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Maintenance manager

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
June 28, 2019

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Hello sir,

this is my c.v, I hope it get your interest

Name: Haytham Mohammed Abo El-azm

Nationality: Egyptian

Address: Egypt -10th of Ramadan city- region31-squar3 -buliding11-flat5

Current address : Saudi Arabia - ALMadinah AlMonawora

Telephone (mobile in Saudi Arabia 00966-0597587940 mobile in Egypt 002***********

Date of birth:10-6-1979

Marital status. Married

Date of graduation: 2004



B.s of electronic engineering from faculty of electronic engineering(menouf)

menoufia university . egypt

department of industrial electronics and automatic control

Project of graduation : automation control in water treatment with PLCS and its applications

Grade: very good



2-good writing and speaking English


1. Courses in plc ( fatek)

2. hydraulic course

3. pneumatic course

4. properties of plastic course

5. How to make maintenance

6. Industrial electronics

7. Measuring instruments

8. Computer (hardware-software)

9.How to be manager

10-Principles of industrial safety

11- properties of plastic material (PE-PP-PET-PVC-PC)

skills of computer

office(word excel-PowerPoint)


· I worked in Arab brother complex in Egypt( sugar production and

refinery factory)

as instrument engineer my responsibility was to test and modify

pressure switches and temperatur controller,level meauring

instruments,actuaters, valves for burners and all factory


· I worked in EL Helal wel Negma group for plastics in Egypt from 2005

to 2010

my position and duties was as following

From 2006 to 2007 i worked as electrical control engineer in the main

factory of the group my responsibility was

1-design of electrical control circuits

2-electrical maintenance of extrusion lines, injection machines, blow

molding; rotary machines)

3- commitment with OSHA and ISO9001

From 2007 to 2010 i worked in abranch factory of the gruop as the head of maintenance department in plastic and detergent and chemicals


my responsibility in this factory as following


1-electric and mechanical maintenance of every equipment and

machines in the factory such as blow molding machines and injection machines,extrusion machines,pet stretch blowing machine, packing

and filling machines and the design of electric control circuit with plc

2-the production of blow moulding machines and extrusion lines,

injection machines and adjustment of their products

3-mechanical maintenance of every machine in the factory(extrusion

lines-blow molding machines-packing machine; high viscosity liquid and low viscosity filling machines .injection machines and stretch blowing machines. etc

4-adiusting the setting of all plastic machine and filling machine

5-liasion with other departments to determine product plane according to market

6-develope all products and increase,enhance production

,safe material

7-chosse the suitable raw materials for each product

8- designed full electric control circuit with plc for pet stretch blowing with plc

9-traveled to Italy to check and test,practice on filling machine for

High viscosity and low viscosity liquids

# from 2010 to 2016 I worked in saudi Arabia in Riyadh as manager

of maintenance and production in molds and spare parts company

I worked as manager of electrical and mechanical maintenance

and manager of production of blow molding and injection machines,

extrusions line, stretch blowing, thermoforming

#I developed the factory products according to market needs

#launched TPM

#travelled to China to buy machines and test it and make deals with

many Chinese companies

# my target to produce high quality products with low costs and train technicians and workers

# I can deal with mechanical problems with molds and machines

Now Iam working in ALMadinah Almonawara in advanced resources company for plastics as manager of maintenance (electrical-mechanical)and production of

1-blow molding,extrusion sheet; injection machines including pet


## I can adjust the setting and programs of any blow molding and

injection; blow stretch ;also adjust their productions

2-recycle process of pp.,pe,ps material

3- make maintenance contracts for factories and supply plastics and

beverage machines to customers

4- I can deal with hydraulic and pneumatic valves ; air compressors, chillers

5- determine maintenance plane for all factory equipments such as

preventive maintenance and periodic maintenance to decrease

breakdown time also I can apply TPM strategy

*I have the experience to make maintenance for water filling

machines (water treatment factories )

* I can make plane for production as market needs

*I do my best to devlelop workers to improve production and

Its quality

*I can work under pressure and willing to learn

* I try to help any one in my team to do his best in work and develop

them selves

and create good work environment as ateam

I travelled to China and Italy to check plastic machines and filling machines

I have the ability to install all plastic machines and beverage machine, packing machines

#at last, I want to say these machines that i dealed with

Contains all electric control circuits and mechanical parts like

temperature control, pressure control and hydroulic,Penumatic and

different electrical circuits

So l can deal with any systems because i think I have the experience

and good background

also I can adjust and install plastic machinery and water filling lines

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