MOV before clearing for the Hydro test.

Witnessing inspection of pressure relieve devices, necessary repairs as required and codes accepting criteria for POP tests and leak test.

Check the calibration certificates of pressure gauge.

Employment Records



PERIOD : MAR, 2011 to DEC, 2011


External and internal inspection for above ground storage tanks, pressure vessels and piping systems.

CUI inspection for insulated tanks, vessels and piping system as per inspection scheduled to identify the specific types of deterioration.

To do inspection and give recommendation for on-stream abnormalities (leaking through base metal/welding joints/flange joints; displacement of pipes due to abnormal operation, hot and cold spots due to insulation damaged) as per notifications.

Material verification and review the data sheets of new PSVs against the existing one when going to replace.

Inspection for venting systems of tanks (emergency vent/hatch cover, and breather valves) as per inspection scheduled.

IFR (Internal Floating Roof) inspection through inspection hatch or emergency vent as per inspection scheduled.

Witnesses for pressure test in order to identify the leakage tube/tubes of shell & tube heat exchangers and give recommendations for plugging if leaking tubes are noted.

Inspection for painting activities done by painting contractors.

Welding joints inspection followed by appropriate NDT requirements and selection of electrodes for similar and dissimilar base metals.

Flare system inspection in scheduled and abnormal condition.

Breathing tank internal and external inspections.

Employment Records



PERIOD : MAY 2010 to FEB, 2011


Making inspection strategy for the piping systems for short term and long term based on piping classes

Making piping loops with same diameter, same thickness, same material specification, same process and same scope of piping in order to make perfect documentation and perfect field inspection.

Marking the identified loops in the ISO and P & ID and also in the field and compare with the existing line with the documents in order to find out the modification if exists.

To execute and implement the inspection plans in accordance with the inspection strategy.

To develop separate inspection plans and schedules for the specific types and specific areas of deterioration (Injection point circuits, mixing points, dead legs, CUI, control valve down streams etc.).

To develop separate inspection plans and schedules for localized corrosion and specific corrosion mechanism (pitting /galvanic corrosion).

To make documentation for identifying the appropriate locations for localized corrosion in order to conduct condition monitoring perfectly.

Updating ISO drawings and P & IDs for any field modification and upgrading the materials (CS to SS etc.) for the existing piping systems.

Making recommendations for temporary / permanent repairs and replacement for the piping systems to be replaced or repaired.

Corrosion rate, remaining life and retirement thickness determination and evaluation for the existing in-service piping systems.

Employment Records

NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE : M/s. Associated Engineering Services


PERIOD : JUL 2007 to DEC, 2009


Analyses all applicable drawings and standards

Conducted consumable test for CS, Alloy steels and SS materials.

Review and familiarize, project design specification, code's i.e (ASME B31.1, 31.3Sec II, Sec V, Sec VIII, Sec IX, AWS D1.1).Material Specification and Engineering Standards, Review & check Quality Assurance Procedure.

Witnessing of materials, dimensions, joint preparation, fit-up & Weld visual. (Super Heater Coils) as per section IX.

Check all the dimensions and measuring before the fabrication.

Fit up checking, weld visual, NDT offering, PWHT offering and charts Reviewing for fabricated piping.

Review of calibration certificates for ovens, welding machines and inspection tools.

Review of welder Qualification and applicable ranges of welder performance.

Visual inspection of the welding joints.

Reviews in the NDT reports.

In process monitoring of welding, preheat, inter pass temperature.

Refinish electrode tips towards good welding operation.

Finish the jobs within quoted time limits at the same time customer pleasure

Monitor the Delivery of permanent materials and ensure the quality of products, consumables, materials that comply with requirements of established Standards and Shell’s Specifications.

Review the WPS, Calibration records of Welding machines, Quivers, prior to start up the welding activities and witness of PQR and Welder Qualification Test.

Perform routine surveillance Inspection, monitoring, auditing & assurance of contractor’s site activities (Fabrication, Welding & NDT) in accordance with the Projects and Contractor’s Specifications, ITP and Quality Plans.

Review the daily weld joint summery report, NDT Summary report, Welders skill evaluation and maintain the records of welding consumables storage according the Specifications, ITP Quality Plans.

Verification of Isometric drawing with respect to general arrangement, Piping & Instrumentation drawing and welding data are as per latest Isometric Drawing.

Ensure all Pre-Construction activities, qualification trials are witnessed are approved as necessary and Inspection & Test Plan of each activities are fulfilled and the` Hold Points’ of the company are completed in due time.

Review and comment upon contractor’s daily Inspection records for activities covered and investigate any anomalies.

Inspection of Prefabricated spools and other Piping components to meet the requirement of the approved construction drawings.

Ensuring the weld joints, supports were welded and correct piping materials being used.

Repair follow -up, confirming the line check as per P & ID, Isometric for NDT clearance, punch list preparation and follow up for final completion.

Review and release of Test packs for hydrostatic / pneumatic pressure test.

Reviewing the certificates of water quality, calibration of pressure gauge, Pressure relief- valve and chart recorders before starts and witnessing of Hydrostatic Pressure/Pneumatic test and ensuring Re-instatements of Piping Systems.

Preparing & reviewing of construction management record book final documents.

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