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QA/QC Inspector

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
July 15, 2019

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Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412

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Around 12+ years of experience in the field of Quality Control & Assurance activities and coordinate with highly reputed Inspection / construction companies engaged in Oil

& Gas projects such as Aramco project,Gujarat gas,GITL,HPCL,BPCL,ACC Cement plant,Ship building,Petroleum Development of Oman, Oman Gas Company, Reliance Industries LTD., Cochin Refinery,Lusial devepolment Qatar,Lusial specification

Conversant with code and standards and project specifications such as ASME B31.3, API 1104,ASME Sec IX & AWS D1.1,Gujarat gas spec,PDO Specifications ( MUK-FAC),SP 1171,SP 1173,SP 1177 (Shell Procedures),API 6D,API 598,GITL Specification

Currently working as Pr. Surveyor in International Certification services pvt ltd,Mumbai

Worked in Qatar as a Welding Inspector In Marafeq Qatar Consultant

Experience In Project Management & Consultant Companies – 2 years 6 months

Experience In Third Party Inspection Companies – 5 years 3 months

Experience In Contracting Companies – 4 yrs 2 months

Interested both short term & Long term Projects. CAREER HISTORY

Orgainzation Designation Duration

M/S International Certification Services Pvt

Ltd [Third Party Inspection company ( India )

Pr. Surveyor [ PRINCIPAL


Febuary 2018 – till date



QA/QC Inspector – Welding


February 2015- August 2017

M/S International Certification Services Pvt

Ltd [Third Party Inspection company ( India)

Sr. Surveyor [ SENIOR


September 2012- January


M/S.Attila Dogan & Seeh Al Sarya LLC (Oman)

QA/QC Welding Inspector [

Lead ]

September 2011 – August 2012

M/S.NDT and Corrosion control Services, KSA

[Third Party Inspection company]

QA/QC Welding/Piping


February 2010- August 2011

M/S. Ferro Fab India Pvt Ltd, India QA/QC Inspector August 2009– February 2010 M/S.Bharath Heavy Electrical Limited, India QA/QC Inspector July 2008- July 2009 M/S Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd, India

QC Inspector [Welding &


November 2007- June 2008

M/S G B Engineering Pvt Ltd NDT trainee May 2007- Novemeber 2007 Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 2 of 8


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


AWS Certified Welding Inspector ( CWI-09045211) with 10 year Experience in welding Inspection

NDT Level II in RT, UT, MPI, PT and RTFI with 11+ Years Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Current Company /Project

Position : Pr. Surveyor [Principal Engineer]

Company : International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. (ICS) Duration : Febuary 2018 – Till date.

Project : Client - M/s GSPL India Transco Limited

Project - MBBVPL-RFCL Pipeline Project

EPC- M/s Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.(Mumbai) Vender/supplier - M/s L&T Valves Limited;Coimbatore Responsibilities

Review and inspected as per Valve Purchase Order or Contract

Review and inspect as per Valve Manufacture quality control plan

Valve Inspection and review test plan, Valve Data Sheet & Valve Approved Drawings

Review of Valve Material test report

Review and inspect as Valve Welding specification procedures (WPS) and Procedure qualification records ( PQR)

Review of Valve Welder Qualification reports

Review and inspected as per NDE Procedure (Dye penetration, magnetic particle, Radiographic, Ultrasonic, PMI testing, etc.

Review Valve NDE Personnel Qualifications Reports.

Review and Inspect Valve Heat Treatment as per Procedure

Review Valve Calibration certificates for Test Equipment

Valve Hydrostatic testing (shell) Procedure, closure testing procedure, backseat testing inspect as per procedure and review water quality Preview and inspected Valve Preparation and Painting as per procedure

Inspect Valve High pressure Pneuamatic testing

Review of Valve Preservation, Packing and shipping procedure Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 3 of 8

Review and inspection Valve Packing List and final packing

Carryout raw material Inspection in Valve transfer of heat No, Chemical test, Heat Treatment, Mechanical testing,Impact,DPT and MPI Witness

Carry out stage inspections in Valve Shell, End connector, ball, seat ring, stem Pup piece for valve

In process inspection and witnessed in Shell, End connector, ball, seat ring, stem and Pup piece for valve

RT review carried out for Valve pup piece pipe welding and Fasteners Inspection carried out in valves

Performance test inspection and witnessed carried out for Ball valve, Gate, globe and check valve

Hydro test and Gas test carried out in valves

Painting inspection and witnessed carried out in valves Final Inspection visual, marking and tagging witnessed carried out in valves Final Documents review as per QAP/P.O MTC/Compliance certificate and issuing Inspection release note

To carry out various inspection activities like material identification, stage wise inspection, final Inspection Valves.

Carry out online inspection of C.S. pipes from identification of raw material, in process inspection, hydro test, Non destructive test to final inspection and for coating, inspection of surface preparations like blasting and cleaning, witness coating inspection and test, marking inspection in accordance with IS/ ASTM

Active participation to achieve department target and zero customer's complaint.

Review and inspection Valve Packing List and final packing Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : Welding Insepctor

Company : Marafeq Qatar

Duration : February 2015 to August 2017

Project : Client - Lusail Qatar,

Lusail city development, Installation/ Commissioning of Gas Pneumatic Waste Pipelines, District cooling pipelines. Responsibilities

Carrying out day to day supervision of construction works and report to the project manager. Monitor and inspect Fit-up and welding of Pipes.

Carrying out inspections and tests to ensure compliance with the specifications, method of statement, standards and procedures of the project. To review and evaluate Contractor's quality document submittals.

Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 4 of 8

Supervise and advice on the schedule of the work in order to meet an agreed programmed of deadlines.

Oversee quality control and safety matters on the site, and ensure that regulations are adhered to.

Preparing necessary paperwork for the completion of work and get it authorized by client after their inspection. When required initiate Non-conformance Reports.

Preparing periodical reports on the progress and quality of work.

Checking compliance with as built documents provided by the contractor with the contract.

Review / check the NDT reports and Films.

Carried out inspection on HDPE Fusion welding & HDPE Fusion gas testing

Inspection carried out in District cooling,PWC and Gas Network Welding

/Mechanical/Gas Inspection in our Project

Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : Sr. Surveyor [Senior Engineer]

Company : International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. (ICS) Duration : September 2012 – January 2015.

1. Client : Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Bangalore. From : November 2013 to January 2015.

Project : LPG Bottling Plant, Yediyur.


Carrying out inspection as per Approved QAP/Tender document.

Carryout inspection in weld joint fit-up & welding visual inspection of pipeline /Piping in field to meet all the welding parameters as per WPS.

Witness blasting and daily wise giving clearance for Painting.

Random surveillance/Witness as per QAP, inspect of all mechanical jobs including fabrication and erection during work in progress as HPCL Requirement.

Review the RT reports, Test pack and approval of 100% hydro test in piping and pipeline.

Verifying of all material, plates, pipe, fittings and equipment received at site. Review all T.C of HPCL supply Material/Contractor Supply Material.

Carried out inspection in Pipe Painting condition and ensuring DFT as per Tender.

Carryout overall inspection in Mechanical work as per our P.O and HPCL Tender Document.

2. Client : Gujarat Gas Company Ltd, Gujarat

From : September 2012 to November 2013

Project : City gas Distribution pipeline project (CGD) Surat. Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 5 of 8


Projected Complete : Worked at GGCL Steel Project, Surat (Gujarat) in Steel underground Pipeline Size of 12” API 5L X52,Wall thicknesses of 9.5 mm. Palanpur to Variov pipeline Extention 7 KM Project.

Projected Complete : Worked at GGCL Steel Project, Surat (Gujarat) in Steel underground Pipeline Size of 12” API 5L X52,Wall thicknesses of 9.5 mm. Variov to Amroli pipeline Extention 4 KM Project.

Carried out Third party inspection at site.

Carried out inspection as per Approved QAP/Tender document.

Reporting of inspection/Construction activities to all project concerned.

Witnessed Pre Hydro, Post Hydro testing, tie-in welding activity, trenching, backfilling and mainline welding Activity.

Carried out inspection in Joints Painting and ensuring DFT, holiday testing for coated pipe as per Tender.

Review of test certificates for the materials to ensure the compliance with data sheets, in accordance with the specifications and international standards.

Ensure use of all safe practices at site to achieve zero injury/ maintain Smooth and safe functioning of project.

Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : QA/QC Welding Inspector

Company : Allita Dogan & Seeh Alsarya LLC, Oman.

Duration : September 2011 – August 2012. (PDO Approved) Responsibilities

Reviewing drawings and preparation of project & technical specifications, method statements for inspection activities, inspection test plan, contract quality plan (CQP), inspection forms formats.

Preparation and arrangement setup for the Welders Qualification Test and PQR as per ASME SEC IX and API 1104.

Overseeing all QA/QC activities undertaken by contractor, reviewing the level and standard of all activities. Coordinating with inspection agencies and contractor inspectors for error free inspection.

Doing NDE coverage for each hookup and flow line test packages and Preparing of punch list as per inspection before hydrostatic test.

Inspection in onplot and off plot inspection in pipeline.

Preparation of Piping and pipeline test packages and review as per piping system, AFC drawing, Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 6 of 8

weld map, designs requirement and specification and approving as per the client specification requirements.

Inspection before lowering of pipe line in ditch, with side boomed crane & protection of pipe coating of underground pipeline.

Inspection activity for the Piping and Pipeline Hydro test, Pneumatic test at different test pressure as per design Pressure for the system.

Making request for inspection (RFI) to client.

Interpret radiography films for the Pipeline and Piping Weld joints & marked out repairs to rectification for the welding joints, weld defect as per codes and specifications. Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : QA/QC Welding/Piping Inspector

Company : NDT & Corrosion Control Services (KSA)

Duration : February 2010 to August 2011.


Carried out welding inspection job in shut down activities SAUDI METHANOL COMPANY (AR-RAZI).

Witnessed the PQR mechanical tests in our independent testing Lab.

Witnessed Welder Qualification and Procedure Qualification in Jubal and Dammam Reign Companies.

Worked in Petrokemya plant shut down inspection and piping welding inspection.

Reviewing RT films as per recommended code.

Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : QA/QC Inspector

Company : Ferro Fab India (P) LTD, Pudukkottai, Trichy. Duration : August 2009 – February 2010.


Preparing NDT daily request

Preparing reports and maintaining quality documents.

Inspection of incoming materials.

Perform fit-up inspection as per drawing requirement.

Verify all documentation like Weld Visual Reports, ensuring the welded joint are as per weld map, requesting for NDT etc.

Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : QA/ QC Inspector

Company : Bharat Heavy Electrical LTD, Tiruchirappalli. Duration : July 2008 - July 2009. (Technical Apprentice in Quality control) Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 7 of 8


Carried out Visual Inspection as per Drawing.

Review of radiograph films as per the relevant code.

Perform welding inspection as per requirements of Code and job specification.

Witness DPT in Tube weld in Tubular shop.

Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : QA/ QC Inspector

Company : Shoft Shipyard Pvt LTD, Gujarat.

Duration : November 2007 – June 2008.


Carried out the welding inspection and Dry Survey in ship tank.

Inspection for the Weld Joints qualification for the fillet and give guidance to the fabrication department as per required Steel Structure drawings & specification requirements.

Perform inspection activities like witnessing stage wise inspection as per approved ITP.

Preparation and Reviewing of Inspection Test plans, drawings, Specification. Review of WPS, PQR & Welders Qualification as per ASME code and project specification.

Carried out Visual inspection as per Drawing.

Previous Companies/Projects:

Position : NDT Trainee

Company : G.B Engineering Enterprises pvt ltd, Tubular shop Trichy Duration : May 2007 to November 2007.


NDT Inspection Training/Working in RT, UT, MT and DPT.

Reviewing RT films as per recommended code.

Dark room maintenance/film developing and making ready for review.

Carried out DPT inspection.

Codes and Standards Knowledge

ASME Sec.V (Non Destructive Examination), ASME Sec. IX (Qualification standard for Welding

& Brazing procédures).

ASME Sec. VIII (Rules for Construction of pressure vessels).

API 1104 (Welding of Pipeline and Related facilites).

ASME B31.3, ASME B31.8 & B31.4.

AWS D 1.1 (Structural welding), ASME SEC II Part A and C

Gujarat gas Specification

Lusail specification

PDO Spec 1174, 1173,1097,2020,2094.

Madhan Ramamoorthy

Mob : +91-994*******

E mail : Skype ID: madhan412 Page 8 of 8

API 6D,API 598

HSE T raining Details

HSE Induction, H2S Awareness, Initial Fire Response ( PDO / ATS Oman )

NORM,First AID, ( PDO/NTI Oman )

Safety Training in GGCL ( Gujarat)

Qatar lusial safety


Ability to adapt with changing environment

Manage multiple projects in a start-up environment

Good verbal and written communication skill in English

Ability to handle critical situations


Father’s Name : M.RAMAMOORTHY

Date of Birth : 05-09-1986

Languages Known : English, Tamil and Hindi

Passport No. : R 5428373

Date of Issue : 31/07/2017

Date of Expiry : 30/07/2027

Gender & Marital Status : Male & Married.

Nationality : Indian.

Permanent Address : Plot No-3, Bharath Avenue, Pappakurichi Road, North Kattur, Trichy-19(Tamil Nadu), India


I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

(Madhan Ramamoorthy )

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