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Engineer Developer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
July 16, 2019

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Hervé Dang

***** ********* ********* *** ***

Saint-Laurent Québec H4R3N7



Engineer's training complete by a master's degree in computer sciences Curious, determined, analytical ability, versatility and ability to adapt COMPUTER SKILLS

Operating system:

GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows

Programming language:

C/C++, JAVA, Python, Scheme, .Net

System programming:

IPC, concurrent computing (Multi-threading, Multi-processing), embedded programming, drivers

Modeling method:

UML 2.x, SysML, Design Patterns, Model driven engineering IA:

Prolog, Clips, Genetic Algorithm, Artificial neural network DB:

Oracle PL/SQL, XML-SQL, MariaDB





Electronics/Embedded system:

VHDL, FPGA, SystemC, Android, Real Time, μc, Qt




Security, Telecoms, Aspect oriented Programing


Master's degree in computer sciences 2012

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Main courses: Embedded system, Networking, Programmation Engineer's diploma in computer sciences 2004-2010

École Internationale des Sciences et du traitement de l'information in France ( Main courses: Software design, System information engineering, Project Management WORK EXPERIENCE

System Administrator 2009-2019

Self employed

-Management of a computer park with about ten computer within multisytem environement

-Setup of some server apllication(mail, DNS, VPN, Web...)

-Monitoring of web service for reliability

System administration, Apache, Postfix, Debian

Backpackers jobs(WHV) 2019


-Sale assitant

-Computer Technitien

-Farm work

Feasibility study for using my Bike project as Business 2018-2019 Business development

-Business plan writing

-Funding search

-Contact with company for developing the product (Electronic design, industrial design)

-Crowd-funding campaign writing

-Firmware development

Product development, Business plan, Entrepreneurship Technical Associate, Vehicule Simulation 2016-2017 Consultant at CAE Montréal

-Aircraft simulator conception (C series/Embraer 145)

-Snag resolving for Flight Surveillance Systems (Air Traffic Control system, Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System, Terrain Awareness, Warning System, Weather Radar System and Graphical Weather System)

-Development of different kind of simulator (Full Flight System, Flight Training Device, Integrated Procedures Trainer)

C++, Real time, Avionics(ATC, TCAS, TAWS, WXR, GWX) Software engineer 2015-2016

CEL Aerospace Longueuil

Aircraft Engine test cell development:

-Add engine to the solution of the company

-Execution and writing of test plan

-Driver improvement

VB.Net, QNX, C

Programmer C++ 2014

Consultant at CMC Electronics/Esterline Montréal

Synthetic vision system development:

-Writing of System requirement

-Writing of unit test (LLT and HLT)

PFD/SVS, DO178B B&C level

Software developer 2012-2014

Thales Canada Avionics Division ( Montréal Flight On-board computers development :

-Design document management (writing and review)

-Conception and Development of software part from specification

-Writing and execution of unit test (LLT and HLT)

Scade, DO178B A&D level, TCL

Embedded system developer (4 month internship) 2011 Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux ( Creation of the software part for high speed analog-to-digital converter project Embedded system, ARM9, Cross-compilation

Student-researcher in computer science (4 month internship) 2010 École Polytechnique de Montréal

Study of different architecture with RESP-SIM

Embedded system simulation for aerospace industry, Cross-compilation, SystemC Web application developer (2 month internship) 2009 Société Le Nickel ( in New Caledonia

Module design for GLPI

Web development,licence fixed and rotary wing AJAX/HTML/PHP, Module design Web developer (2 month internship) 2008

AIRCALIN ( in New Caledonia

Development of a tool allowing personal management Development Web, HTML/PHP


Software development for a library

School project implemented in order to apply knowledge study in lessons of JAVA, modeling and data base.


Workshop design program

School project implemented in order to apply knowledge study in lessons of design pattern. JAVA, XML, Design pattern

Realization of a dealing room

School project implemented in order to apply knowledge study in lessons of network programming, database and JAVA

JAVA, SQL, Network programming

Design of MP3 player

Design of MP3 player on Virtex 2 PRO hardware. This project uses MicroBlaze microprocessor Virtex 2 PRO, EDK, MicroBlaze (Language C), real time Design of a pilot assistant for aircraft making

Project aiming the research phase for a pre-prototype for an embedded system who avoids crash of aircraft model making.

Spartan 6, Embedded Linux, Aeronautics

Development of credit card number transfer system using QR CODE Two part project: server part implemented to generate the credit card number and encrypt it, client decode and decrypt the QR CODE

Android, PHP, SQL

Design of embedded processor

Project aiming the study if an ASIP having for target an algorithm of high dynamic range image processing (HDR)

ASIP, Xtensa Tensilica

Callback system design with OVH provider

Two part project: server part implemented to have the possibility to share a line for instance, client part for using the advantage of Android system

Android, PHP, SQL

Realization of Von Neumann machine

Realization of necessary module by the architecture: memory module who save data and instruction; arithmetic logic unit module carry out data processing and control unit manage operation: FETCH instruction, DECODE it and EXECUTE it.


Design of a bicycle lighting system

Ligh system front and rear for bike with turn and brake indicator Arduino, Led strip, Toughness (Hostile environement: IP67) LANGUAGES

French :

mother tongue


fluent, 840 TOEIC (2009)

Japanese :


Spanish :

basic Knowledge


Horse ridding

Aeronautics: Pilot Licence plane and helicopter

Model Aircraft making



Scuba diving

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