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Analyst Data

New York City, NY
June 27, 2019

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Barry Pustel


Lead Programmer/ Systems Analyst with over twenty years of experience in data processing and with excellent analytical skills. Extensive data processing experience encompassing banking, brokerage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries. Skilled in: Business Analysis and Requirements Definition; Systems Analysis and Design; Coding, Testing and Implementation; User Liaison and Training; Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, and Production Support.


CICS V3.1, ANS/COBOL, COBOL2, DB2, SQL, SQL+, PL/SQL,QMF, IMS, OS/JCL, OS/390, MVS/XA, TSO/SPF, IBM UTILITIES, FILE-AID, INTERTEST, EXPEDITOR, PLATINUM DB2, LIBRARIAN, PANVALET, ENDEVOR, CHANGEMAN, WINDOWS 2007, EASYTRIEVE, STORED PROCEDURES, TRIGGERS, MQ SERIES, SAP/R3, APO. Alchemy NeoSuite (NeoBatch, NeoSort, and NeoData), Fujitsu NetCobol for .Net, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Scooter Software Beyond Compare


Lead Programmer / Analyst

Consolidated Edison of New York

4 Irwing Place NY, NY

April 2016 to Present

Worked with a team of 2 programmers to convert COBOL II programs to


Conversions included changes, compilation, unit and system testing of programs

from Cash Management, UNSTACK, File Maintenance,

Deposit Output, Revenue Statistics and Billing systems.

Executed Verify test scripts during Quality Assurance and production parallel testing. Corrected defects as needed.

Acted as the primary resource to resolve application abends.

Programs on the projects were coded in COBOL with VSAM and JCL utilization.

Designed, developed and implemented to Production DB2 programs for

Methane Sensor rollout system.

The system designed select customer information from various tables of Gas Meter System and trigger interface with Customer Letter (EXTREME) System to generate Access, Awareness or Decline Letters for processing at Broadridge Financial Solutions Co .

These letters are responsible for the development and execution of a Methane Sensor Customer Engagement Plan.

Designed and coded programs to extract Meter History data from the Customer Master file for the following upload to the ORACLE. These batch programs were designed to simulate current CICS processing that provide Customer Service with meter history information.

Lead Programmer/Analyst

JPMorgan Chase & Co - Garden City, NY

November 2013 to February 2016

For the Loan Origination group architect designed and developed major functional MQ cross platform functionalities. Lead and Participate in Joint Application Design sessions with the client and help Business Analyst requirement gathering and requirement analysis for C2A projects.

The Custom to ACAPS (C2A) projects does allow Auto Finance to originate all Prime and Non-Prime auto loans onto one platform (ACAPS), thereby eliminating need to maintain both ACAPS and RCO platforms.

Responsibilities included design and definition of cross communication infrastructure (MQ) between Mainframe and Java layers of the new developed applications.

Leaded and designed MQ as communication methods and data exchange for the C2A projects.

Coded tested and implemented to production multiple Mainframe MQ modules for both CICS and batch processing of inbound and outbound messages. Developed Mainframe modules to retrieve and store data elements in the ACAPS VSAM files and DB2 tables.

Lead Programmer/Analyst

Apollo Health Street Limited - Farmingdale, NY

July 2013 to November 2013

Responsible for analysis, architecture, coding, testing, modeling and tuning of Company Archiving System and its on-line/ batch Subsystems.

The Company develops custom information technology (IT) based solutions for healthcare organizations, physician groups, health plan administrators, government agencies, and service desk companies in India and internationally.

Leaded the Application Design and the data analysis in the Company's VSAM files and DB2tables for the purpose of data archiving. Developed number of ad hoc programs for the purpose of synchronous data archiving and archival reporting.

Responsibilities include: data analysis, coding, unit testing of developed programs.

Lead Programmer/Analyst

Broadridge Financial Solutions Co - Edgewood, NY

April 2012 to July 2013

For the MTC Confirm and Client trade Statements group architect, designed and participated in the development of Transaction Reporting System.

Along with PDD, created functional and technical specification(s) for development of new application.

Along with team from India conducted extensive client's training on on-line functions of the application.

The application designed to build a new a front-end and automate the table process which requires a production install. Utilization of new application reduced the number of daily and monthly installs required to run all of the Confirmations, Statement and Register Rep. applications the transaction report team supports. The CICS application provides an internal or external user the ability to update production firm tables as needed. The functionality will include Backer changes, Logo updates, Message updates, Rep Info modifications, and Print On/Off switches along with accumulation of update image records in the MQ Queues.

Responsible for data analysis using EASYTRIEVE, designing CICS screens, the ETL and Unload of Data to VSAM file(s) of the application. Design of VSAM files. Development of batch ETL and Unload processes. Coding a number of CICS program(s).

Senior Programmer/ Analyst

ExperSolve Inc - Westchester, NY

January 2012 to April 2012

For the GNC client participated in conversion of Mainframe programs, JCL, PROCs, utility programs for .Net environment

Tested, and when necessary debugged to conform to a baseline specification. I was required to learn the new environment on-the-fly. The project was successful and we beat our deadline.

Alchemy provides a .Net alternative to the mainframe, an ANSI COBOL compiler, NeoBatch to process JCL and run jobs, and NeoData to as a SQL Server based substitution for VSAM and DB2. This was a fast paced testing effort to validate a conversion from mainframe COBOL to Windows .Net environment.

Lead Programmer/Analyst

Accordis Healthcare Inc - Farmingdale, NY

October 2011 to January 2012

Responsible for analysis, architecture, coding, testing, modeling and tuning of CICS "Merchant" Subsystem.

The developed application is a part of a "Responsible Party" on-line System. It was designed to allow users from Receivable and Collection departments to enter and update Credit Card information for person(s) responsible for medical service charges incurred as provided by the company's merchants-clients. The system also allows merchants-clients to enter approval of the charges. Along with major functions listed above the application provides a variety of inquiries including the listing of party's personal information with applied credit card charges. Responsibilities include: analyzing, coding, unit testing and implementing of ALL online programs, the latter of which include retrieving and updating data from VSAM files.

Lead Programmer/analyst

UBS Financial Services / Brokerage - Weehawken, NJ

May 2006 to July 2011

For the Cash Management group designed and participated in the development of the daily interfacing application between Retail Cash Management and the Client Statements application.

The interface (project) designed to supply the Statements application with retail banking transactions from checking and savings accounts of private clients and employees of the Bank.

The changes included gathering of daily transactions such as customer's cash and check deposits, ATM withdrawals and check payments. Converting customer's transactions to MQ messages and placing the messages into remote queue owned by the Statements application.

Developed Functional Requirements and Technical Design documents.

Designed and coded programs included in the daily and monthly processing cycles. The development of a new code included utilization of CHANGEMAN, OS/JCL, Cobol-3, DB2, MQ Series.Leaded design and implementation of major modifications to Employee Compliance Account Review application in the Legal & Compliance Department. Designed and implemented the interface with HR system using IBM MQ series as data exchange mechanism. Implemented design, coded and tuned various DB2 V8 Stored Procedures, which have been used by Java/JDBC based front-end interfaces.

Responsible for reviewing BRD, writing functional and technical specifications, developing new code using CHANGEMAN, OS/JCL, Cobol-3, CICS, DB2, Platinum, MQ Series, DB2 Stored Procedures, performance tuning.

Designed an online process to utilize DB2 Triggers, MQ Series.

Programmer Analyst

Panasonic - Secaucus, NJ

July 1991 to May 2006

As a member of SCP/PSI team, proactively contributed to the success of various projects throughout the phases of the project's life cycle. Responsibilities include: heavy user interaction with the goal to obtain business requirements and create technical specifications. Designed and coded variety of Batch programs for upload of plan data from SCP to PSI. Provide assistance to corporate DBA in logical and physical design of DB2 database structures. Programs on the projects were coded in COBOL with DB2.

IBM MQ Series have been used as main data exchange method between mainframe application and other applications running on different platforms.

Implemented design, coded and tuned various DB2 V7 Stored Procedures, which have been used by Java/JDBC based front-end interfaces. Created procedures DDL statements. Tuned Work Load Manager (WLM) environment that has been used as database space to run these procedures. Implemented volume and stress testing with Stored Procedures prototypes. Xpediter has been used to debug stored procedures withWLM. DB2/SQL, COBOL II, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, DB2 Stored Procedures. Tech lead for all maintenance projects - manages the entire life cycle for all maintenance requests including business interface, PQA requirements, Plainview functions, etc;

As a member of PLCA department lead design and implementation of major reorganization for PCEC and PHCC sales companies in IMPORT, Cargo Tracking, NAPANA and I/O applications. Modifications included data reconfiguration of EDI 850, 860 and 856 transactions to main files. Changed various modules of Logistical and Accounting applications. Programs on the projects were coded in COBOL with DB2.

Developed various ad hoc reports with statistical analysis from Logistics database (VSAM). EASYTRIEVE was used as main software to develop such reports. Utilize EASYTRIEVE to create data conversion processing for data reorganization purposes.


Programmer / Analyst

Shearson Lehman/Brokerage - New York, NY

July 1990 to July 1991

Participated in the enhancements made to batch and on-line for

Trade Processing System, Trade Allocation Processing System, Trade Entry System,

Trade Corrections System. Using COBOL, CICS, VSAM, JCL. All these systems process allocations and executions of orders and trades.

Coded, tested and implemented new and existing COBOL batch and COBOL/CICS for decimalization process and for new current user requests. Utilized various debugging tools to perform testing of new and existing programs.


BS Mechanical Engineering

University of Refrigeration Industry

St Petersburg Russia


Brainbench Master Certification,


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