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Mechanical Design Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, M2N 1N4, Canada
July 12, 2019

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Jimmy Z. Lucas

Mechanical/Industrial Design

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Cebu City, Philippines

Mobile: 096********,091********, 2661188,



Career Experience

Lexmark Research and Development Corporation Cebu City, Philippines

Imaging Solutions Services November 18, 2013 – November 03, 2017

Senior Mechanical Hardware Engineer

1. Design mechanical hardware and enclosures of assembly and sub-assembly of laser printers.

2. Conduct Tolerance Analysis for clearance, interference, and gap of printer enclosures.

3. Generate documentations, 2D drawings and GD & T for manufacturing.

4. Review and disposition Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA).

5. Develop and build prototype for fit and function and/or design improvements.

Wemark Techno Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore

Singapore Technology Kinetics December 2012 – August 2013

Senior Design Engineer

1. Develop conceptual design proposal of mechanical hardware and assemblies

that meets DFM and function and generate 3D, 2D drawings and GD & T.

2. Reverse engineer and/or bench mark competitor products.

3. Research applicable off the shelf components for cost reduction.

4. Conduct stack up analysis.

5. Conduct First Article Inspection at the vendor’s site.

Lexmark Research and Development Corporation Cebu City, Philippines

Imaging Solutions Services September 2010 – October 2012

Senior Mechanical Hardware Engineer

1. Design and build the mechanical hardware of the Multi-Purpose Feeder (MPF) of the input device of

the mid and low range laser printer. Troubleshoot mechanical malfunctions in the input devices.

2.Tear down and/or benchmark competitor products.

3.Design and Build 3D assembly to be prototype in CNC, SLA or Silicon mold models.

4.Validate Critical To Functions (CTF) parameters in the CMM.

5.Design test fixture and create test procedure to replicate failures in the paper path and record

actual motions through a high speed camera.

6.Gather electrical data signals through the oscilloscope.

7.Conduct mechanical test such as vibration, drop test, pull test, compression and others.

8.Perform thermal shock test on printer devices.

9.Perform acoustic level test on printer devices.

10.Conduct First Article Inspection at the vendor’s site in Shenzhen, China.

Harita TVS Technologies Inc./KPIT Cummins Southfield, Michigan U.S.A.

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. July 2008 – February 2009

Mechanical Designer

Support the development of AFCS 200 Mail Sorting Machine by generating 2D drawings and GD&T

for preliminary system build.

GM Technical Center AVDC May – June 2008

Mechanical Designer

Support the interior group of AVDC (Advance Vehicle Development Center) through studies to

find functional improvements on occupant to door interface, rear compartment door to seal

interface and cover latch to quarter panel interface with implementation of GM Best practice.

RCO Engineering Inc.

Mechanical Designer June 2007 – February 2008

1.Design the shifter and seat belts hardware for the LASSO all terrain vehicle for ICRC.

2.Generate 2D drawings of the vehicle main frame for build and fabrication.

3.Design the rotor control gear box and the inner concentrator of the 0.5 mega watt wind mill for WATTS.

4.Support the design and 2D drawings generation of the outer concentrator of the 0.5 mega watt wind mill.

TKO Staffing, LLC Madison Heights, Michigan U.S.A.

RCO Engineering Inc. Roseville, Michigan

Mechanical Designer October 2005 – May 2007

1.Participate the development of GMT101X Hybrid Program (Equinox) in General Motors Technology Center.

2.Design the floor acoustics, headliner sensor hardware, front and rear consoles and

conduct feasibility study on the rear cargo compartment with the application of EPP foam for

insulation and load bearing application.

3.Build the design concept of a cargo bin storage system made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam layered with vacuum formed Polycarbonate sheet.

ETCS, LLC Sterling Heights, Michigan

Robert Bosch Corporation Farmington Hills, Michigan

Mechanical Designer May – August 2005

Provide the Transmission Control Module (TEHCM) team continuous engineering support and build design

concepts for performance improvements.

Design a test fixture for a V8 cylinder head for Computational Fluid Dynamics test.

Perform studies on optimization of Air Intake Throttle air flow rate.

Build a 3D model for the LS7 Gamma 1 air intake manifold for Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis.

Redesign fuel rail brackets and perform continuous engineering on fuel delivery system components.

Bertrandt US, Inc. Auburn Hills, Michigan

Mechanical Designer January – May 2005

Design the center console hardware of GMX002 2008 Saturn Ion. Generate the criteria and construction

sections of the installation and assembly concepts.

American Specialty Cars Southgate Michigan

Mechanical Designer September 2004

Build the 3D model of the fender and fender extension concepts for the International 255

Small Bus.

Lear Corporation Cebu City, Philippines

Lead Engineer 1999 – 2003

1.Lead 20 mechanical designers to do various front and rear door panel design for Lear shanghai.

2.Supervised continuous engineering on hard trims, seats, carpets, doors, and insulators for General Motors.

3.Conducts design review on all team design activities.

4.Check all 3D and 2D drawing deliverable to Lear Corporation Headquarter.

5.Manage, plan schedules and ensure proper distribution of task among members to achieve high efficiency.

6.Participate management’s strategic meetings to develop new techniques to constantly improve team efficiency.

United Technologies Automotive Cebu City, Philippines

Associate Engineer 1998 – 1999

1.Incorporate a vinyl wrap on a door substrate.

2.Design an elbow for a wireless sun visor. Design the hardware of Ford Remote Keyless Entry (RKE).

3.Design the hardware of GM Superhet Keyfob. Design a rear seat cushion and seat back foam by incorporating a Saturn A surface over an Opel B surface.

4.Design parametric models of various seat adjusters.

TIMEX Philippines Incorporated Cebu City, Philippines

Case Design Engineer 1991 – 1997

1.Establish digital watch case parameters to guide Industrial Designers in incorporating aesthetic features.

2.Conducted the design study of the TIMEX Humvee watch and build the parametric 3D model for engineering evaluation and review.

3.Design the 200 Meters Iron Man metal reinforced case with a unique protective rubber bumper ring for shock resistance. Design the complete case structure of the 200 Meters Shock Resistant Magnum.

4.Design the module holding and ESD protection plate in one of the 100 Meters Iron Man. Design the compass watch with reversible rotating ring. And many other digital watches.

Don Bosco Technical School Cebu City, Philippines

Designer/Fabricator 1988 – 1991

1.Design simple machines for rattan, stone craft, and wood industry.

2.Fabricate simple machines from prototype to fully functional units.

3.Design a four speed dough mixer, wood dowel pin making machine, stone cutting machine, drum type bead making machine, rattan splitting and sanding machines, pipe bender, wire forming fixture.

Drafting Instructor 1986 – 1991

1.Teach the fundamentals of technical drawing to the high school juniors and seniors.

2.Teach the methods of dimensioning, tolerancing, and the different standard parts to the high school juniors .

3.Teach the working principles of speeds, motions, Cams, Gears, and Kinematics to the high school seniors .

Draftsman 1984 – 1986

1.Generate working drawings of machine members and design jigs and fixtures.

2.Trouble shoot mechanical malfunction. Provide direct cost of material and labor estimates.

3.Designed a complete device of worm gear and screw speed reducer.

4.Reverse engineer and design industrial machines for rattan, wood, and stone operation.


Door Sequencing Device for an Imaging Device July 2016

Lexmark Research and Development Corporation

Docket Number P1077 – US1


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering October 1990

University of San Jose–Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines

CATIA V5 Fundamentals and Surfacing May 2005

Oakland Community College, Michigan, U.S.A.

Don Bosco Technical School March 1984

Industrial Drafting/ Machine Shop, Cebu City, Philippines

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