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Loan Officer Specialist

Sacramento, California, United States
June 28, 2019

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Cheryl A. Vick

Phone: 916-***-****

Sacramento, CA


NMLS # 453983

CA DRE Salesperson License #01472774

Qualifications Summary

Highly motivated mortgage and banking industry professional with 20+ years of experience in banking and residential mortgage services

Extensive Call Center experience as a Loan Officer for direct lenders

Exceptional ability to make a strong connection with prospective clients on first verbal contact thereby maximizing the potential for subsequent dialogue and conversion to a fruitful client relationship

Top producer as a loan officer and mortgage underwriter on a consistent basis while maintaining exceptional customer service ratings

Self-motivated, highly effective networker with a proven ability to expend the energy required to build lasting relationships

Recognized by management as a team anchor based on a consistently positive attitude and an authentic compassion for the welfare of co-workers and clients alike

Proficient in Microsoft Office programs (Word/Excel/Outlook) with strong typing skills (50+ words per minute) Employment Overview

U. S. Small Business Administration (Citrus Heights, CA) Temporary Assignments (September 2017 thru April 2018 and December 2018 thru January 2019) Loan Officer / Loan Specialist / Underwriter

As a loan officer in the Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Relief Program (DRP), responsible for the performance of all functions associated with loan origination, processing, and underwriting of residential and small business loans related to disaster relief applications. In 2017/2018, this national scope program focused on relief from various natural disasters including significant programs in Florida and Texas, as well as the special challenges of the providing disaster relief funding in Puerto Rico. Selected for inclusion in an SBA team to provide support to the small business Disaster Relief Program based on exceptional performance in the residential DRP. Origination, processing and/or underwriting activities included:

Original federal disaster loan applications, disaster loan modifications and determination of eligibility

Complex loans including high income applicants with significant financial holdings and/or business interests

Interviewing disaster victims to determine their SBA eligibility for business loans

Analyzing financial statements and tax returns to determine repayment ability, economic injury and financial need of business applicants

Evaluating credit history to determine worthiness of individuals, businesses, affiliates, and principal owners

Determining equity and lien positioning in pledged real estate and other forms of collateral utilized to secure loans

Working closely with legal department to collect required legal documents per policy guidelines

Reviewing loss verification reports, credit reports, lease agreements, balance sheets, federal tax transcripts, personal financial statements, profit/loss statements, insurance policies, bankruptcy records, flood maps, property tax assessments, insurance settlements, & FEMA reports

Resume: Cheryl A. Vick

Page 2-916-***-****

Loan approval, withdrawal, or decline decision recommendations and justification of these decisions

Creating decline and withdrawal letters to applicants/borrowers for reconsideration, appeals, and modifications Liberty Home Equity Solutions (Rancho Cordova, CA) February 2017 thru August 2017 Loan Officer

Perform all functions associated with loan origination for residential reverse mortgages in strict compliance with governmental requirements. Licensed as loan originator in numerous states.

Loan Officer in a Call Center setting. Experienced with all common residential reverse mortgage programs, including educating the client on the strict Federal guidelines and requirements to obtain a reverse mortgage.

Pre-screen and complete a 1009 application to determine if the client is qualified to obtain a reverse mortgage.

Evaluate credit reports with the client and provide a benefit comparison so that the client is fully informed of the advantages and potential disadvantages relative to their specific situation.

Analyze client’s specific situation and prepare a quote summary of the 3 to 4 best options available for the client.

Arrange for HUD counseling to assure that the client can obtain the required counseling certificate.

Order property appraisals and review other financial/legal instruments to evaluate borrower suitability for a reverse mortgage.

Communicate directly with client and share steps of the loan process, including those outlined above and a list of items needed to move forward efficiently.

Penny Mac Services, LLC and PHH Mortgage (Sacramento, CA) May 2011 to December 2016 Loan Officer

Perform all functions associated with loan origination for residential purchase and refinance in strict compliance with governmental requirements, many of which are outlined above, including loans associated with federal/state restructuring programs. Consistently met corporate sales goals, including a high application to funding ratio and was a leader in conversion of low-value leads and recycled leads into viable loan applications. Licensed as loan originator in 29 states.

Loan Officer in a Call Center Setting. Experienced with residential mortgage loan programs, including Federal Housing Administration, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Veterans Administration (Conventional and Jumbo loans) and US Department of Agriculture programs.

Communicate directly with borrowers and share steps of the loan process. Ensure effective communication by documenting applicant conversations and requests accurately within database notes. Pre-screen and complete applications and update database information.

Evaluate the effects of various financial and legal instruments (bank statements, credit reports, trusts, deeds, leases, appraisals, etc.) on loan application process.

Review financial documents to determine financial condition and ability to repay the mortgage debt incurred.

Proven ability to set expectations for applicants relative to the documentation required to move forward with an approval, decline or withdraw determination, and to obtain the documentation required for successful loan funding.

Resume: Cheryl A. Vick

Page 3-916-***-****

Selected Work Achievement Highlights

Transformed Portfolio of Distressed Loans Into Sustainable Asset As senior collections specialist at a multi-national bank, was given a portfolio of severely past due mobile home mortgages ($200 million portfolio) that was also being neglected by bank management. Following significant investigative work, contacted every client to re-establish a positive link with the bank and then prioritized delinquency status and loan recoverability in order to effectively rehabilitate these distressed loans. After establishing the cause of the borrower's inability or refusal to repay the loan, implemented a plan to get the client back into compliance with loan requirements via the creation of innovative payment plans that would work for the client and that I could sell to bank management. After two years of diligent work, was able to get the delinquency rate reduced significantly which resulted in a substantial reduction in foreclosure rates. This achievement was touted by the clients and bank management as exceptional customer service which enabled many of these clients to keep and stay in their homes. My efforts ultimately resulted in reducing the volume of delinquent loans from

$200 million to roughly $35 million by the end of the 27-month project.

Exceeded Sales/Funding Goals

Consistently met aggressive corporate residential mortgage origination and funding goals as a senior loan officer/originator. Through outstanding customer service was able to consistently meet mortgage sales and funding goals for the roughly six-year period during which I was a loan originator, typically averaging $55 to $65 million in funded loans annually.

Surpassed Corporate Customer Service Quality Assurance Objectives Consistently exceeded customer service quality assurance objectives as an underwriter and as a loan originator. Senior management evaluation of monitored phone lines revealed that my natural ability to make an authentic connection with the customer and the energy brought to these interactions resulted in a superior level of customer trust and a level of customer service quality which exceeded rigorous corporate standards.

Received Productivity Award

Identified as a leader in customer contact productivity as measured by the quantity of incoming communications effectively handled and the number of on-going communications productively handled on a monthly basis. In addition to contact volume, superior customer service was a requirement in the issuance of this award. References

Ms. Lee Kieu, Mortgage Professional, 916-***-****

Mr. Richard Smigelski, Mortgage Professional, 916-***-****

Ms. Connie McGilvray, Mortgage Professional, 916-***-****

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