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Safety Manager

Hudson, Massachusetts, United States
July 04, 2019

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Behavioral Support Counselor Tri-lingual

Seeking role with quality provider where I can continue to help people reach their potential & lead fulfilled lives.

Laurie Russell / 5 Temple Avenue, Hudson, MA 01749 /

Professional Summary

Unusually skillful in seeing & interpreting behaviors. Compassionate, patient personality. Intent consistently aligned to empower others. Empathetic, expert listening skills. Confident communication skills. Highly independent with sincere appreciation for positive/constructive feedback.

Core Qualifications

20+ years’ experience helping Mentally Ill, Special Needs populations; OSHA safety trained

Core Competencies

Respect for All in Interpersonal Relationships; Empathic expert

Unusually correct observations

Client Services Foremost; particularly interested in contributing unique observations to discussions &

Communicating carefully to managers on behalf of clients

Decision Making is based on individual task; take responsibility for every decision made

Writing Skills are: Clear, *wrote/broadcast 911 tragedy w live quote from sitting US Pres. Bush

Risk Management & Assessment a plus due to Field Experience in Insurance Health & Safety, OSHA. spot health & safety risks to minimize threats to clients, company & its employees.

Academic Qualifications

Masters, New York University, NYC, NY: Deafness Rehab Admin;

Bachelors, UWW, West Hartford, CT, Psychology & Counseling Adjunct training @Counseling Ctr.

Foreign Service Teacher/Trainer, So America: English/Spanish/ASL; cultural experience in each.

Certificate - CBEST - California Basic Educational Scholastic Test Teaching

Professional Experience

2018-19 Intensive Case Manager: Eliot Community Health Services

2018 Mental Health Counselor: Psych & Eating Disorders, In-Patient Boston Children’s Hospital

2017 Applied Behavioral Manager: Treat behaviors interfering w/ success

06/2016 Job Coach: Supervise Special individuals

2009 Safety Coordinator Re-write Safety Program Manual; Conduct weekly Safety Mtgs

Professional Associations (Past)

ASSE - American Society of Safety Engineers Member & Newsletter Editor

CARP - CA Assoc. of Rehab Professionals Member & Recording Secretary; Cover Story, Monthly Magazine



Progress Note for Client, John Doe

GOAL: Conduct Initial Functional Behavior Analysis

OBJECTIVE: Evaluate Mr. Doe through conversational interviewing techniques. Note challenging behaviors; find and name Target Behaviors; Plan a Design with supportive interventions that may reduce or replace disruptive behaviors with more proper responses.

-Mr. Doe is prescribed Aripiprazole medicine, 1/daily.

Aripiprazole is used alone or together with other medicines to treat mental conditions such as bipolar 1 disorder (manic-depressive illness), major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia. It is also used in children to treat irritability associated with autistic disorder and Tourette syndrome. Aripiprazole works in the brain to change how certain chemicals affect patients. It is an anti-psychotic agent.

This counselor began by giving preliminary description of Mr. Doe’s history of events, symptoms, behavioral & functional needs leading to my referral for consultation. Needed permissions were reviewed and signed. Mr. Doe’s father was present as Mr. Doe presents as mostly non-verbal as shown by quiet “yes,” “no,” grunts, shoulder shrugs; darting eyes towards Father; head/eyes lowered, body curved inward, hands clasped in front with occasional darting eyes/lengthier stares toward me.

I focused discussion towards Mr. Doe’s strengths, favorite pastime, foods, games, tv shows, clothing, existing competencies. Mr. Doe was slow to answer when asked is favorites, looking at Father for help, evidenced by questioning glances.

I aimed to assess a broader understanding of the context for which target behaviors are being named in Mr. Doe’s referral to me, i.e., Throwing & Aggression. Brief pertinent history, clinical diagnosis, social & developmental skills were found, and discussed. Nature and quality of personal relationship with father & son, others; environmental day-to-day activities are being explored. Following comments by Father are being noted:

-Mother would like help with disciplining, monitoring Mr. Doe.

-Mr. Doe has trouble sleeping.

-Mr. Doe “does not like to leave the house.”

-Mr. Doe listens, but does not speak in participation with our conversation.

-Mr. Doe sits forward with hand over his mouth, or with hands clasped in front of him, body curved inward, head/eyes cast down.

-Mr. Doe does not use many words for example: “Yeah, nuh, grunts, mmm.”

-When asked simple questions about favorite games, Mr. Doe responded by rapid affirmatives.

-Mr. Doe looks around, studying others, eyes without expression except questioning; incredibly quiet demeanor during this assessment.


Meet with Mr. Doe and Father or Mother, next Wednesday January 31, 2018.

Plan Design supported Interventions that may reduce or replace Throwing & Aggression with more proper responses.




School Re-Entry/Intervention Meeting, for (Name Confidential), Post Suspension for Risk Behavior.

Convene Client-Centered consortium collaborated to support (Name Confidential) Re-enter Private School, Post 10-Day Suspension for High Risk Behavior.

9AM – 11AM

Service components, provider collaboration is as follows:


Determine progress made since (Name Confidential) Risk Act; The Suspension, The Meeting, The Agreements; name Future Preventative Safety Plan in place.

Assemble dedicated consortium professionals; discuss Safety Measures pertinent to post knife incident. Dean of Students announced by reading (Name Confidential) Safety Plan (checking backpack leaving home, entering school, leaving school by mother/teachers/administrators); provide positive re-entry experience for (Name Confidential). State (Name Confidential) pattern of behavior with knives; Identify Areas of Strength & Need. Monitor Activities. Reflect (Name Confidential) communication & personality behaviors accurately.


Actions Taken/ Progress Made: (Name Confidential) formally reinstated to full-time Up Academy attendance; Dean of Students announce newly integrated Safety Behavior components specifically designed to produce appropriate safety-compliant behavior patterns for (Name Confidential) in school, & in (Name Confidential) daily living.


Academy Dean led open, non-threatening, empathetic verbally communicated Agenda; used kind, non-judging verbal tone. Opening strategy was (Name Confidential) Centered; determine STAGE OF CHANGE that occurred as result of suspension.

Team used (Name Confidential) family, school, collaterals; 12 people contributed as resources to help alleviate problem & build positive, constructive Daily Living & Life Skills for (Name Confidential).


(Name Confidential) together with another male student, waved around switchblade in school hallway, (Name Confidential) was subsequently suspended from school 10-days with restrictions in-home; (Name Confidential) was Re-instated today, in Dean of Students Conference Room,.

SAFETY ISSUES & SAFETY PLANS are being addressed & will continue regular, ongoing basis for risk factors identified. Regular conversations/checks about risk & safety will continue. COPY OF UP ACADEMY SAFETY PLAN WILL REMAIN IN (Name Confidential) CHART.

*OUTCOME TODAY’S INTERVENTION Service Meeting 02/05/2018

(Name Confidential) level of Participation In-Home & with Behavioral Team met compliance levels; (Name Confidential) significant achievements & changes during the meeting today follow.


Consortium agreed this Intervention important beyond scope of any one member of group; Mtg. met when all could participate.

From Left to Right around the table:1. Academy Dean of Students 2. Laurie Russell Center Behavior Monitor 3. Behavior Therapist 4. Academy Principal 5. (Name Confidential), Student 6. (Name Confidential), Mother 7. Child Intensive Services, 8. Therapeutic Mentor 9, Special Ed Teacher 10. 4th Grade Teacher 11 & 12., Department of Children & Family Services

Constructive, NEW SAFETY BEHAVIOR RULES entering/leaving home & school announced by Dean throughout meeting; Meeting continuously client- centered purposefully spoken towards (Name Confidential), & (Name Confidential) as Caretaker by Dean,

Dean spoke with deliberately kind voice, empathetic non-threatening meeting style; read in the REENTRY SAFETY RULES as constructive; Duration TBD as (Name Confidential) monitored behavior (by specifically named staff) improves/stabilizes.

RULES ACCEPTED as evidenced by (Name Confidential)/Mother listened intently; alert expression, upright, open posture, nodding, quiet verbal agreements, contributions without protest.


(Name Confidential) Mother, had recent chemo, this therapist welcomed/appreciated her attendance; reinforced/encouraged (Name Confidential) for being present.


This therapist inquired Spec. Ed Teacher (Ms. Breen) of most important behavior inhibiting (Name Confidential) progress in school: she, others concurred (Name Confidential) refusal to leave classroom & receive individualized instruction an issue of importance.

This therapist utilized conference room as classroom, acted out simple example of what leaving classroom for instruction would actually look like for (Name Confidential): Role played not wanting to leave, being assertive; thinking decision through to comply; realizing that if “I” complied, I would get something to make “me” better… “I want to be better,” the outcome would be that if “I” did leave room I would “get” something to make me better; although’ still not wanting to go, I could make the hard decision to go; trumped staying in class with others & not getting something to make me better.”


(Name Confidential) evidenced high interest by watching/nodding, smiling afterwards. Group was able to reinforce the positive interactions & teach more effective ways to conduct himself/his behavior.


Clear understanding thru role-play benefits of changing attitude towards leaving classroom in future. (Name Confidential) evidenced a clearly satisfied countenance, nodding head, smile, expressive eyes.


Stage of Change occurred: as we adjusted (began to adjust) (Name Confidential) resistance to special education.

(Name Confidential) can realize benefits in making hard or unpopular choices when the resulting consequences serve him well. CONTINUOUS FUTURE RAMIFICATIONS from this lesson are probable.


Treating (Name Confidential) as an adult during this non-threatening gathering, self-esteem will be exponential.

The best role-play is as realistic as possible. Put participants in the physical locations where they would experience the scenarios you’re trying to replicate, whether that’s the boardroom, the warehouse, or an executive’s office. This was an unplanned, spontaneous event with potentially excellent present/future results.

This therapist took attendance for the Record (this Progress Note); verbally welcomed; socially engaged all in attendance;

alerted Dean to define word “protocol” when (Name Confidential) began to lose attention which she immediately was thankful & defined as “rules;” (Name Confidential) then comprehended & nodded in thanks.

(Name Confidential) paid sharp attention to this.

(Name Confidential) level of Participation in Home & with this writer has increased as evidenced by personal observation.

(Name Confidential) significant achievements & changes during the meeting today are positive

Where is/where (Name Confidential) wants to go has been influenced as evidenced by his relaxed demeanor.

Afterwards, this therapist met & shook hands with Therapeutic Mentor first social meeting. Positive interaction.

FOLLOW-UP PLAN: Continue applying this Intervention next session.

LR/lr 07/2018


Foreign Service, Colombia, Bogota 18 months. Taught individuals, families in native tongue, trained new teachers.

Public Communications Director

Newsletter Editor

Secretary to President



President: children's organization 3-12 years old

Chorister, researched composers, text writers, story teller

Public Speaker

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