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Licensed Cosmetologist

Wichita, Kansas, 67207, United States
July 17, 2019

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Jennifer P. Atherton

**** * ***** ** *** 1811

Wichita Ks, 67207-5065

Phone Number: 316-***-**** (Preferred Method Of Contact)

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Hello, my name is Jennifer P. Atherton. I am a certified and licensed Kansas State Board Of Cosmetology cosmetologist. I have been licensed here in the state of Kansas for 31 years dating back to 1988.

I graduated from Vernon’s School Of Cosmetology on June 4, 1988. Mr Frederick Laurino was the owner and president. His first cousin, Janice C Riley was the vice president.

Mrs Cindy Carpenter was our School Manager and the primary teacher. I really enjoyed and respected her very much!

I went to the State Board Of Cosmetology in Topeka Kansas for my written and practical exams. It took place in the month of September 1988 and I made straight “A”s on all of my tests.

I have been licensed in the States of Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado and I am seeking full time employment with a competitive hourly wage, production bonuses, and commission on selling retail products.

I also have experience in salon ownership. My experience includes being a floor manager, shift manager, and store manager. This experience dates back to 1999 when I owned my own salon for 3 and 1 half years at Towne West Square here in Wichita. It was in the Montgomery Wards Department Store. I took it over from Mr. Jerry Phillips in November 1999 and I named it “Hair Heaven”, owning and managing it until mid 2002. It was a “turn-key” leased salon separate from Wards Department Store and my salon’s major suppliers were Glemby International, Helene Curtis from Montreal Canada, and Matrix.


I was born on September 28, 1960 in Mobile, Alabama and went to both public and private schools as a child and and as a teenager. I was raised in the Clearwater and St. Petersburg central Florida area. My mother, Gloria Jean Wales, for professional reasons, legally changed her name to Gigi Patrice Atherton after her third marriage.

She was a famous cosmetologist and legally licensed Teacher Of Cosmetology. Her clients included movie stars, dignitaries, and national celebrities that lived in Florida. Originally, my mother’s family came from South Central Chicago area in DeKalb and Sycamore Illinois.

I grew up in a beauty salon, where my mother was the “Boss Lady” and Chief Educator. My mother, “Ms. Gigi” had a very familiar saying: “Child Of Mine, If You Got Time To Lean, Then You’ve Got Time To Clean”. I earned my chore money by sweeping hair, polishing mirrors, and serving customers coffee and tea with cookies. My duties also included pulling hair out of old bristle rollers, then putting on the Huge rubber gloves and pouring bleach, Hair Rid-Ex and soap water on brushes, combs, rollers, and perm rods.

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I also did laundry which included chemical towels and using washing machines and dryers.

This included folding towels and stocking the shelves back up with clean dry towels.


I earned two Bachelor Degrees in my younger years; one in Calligraphy and the other in Linguistics. Art, Language, and Ancient History were and still are my favorite subjects of interest. Each Degree earned me $5,500.00 totaling $11,000.00 in tuition and vouchers for future schooling and education.

Beginning in the 3rd through 7th grades of schooling I qualified for the “United Students Presidential Elect National Arts Foundation” schooling. I continued my education through that program and earned a Masters Degree in Surrealism, giving me a $10,000.00 tuition voucher through Art I, II, III Instruction Schools. Because I did all of my schoolwork on summer break and then finishing 6 weeks of the 12th grade, I graduated earlier then my classmates on November 12, 1979

In the 4th grade I began a Work Program with a Work Counselor named Mr. Paul Humicek at Keswick Christian Academy in Largo, Florida. I went to school from 8:00 Am to 1:00 Pm. On a daily basis I would check in with my counselor. Each day after lunch, my “Me-Maw” (grandmother) Mrs. Virginia S. Quinn or my mother would pick me up after classes. I would have to change from my school uniform to my work uniform and they would then take me to Wilcox Brothers Florist And Nursery. David Wilcox was the owner, manager, and my boss. He was also my trainer. I served a 2 year apprenticeship in Floral Design. I was paid $5.85 per hour and continued working for this company for another 4 and 1/2 years.


Before I earned my degree at Vernon’s School Of Cosmetology in Kansas, in 1982 I entered the Barbizon Modeling College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was an 8 month course, plus 2 weeks Graduate School. It was recognized by the “United States Student Presidential Elect-National Arts Foundation” which was initiated by President Ronald Reagan. I received a $2,800 tuition grant fund for this schooling plus a small weekly cost of living allowance of $71.88 after taxes. It was a very humbling experience. Needless to say, models don’t eat much!

Barbizon Modeling College taught me the following skills:

* Runway, Spokesman-Product Services.

* Ideas for film and television commercials.

* Camera Angles, Poses, Voice Overs, Method Acting.

* Receiving Camera Direction by the cameraman.

* Assistance from his or her Assistant Director Of Fashion.

* How to be a Fashion Director.

* Makeup Artistry: Iconic, Avante-Guarde, Mannequin Doll, Invisible Natural makeup for day,

and Glamor For evening-wear makeup.

* Modeling In Motion On Set for theme ideas with beautiful backdrops, props or green screen to

be edited later by the Editor Of Photography.

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* Photo-Shop Retouch: I found this training to be very inspiring and it gave me the drive to go to beauty college and realize my greatest potential in the Commercial Beauty Industry.


I believe in consultation with my clients before, during, and after services are completed. I also suggest retail products that we sell in our salon. My favorite subjects in hairdressing are;

COLORIST: Bleaching, Color Correction, the 12 levels of light on the color wheel, color-foils, glossing (tone on tone), frosting cap, tipping, and of course “Punk Wild” Double Process Color, and lastly “Super Mega Blonds”.

HAIR CUTTING: Clipper Fade Cuts, Scissor Over Comb-Tapered And Blocked, Bowl Cuts, Zero Degree Bob Cuts; (including: Elevated A-Line, Shattered Bobs, and longer Bobs with 90 Degree layers, Shag Cuts with hand razor and guard over blade, Long Layered With Bangs, asymmetrical one sided cuts, spikes, feathering, chipping and texturizing, wedges, and classic 4 inch to 6 inch round 90 degree haircuts.

STYLING: Blow drying curling iron, roller setting comb outs, flat iron straightening, back combing, up-do’s (including): French twist, French rolls, chignons, partial curled up-do’s with Bobbie pins and trendles, pony-tails with self-haired covering the band), Gel set-spikes, Marcel finger waves, and wraps, set and dried under helmet dryers, petal curls, barrel curls with bangs plus, many many more!

CHEMICAL PERMS AND RELAXERS: Virgin or retouch relaxers, standard concave rod perms on short to medium hair length, alternating color-coded sized rods to create curl and wave, body waves, spiral perms starting in the nape, and diagonal rows, going left and right.


Whenever a customer walks into the salon, I immediately say “Hello, how are you today? What can we do for you? What type of service do you need? Please sign your name on the Customer Service Chart and if you know your stylist’s name, please say or write down his or her name”. Acknowledge to the stylist that they have a request and then ask the stylist how long the wait-time will be?

I am perfectly comfortable in just being a stylist. However, if promotion opportunities would arise, I consider myself qualified for promotion if my performance shows potential for advancement.

I love to use and demonstrate how to use professional named products that only cosmetologists use and sell to their clients. I like to talk to the customer and ask how short or long they desire their hairdo to be, using a hand mirror and or my fingers, or books of different styles and cuts. I ask the client to give me a minute to clean my chair and station off, sweep my hair up off of the floor, then throw my dirty towels into a container and use my hand sanitizer, or quickly wash my hands off. I then grab 2 clean towels, making sure that dirty combs and or brushes are put into Sanitizing Solution closed lid container.

I then gently sit customer into the chair and use paper-neck strip and adjust the cape around the neck. If a chemical service is to be done, I put a towel smoothly around the neck, and then a

polyurethane chemical cape around the toweled neck. Then, I calmly and carefully with respect,

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tell the client which position to hold or move their head.


During a chemical service, I always set the self winding egg beater time clock, and give the client a clean towel and check on them verbally, and frequently. The processing time on chemical services is my chance to quickly clean up my station and or mop the floor and then put the “Caution Slippery When Wet” sign on the floor. I am dedicated to helping my clients to carefully walk back and forth using my arms to keep them steady to protect them from falling down.

Whenever the phone rings, I answer it by saying “Thank you for calling (salon name). This is how long it might take. For an example: 45 minutes to a half hour. I cut off all chemical services 2 hours before close time and ask if they could schedule an appointment for another day or time.

I always promote, explain, and demonstrate Professional Retail Products which are not tested on animals and are E.P.A. friendly. I physically demonstrate to the client by applying the products we use and sell. When we, the stylists, need to get some more professional products to use at our station, I or the shift manager subtract the products from the current inventory product list and put our initials next to the margin of the inventory sheets For Station-Use Only.


I have also, besides being trained in classic taught cosmetology, received training in the“Vidal Sassoon California Pivot Point System” and have attended “Product Knowledge Furthering-hands on classes. I have received paper degrees for each class of major Professional Only of product knowledge classes, totaling up to 58 hours.

This training included the use of the following products: Matrix, Nexus, Schwartzkopf, Aloxi,

John Paul Mitchell, Quantum Perms, Clairol Professional, Loreal Professional, Keranique, Carol’s Daughter, Wella Charm, Zotos Perms, Revlon Professional, Bed Heads, and many many more.

Each individual franchise or corporation paid for our gasoline, car pooling, food, and hotel accommodations. Classroom lessons were in conference rooms overseen by the product directors. We were asked to go individually and were paid a smaller hourly wage to make up for our full time normal wage and the loss of our requested customers.


* DUDES AND DIVAS: Four blocks W. of Central and N. Tyler Rd. December 23, 2004 to March 17 2005.

The owner was Tammy Davis and I was the store manager. My hours were from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday. They opened at 9:00 am and closed at 8:00 pm. My pay was 60% commission.

It was a new salon and Tammy Davis simply never established a following. I was never able

to gain a following of my own no matter how hard I tried. She was my previous employer but

60% of Nothing, is still Nothing! She closed her salon 2 weeks after I terminated my employment.

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* COST CUTTERS SALON: Central and West St. from February 15th 2002 to November 28th 2003.

I was the floor manager, assistant manager and close manager. My shift was from 1:00 pm to 9:30 pm. My wages started at $8.50 per hour and then were raised to $9.50 per hour. Commissions on retail products started 15% and were then raised to 35%. Ms. Tammy Davis was the hiring manager. I was hired after my interview at salon #1 at West St. and Kellogg as the assistant manager.

We were paid for our 2 week training which was held at the Holiday Inn on East Kellogg. Within time I was offered the manager position at the Kellogg and Tyler salon which I turned down because I was happy with my current responsibilities. At Cost Cutters I was always a top producer. After Tammy Davis was fired, four other people were let go. I was told by another manager that if I do not take over her store #3, she couldn’t help me. I took it as “blackmail”.


Hair Heaven was located inside Montgomery Ward’s at Towne West Square Mall. On November 24, 1999, one day after I was let go from Mastercuts in the same shopping mall, I was hired by Mr. Jerry Phillips. He called the salon “Wards Hair Salon”.

I do not know who his “secret” financial partner was; I asked him at least 4 times but he kept getting choked up with tears in his eyes. The company that printed our paychecks was Glemby International in Montreal, Canada which was associated with Helene Curtis, Professional Loreal, and Matrix.

There was only one other stylist. Her name was Wendy Gates. She was, as Mr. Jerry put it, a “time clock rider” and his best friend. Jerry allowed Wendy’s husband, Gary Gates to “cook the books” and gave Wendy an extra 23 hours in pay per hour wages. She only worked 6 hours on Wednesday and 6 hours on Saturday.

Wendy Gates got paid for Thursday and stayed home. Jerry said, “she;s on call”. Her wage was $6.65 per hour. My wage was $8.50 per hour. The 3rd day I was there, Jerry smiled and said “home office called and said you are the new assistant manager”! I said “no way”, are you kidding? He had tears in his eyes and said “that’s not all, your hourly wage is raised to $9.85 per hour”!

I knew that Montgomery and Wards were split apart, going through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Montgomery had been in arrears on their taxes dating back to the civil war. The taxes were paid off through the bankruptcy.“Steinmart” immediately bought 52% of the controlling shareholders.

Mr. Jerry Phillips called me and started crying and said ” I gave my 2 week notice and left you all alone, because for 15 years all I got to do was bubble sets and comb outs. When I heard all of your young and middle aged male clients call you the “queen of skulls”, I was jealous and I am sorry if I hurt your feelings Jennifer”! All I could say was “God Bless You Jerry”. I hope I didn’t hurt you”.

Home office called and asked me to stay on as owner and General Manager. They said “just

leave $79.00 in the cash register for spare change and paper bills, and let the security officer lock the register at 9:30 pm”. Hair Heaven became my own salon. I was employed there from November 24, 1999 to February 15, 2002. After I left, Steinmart gutted out Wards and made the salon into their jewelry department.

* MASTERCUTS: April 23,1998 to November 23, 1999.

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At Mastercuts I was hired to work at the Towne East Square Mall location. After having worked there for 3 months, they asked me to be the close manager.. I was rewarded for being: top producer, top retailer, and most extra services producer.

During my employment at Mastercuts there were a lot of arguments and “personality wars” between the employees complaining that I was trying to do something weird or magical to get the most requests for “return” following. NOT TRUE! I earned 2 14 KT golden scissors that clamped on to my lapel, a golden plated trophy plaque and 3 furthering education paper degrees.

I was at the East location 8 and 1/2 months. My starting wage was $8.50 per hour and was then raised to $9.50 per hour. Management then insisted that I should become the close manager at the Towne West Mall location so I put in my transfer to that location and accepted the closing manager position.

After my transfer, I met the morning manager. Her name was Carra. That woman brought a “Flowbee Vacuum ” machine, a dog hair cutting machine, and also a large upright hair vacuum machine that one had to operate by pressing on a foot pedal into the salon. She used these devices on customers. The results of these actions destroyed hair cuts on men, women, and children! The noises made from these machines was deafening to us stylists as well as the customers. It was absolutely CRAZY! Needless to say, because of her recklessness, I became the “Official REDO Queen” on her customer re-do’s.

I seriously made between $28.00 to $56.00 per week in tips because there was no charge on re-do’s. Customers became disgusted and begged me to be their requested stylist. Every day the store managers from six different businesses in the mall complained about the “super loud auto repair shop sounds”. Four of our stylists quit. Then after 7 months of being there, home office and the State Board Of Cosmetology called me and begged me over and over to become the store manager. They offered me $10.00 per hour and wanted me to work from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch break at 12:15 pm to 12:45 pm. I told them “I have a husband, 2 grown daughters and 2 grandchildren that need me desperately!”. So I went home that night and had a serious talk with my husband, Michael, then called my 2 adult daughters for their opinion. My final decision was to decline the offer. Soon after, Mastercuts let me go.


Through my 30 years experience as a cosmetologist, in this resume I have been traveling backwards in my hair stylist career. It is very difficult to remember the exact experiences, but I am using my income tax files covering the last 3 decades.


Supercuts only used the “Pivot Point Technique”. My employment with Supercuts started at store #1 in the Mini Mall on E. Harry St. and then promoted to store #5 at 21st St and Rock Rd. I

was employed at Supercuts from June 12, 1994 to April 17,1997 when I applied for Workman’s Compensation due to a back injury that I sustained from a mandatory employment party that Supercuts held at a roller skating rink. I was forced into skating by my manager at the party and

was later terminated when I applied for Workman’s Compensation. In person, please ask me any questions you need to regarding this incident. I earned “Top Producer” 3 years in a row at Supercuts. I was the night close manager, the most requested stylist for 3 years and 3 months, and Top Retailer for 3 years. I still have the lovely trophies.

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I began working at Fantastic Sam’s in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center at Harry and Rock Rd. on March 3, 1990. Anita Ward was the Hiring Manager. She was a tough boss, but I was 29 years old, strong, flexible, and willing to obey.

I was also “In Love” and married to my third husband, Michael Lee. I kept my own name because Michael and I said “we are both married to our careers” and besides, I had 2 daughters. We moved into our “dream town-house” at 1201 S. Longfellow right across the street from the shopping center. It was a 3 story corner lot town house, so I had the pleasure of being able to walk to work. Michael worked just 2 blocks away as well so our location was convenient for both of us.

I loved my job at Fantastic Sam’s. I won 3 trophies, paper degrees, and a large 14 KT Gold Scissor Pin for my Lapel. My length of employment lasted almost 4 years. The salon also threw us a wedding shower party which was strictly formal attire. I wore my wedding dress and Michael wore a tuxedo. We also got to have a disc jockey for dancing with significant partners.

They even gave me a ladies 18 KT Gold watch and for both of us, a gorgeous wedding plaque.

On November 28, 1993 I gave official notice to quit so I could move on further with my career.

I thank you for your time in reading my resume and deeply appreciate your serious consideration for the position you are offering.



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